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Senior Software Engineer Resume


  • Almost 5 years of experience in working on Real Time Embedded Applications with programming in 'C' as the primary skill. As a developer I have written application software for the controller boards of different embedded devices.
  • Good knowledge and work experience in the field of Data communications, Networking Protocols and Network Management.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.


Operating Systems: VxWorks and Linux

Programming Languages: C, Dynamic C, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, XML, Visual Basic 6.0

Protocols /Technologies: TR - 069, TR-064, TR-104, UPnP Architecture, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), RIP, Spanning Tree Protocol, NAT, SNMP and TCP/IP Protocol Suite.

3 rd Party Tools: SNMP tool, DSL Management System (DMS), Intel Device Spy, Envoy Server, ACSSim and Motive HDM.

Configuration Management Tools: Star Team and Test Director.

Packet Analyzers/Generators: Ethereal, Sniffer Pro, Smart Bits and Line Simulator.

Development/Debugging Tools: gSoap Compiler, Vision Probe and Vision Click

Hardware: ADSL Modems (Broadcom Based and TI Based), Rabbit 2000, AVR controller



Senior Software Engineer


  • Handled the entire software development life cycle from the requirement gathering stage through post production support.
  • Designed and developed several embedded applications and features to enhance the modems functionality in C on Linux and C on VxWorks. The feature set in the modem includes PPPoE, PPPoA, NAT, NAPT, Static IP, DHCP client/server, DNS server/relay, RIPv1, RIPv2, Firewall, Ethernet Switching, VLAN tagging, Wireless 802.11b/g, Remote Management using DSL Forum TR-069 specs, LAN management using DSL Forum TR-064 specs.
  • Led several feature set releases given to Aricent’s USA based client Westell.
  • Conducted the time and effort estimation, planning and tracking for various assignments.
  • Performed code reviews and test plan reviews.
  • Test Plan development for Unit Testing and Sub-System Integration Testing for the various features.
  • Mentored junior developers.
  • Worked on several different projects for Westell, some of which are:
  • Designed and developed the LAN scanning capability in the modem that enabled the modem to detect and display all the devices connected to the modem.
  • Designed and developed a parental control feature in the modem that enabled the end user to control the content that can be accessed by different PCs connected to the modem. Also developed a GUI interface which was used for the creation of the rules.
  • Designed and developed scheduled upgrade capability in the modem. Using this feature the end-user can schedule the time when the modem can be remotely upgraded with an image lying on the specified path.
  • Designed and developed a GUI interface for the modem. The GUI interface can be used by the administrator/ end-user to make configuration changes to the modem.
  • Added support in the modem to support the TR-069 protocol which is used for remote management of the modem.
  • Added support in the modem to support the TR-064 protocol based on the UPnP architecture which is used for LAN side management of the modem.

Technology Used: ADSL Modem Technology and L2/L3 Technology, C, Rapid Marks, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, TR-069 protocol, TR-064 protocol, SOAP protocol, UPnP Architecture, VxWorks (RTOS) and Linux




  • Developed an SNMP enabled agent embedded in a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) for the remote management of the UPS over a TCP/IP network. The agent could communicate with any standard SNMP Manager and supports the RFC 1628. It also replied to queries received from an SNMP Manager for current status and responded to traps and alarms.
  • Developed a multi channel Voice Logger that can record voice data from 8 channels simultaneously. Preformed system analysis and coding of the Voice recorder.
  • Developed User Interface in Visual Basic that plays the audio file (recorded by the Voice Logger) selected on the basis of time of recording.

Technology Used: Dynamic C (Rabbit Microprocessor) and Visual Basic 6.0

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