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Senior J2ee Developer Consultant Resume



  • 7 years experience as a JAVA developer.
  • Actively worked on projects across all facets of the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Experience with object - oriented analysis and design.
  • Diverse experience utilizing Java tools in business, Web, and client-server environments including Java Platform, RMI, Java Server Pages (JSP),Java Standard Template Library (JSTL), Java Servlets, and Java database Connectivity (JDBC) technologies, Spring MVC, JQuery, AJAX, ORM tool (Hibernate), Apache HTTP Components, JSON.
  • Fluid understanding of programming languages - Java, HTML, DHTML, AJAX XML and UNIX shell scripting.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Expertise in documenting Technical Specifications.
  • Received advanced training and worked hands on MySQL High Availability.

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Languages: Java 1.6, JME, JSP, SQL, HTML,DHTML XML, XSD, Unix Shell scripting

Frameworks: ExtJs, Dozer, Spring, Spring MVC, Apache Tiles, Apache HTTP Component, Apache POI, Hibernate, Flex JSON, Advent Net Web NMS framework

API's: Dozer API, Spring MVC Controller, Hibernate Criteria API, HTTP Component API, Apache POI, JQuery, AJAX, YAHOO Dialog (YUI), DhtmlXGrid, Junit, SNMP, Java RMI, Java Sockets, Servlets, XStream, Jdom, JSON Serializer

Software: IDE: Apache ANT, Maven, Altova XMLSpy, iReasoning MIB Browser,Beyond Compare, Win Merge, VMware technologies, Advent Net Web NMS studio Eclipse (Helios, Galileo), IntelliJ, Creator

Databases: Sybase, DB2 9.x,Oracle, MySQL, h2db


Professional Experience:


(Senior J2EE Developer Consultant)

  • Implemented a module to onboard potential investors for various funds.
  • Developed autocomplete functionality within the ExtJs grid.
  • Implemented a module to perform file integrity and business logic check of various funds’ NAV files.
  • Used ExtJs Form and Grid Panel on the front-end to layout the file upload components.
  • Used Spring MVC and Spring JDBC template at middle tier to intercept requests and persist the data.
  • Created a transaction view module for commitment and redemption functionalities.
  • Implemented Client-On Boarding module using ExtJs component query to create JSON data.
  • Created utilities using JAVA generics for application modules to perform repetitive task.
  • Developed UNIX script to FTP files to vendor server.

Confidential, NJ

(Senior J2EE Developer Consultant)

Asset Servicing

  • Implemented transaction based Stored Procedures in Sybase and ORACLE to delete an event.
  • Performance tuned couple of operations for optimizing the response time between server and client. Used JUnit along with Apache timer library to trace the bottle neck on the server side.
  • Refactored the server side code to avoid duplicate calls made to database.
  • Implemented a small enhancement on the client side using GWT/smartgwt.
  • Worked on critical bugs.
  • Implemented the Data Transfer Object layer using DOZER to convert the DTO to Domain Objects and vice-versa.
  • Wrote a generic wrapper converter over DOZER mapper.
  • Implemented a Custom Converter in DOZER for mapping fields.
  • Initiated an effort to componentize the MODEL data and DTO data for the application.
  • Wrote ANT script to create a jar for the MODEL data and DTO data to be used in the application.

Confidential, NJ

(Senior J2EE Developer Consultant)

Operational Risk Business Intelligence Tool

  • Classifying an event as a significant event if it contributes to Operational Risk.
  • Performed JQuery Ajax call to check if the event was marked as Significant update event on event load and also when user unmark the event as Significant update.
  • Implemented calls to intercept the request from UI at the Spring MVC Controller layer.
  • Created Hibernate mapping files for the Reference Data and for the new component that was to be persisted to the database.
  • Used Hibernate API at the service layer for loading and saving of the ORBIT event.
  • Incident Risk feed file processing to persist the incident risk events into the ORBIT database.
  • Used chain of responsibility design pattern to implement the filters.
  • Wrote Junit test to test the filters as an individual piece of unit.
  • Defined the filters in the Spring bean configuration file as LinkedHashSet.
  • Applied the filters in the order of execution and persisted data into ORBIT database.
  • Implemented Sensitivity Test Page
  • Used JQuery Auto Completer widget. The Auto completer is set to minimum of 2 characters.
  • Used JQuery to manipulate the static HTML components on the UI for hiding and unhiding.
  • Used HQL at the service layer to return the matching result to the UI layer.
  • Used JQuery AJAX call and JSON to populate the reference data on the UI.
  • Used YAHOO Dialog (YUI) widget o capture the user input in certain scenarios.
  • Used DhtmlXGrid to display the submitted test results

Confidential ., Burlington, MA

Software Engineer

Fault Management Module

  1. Fault Management Module is an EMS utility which can receive and display traps (notifications) that are sent by SBC. On receipt of these traps, the inherent engine within this module recognizes the traps as network events within EMS. Also implemented Alarm Synchronization facility to isolate a specific SBC and view associated alarms on an ad hoc request.
  • Designed and developed an XML driven dynamic engine within the fault management module on the server side. Used Hashtable to store the traps that were parsed at the server startup. Using the JDBC API’s offered by java sql package the traps are pushed into the database. The trap parsing is performed using DOM parser.
  • Established contract for the XML within the XSD using Altova XML Spy
  • Designed and implemented “Alarm Handling Enhancement” (an application to enable deletion of alarms and events). User can delete the alarms using a GUI filter.
  • Designed and implemented the “Alarm Synchronization” feature for EMS. Implemented multithreaded task to achieve Alarm Synchronization.

Documented: Functional specifications for Alarm Handling Enhancement, Alarm Synchronization

Applications / Technologies: Xerces Parser, Java data structure, Java Multithreading, SNMP APIs, Altova XMLSpy

Performance Management Module

  • Implemented the performance management module. This module displays all the essential network statistics of the SBC within the EMS application.
  • Implemented the UI to display performance statistics obtained from the server side. Used Java Swing to implement the client. Used JTables, JTextFields etc to display the performance data. These UI components were layed out using the Layout managers.

Applications / Technologies: Java Swing, Java File I/O, iReasoning MIB Browser.

Configuration Management Module

  • Configuration Management module is an EMS utility which locates and configures SBCs based on user requests. In this module there is an Active and an Inactive component. Active component holds fresh data. Inactive component is derived from the Active component. Inactive component is used to configure the SBC.
  • Supported the database to add new objects to the schema.
  • Implemented server side code to add RMI calls for these new objects. Implemented UI component to support these new objects.

Documented: Functional specifications for SBC support features

Applications / Technologies: Java Swing, Altova XMLSpy, Advent Net Web NMS studio

Database Management:

  • Wrote UNIX shell scripts in bash for automating database startup, backup and restoring of databases. Embedded DML and Data mining (SQL statements) Statements
  • Enhanced existing UNIX bash shell scripts to monitor database. Embedded SQL statements to get status of various variables of MySQL database.
  • Successfully performed Database migration and supported migration up to five releases of EMS which involves DDL and DML statements.

Documented: Embedded Complex data mining queries within the application.

Applications / Technologies: MySQL, Oracle, bash shell scripts

Framework Module:

  • EMS is built on Advent Net Web NMS framework. Web NMS is a multitier framework. The BE tier handles the business logic of sending the request to DB tier and retrieving data from DB tier and making it available to Client tier.
  • Invented a way to thin out base framework to use less disk space for EMS application.
  • Applying patches to framework and rebuilding it whenever needed.

Documented: Wrote procedures to create framework from scratch and apply patches.

Applications / Technologies: Advent Net Web NMS framework

JUnit test suite Module:

  • JUnit is used for carrying out unit testing of EMS’s components.
  • Used JUnit suite to unit test traps within the fault management component. Derived a Trap Test class from Unit Test class. All initiation was done in the setup method and cleanup of resources was performed in teardown method. Used Array list to store node data for the trap and then used the assert statement to test data for every node of this trap.
  • Designed and developed JUnit test for the “Polling Task” functionality.

Applications / Technologies: JUnit framework

Connection management:

  • A connection manager is a module which manages connection to a device. It opens up a socket for EMS to SBC for communication. Its main responsibility is to maintain the sockets lifecycle
  • Designed and developed a new connection management framework where certain asynchronous operations use the same socket unless it is closed by the other device. Used java sockets to implement the connection pooling.

Applications / Technologies: Java Data structures, Java Multithreading, Java Sockets

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