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Aem Developer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Over 7 years of experience in developing and implementing enterprise solutions for distributed Software products and distributed applications using JAVA technologies.
  • Oracle certified Java SE programmer.
  • Worked on design and implementation of modules on Adobe CQ 5.4 and Adobe CQ 5.5. Have a solid understanding of CQ5 building blocks, CRX repository, leveraging web content management components for customization and porting of websites.
  • Worked on AEM 6.1 Sightly for developing custom components and dialogs.
  • Strong experience in Adobe related technologies like Sling, OSGI, Apache Felix, Apache Jackrabbit, JCR, and CRX.
  • Involved in frontend development for component using HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.
  • Strong experience in XML related technologies including XSD, DTD, XSLT, XPATH, and DOM.
  • Setup and configure Authoring and Publishing environments, replication agents.
  • Expertise in developing integrated business applications using Spring framework, Struts, JSF Framework and Web Services.
  • Developed custom CQ components on top of JCR and Apache Sling, CRX, and CQ5 .
  • Good understanding of Social Collaboration and Campaign Management with CQ .
  • Created Touch UI and Classic UI AEM components.
  • Ability to build tables, stored procedures, indexes, create jobs in SQL Server, use SQL Server Management Studio and tools such as query analyzer, activity monitor, and query profiler.
  • Project Implementation skills using both core and advanced java technologies like JSP, Servlets, and JDBC .
  • 3+ years of experience on Node environment using Node.js, npm, Grunt, Gulp, Bower.
  • Good web page design skills using HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery, and Java Script .
  • Good experience in coordinating and working with developers and End Users in Team based environment.
  • Effectively discuss and document UX/UI designs and design decisions for varied audiences.
  • Experience in using ANT and Maven for build automation.
  • Around 6 months of experience on ReactJS .
  • Successfully developed change instructions in Groovy scripts with test cases.
  • Used Angular JS 2.0 as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server .
  • Project migration from AEM 5.6 to AEM 6.1.


Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, UNIX/LINUX

Languages: C, C++, J2SE, J2EE, SQL, PL/SQL

GUI Editors: Sublime Text, Notepad++, Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE, Adobe Dreamweaver, IntelliJ, WebStorm.

Web/App Servers: Apache Tomcat, Web Logic, Web Sphere.

Methodologies: Agile, UML Waterfall.

Database: Oracle, MYSQL, SQL Server.

Design Patterns: MVC, Front Controller, Singleton pattern, Factory

Scripting: HTML, JavaScript, Angular.js, CSS, AJAX, JSON, Jquery, JSP, JSF, Strut Tags, Spring Tags, JSTL

Frameworks: Struts, Spring, Hibernate

SCM: ClearCase, SVN, CVS

CMS: Adobe CQ5/AEM, JCR, Sling, Apache Jackrabbit, WCM, DAM, Package Manager, CRXDELite, Workflow, OSGI


AEM Developer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Involved in design and development using Java, J2EE, Web 2.0 technologies .
  • Analyzing, designing and layout of the components.
  • Implemented Adobe WCM, CRX, JCR, Sling, OSGI, CRXDE, WCM, and DAM.
  • CRX data store was used to store all the related info.
  • Built various web pages using HTML, CSS, Java Script and JQuery.
  • Utilized REST, Java, Sling, CQ5, and JavaScript for custom Coding.
  • Using Angular JS to provide services to different components of portal.
  • Worked on Angular JS 2.0 for reading and Posting JSON data .
  • Worked on creating the components using Sightly .
  • Extensively developed supporting Java Beans Components.
  • Responsive design concept was implemented. Therefore, all diabetes web sites developed in this project are compatible for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
  • Expert in developing and deploying java code via OSGI bundle.
  • Solid understanding of all Adobe CQ building blocks and the CQ development and deployment process.
  • Worked on OSGI Service for rendering the data dynamically.
  • Content publishing in CMS .
  • Developed custom components that are reusable in Adobe CQ across all three sites.
  • UX wireframes design using Visio.
  • Worked on Sling servlets to handle POST and GET requests.
  • Experience in Installing /Configuring Adobe CQ.
  • Heavily worked on style sheets to change the styles for each site.
  • Expert in configuring author and publish agents.
  • Prepared author guides which involves explanation of all the templates, components for each diabetes site.
  • Used JIRA to handle the production and bug reporting Issue tracking tools.
  • Project migration from AEM 5.6.1 to AEM 6.1.

Environment: Adobe AEM 6.1, DAM, CQ Tagging, Sightly, JAX - WS, JAX-RS, Java, J2EE, Apache Maven, Angular JS 2.0/4.0, Node.JS, Rally, Restful Web Services, JAXP, JAXB, Axis 2.0, Jersey 1.2, Servlets, JDBC, MS SQL Server, HTML, JSP, AJAX, JUnit, log4j, Windows

AEM developer

Confidential, Topeka, KS


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis, and Code development .
  • Involved in the project design, development and deployment implementation using Adobe CQ.
  • Experience in developing Custom components, templates, campaigns, and workflows using AEM 6.0 and CQ5.
  • Develop digital consumer experiences based on foundation of the Adobe AEM production suite, including AEM, CRX, Target and DAM.
  • Experience on Java Content Repository ( API) suite, Sling web framework and Apache Felix OSGi framework, JCR & Jackrabbit.
  • Used JSP, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS to create interactive user interface.
  • Developed dynamic UI using Angular JS.
  • Setup the development environment using Node.js, npm, Grunt, Bower, git.
  • Created AngularJS controllers, services and used AngularJS filters for filter functionality in search box and integrator functionalities.
  • Developed application presentation layer, which is based on Spring MVC framework involving JSP, Servlets and HTML, CSS.
  • Developed Servlets and Utilized Node.js to create a fast and efficient chat server.
  • Developed REST architecture based web services to facilitate communication between client and servers.
  • Experience on JAVA, JCR, Felix, OSGi and other technologies involved in deploying solutions based on the AEM framework of AEM Forms.
  • Called REST web services through AngularJS services to get JSON Object and modified the response object to display in UI.
  • Used Spring Framework for Dependency injection and integrated with the Hibernate framework for interacting with the Oracle database.
  • Building capabilities and expertise around Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Target .
  • Developed this web application to store all system information in a central location. This was developed using Spring MVC, jQuery, JSP, Servlet, Oracle 10g, HTML and CSS.
  • Design and implementation of RESTful Web services.
  • Interfaced with Oracle back-end using Hibernate framework .
  • Developed Junit test cases for Unit testing& for Continuous Integration we used Jenkins.
  • Implemented the logging mechanism using Log4j framework .
  • Experience with Eclipse, Maven build and deployment process & application Development using STS .
  • Used SVN version controlling to maintain project versions.

Environment:: Core Java, Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJs, Oracle, Pl/Sql, JDBC, Rest, Eclipse, Web Logic, CVS, Groovy, Junit, Bootstrap, Agile, Dash Board, UML, JSP, Servlet, Maven, Adobe Target, CSS, JSON, ILOG, Web 2.0

Adobe CQ5 Developer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Responsibilities :

  • Implemented the Scrum Agile methodology for development of the application.
  • Designed and developed, CQ5 building blocks including templates, components, dialogs, widgets, workflows.
  • Developed applications that uses JCR content repository in CQ to store information and query the JCR for display and reporting purposes.
  • Developed custom components, customized forms for Internet and Intranet sites of the company.
  • Proficient in Adobe CQ foundational concepts, including the CRX repository, the CQ platform, the use of core frameworks such as Apache Sling and Apache Felix .
  • Development of static web pages, landing pages, category landing pages using content management system, Adobe CQ5
  • Designing and developed the static and dynamic forms through Adobe Live Cycle designer products.
  • Maintaining OSGI java classes for assets import, validation processes, and to fetch the data from CQ repository obtained from different providers.
  • Built various web pages using HTML, CSS, Java Script and jQuery.
  • Solid understanding of all Adobe CQ building blocks and the CQ development and deployment process.
  • Setup and configure Authoring and Publishing environments, replication agents, CQ5 dispatcher to cache the landing pages in html and serve as the static pages from Apache
  • Worked on CQ5 Forms customization by developing the custom form fields, writing the custom constraints for form fields and specifying the global validation resource type at the form level.
  • Offer solutions on top of the Adobe WCM, CRX/CRXDE, CQ WCM, DAM.
  • Define implementation processes, quality gates, and standards.
  • OSGI bundle development experience.
  • Developed GUI using HTML and Java Script.
  • Performing analysis using Web Analytics tools such as Adobe Site catalyst (Omniture), new relic.
  • Effectively communicate design to customers and present design options/considerations.
  • Adopt and utilize iterative/Agile methodology as needed or requested.
  • Produce quality work even when under extreme time pressure and deadlines.

Environment:: AEM CQ5, JAVA, J2EE, OSGI, Spring Integration, Hibernate, MYSQL, AJAX, JSON, HTML, CSS, Java Script, JQUERY, Jenkins, Maven, XPath, XML, LINUX, JSP, Web Services, Eclipse, SVN.

GUI Developer

Confidential, Quincy, MA

Responsibilities :

  • Implemented the Scrum Agile methodology for development of the application.
  • Worked in the design team with extensive usage of Rational Rose in detail design phase through the detailed use cases with Sequence, Activity, Collaboration, and Class diagrams.
  • Worked in analyzing the requirements and participated in discussions with business analysts.
  • Implement J2EE design patterns such as Singleton, DAO, DTO and MVC.
  • Updated billing pages using HTML, CSS in Angular.js framework .
  • Created Angular JS controllers and services.
  • Implemented Spring DI and Spring Transactions in business layer.
  • Interaction with Oracle Database is implemented using Hibernate and Java to Database Connectivity.
  • Used Apache CXF, JAX-WS, and JAX-RS for designing and developing REST Web services.
  • Developed data access components using JDBC, DAOs, and Beans for data manipulation.
  • Designed and developed database objects like Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, User Functions using PL/SQL, SQL Developer and used them in WEB components.
  • Developed JavaScript and jQuery functions for all Client Side Validations.
  • Developed Junit test cases for Unit Testing &Used Maven as build and configuration tool.
  • Worked extensively on maven.
  • Shell scripting to create jobs to run on daily basis.
  • Debugged the application using Firebug and traversed through the nodes of the tree using DOM functions.
  • Monitored the error logs using log4jand fixed the problems.
  • Used GIT repository as Version Control .
  • Responsible for configuring and deploying the builds on Web Sphere App Server.

Environment:: Java, J2EE, Java Script, XML, JavaScript, JDBC, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Rest Full Web services, Web Logic Server, Log4j, Maven, Eclipse, JUnit, ANT, Oracle11g, GIT.

Software Developer



  • Involved in the development of various use cases, sequence diagrams using UML, and Rational Rose.
  • Extensive use of Enterprise Java Beans EJBs for middle tier component implementation and implementation of business logic.
  • Developed the Web Application using JSP, Java Script, jQuery, Servlets, HTML, DHTML, and performed validations using JavaScript.
  • Implemented the struts framework.
  • Involved in the developing swing windows and integrating them with EJB.
  • Implementation of dynamic and static security for different roles.
  • Deployed and tested on Web Logic Application server.
  • Implemented JDBC to enable the Database connections.
  • Used Data Transfer Object and Data Access Object design patterns.
  • Developed SQL queries and used stored procedures to perform transactions with the DB2 database.
  • Hibernate Query Language is used to perform data Retrieval, Update, and all CRUD operations .
  • Developed Stateless Session EJBs for various Business Modules.
  • Enhancements for Several applications.
  • Developed several JUnit test cases for multiple applications.
  • Used Log4J for logging and debugging and CVS for source configuration management.

Environment:: Servlets, JSPs, JavaScript, Struts, EJB, RUP, IBM Web Logic, Oracle, XML, DHTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, Log4J, JUnit, JDBC, Hibernate, eclipse IDE, JSF

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