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Senior Consultant Resume



  • Hands on software professional with 10 years’ experience and proven track record of delivering reliable and scalable end - to-end software products, systems, services in diversified areas such as cloud/web, mobile, embedded, security, healthcare, desktop products and internet email services
  • Experienced with different roles like engineer, project leader, solution architect, tech project/product manager, system analysist with hands on experience
  • Passionate about cloud platforms, big data, machine learning, and backend programming with knowledge of front end technologies
  • Professional with high tenacity, positive influencer, temperament and attention to detail and finish
  • Passion for turning product vision into implementation and contributing in every stage of product/services development
  • Customer centric thinker, contributed in usability driven design thinking and value creating products/services for global markets
  • Self-learner with the ability to absorb and apply new technical knowledge quickly and accurately
  • Highly motivated "self-starter with the ability to work independently, while contributing as part of a larger distributed team
  • Well organized; ability to prioritize and manage time with concurrent tasks and competing demands
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Eager to learn anything which comes in path



Confidential, Oregon

Environment: Java (J2EE)/Groovy, REST, Scala, AWS stack(EC2, DynamoDB, RDS, Elastic Search, Lambda, S3, SQS, Cloud formation, Infrastructure automation, AWS CLI), Jenkins, DSL, YAML, AWS CLI, Netflix OSS, Angular.js 1.0/node.js/AJAX, JSON, Cassandra, Big data technologies (Hadoop), Jetty, Splunk, NewRelic, Apple & Google Wallet, Asgard, IntelliJ, Atlassian, JIRA, Confluence, Git, Gradle/Maven, Akamai/CDN, PagerDuty, APIGEE, SOA, Docker, SSO (Onelogin), Active Directory, Progressive Web Apps, Serverless, Terraform, CircleCI, Pyhton, Kubernetes, CloudFront, API Gateway Custom Authorizers, custom domain, OAuth 2.0, ELK

  • Enterprise Next generation platform development (AWS Lambda framework, API Gateway, Spring Boot, Netty Shox, Progressive Web Apps, Oauth2.0 - Okta single sign on enablement for apps)
  • Access control list thick and thin Java library development, Auto scaling DynamoDB, Backups, Multi region support)
  • Open source contribution and kick start kit development to be consumed by internal development teams, setting up and working with github. Confidential .com
  • R&D on new technologies, frameworks, open soure libraries to solve enterprise architecture problems
  • Dockerizing apps and services, and making them run on Kubernetes
  • Deployment tools setup like Serverless, Terraform, CircleCI
  • Architect, design, development & maintenance of 15+ secure REST based micro services deployed on AWS EC2 creating 5+ million USD revenue in short span
  • Experience with Apache Hadoop Avro files, Elastic Map Reduce
  • Experience with APIGEE and Edge Routers, traffic forwarding from different accounts to domain routers
  • Unit testing, integration testing, API Contract testing, User acceptance testing, Performance testing for backend services
  • Documenting design, flows, system architecture, network & infrastructure, tables, NOSQL table designs, schema
  • AWS account creation, infrastructure migration of instances, configuring distributed logging using Splunk, Performance monitoring using NewRelic, Auto Scaling and setting up PagerDuty, incident management
  • Experience of full stack design and development
  • Design and implement complete automation covering infrastructure creation, deployments, failure detection, rollback, canary deployments, load shedding, region failure
  • Mentoring new resources on project, technical support to other teams
  • Contributed in performance improvement, scalability and high availability of services
  • Experience with Google wallet and Apple Passbook and digital passes.
  • AWS region strategy and capacity planning using performance tests, automated testing, profiling
  • Experienced with most of Amazon cloud platform technologies with multi region deployments and storage like S3, DynamoDB, RDS, Elastic Search
  • Implemented continuous build automation, integration and delivery using Jenkins, in house solution and Amazon CLI/libraries
  • Cost benefit analysis of architectural changes proposed, cost calculation for AWS infrastrucuture and mapping it to business requirements
  • DevOps architecture, design and implementation including automated backups, tests, healthchecks, on call schedules, build and CI/CD piplelines
  • Design and implementation of migration from legacy system to AWS cloud
  • Consultation to product and higher management and operations team
  • Continuous learning and implementaion in evolving cloud space

Senior Consultant

Confidential, Colorado

Environment: Java(J2EE), Maven, Mobile platforms (Android, iOS), Jenkins, Open source, DLNA, UPnP, JavaScript/node.jsAJAX/JQERY/HTML5, XML/JSON, Video/Audio Streaming, Elastic Search, Cassandra, ZooKeeper, Git, JMeter, Celery, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Redis, Nginx, Apache, Splunk, Zabbix, OpenStack Swift, ansible, Confidential Hellion public cloud (Eucalyptus) , Jetty, WireMock, Android Studio, Eclipse

  • Contributed in overall design and development decisions taken in cloud/web services team and maintained documentation in UML
  • Maintained highly available, scalable RESTful web services required for Confidential Connected Drive ecosystem designed with service oriented architecture (SOA) and deployed on Open Stack cloud platform
  • Utilized OpenStack swift object storage for storing multimedia content with metadata of storage stored in Cassandra
  • Contributed in design, development, code reviews of API’s to be exposed to other teams within product team
  • Closely worked with DevOps team for smooth operation of cloud/Web services for product
  • Worked on Elasticsearch for defining new schema for metadata to be posted in elasticsearch and managed its configuration, installation, mapped alias to index, contributed maintain elasticsearch for maximum uptime to reduce garbage collection downtime. Monitored elasticsearch cluster health on daily basis.
  • Experienced with Splunk, Zabbix, ansible, Zookeeper in cloud/web development environment
  • Implemented Redis caching of important information in order to reduce database trip on MYSQL, configured redis for Twemproxy and studied possibility of using Redis cluster 3.0
  • Implemented new features in web services and made necessary changes in MYSQL schema and deployed across different stacks
  • Implemented security using service auth tokens for authenticating calls between cloud/web services
  • Participated in scrum planning, coordinating across different teams located globally
  • Contributing in product feature planning and priorities
  • Consulted with other stakeholders for achieving goals and product vision. Successfully translated business requirements to technical requirements
  • User acceptance testing and quality assurance

Project leader


Environment: Java(J2EE), J2ME, Qmail, CentOS/Linux, SMTP, CVS, Machine Learning, Hadoop, Mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Java phones, Windows mobile), PhoneGap, HTML5/JQuery/CSS/AJAX, NetApp, NGINX, SQLite, REST, SOAP/XML/JSON, Open Source Activesync(Z-push), Comet, Hypertable (NOSQL), Eclipse, NetBeans

  • Worked as a researcher doing requirements engineering, gap analysis on old solution with proposed one on anti-spam techniques for email infrastructure
  • Understanding of the mobile app ecosystem and demonstrable portfolio of mobile applications
  • Implementing secure proxy API’s on server and single URL domain API for zero billing from operators, routing API calls to appropriate origin servers via load balancer
  • Experienced with Content Distribution Network(CDNs) and Akamai for performance improvement
  • Launched mobile apps engineering program for company starting with thick and thin email client development on all 6 mobile platforms(Android, J2ME, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iOS, Symbian)
  • Hired and managed ten developers with distributed work locations. Served as mentor, reporting engineering manager represented team in all tech meetings, external events and in stakeholder status meeting
  • Handled customer technical issues
  • Contributed into UI design and UX for mobile & tablet experience as per current trend and usability
  • Contributed in implemented winning and differentiated product engineering solution
  • Architected server for exposing required RESTful API’s and API facades exchanging XML/JSON to all clients to implement thick as well as thin client
  • Implemented subset of features like Enterprise mobility management (EMM), Mobile Device management (MDM) for different mobile platforms
  • Implemented provisioning of mobile apps on server using WURFL and OTA provisioning technique for Web service, also digitally signing apps with certificate providers
  • Architected product which syncs phones media files with server creating backup of phones data into cloud
  • Architected product which allows user to take photo, apply image filters and share among friends with sms using HTML5 canvas, phoneGAP, javascript and image filter java script library
  • Implemented innovative way of push mail for all platforms which does not consume phone’s battery without constantly polling to server for checking new mail
  • Served as release manager taking decisions like go live/no go live decisions
  • Designing sync protocol for mails, calendar, contact based on Microsoft ActiveSync standard which syncs only 2 way differential items, using Z Push as state based open source ActiveSync server. Also implemented sync conflict management algorithm

Assistant Manager


Environment: Embedded Linux, C++, C, Set Top Box, IPTV, Input Method Engine (IME), Open Source

  • Design, architect and develop modules - multi threaded download manager
  • Implementing language support plugins, linux frame buffer, porting layer for specific target architecture, UI controls and managing user experience
  • Implementing BIDI algorithm for Arabic Input Method Engine (IME). Implementing cursor in edit box UI control considering mixture of possible inputs including numeric, english, numbers, arabic and rendering glyphs using rendering algorithms and font libraries
  • Implemented pilot projects on different set top boxes with different architectures for demonstrating proof of concept to potential clients for gaining new business contracts

Senior Systems Engineer


Environment: Windows XP (32, 64 bit), ASP.NET, C#, VC++/MFC, Clearcase, Confidential Syngo platform, Win32 SDK, MSMQ, SOAP

  • Ultrasound system applications, services design & development and experience with DICOM
  • Implementation of web service providing remote maintenance of ultrasound machine allowing to take backup, screenshot, access events, other logs and crash logs
  • Experienced continuous integration and nightly build with distributed team, agile scrum, source control configuration management for team

Product Engineer


Environment: Windows, VB/VBA, COM/ActiveX, MFC, C/C++/VC++, QT, Open Source, C# & ASP.NET, SOAP, Python, VSS

  • Design & Development of portfolio of windows desktop, web based products, MS office toolbars and backend service with internationalization support for German, French & US customers
  • Implementing model-view-controller based web service/web app
  • Experience of developing multithreaded library which collects process attributes, security information of objects and building product installer/uninstaller
  • Experience of writing proposal to overseas customer, presenting proof of concept(POC)
  • Communicating project status, issues, resolutions to internal and external stakeholders

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