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Solution Architect Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • 18 years of IT experience including 10+ years in architecting and designing complex systems/applications
  • Design experience in SOA and Event Driven Architecture including Complex Event Processing
  • Consultant project assignments in Confidential Systems, Confidential, Confidential, Confidential, Confidential (3.5 years),Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • 14 years of experience in Java/JEE based Systems/applications development


Programming Languages: Java,JEE,J2ME,C, Basic knowledge in Python

Web Technologies: Servlets,JSP,JSF,Javascript, AngularJS**,Ajax,RichFaces,Familiarity with EXT - JS

Middleware/Integration Technologies: JBoss ESB, Apache Camel, Web Services (SOAP & REST), JMS, XML Technologies, IBM MessageSight, IBM MQ.,Good knowledge in Tibco Business Works and Business Events, Apache Kafka**

Application / ORM Frameworks: Spring(Spring Boot, Spring Data), Jboss Seam, Hibernate

Cloud Computing/Microservices: AWS. Good knowledge in Spring Boot, Ribbon, Hystrix,Feign and Zuul.

Unit Testing: JUnit, TestNG, jMockit

Application / Web Servers: JBoss EAP, WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache Webserver

Databases: Oracle,Sybase,DB2

Networking Technologies: TCP/IP / OSI Stack, SNMP, FCAPS, eTOM

Operating Systems: Windows, Solaris, Linux, Confidential IOS

Tools: Docker,Enterprise Architect, Eclipse, NetBeans, SoapUI, SonarQube, Toad, SQL Developer, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Clearcase, SVN, CVS, GIT, Jupiter, JMeter, Jira, JProfiler, MS-Project, MS Visio


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Solution Architect


  • Designed technical solutions and provided end to end architectural guidance for two complex and large systems, Wayside Diagnostic System and Traffic History System developed from scratch
  • Adopted SOA and Event Oriented Architectural patterns in the system architectures
  • Created the Architecture for the systems as per the client’s Enterprise Architectural standards and got them approved by the client’s Enterprise Architecture group
  • Routinely communicated with stakeholders and business consumers to ensure transparency when translating requirements for the new systems and provided the business and management teams with technical solutions for any obstacles
  • Liaised between the business and technical sides
  • Understood the internals of Tibco Business Events within 2 weeks and ensured that the Analysis engine component of the Wayside Diagnostic System worked smoothly
  • Suggested new algorithms to reduce the latency of Datastage ETL Jobs drastically.
  • Helped and mentored the JEE,Tibco,Datastage,SQL Server and OBIEE Architects and developers in coming up with the high and low level designs of Web, Integration, Business Event, ETL, and Reporting components of the systems respectively and reviewed the same to ensure the alignment with the overall system architectures
  • Worked closely with the Data Architects to come up with the Logical and Physical data models and reviewed the same
  • Helped the project managers in Estimations, streamlining the SDLC phases and creating the project plans
  • Came up with the Coding Standards and Guidelines and enforced them through Code Review
  • Worked with the various groups in the client’s IT organization in the successful deployment of application to the various environments

Technologies: Tibco Business Events(Rule based), Tibco Business Works, SQL Server, OBIEE, Java 8, Spring4.x, JPA, Hibernate4.x, REST&SOAP, IBM Message Sight, Datastage, DB2,Ext-JS,Jboss EAP 6.x,Jenkins,SonarQube(Code Analysis),Gradle, TFS

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Technical Architect

  • Created the architecture, High and low level designs for the web application developed for Cox’s Field Services Group. Delivered a very high quality deliverable with only a defect density of .07 %.
  • Introduced DevOps best practices for one of the Cox’s e-commerce Applications development by introducing Jenkins based CI and adopted TDD using TestNG, Hamcrest and jMockit
  • Implemented best practices to improve the code quality of Cox’s e-commerce Application by introducing Cobertura based code coverage, Static Code Analysis using SonarQube and helped them achieve 70% of Code Coverage for their e-commerce Application
  • Helped Cox’s QA team to measure their manual and Integration test cases coverage by introducing JaCoCo
  • Created the Physical and Logical Data Models
  • Prepared the project plan and managed the offshore team’s delivery
  • Participated in the discussions with Business Analysts to get the requirements clarified
  • Developed the critical modules of the application by adhering to the best practices of JBoss Seam Framework
  • Came up with the Coding Standards and Guidelines and enforcing them through Code Review
  • Worked with the various support groups in the client’s IT organization in the successful deployment of application to the various environments
  • Status Reporting to the Cox Management

Technologies: Java 6, Seam2.2.5, EJB 3.0, JPA 1.0, JSF, RichFaces 3.3, Oracle 11g, Google’s DART API, TestNG,jMockit,Jenkins,SonarQube,Cobertura,JaCoCo

Confidential, Irving, Texas

Solution Architect/Delivery Manager

  • Studied Verizon’s VoIP product eco system
  • Worked on the development of Verizon’s VoIP Order Management Platform based on Conceptwave Platform
  • Designed the key modules of the system including Product Catalog definitions and APIs with multiple downstream systems
  • Created the data models
  • Imparted knowledge on Conceptwave to the developers
  • Took upon the management of the team when the manager had to leave in the middle
  • Prepared the detailed project plan and managed the day-to-day activities of the project
  • Participated in the discussions with Business Analysts to get the requirements clarified
  • Coded features in Conceptwave
  • Did Code review of the features developed by the team
  • Coordinated with the offshore Managers and the development team
  • Presented Daily and Weekly Status Reporting to the client Management

Technologies: Conceptwave OrderCare, Product Catalog, Web Services, MQ, JavaScript, Oracle 11g

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Delivery Manager

  • Managed a team of 40 members at onsite and offshore working on multiple applications development and maintenance covering the breadth of Cbeyond’s OSS and BSS landscape including e-commerce,Order Management, Enterprise Application Integration Suite, Provisioning Application, Service Assurance and Fulfilment,
  • Created Architecture, High and low level designs for the new applications such as Prequalification and Provisioning applications integrated with IBM’s Intelliden and the new features added in 10+ applications
  • Created a Roadmap for Cbeyond’s Future state architecture by aligning and mapping their application ecosystem to eTOM framework
  • Suggested best practices to be adopted in Granite, a popular network Inventory product
  • Prepared the project plans for multiple application development projects
  • Managed the day-to-day activities of the projects
  • Reviewed the major artifacts like design documents and Code
  • Ensured that the team adhered to client’s processes
  • Enforced the coding guidelines for the project
  • Ensured that the Project execution adhered to employer’s CMMI-5 processes
  • Worked on multiple proposals for the new projects and helped ramping new teams by interviewing candidates

Technologies: Java, XML Technologies, JMS, Web Services, Spring, Hibernante, EJB, Oracle, JBoss ESB, J2ME, Granite


Delivery Manager

  • Worked with multiple business users across different regions to solidify the requirements.
  • Created the Physical and Logical data models and the workflows
  • Worked with the BusinessObjects developers to create the design for the reports
  • Led the knowledge Transition activities from the vendor resources who were managing the applications Reverse engineered the code base for a couple of systems and created the designs for the new features added to the systems
  • Prepared the project plan and managed the day-to-day activities of the project
  • Had weekly status review meetings with the Ford Managers and the key business users
  • Ensured that the team adhered to client’s processes
  • Enforced the coding guidelines for the project
  • Ramped up the teams by interviewing candidates for the multiple teams that were part of this account
  • Did a gap analysis of the skills of the people identified for the Ford account and coordinating the training activities
  • Conducted daily technical sessions to ensure that the team got exposed to the latest J2EE technologies

Technologies: PERL/CGI, Business Objects,Oracle 9i, Java 5.0, Struts, Apache, Hibernate



  • Reviewed the requirements from Confidential Product Marketing Manager.
  • Worked with the Project Manager on estimation and the resources required for the project.
  • Developed the Functional Specifications for the Project and got it reviewed from all the stakeholders.
  • Prepared the high & low level designs for the systems IPM(Internetwork Performance Monitor) and Netshow
  • Reviewed the designs created by the peers and the team.
  • Worked on the implementation of core components of IPM including the Multi-threaded Polling Engine
  • Enforced the coding guidelines for the project
  • Identified the Static Analysis rules for the project
  • Represented the team in inter project meetings
  • Came up with code review template and reviewed the code developed by the members of the team
  • Worked on the development of Northbound APIs based on SOAP
  • Imparted knowledge to test team on how to write the Stub code for testing the APIs

Technologies: Java, Servlets/JSP, Struts, Sybase, XML, Networking technologies, SNMP, Tomcat

Module Leader


  • Did Requirements Study
  • Developed Functional Specifications
  • Prepared WBS and estimated effort.
  • Designed the complete CLI framework and ConfigCLI module. The CLI framework was used by multiple applications. The robustness of the design was well appreciated by the peers.
  • Implemented both the framework and ConfigCLI module.
  • Represented the team in inter project meetings.

Developer & Lead Developer

  • Got TOI(Transfer Of Information) from Confidential Engineers and transferred the information collected to other members of the team
  • Created Functional Specifications for the packages developed by me.
  • Developed the Confidential Device packages using Confidential ’s ADD language
  • Setup Unit test environment.
  • Developed Unit test plans and executed test cases
  • Mentored the new and the junior members in the team

Technologies: C++, Java, Confidential IOS, SNMP, Confidential ADD, Tomcat

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