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Lead Developer/architect Resume



  • Expertise in Object - Oriented Analysis and Design in Java, J2EE and C++, skilled in full life-cycle software development
  • 14+ years experience in multiple forms of leadership, including being the technical lead of a multi-year project, as well as mentoring junior personnel and assisting project management
  • Experience in practical web service/SOA design and implementation
  • Proven ability at architectural software and systems design
  • Experience in applied Artificial Intelligence especially Neural Networks and Intelligent Agents
  • Skill and experience in creative problem solving and software debugging
  • Experience with PKI (Entrust and Java) and highly secure web transactions
  • Worked in various CMMI 1, 2 and 3 environments as well as authoring standards
  • Worked on high data volumes ( > 1 petabyte) and high availability ( > 99.999% uptime) systems


Languages: Java, J2EE, JSP, C/C++, Embedded real-time programming, SQL, X/HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML/XSLT/XSD, XPath/XQuery, Visual Basic/Access, Assembly, InstallScript, JSTL, WSDL, Perl, PHP, WSDD, ANT

Technologies: Java (J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JSF, JNDI, JDBC, JMS, JAXB, JAI, JINI, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, Swing, AWT, JNI, Axis, JavaMail), IBM MQ-Series, OSGi, ANT, PKI (PKCS#11, Entrust), Spring MVC, Hibernate, Liferay, LDAP, SOAP, UML, C/C++, Expert systems, Neural networks, Intelligent agents, Service Oriented Architectures, Web Services, OOAD, GIS, RDBMS, Tomcat, Apache Web Server, Glassfish, WSIT, SCSS, PrimeFaces™, XHTML

Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, ANT, Maven, Subversion, JUnit, Tomcat, Apache Web Server, Glassfish, Axis, InstallShield 12, ClearCase/ClearQuest, Entrust PKI, Subversion, CheckStyle, HTTPUnit, JBuilder Suite, MS Visual C++, MS Visual SourceSafe, Rational Rose, PVCS for Windows and DOS, RCS for UNIX, OptimizeIt, OpenMQ, Emulators (CodeTap, Metalink), GIS, DIICOE, Oracle 9i, Karaf, MS Project


Confidential, MD

Lead Developer/Architect


Lead software engineer on the Military Spouse Employment Portal (MSEP) project. MSEP exists to help spouses of active military to overcome their unique challenges in finding employment as well as opportunities to get training and further job skills to advance their careers. MSEP is a J2EE portal using PrimeFaces™/JSF to deliver dynamic content. Work on this project included mentoring junior personnel, schedule and work break-down development, proposal writing as well as hands on development using J2EE 6, PrimeFaces™, WSIT (for interfacing to a secure .NET Web service) and XHTML/CSS/SCSS. Development was done using Agile methodologies under and aggressive schedule to meet the client’s needs. The work also involved implementing a WS-Security based Web service client for protecting user information during transportation between systems.

Confidential, Annapolis, MD

Sr. Software Engineer


Contracted to ARINC as a senior software engineer for various projects using J2EE technologies interfacing with an IBM MQ-Series messaging system. Work involved full lifecycle support of several small (1-2 person) projects supporting the ARINC MQ-Series based messaging service. The messaging service required 99.999% system uptime. Duties included interfacing with ARINC clients, some international, throughout version stages of the development lifecycle as well as supporting internal ARINC business goals. One task involved developing an XML schema and data processing system (full lifecycle) in Glassfish to allow submissions of data to US DNS Customs systems with high uptime (99.999%) using the MQ-Series and J2EE Enterprise JavaBeans. Additional projects included Web Portal development and Web-based command and control applications for controlling the MQ-Series data connects as well as an OSGi solution.

Confidential, Greenbelt, MD

Sr. Software Lead


Senior software lead and key developer on the GOES V3 portal project. Work involved integrating and administering various best-of-breed open source products into a portal and content management system for collaborative work between NASA and various external companies partnered to develop the GOES series of Earth-observing satellites, specifically GOES-R. Duties included leading a small team developers and user support personnel as well as administering the portal (Liferay) and the content management system (Alfresco). The position also involved architecting a new enterprise model then implementing new Web applications (Java/J2EE, JSP, SQL) based on that model as well as reimplementing existing modules to the new architecture. Additional duties included administering the configuration management (Subversion), creating build and deployment scripts (ANT) for the various components, scheduling and budgeting, mentoring junior personnel, regular customer interaction. Development duties were mostly in Java/J2EE with some JSP authoring as well as designing SQL database tables (MySQL) to support the modules. Development generally followed a semi-agile methodology of code-test-code cycles using automated tools (JUnit) when possible, as well as frequent user demonstrations and feedback.

Confidential, Greenbelt, MD

Sr. Software Engineer


Technical lead and software architect on the MODAPS Web Services project. Work involved developing a practical Web service that provided access to the MODAPS database and the MODIS Earth observing data products. The work was done predominately in Java/J2EE and SQL using Apache Axis 2 and Apache Tomcat to serve the application. Both SOAP and REST Web service interfaces were supported. Team leadership involved coordinating the efforts of 4-7 people, including tasking and mentoring junior personnel.

Technical lead and software architect on the SOAR project. Work involves developing science data web services using a heterogeneous development environment spanning multiple servers and using multiple technologies. Technologies used include Java/J2EE, Perl, PHP, C/C++, Axis, SOAP, WSDL, WSDD, XSLT, XML, HTML, CSS, ANT, JSP and PostgresSQL. Duties include client interaction/reporting, scheduling/coordinating junior personnel, WSDL/SOAP/Axis development, Tomcat/Apache/Axis administration as well as architectural design and extensive Java/J2EE programming.

Additional duties at Confidential include new business development with NASA and web service technologies as well as work on corporate CMMI and standards and practices.

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Sr. Software Architect


ITRA Project (Department of Treasury). Senior Developer working on a highly secure distributed credential management application. Work involves Java, ANT programming, advanced InstallShield programming, and an intimate understanding of PKI technologies in general and the Entrust suite in particular. Solely responsible for the design and coding of the InstallShield installer for ITRA, which included all life-cycle phases, including client requirements gathering and training. Work was in a CMMI-2 environment.

DART Project (FBI). Senior Developer working an enterprise web service-based application that tracks assets and personnel. Work involves programming (Spring MVC/J2EE) and server-side scripting (JSP) as well as portal GUI development (Liferay/JBoss). Further duties include evaluation of software tools, in particular those for enhancing code quality, as well as support for practice recruiting efforts and mentoring junior personnel. Duties also included leading and participating in all of the project configuration management, build and Quality Assurance improvement activities, setting up coding and testing standards as well as automated tools to help make these tasks easier. This involved using advanced ANT programming techniques to unify and simplify the build process and standardize the included, third-party jar files. Co-authored the project coding standards and code templates as well as authoring the standardized document copyright/classification headers.

Phoenix Project (FBI). Sr. Developer on Project Phoenix which was an enterprise application, service oriented architecture system that replaced existing legacy systems as well as serving as a pathfinder for future service oriented architecture work in the FBI. Project Phoenix is meant to pave the way for future web-service programs by proving the concepts and value of web-services in the FBI environment. On project Phoenix duties included analysis, design, development and testing Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) code for a server-based, web-service application. In addition to the J2EE development, duties included writing XML schema for data representation and WSDL specifications for portions of the web-service interface, XSL style sheets for data interpretation and display as well as some configuration of the Mule product being used as an internal service bus. Interfacing with the customer and with the sub-contractors on the project were required duties as well. Some limited work was done in QA and CM. Schedule permitting, time was spent on mentoring junior team members.

Confidential Laurel, MD

Software Lead/Sr. Systems Software Engineer


Led a multi-year project with 5+ task members and multiple sponsors/customers. Responsibilities included requirements analysis, design, development (Java) and testing of a decision support system for intelligence communities. The development was in Java using Borland's JBuilder for coding, OptimizeIt for code optimization, and Microsoft SourceSafe for revision control. The system captured data from multiple data sources (some near real-time) and provided users with a suite of tools to analyze the data to assist in detection of potential threats to US assets. Specific duties included technical and personnel leadership, design and implementation of the system architecture, development of specific components (GIS and others), creating a tool development suite, mentoring junior engineers, evaluation of software packages (GIS), and other duties as needed. Additional duties included work with imagery analysis using Java JAI as well as using the Java JDBC interface to access SQL database information. Worked building GUI's using Java Swing and AWT as well as C++ MFC. Worked in JNI to connect Java and C/C++.

Duties as software lead included task/personnel scheduling and management, design and code reviews, establishing coding standards, QA and configuration management procedures, customer interface for requirements, testing and product deliveries, and the mentoring of junior personnel. This position also required me to track expenses and make regular reports and demonstrations to management and sponsors.

Confidential, Seabrook, MD

Sr. Systems Software Engineer


Developed, designed and implemented intelligent, autonomous systems for flight software and operations center scheduling and automation. Project lead and design engineer on a NASA intelligent software agents project (Java/C++). Worked on proposed NASA standard intelligent software agent architecture. Designed and developed prototype autonomous, real-time flight systems software for the NGST satellite system (C++/SCL). Setup and administered version control systems (MS SourceSafe and SourceOffsite). Developed mission system modeling using a proprietary modeling tool/language (SCL).

Confidential, Gaithersburg, MD

Intermediate Software Engineer/Acting Software Lead


Design and development of firmware for the real-time processing and routing of audio data for the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Command/Control/ Communications (C3I) Intelligence systems (C/C++/assembler). Developed high-level application software modules to provide custom MMI, protocols and process control features. Developed and modified I2C protocol features within the ATC's hardware modules (Franklin C). Wrote radio simulation and test code. Developed design specifications from requirements for European ATC switches. As acting software lead duties included field development and installation as well as management and scheduling of junior employees.

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