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Sr. Java/web Developer Resume



  • 9 years of experience in Software Programming including Java/J2EE, Groovy.
  • Thorough knowledge in core Java concepts like OOP, JDBC, Multi - Threading, Reflection API, JUnit and advanced Java concepts like JSP, Servlets, Hibernate, AJAX and EJB.
  • Involved extensively in designing/developing web based applications using HTML, CSS, JSON, XML and OO design patterns.
  • Designed web pages using various XML technologies including DTD, XML schema, DOM and SAX parsers.
  • Worked with various Frameworks like Grails, Struts and Spring.
  • Implemented WebServices using RESTFUL, SOAP, SOA, UDDI and WSDL.
  • Developed applications using various methodologies like Agile and RUP.
  • Used Subversion (SVN) and CVS source control systems.
  • Hands on experience in writing SQL using MySQL, SQL Server 2005, PostgreSQL, Oracle and DB2 environment.
  • Worked with IBM Web Sphere, JBoss, WebLogic application servers and Jetty, Apache Tomcat web servers and Solr search server.
  • Good experience with Operating Systems like Windows NT/9x/2000/Me/XP/Vista and partially on UNIX.
  • Versatile team player with good analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good problem solving ability to manage tasks efficiently and ability to quickly adapt to new environments and technologies.


Platforms: Windows NT/9x/2000/Vista, UNIX

Languages: Java, C, C++, Groovy, SQL

Java/J2EE Technologies: JDBC, Multithreading, Java Collections, Java Reflection API, Java Beans, JSP, Servlets, AJAX

Web Technologies: Angular JS, Knockout JS, HTML5, XML (DOM, SAX, DTD), SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, CSS3, Flex UI Action Script 3.0, Flex Builder, JavaScript

Frameworks: Grails 1.1, Hibernate, Struts, Spring

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat v6.0, Jetty 7.0, IBM WebSphere 7.0

Database: WebLogic 10.3.2

Methodologies: PostgreSQL 8.4, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 11g, DB2 8.1, MySQL 5.0

Development Tools: Agile, RUP RAD 7.5.3, IntelliJ IDEA 10.5.4, Eclipse 3.5

Build/Testing Tools: Jasmine, Protractor, ANT 1.7.1, JUnit 4.7

Project Management Tool: Rally, TD Platform, WordPress Trac

Analysis Design: MVC Design Patterns

Source Control: Subversion 1.6.5, CVS


Confidential, Texas

Sr. Java/Web Developer


  • Achieved dashboard/widget and report design using Angular JS, React JS, HTML/CSS, RESTFUL Webservice, WSDL, PL/SQL, JSON, OOAD, Spring MVC.
  • Developed highly user interactive web pages using JavaScript, AJAX, XML, JSP and Servlets in the UI and using Core Java - multi-threading, JMS, design patterns, SOA, Jenkins, SDLC, OOP, Oracle in the backend.
  • Tested validity of developed code using Test Automation Framework, Jasmine/Selenium (Cucumber) and JUnit test-cases.
  • Used Git for version control and created automated build scripts for deployment purpose.
  • Worked on resolving Sonar violations and fixed defects listed on Quality Center.
  • Deployed applications in different environments using Jetty server and Unix scripts.
  • Gained in-depth knowledge of Agile development through training sessions and TD Platform tracking.

Environment: Java/J2EE, PL/SQL, Angular JS, React JS, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Core Java - multi-threading, Design Patterns, SOA, JDBC, AJAX, JSP, Servlets, JMS, OOAD, SDLC, Jasmine/Selenium (Cucumber), RESTFUL WebService, JSON, Jenkins, JUnit, ANT/Maven, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Oracle, Jasmine, TD Platform, Agile, Git, Perforce.

Confidential, Texas

Sr. Java/Web Developer


  • Upgraded the application’s functionality using Java/J2EE, SDLC, SOAP WebServices, WSDL and workflow management toolkit.
  • Partitioned employees Paygroups/Entitlements using Spring MVC, SOA, Struts and Hibernate based on clients’ requirements.
  • Designed web pages using Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, XSLT, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, XML and JavaScript.
  • Wrote user stories on Rally for new developments to be made to the application.
  • Worked on bug-fixes using Eclipse, Oracle tools like TOAD and JUnit.
  • Carried out deployment activities in Test, Stage and Production environments using IBM WebSphere server and Unix/Linux scripts.
  • Gained in-depth knowledge of Agile development and Rally tool through training sessions.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Eclipse, SOA, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, Spring MVC, POJO, JPA, WebSphere, SOAP Web Services, Apache Tomcat, Angular JS, JSP, Servlets, JQuery, JavaScript, JMS, AJAX, PL/SQL, HTML5, Rally, XML, XSLT, Oracle 11g, CSS3, JDBC, MySQL, ANT, JSON, SDLC, Agile, JUnit, Toad 11.5, Unix/Linux, Subversion.

Confidential, Missouri

Sr. Java Developer


  • Resolved post-production issues that are raised after the Release by communicating with testing team members and documenting the client requirements.
  • Validated the developed code during Release along with the Custom team members.
  • Worked with Custom team members on daily status meetings as part of the Agile development environment.
  • Developed Custom Reports using Java/J2EE, Unix/Linux, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, JavaScript and SOAP WebServices after discussing the business requirements with Team Lead and Business Analysts.
  • Involved in bug-fixing activities posted on Quality Center.
  • Deployed the application using JBoss application server in local environment.
  • Worked on Oracle using SQL queries for accessing the database.
  • Used Subversion for version control and creating automated build scripts.
  • Resolved Business Object tickets using Crystal Reports and Business View Manager.
  • Wrote SQL scripts for demo data refresh, deleting accounts and loading the demo data for various companies.

Environment: Java, J2EE, IntelliJ IDEA 10.5.4, SOA, JBoss, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, Spring MVC, Apache Tomcat, SOAP WebServices, JSP, JSTL, JPA, Servlets, POJO, JavaScript, AJAX, Migration, PL/SQL, HTML5, Quality Center, XML, XSLT, Oracle 10g, CSS3, JDBC, JSON, Crystal Reports, JDBC, Maven, JMS, UML, ANT, JUnit, Unix/Linux, SDLC, Agile, Toad, Subversion.1.6.9.

Confidential, Texas

Java/Web Developer


  • Fixed bugs that were raised after the production release.
  • Used HQL and SQL queries for accessing the database.
  • Involved in deployment activities WebLogic application server.
  • Used Subversion for version control and created automated build scripts.
  • Involved in test-cases using JUnit, bug-fixing based on bug reports posted on Mercury Quality Center and deployment activities.
  • Achieved the application design using HTML, CSS, JSON, JavaScipt, MyEclipse, WebServices and MySQL tools.

Environment: Java, J2EE, MyEclipse, SOA, WebLogic 10.3.2, Hibernate, EJB, Struts, POJO, Apache Tomcat, JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Work flow management, HTML, Mercury Quality Center, XML, Web Services, CSS, JDBC, ANT, JUnit, MySQL 5.0, Subversion.

Confidential, Ohio

Java/Groovy Developer


  • Part of core development team involved in complete SDLC.
  • Involved in hands on programming on the core application development using multithreading, Groovy and Grails that combines Hibernate and Spring.
  • Used Web Services to check the validity of the users provided by the owners of the public records.
  • Achieved OO Analysis and Design using IntelliJ tools.
  • Architected a light weight design model for the application using MVC architecture.
  • Developed HQL and PostgreSQL queries for searching database and implemented GORM (Grails Object Relational Mapping).
  • Deployment activities involved in Jetty and Apache Tomcat web servers.
  • Implemented automated build scripts that check out the code from Subversion and CVS.
  • Involved in test-cases using JUnit, bug-fixing based on bug reports posted on WordPress Trac and deployment activities.

Environment: Groovy 1.6, Grails1.1, Java, J2EE, SOA, IntelliJ IDEA 8.1, Jetty 7.0, Hibernate, Spring, JDBC, HTML, JUnit, CSS, PostgreSQL 8.3.6, JavaScript, Apache Solr, Web Services, WordPress Trac, Subversion 1.5.6, CVS.

Confidential, Ohio

Java Developer


  • Designed JSPs for authorizing the user with his login information.
  • Directed the user to the same page if the login information was incorrect and if correct, directed him to another JSP which asks for viewing the information of employee.
  • Displayed all the Employee IDs, Cities and States available in the database using AJAX while the user tries to view the student information.
  • Designed a mapping file which mapped the properties of the Java Bean class with the Hibernate configuration file and the Servlet class.
  • Developed the employee database using MySQL.
  • Passed the control to the Servlet based on the button click of the user that displays the required information.

Environment: Java, J2EE, XML, Hibernate, AJAX, EJB, JSP, Servlets, Eclipse 3.3.2, MySQL 5.0, Windows Vista Home Basic.

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