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Java Aws Developer Resume

Rochester, MN


  • Over 10+ years of IT experience in Design, Development, Support and Implementation of Web based applications using JAVA/J2EE Technologies (Core Java, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, XML, spring, JUNIT, Hibernate, and Restful API).
  • 4+ years of experience in core AWS services (S3, EC2, ELB, EBS, Route53, VPC, Auto scaling etc.) and deployment services (Elastic Beanstalk, OpsWorks and Cloud Formation) and security practices (IAM, Cloudwatch and Cloudtrail). Experience in Linux system administration, DevOps, AWS Cloud platform.
  • Development experience with Java such as OOPS Concepts, Strings, IO, Multithreading, Collections and Exception Handling. Experienced with Servlets and JSP.
  • Proficient in implementation of frameworks like Struts, Spring, JSF, AJAX frameworks and ORM frameworks like Hibernate.
  • Good knowledge of spring's IOC, AOP, Spring MVC and spring's integration with Hibernate technologies.
  • Hands - on experience with Eclipse, NetBeans, Textpad, Editplus, Toad, SQL Developer, and Linux VI editor.
  • Created SQL, PL/SQL statements for the effective retrieval and storage of data from the database.
  • Experience in performing unit test for the applications using Junit Framework.
  • Managing Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure with automation and configuration management tool such as Chef, Puppet. Hands on experience with build tools like ANT, Maven.
  • Experience in Amazon EC2 in setting up instances, worked closely with infrastructure teams to troubleshoot complex issues and setting up security groups.
  • Experience in working with different operating systems Windows 2000/XP, UNIX, LINUX.
  • Performed deployment and support of cloud services including Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Develop cloud solutions using IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).
  • Work with the network team to do the DNS registration of the servers built in AWS.
  • Have theoretical knowledge on Amazon API Gateway and Amazon Cognito.
  • Managed Linux and Windows virtual servers on EC2 using Chef Server and Familiar with Cloud watch, Elastic IP's and managing security groups for EC2 Servers.
  • Able to create scripts for system administration and AWS using languages as PowerShell, BASH and Python.
  • Extensively worked on Hudson, Jenkins and Team City for continuous integration and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Experienced in using AWS command line Interface to manage and configure.
  • Familiar with JSON based REST Web services and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Strong experience in designing and working with MySQL and Mongo DB
  • Highly experienced in diverse types of testing like Manual, Functional testing.
  • Highly motivated team player with zeal to learn modern technologies and always believes in giving the best of efforts in challenging environments.


Languages: Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Java Enterprise Edition, Unix Shell Script.

Web Technologies: Servlets, JSP, Struts, Spring (IOC and AOP), Hibernate, Session Beans, JavaScript,AJAX, Angular.js, Java Mail, HTML, CSS, XSD, XML.

Web Services: SOAP, REST, WSDL, JAXB, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Apache Axis

Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere, WebLogic, Jboss.

Database: Oracle 10g/11g, MySQL, SQL Server 2005/2008, Cassandra, MongoDB.

Middleware: JMS (Java Messaging Service), Rabbit MQ.

Frame Work: Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JSF

Version Control: CVS, SVN, GIT.

Design Patterns: MVC, Front Controller, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Transfer Object, Singleton,Factory Pattern, DAO Pattern


Confidential, Rochester, MN

Java AWS Developer


  • Designing and developing web application using Apache Camel, Spring and Restful web services.
  • Designing and implementing new features using TDD (Test Driven Development).
  • Developing a Spring MVC proxy application around our ESB to allow OAuth2 protected REST APIs to be used by our websites. Provided regression test cases based on the various customer requests.
  • Developed web-based applications using Python, CSS and HTML. Experienced in using Linux Scripting.
  • Plan, deploy, monitor, and maintain Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure consisting of multiple EC2 nodes and VMWare Vm's as required in the environment.
  • Worked in managing VMs in Amazon using AWS and EC2.
  • Created and managed a Docker deployment pipeline for custom application images in the cloud using Jenkins.
  • Automate the cloud deployments using chef, python (boto & fabric) and AWS Cloud Formation Templates.
  • Develop cloud formation scripts to build on demand EC2 instance formation.
  • Create nightly AMIs for mission critical production servers as backups.
  • Implement and maintain the monitoring and alerting of production and corporate servers/storage using Cloud Watch. Migrated applications from internal data center to AWS.
  • Worked with cross-functional engineering teams to resolve integration issues.
  • Managed and worked with various instances of EC2, creating AMI's, managing EBS volumes and configuring security groups, Elastic IPs etc.
  • Use Chef to automate the deployment workflow of JAVA applications on Apache Tomcat and Oracle WebLogic servers.
  • Perform all Linux operating system, disk management and patch management configurations, on Linux instances in AWS. Consuming the Web Services and integrating them in the applications.
  • Run code for virtually any type of application or backend service - all with zero administration using Lambda.
  • Have implemented chef provisioning for creation of on demand instances and instance infrastructure using the chef-client and bootstrapping using plugins against AWS EC2.
  • Used JDBC for the persistent storage of details in the database.
  • Implemented RESTful Web Services to retrieve data from client side using Micro Services architecture.
  • Implemented first-hand the best/worst practices for integrating Micro Services into existing system architecture. Applied Multithreading on data export to reduce process time.
  • Consumed REST based Micro services with Rest template based on RESTful APIs.
  • Used traditional relational Databases such as Oracle and MS SQL server for manipulating substantial amounts of data. Used Eclipse IDE to develop java code.
  • GIT is used as code repository and JIRA to assign, track, report the issues in the application.
  • Used GIT as source control tool for branching, merging and maintain code versions in the repository enabled using Gradle Versioning Capability.
  • Configure Linux environments in both public and private domains.
  • Collaborating with product owners, business analysts and other team members in a cross-functional agile environment to produce a content management system that is fully integrated with various loyalty, coupon, and user account systems.
  • Providing technical assistance in identifying, evaluating, and developing systems and procedures that are cost effective and meet business requirements.

Environment: Java 1.7, J2EE, Apache Camel, Scala, EC2, Puppet, Chef, Apache Tomcat, JavaScript, Hibernate, Struts, Springs, Web Services, HTML5, DHTML, PL/SQL, SOAP, REST, XML, XSD, JQuery, SOA, SQL, Oracle 11g, CSS, Boot Strap, Maven, MVC, AJAX, Weblogic, Java Beans, Maven, MVC, GIT, Bash, Shell scripting, Docker, JIRA, Jenkins, Bamboo, UML, Oracle, MySQL, Linux, Mac OS.

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

Java AWS Developer


  • Extensively participated in the Analysis, System study and Designing of the project.
  • Responsible for creating Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams, Use Case diagrams, Object Model diagrams, and deployment diagrams using Microsoft Visio.
  • Participated in Scrum meetings and project planning and coordinated the status sessions.
  • Followed test-driven development (TDD) and participated in scrum status reports.
  • Helped migrating and managing multiple applications from on premise to cloud using AWS services like S3, Glacier, EC2, RDS, SQS, SNS, SES, CloudFormation, VPC etc.
  • Configured and maintained user accounts for dev, QA, and production teams and created roles for EC2, RDS, S3, CloudWatch, EBS resources to communicate with each other using IAM.
  • Using Chef, deployed and configured Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) for log analytics, full text search, application monitoring in integration with AWS Lambda and CloudWatch.
  • Involved in designing and deploying a multitude applications utilizing almost all of the AWS stack (Including EC2, Route53, S3, RDS, Dynamo DB, SNS, SQS, IAM) focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and autoscaling in AWS Cloud formation.
  • Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS)& configuration management using chef.
  • Collaborate in the automation of AWS infrastructure via terraform and Jenkins - software and services configuration via chef cookbooks.
  • Excellent knowledge of Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing and other services of the AWS family.
  • Developed the presentation layer using Servlet, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSPs, JSON and XML.
  • Developed the application using Spring Web MVC architecture.
  • Developed Data Access Layer using Hibernate ORM framework.
  • Used HQL and SQL as the query languages in Hibernate Mapping and Integrated Spring and Hibernate framework.
  • Developed the logic for performing the integrity checks for various source files in the Controller layer.
  • Used AngularJS2.0 as the development framework and done CRUD operations with $http service.
  • Created AngularJS Routing to connect different controller to the view which allows the single-page application.
  • Hands on experience in designing of the complex back-end framework.
  • Consumed Web Services using AXIS and used SOAPUI to test implemented web services and third party services. Used JAX for processing.
  • Coded application components using a TDD test-driven approach.
  • Used Log4j to implement logging facilities.
  • Wrote numerous test cases for unit testing of the code using JUnit testing framework.
  • Used JIRA to test and track the Issues and Bugs related to software or Application.
  • Used Subversion (SVN) for version control.
  • Used Maven as a build tool. Implemented Java to XML binding.
  • Configured and Deployed application on Apache Tomcat Application Server in Mac OS X environment.
  • Used Web services (SOAP) for transmission of large blocks of XML data over HTTP.
  • Implemented Maven builds automation.

Environment: Java 1.7, Spring, Hibernate 4.3, JDBC, JSP, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript 1.6, AgularJS 1.5, Web services, AWS, EC2,6 SOAP, WSDL, SOAP UI, Maven, Puppet, Chef, Junit, Web Logic, Windows 8.1, SVN, -Eclipse, Oracle 10g/11g, Microsoft VISIO, XML, JIRA

Confidential, Lake Forest, IL

Java AWS Developer


  • Understanding the requirements by interacting with business users and mapping them to design and implementing it following the Agile Development methodology.
  • Extensive use of EJBs for middle tier component to implement the business logic.
  • Implemented Service locator pattern to invoke EJBs through Struts.
  • Hands on experience with one or more Cloud Infrastructure and Services like Amazon AWS.
  • Developing a product-level cloud-based architecture in AWS.
  • Installing and automation of application using configuration management tools Puppet and Chef.
  • Involved in deploying systems on Amazon Web Services Infrastructure services EC2, S3, RDS, SQS, Cloud Formation.
  • Worked on AWS, High Availability Practices and deploying backup/restore infrastructure.
  • Product enhancements and implement solutions for multi-tenant J2EE based legacy enterprise product enabling as Cloud based deployment and higher availability and scalability.
  • Worked on Managing the Private Cloud Environment using Chef.
  • Setup AWS VPC's for dev, staging and Prod environments.
  • Deployed and hosted the application on AWS using OpsWorks, automated single click deployment onto AWS using Chef.
  • Worked on building & deploying Java code through Jenkins, used Jenkins Amazon Web Services (AWS) Code Deploy plugin to deploy to AWS and worked AWS Cloudmanagement.
  • Configured Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) with EC2 Autoscaling groups. Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using CloudWatch.
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing on the infrastructure on AWS for security.
  • Coded JavaScript for AJAX and client side data validation.
  • Used JDBC API as part of the DAO layer in the project.
  • Used Java Mail API to send or receive emails.
  • Used JMS API for asynchronous communication by keeping messages in the Message queue.
  • Used Hibernate as ORM tool to store the persistence data into the Oracle11g database.
  • Analyzed test cases and functional specifications to determine best approach for automating scripts.
  • Designed and implemented the MongoDB schema.
  • Wrote services to store and retrieve user data from the MongoDB for the application on devices.
  • Used Mongoose API to access the MongoDB from NodeJS.
  • Developed Maven script to build and deploy Java applications.
  • Used Git for version control.
  • Designed the Architecture of the project as per Spring MVC Frame work. Worked with Spring Core, SpringAOP, Spring Integration Framework with Hibernate.
  • Implemented Business Logic using POJO's and used WebLogic 7.0 to deploy the applications.
  • Developed modules using Spring framework using Eclipse IDE.
  • Create JSPs with some custom JSTL Library Tags and Controller Servlets.
  • Wrote complex validations using client-side Java scripts and designing the GUI.
  • Configured the data mapping between Oracle and SQL Server and tested performance accuracy related queries under SQL Server.
  • For checking the connectivity and for secure file transfer FTP API is used.
  • Created RESTful services for the web services using technologies: Node.js, Express.js and PostgreSQL.
  • Tomcat Application Server was used for deploying the application.
  • Involved in the Production support of the Application.

Environment: JAVA 1.6, J2EE, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, Apache CXF, WSDL, REST, SOAP Web Services, HTML, JavaScript, MongoDB, JDBC, JMS, Agile Methodology, PL/SQL, UNIX, Multithreading, Amazon AWS, Shell scripting, Puppet, Chef, Oracle 11g, WebLogic Application Server, Tomcat, Eclipse 3.5, Git.


Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in Played an active role in team by interacting with business analyst and converted business requirements into system requirements.
  • Worked on technologies like HTML, Java Script, XML, JSP and JSTL for developing frontend design and development.
  • Used Bootstrap for responsive Web-Design.
  • Used JavaScript for improvement client side validations.
  • Implemented various design patterns such as Data Access Object, Service Locator and singleton to facilitated clean distribution of roles and responsibilities across various layers of processing.
  • Developed the application using Spring Web MVC architecture and Spring AOP.
  • Developed Robust and secured Enterprise Java Applications (EJB) and Distributed Applications.
  • Designed and created Database.
  • Used Spring DAO concept to interact with database (DB2) using JDBC template.
  • Designed, developed and tested Java/J2EE/JEE/Portal applications using spring and Spring IOC.
  • Created tables, Queries, indexes, stored procedures, triggers and constraints.
  • Writing SQL Queries to access data for analysis of data from database.
  • Used Eclipse as the IDE to build the application.
  • AWS server provisioning using Chef Recipes.
  • Migrating an on-premises application to AWS.
  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using Cloud Watch.
  • Responsible for distributed applications across hybrid AWS and physical data centers.
  • Optimization/ Cost Reduction of Amazon AWS services (EC2, S3, EBS, Route53, VPC, SES).
  • Able to create scripts for systems administration and AWS using languages such as BASH and Python.
  • Used Docker coupled with load-balancing tool Nginx to achieve Continuous Delivery.
  • Used JIRA to test and track the Issues and Bugs and for the Project Management.
  • Developed Phase listeners to handle user request and validate. Developed Test classes for Unit Testing and System Testing. Maven is used to build and deploy the application.
  • Created WAR and EAR files for deployment in the Development environment. Developed Event Logging &Error Reporting application using Servlets.
  • Interacted with various internal teams such as UI framework, spring AOP and integration.

Environment: Java 1.6, J2EE, Springs, JSP, Hibernate, Struts 2.0, HTML, CSS, Web logic, Web Services, AWS, EC2, WSDL, Oracle, ANT, SOA, jQuery, AJAX, Java Script, HTML, CSS, log4J, SVN, JIRA, Design Patterns, Tomcat 7.0, windows 8.1.

Confidential, NV

Java Developer


  • Participated in coding, GUI design and testing.
  • Validation of the registered users using JSP-Servlets and JDBC with the details available in the Database.
  • Created documentation of the application.
  • Developed Servlets and JSP for Data retrieval implementation with User Interface.
  • Developed Container Managed Entity and Session beans.
  • Developed web services in Java and Experienced with Service Oriented Architecture Protocol, WSDL.
  • Applied design patterns including MVC Pattern, Façade Pattern, Abstract Factory Pattern, DAO Pattern and Singleton.
  • Configured JDBC with SQL/PLSQL for database connectivity.
  • Developed required Web pages using HTML.
  • Implemented EJB Components for modules related to Pharmacy, Purchasing, and General and Biomedical equipment.
  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Involved in different J2EE Design patterns like Session Façade, Service Locator, and Business Delegate.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON, XML and jQuery.
  • Coded Server pages using JSP, Servlets, Struts by following MVC architecture.
  • Developed Action Classes and Action Forms beans.
  • Worked with the team in the development of the Application front-end using JSP, Struts with the help of HTML.
  • Involved in the Integration performance and unit testing of the project.
  • Involved in the Performance related issues like open connections and open cursors.

Environment: Web Sphere 6.0, SQL, JDBC, Java, J2EE, EJB, Servlets, spring, JSP, Java Beans, HTML, DHTML, JQuery, SOA, SOAP, Boot Strap, CSS, AJAX, REST, JSON, Maven, MVC, Web Services, Weblogic, Apache, Tomcat, Hibernate, JavaScript, Struts, JDBC, JUnit, ANT, EJB, MVC, GUI, Struts, JSP, EJB, Oracle 10g and Windows XP.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Java Developer


  • As a Java Developer, worked as a Software Developer, with knowledge in the entire (SDLC) life cycle of the project, right from the designing the projects till the completion.
  • Experience in writing the SQL queries and PL/SQL Functions, Stored Procedures, and Views.
  • Implemented Entity Beans and Session Beans to implement business logic and for various product transportation and distributing over different areas.
  • Implemented triggers to keep the track of changes in tables when changes are made.
  • Experience in configuring the Message Driven Beans (MDB) for messaging various clients and agents who are registered within the system. implemented Couch DB, which basically NOSQL DB for Persistence operations.
  • Proficiency in handling final builds, deployments and management by using Apache ANT/ MAVEN to modify the EAR, WAR and JAR files when the application is deployed on the Web Sphere server.
  • Experience in performing upgrades on JBOSS Application Server as per the need and also handled issues while upgrading.
  • Experience in writing JavaScript client side validations for the user's account information based on the business regulations.
  • Hands on experience and implementing functions, tables, stored procedures and triggers in the SQL Server 2005.
  • Implemented Web services using apache API and tested them using SOAP UI. Integrated the SOAP Web services to RESTful Web Services
  • Worked on application deployment by using ANT script . .
  • Skilled in Unit Testing and Integration Testing of various application modules.
  • Hands on experience in fixing the production issues on a timely manner.
  • Worked on implementing user interface by using third party software tools as EBA grid .
  • Experience on Hibernate for the Object Relational Mapping to interact with the databases.
  • Expertise in writing and modifying Hibernate HQL queries and stored procedures for the application to communicate with the Database.
  • Responsible for preparing Technical Design document and also User Documentation.
  • Actively participated in code review meetings with the development team.
  • Worked on developing use cases, class diagrams and preparing Technical specification documents based on identified sequence diagrams and Use cases for the UML .
  • Worked on developing presentation layers by using HTML, JSP, Custom Tags .

Environment: Java 7, J2EE, JDK 1.6, Rational Rose, Hibernate, JSP, Struts framework 2.0, Oracle 10g, UML, XHTML, HTML, Java Script, jQuery, Couch DB, Bootstrap, ANT, XML, XSLT, Restful .

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