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Software Architect Resume


Current TS/SCI clearance with over 10 years programming and application development experience. Has worked on U.S. Government DoD contracts for the past 7 years. In addition to having worked as a consultant for non - government entities both on site and off site.

Technical skills

Java (Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition), Java Servlet, Java ServerPages, Liferay Portal, XML, HTML, WML, ColdFusion, C/C++, PERL, Unix Shell Scripting, BEA Weblogic, JBoss, Apache WebServer, Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access, Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows® 2000, Microsoft Windows XP


Software Architect, Confidential

Over the span of 7 years of service with Confidential, I have been promoted to my current position of Software Architect.

Software Architect

  • Tech volume proposal lead for a multi-million dollar pursuit with the U.S. Government for a project that involves providing capabilities for data consumption, data correlation, data warehousing, data notification, and a GIS Map UI for user interaction. Technologies that will be used on this pursuit will be JEE, JBoss, World Wind, ESRI Arc SDE, Oracle, and JBoss jBPM.
  • Software lead of a program that provided the U.S. Government with a land based system. The program has successfully delivered both hardware and software to the government. Currently enhancing the software base for additional software capabilities the U.S. Government has provided. Technologies used for this program are Java Standard Edition, CORBA, and Sybase

NetCentric Systems UI Tier Lead (Matrix Organization)

  • Manage and lead a team of 14+ software engineers working on various programs
    • Includes providing technical input to software engineers
    • Providing career counseling to the software engineers
  • Provide technical and architectural input to programs so that requirements are fulfilled. The architectures and technologies that were used ran from Client-Server Architectures to Service Oriented Architectures using technologies such as Java Standard Edition, JEE, JBoss, Liferay web portal, SOAP, CORBA, Sybase, and Oracle.
  • Provide MS Project schedules and estimates to programs to fulfill efforts to meet requirements
  • Fulfilled role of Cost Account Manager (CAM) while managing software efforts within the UI Tier. As the CAM of the software efforts, provided the program with earned value management system (EVMS) data that was reported to the customer.
  • Have successfully managed over 16 concurrent software efforts
  • Led integration teams and successfully delivered multiple software capabilities to various programs

Operator Control Asset Manager

  • Supervise a small team of software engineers performing software development
  • Provide technical guidance on software designs to software engineers. These designs used technologies such as Java Standard Edition, Java Enterprise Edition, SOAP, CORBA, XML, and Sybase.
  • Manage multiple software components and provided software releases to programs
  • Participated on multiple integration teams integrating software released by the Operator Control Asset

Software Engineer

  • Design and developed multiple software units to allow users to calibrate antenna arrays for accurate Lines of Bearing/Direction Finding. These software units were executed on the user’s work station (user interface), server side, and embedded hardware. The technologies used were Java and C/C++ to develop these units.
  • Design and develop software that created neuro-networks using Java and its various APIs to implement algorithms for Self Organizing Maps and Clustering.

Software Consultant, Confidential

  • Developed multimedia player (audio and video) using Java SDK, Java Media Framework (JMF), Java Native Interface (JNI) and C/C++ for the Sonera Zed (Finnish Telecom Group) Zedmate Desktop Application
  • Technical Lead/Architect of software development for a Verizon wireless B2B application using Wireless Markup Language (WML), Java Servlets, and Apache Webserver
  • Ported and re-factored financial application (Financial Passport) to function for a wireless application using WML and Java
  • Developed web portal for an order capture system using ColdFusion and WML for an undisclosed client
  • Performed technology upgrade by porting code from Java Servlet 1.1 and Java ServerPages 1.1 to Java Servlet 2.2 and Java ServePages 1.2 for the Financial Passport client.

Software Developer/Database Administrator, Confidential

  • Participated in all phases of software life-cycle (requirements, design, implementation, unit test, system tests, and system acceptance test)
  • Developed software using the Oracle Developer 2000 Tools Suite
  • Built and implemented forms and reports using Oracle Forms and Oracle reports
  • Developed database procedures, packages, and triggers using SQL and PL/SQL
  • Developed database build and installation scripts using UNIX shell scripts and SQL
  • Developed scripts to populate databases with required data
  • Installed and administered databases at the client site
  • Provided client site support by building adhoc queries using various Oracle reporting tools (e.g. Oracle Reports)

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