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Java Developer Resume

Tallahassee, FL


Secure a challenge job as senior software engineer, software architect or project manager in a company where I can use my innovative ideas as well as my broad technical knowledge and management experience for the benefit of the company. My technical knowledge will certainly help me to do my job which will be more efficient and profitable for the company.


  • Overall more than 20 year on software design and development;
  • Expertise in managing large scale and time constraint projects;
  • Expertise in managing developers in different skill levels and different personalities;
  • Expertise in cooperating with different departments and customers;
  • Expertise in design/development of large scale, N - tier software architecture using various methodologies such as OOD, MVC, Agile (Scrum, XP, TDD);
  • Expertise in large database design and development in both SQL Server and Oracle;
  • Professional in Visual Studio .Net (C#, ADO.Net and ASP.NET) languages.
  • Expert level in J2EE, J2SE and J2ME, and JavaScript, Sprint, Struts, Hibernate.
  • Strong experience in developing applications using layered architectures like Model View Presenter (MVP) and Model View Controller (MVC) framework. ASP.Net MVC 3/4.


Visual Studio: ASP, ASP.NET

Visual Studio .Net: C#

HTML: Core Java

JavaScript: HTML

VB6: C/C++

Oracle Database: SQL Server


J2EE: Spring

Struts: Hibernate

Ajax: Linq

MVC: Agile



VP of Technology/Chief Software Architect

Environment:J2EE, XML, XSLT, HTML5, SSH (Struts Spring Hibernate), Multi-threading, CSS3, Web services


  • Provided Architecture/design for the company main products using J2EE and .Net 4.0, Oracle/10g and SQL Server 2010 Database.
  • Decided the company software development direction.
  • Communicated with customers to get software requirements and translate them into functional technical specification.
  • Leaded junior software architects and senior software engineers redesign the whole product line, check and revise various design documents.
  • Trained the software engineers using the latest technologies and following the designs.
  • Gave suggestions to CEO on growing strategies of the company.
  • Participate the decision making process of company.
  • Redesigned the company product line.
  • Designed a system that can host unlimited applications dynamically, integrated into a company desktop. All these applications are managed by a centered system management application.
  • Reorganized the software department and introduced the more advantageous software development method, such Agile. The productivity and quality were improved greatly.
  • Due to the advantages of the system, the company wins two big contractors (more than $10millions each) out of more than 8 competitors.

Confidential, Tallahassee, FL

Team Leader/Senior Consultant

Environment: Eclipse IDE, Eclipse Java SDK, JDBC, Java Bean, Multi-Threading, Lotus Notes Java, Lotus Notes APIs, XML, XSLT, Web services.


  • Communicated with customers to understand the business rules and logic.
  • Write technical specifications and design documents.
  • Convert the green screen (Dos based mainframe) applications into Lotus Notes plug-in applications, which include the followings:
  • Developed various plug-ins using Eclipse for Plug-ins, JDBC, Core Java, Eclipse JFace, SWT, Google Windows Builder (for UI Design), and XML and MVC framework.
  • Used various Lotus Notes database, documents and views to retrieve data and incorporating with the applications.
  • Integrated with MS Word to dynamically create user emails and reports based on word document templates using data retrieved from DB2 or Lotus Notes databases.
  • Converted word documents into writing-protected PDF files and automatically send emails to members using the converted PDF as attachments.
  • The model and data access layers are shared by both desktop plug-ins and web applications.
  • Compare the security definition stored in an XML File with the logon user‘s profile defined in Lotus Notes to filter out the functions that the logged on user not authorized.
  • Redesigned/revised DB2 databases;
  • Migrated data from old DB2 databases to the newly created/revised DB2 Databases.
  • Leaded a small team for the implementation of the project.
  • Trained client users.
  • Converted three green screen applications into Lotus Notes plug-ins using Java, Eclipse JAVA SDK and Lotus Notes APIs;
  • These plug-in applications are used to manage the more than 90,000 lawyers of Florida;
  • All the client users are very happy with the new applications;
  • There is no bug reported since the use in early 2013;
  • Due to the outstanding work at the Florida Bar, the client changed the contract time period from initially eight months to about three years;

Confidential, Tallahassee, FL.

Team Leader/Senior Software Engineer

Environment: Visual Studio, Visual Studio.Net, C#, ASP, ASP.NET, Eclipse IDE, Java, VB6, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, XSLT, CSS2/3, HTML4/5, SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle 8/9/10, Multi-threading, HTTP, TCP/IP, IIS 6/7, Workflow, Web services(SOAP/REST), Windows Service, Security, Crystal Report, C/C++, J2ME, WCF, WPF.


  • Main or solely resource in architecture, design or development of Datamaxx mainline products using various technologies and program languages. These include:
  • Communicated with senior management and/or client users to get product requirements and translate them into functional and technical documents.
  • Helped QA Group or other engineers to trouble shoot problems.
  • Used Agile (Scrum and/or Test Driven Development (TDD)) or traditional sequential development method.
  • Designed and developed web pages and web forms using ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, HTML4/5, CSS2/3, JavaScript, Ajax, XML and XSLT.
  • Designed web and desktop applications using N-Tier architecture.
  • Designed and Developed web applications using ASP.NET MVC 3 and 4.
  • Designed and developed web services both in SOAP based and RESTful.
  • Developed desktop application in both J2SE and C# windows forms.
  • Created backend modules for web and desktop applications using C#, VB, Java and C.
  • Created deployment packages for applications using Visual Studio.Net and Ant (for Java).
  • Responsible for automatic deployment of Java and C# applications using Web Start and ClickOnce, respectively.
  • Responsible for unit testing and peer to peer testing.
  • Designed various databases from scratch based on users requirements and technical specifications and implemented them in both Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Created stored procedures, views, functions, jobs, and triggers in both Oracle 9/10 (PL/SQL) and SQL Server 2005/2008/2010 (T-SQL).
  • Used VSS and Subversion for source control
  • Created windows services.
  • Write technical specifications and design documents.
  • Leaded junior engineers in the development of Datamaxx products. Trained them to use new technologies and helped them solve difficult and complicated problems;
  • R&D and prototype at the initial phases of products and provided R&D results to decision makers.
  • Searched and learnt new technologies and gave suggestions to management as to what new technology was the best fit a product.
  • Wrote detailed design document (including detailed flow chart and sample code) for junior software engineers;
  • Leaded various teams to design and implement various projects. This includes:
  • For Agile development method, chaired the daily Scrum meetings, maintain backlog. For traditional sequential method, wrote design documents.
  • Tracked projects progress to ensure they are completed in time and budget.
  • Solved personal conflicts among members.
  • Reported projects status to management daily or weekly.
  • Wrote core code modules.
  • Performed code review.
  • Traced the defect tracking system by first filter out the no issue entries and then analyzed each defect to decide if I can solve or need to assign to relevant person.
  • Coordinate with other departments for products design, testing, maintenance and deployment.
  • Responsible for RFP technical part.
  • This Omnixx Suite can host/control unlimited applications.
  • A central administration application controls each of the applications, users, devices, security and so on.
  • It uses single logon for all the applications.
  • There is a central database for the administration part. Each application may have its own database.
  • Selection of technologies and/or program languages to implement an application is not restricted.
  • Authorizations to modules and functions inside a module for a particular user are controlled by roles through the administration application and configuration files.
  • A client can buy any number of the applications from the suite. The Suite can customized for this client with very little effort (usually through modifications of configuration files).
  • It is a J2SE desktop application without any manual installation.
  • It updates the executables and business rules automatically.
  • All the UI components are rendered from XML files which are created by a UI designer and those XML files are updated during each logon session.
  • The application has more than four hundred forms.
  • It persistently connects to Omnixx Message Broke or third part message broker to query/update various nationwide or agency level crime databases.
  • It has a local database to store messages returned from queries and has very user friendly message display formats, allowing user searching transaction/response history easily.
  • It is the web version of Omnixx Force Desktop.
  • It uses ASP.NET, Ajax, and ASP.Net MVC.
  • It is a Console application written in C#.
  • Omnixx Message Broker is a core component of law enforcement software. It includes the following:
  • Connect to various national or state law enforcement databases by TCP/IP to query, update various law enforcement information.
  • Has its own audit database. It is implemented in both SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Process data (size and frequency) with various format with speedy.
  • Rigorous security compliant with national standards.
  • Publish web service API to allow third party software to use. These web services are implemented by C#, they are in both SOAP Based and RESTful.
  • It is can be run as windows service or standard alone (manual start).
  • Architecture and designed this application.
  • Implemented by leading a 10 person team using C#.
  • Seamlessly coupled with Omnixx Suite while it can still be used as standard alone to allow third part to use (through TCP/IP or HTTP web services).
  • Developed and maintain Omnixx Trainer (OT) using Java, XML, XSLT, technologies.
  • OT itself is a Java desktop application and sync data with Omnixx Server through HTTP and XML.
  • OT allows administrators to create/edit trainer course and certifications test.
  • A student can take online training course and take a test for a certification.
  • Designed and developed Datamaxx wireless products by means of J2ME.
  • The product runs on RIM (Black Berry) devices. It connects to Omnixx Message Broker via either HTTP(S) or TCP/IP to run Law enforcement queries or public records.
  • Designed and developed this N-tier web application.
  • Created stored procedure, database functions and views in both SQL server and Oracle.
  • It uses VB6 (as backend), ASP, HTML, and JavaScript program languages and XML and SOAP technologies.
  • It is the administrative application that administrates all the other Omnixx Suite applications.
  • It uses ODBC to connect both SQL Server and Oracle Omnixx server databases to manipulate data.
  • Designed and implemented a portal for both client and server using C# and web services.
  • This portal can dynamically host unlimited modules (applications) with or without GUI.
  • The portal host provides rich generic functions to allow for the development of modules very easy and efficient.
  • Designed and implemented common information store that store common data for reuse and mapped the data stored to each form field.
  • Designed and developed Staff Hierarchy to allow administrators to assign supervisor to a staff and assign roles to each staff.
  • This is implemented using C# Windows Forms and Compact SQL Server DB.
  • Designed and implemented a search facility to search Omnixx Switch Audit database records.
  • The search engine is carefully designed so the it can return results from tens of millions records very fast based on a fairly complicated search criteria;
  • It is a web application, the back end uses C# and web service, the front is Asp.Net.

Confidential, Tallahassee, FL

Computer programmer/Analyst II

Environment: Visual Studio, Visual FoxPro,EDI


  • Responsible for design, development, operation and maintenance of a Visual FoxPro Database to track the status of all CDBG funds, contracts and expenditures, audit and closeout management, environmental, labor standards and other contract management factors. This database is being used by all the CDBG staff and reduces their work burden greatly.
  • Coordinated CDBG portions of the Department’s web site, including reports and information from the CDBG database, as well as the maintenance of current electronic versions of applicable regulations, manuals, applications and other documents.
  • Designed and developed facilities for the submission of data from CDBG database to the Federal master database through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Provided training and technical assistance to grantees and staff concerning the use of the CDBG database and other computer applications and programs.

Confidential, Tallahassee, FL

Java Developer

Environment: Java, JavaScript, Multi-threading, HTTP, TCP/IP, Access Database.


  • Developed advanced application software for the CS Department, which was subsequently submitted in a programming contest. Software development was based on client/server technology. The client side includes all the contestants and judges where user-friendly graphical interfaces were designed and developed for submission, grading, displaying scores, ranking, timing and error information. The server side handles all the program submission, writes the submitted code to judge’s accounts and maintains a database to handle the scores and rankings.
  • This software has been used by the department since Spring Term, 1999.

Confidential, Tallahassee, FL.

Data Analyst/Numerical Model Developer

Environment: FORTRAN, UNIX System, NCAR Graphics.


  • Developed a numerical model to simulate atmospheric behavior.
  • Used large data sets to study the atmospheric behavior statistically.
  • Used graphical software to plot the computed and observed atmospheric data.
  • Analyzed the results and wrote papers and reports.
  • Published two scientific papers on first class magazine.
  • The numerical model was used by many other students.


Project Leader and Senior Software Engineer

Environment: FORTRAN, UNIX System, NCAR Graphics.


  • Responsible for management and direction of a project funded by the National Science Foundation. Duties included the development of proposals and applications for funds, searching for references and resources, forming a group and assigning tasks to each member, writing critical code.
  • Built mathematical numerical model.
  • Developed an application software package for the general statistical use of the Atmospheric Science. This software includes reading large data sets in flexible data formats, analyzing the data by the atmospheric science standards using statistical methods, and finally plot diagrams from the computed results.
  • Main developer of a complex numerical model contained more than 3,000,000 lines of code.
  • Published two scientific papers on first class magazine
  • Won the second prize in the National Foundation Committee

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