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Aem Developer/cq5 Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Adobe AEM Developer with 8 years of experience in developing and implementing Enterprise Solutions for Distributed Software products and applications using Java technologies.
  • 4 years of experience in web development specializing on Adobe Experience Management.
  • Experienced in developing Day CQ Components, Page Templates, Workflows and Custom widgets.
  • Working experience in AEM 6.2, AEM 6.1 (Adobe Experience Manager), Adobe Analytics, Adobe Test & Target.
  • Adobe Recommendation, Adobe Scene7, Java, J2EE (JSP, Servlet, JSF, Struts), IBM Web Sphere Portal 7, IBM WCM, Java Script, JQuery, Sightly, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, and PL SQL with Web based application designing and implementation.
  • Exposure in n - Tier and client-server architecture.
  • Hands on experience on Touch-UI, AEM Form, Slightly.
  • Experienced in deploying, configuring, and administering application servers such as Web Logic, Jboss, dispatcher, nginx, AEM. Extensive experience in development, deployment and troubleshooting Web based and enterprise based applications on Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms
  • Worked on design and implementation of modules on CQ 5.3 and Adobe AEM 5.6.1. Have a solid understanding of CQ5 building blocks, CRX repository, leveraging web content management components for customization and porting of websites.
  • Developed custom CQ components on top of JCR (Java Content Repository) and Apache Sling (A REST based web development framework on top of JCR), CRX (Day's commercial JCR Implementation), and CQ5 (Day's latest suite of WCM,DAM and Social Collaboration applications).
  • Experienced in developing web applications with various open source frameworks: JSF, Spring Framework (MVC) 2.5, 3.0, Jakarta Struts Framework2.0, Custom Tag Libraries using persistence\ frameworks, Hibernate ORM.
  • Develop cross browser compatible web pages quickly and effectively using jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap and Angular JS.
  • Extensive programming in Web Technologies likes JSP, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, JQuery, Adobe CQ5 APIs, Apache Sling, OSGi bundles.
  • Implemented Maven and Restful Web Services.
  • Strong database skills in Oracle 10g/11g, DB2, and MySQL and Expertise in programming with SQL, PL/SQL and Stored Procedures.
  • Have a solid understanding of CQ5 building blocks, CRX repository, leveraging web content.
  • Management components for customization and porting of websites.
  • Experienced in developing Custom bundles and Servlets on Felix.
  • Mastery of all core web technologies including XML, XHTML, client/server-side scripting languages such as Java Script, and JSP, and web services development using REST-full implementations.
  • Deep understanding of and hands-on development experience with relevant "Java CMS" frameworks including Apache Sling for content-centric application development, JCR and JSR-170 / JSR-283 for Content Management, JSR-168 and JSR-286 for Portal development, and Apache Felix for OSGi bundle development.
  • Proficient in Day CQ foundational concepts, including the CRX repository, the CQ platform, the use of core frameworks such as Apache Sling and Apache Felix.
  • Good understanding of Day CQ WCM capabilities including Multi-site manager and Blueprinting, and the use of online marketing components such as advanced targeting / personalization, and multi-variety testing.
  • Knowledge on Apache Sling (A REST based web development framework on top of JCR), CRX (commercial JCR Implementation), and AEM (latest suite of WCM, DAM, and Social Collaboration applications).
  • Worked with various Web and Application servers including Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Web Sphere and Web logic.
  • Proficient knowledge of the end-to-end content lifecycle, web content management, content publishing / deployment, and delivery processes.
  • Good understanding of integration patterns and content-centric application development patterns using Adobe Enterprise Manager 5.6.1.
  • Extensive experience in AEM 5.6.1 technologies ranging from designing and implementation of AEM components, integrating UI and java script frameworks based on need.


GUI: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery

Architecture & Framework: Client-Server, J2EE, Servlets.

Database: SQL Server 2008, Oracle (9i, 10g, 11g), MySQL

Enterprise Web Products: AEM 6.2, 6.1, 6.0, AEM 5.6.1, CQ 5.3

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows 9x/NT/XP/2003/VISTA/7/8, UNIX

J2EE Technology: JDBC, Java Beans, Servlets, JSP

IDE: Eclipse, IBM RAD, Net Beans, Builder

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, AJAX, CSS/CSS3

Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP



Senior AEM Developer


  • Developed software for client’s website based on information Architecture document provided by the client.
  • AEM6.2 related design and framework development and Architecture using templates, components, widgets, AEM6 bundle, JCR/Sling API, clustering publish and author.
  • Designed the UI (i.e. web pages) in CQ5, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax and JQuery.
  • Created an Angular JS addon lib that allows component developers to define and bind to W3C Custom Elements
  • Developed various templates to be reused by all the members for individual websites.
  • Implemented i18n internationalization in the website.
  • Designed Web services and Schemas using Apache CXF 2.0 Framework.
  • Extensively designed and developed custom Ext.js components and custom xtypes (especially data grids).
  • Used Key Features of Angular JS for responsive User interface (UI).
  • Implemented the Sling Servlet, OSGI bundles for interacting with remote spring web app services and custom business logic in java.
  • Deployed jar files from the Felix System Console.
  • Setup and used Maven for managing dependent software libraries (jars) required to build our application and build and deploy tool integration.
  • Experience developing UI, OSGI components in AEM 6.1 and AEM 6.2
  • Implemented SOA architectural pattern using SOAP based web services.
  • Created web-services both Restful and SOAP based from scratch.
  • Involved in daily meetings and worked in Agile Environment.
  • Efficiently used Apache Sling/JCR for Content Resolution and handling dynamic data.
  • Perform AEM customization on foundation components, core CMS and workflows to extend functionalities, improve performance as per the requirements.
  • Used Hibernate for dependency injection and Data Persistence.
  • Designed Database schemas for the entire application and implementation using Hibernate.

Environment: JDK1.8, JavaScript, JSON, HTML5, Angular JS, CSS3,Ajax, jQuery, AEM6.2 & 6.1, Apache Sling, CRXDE, CRX, WCM, Jackrabbit, JCR Connector, Web services SOAP/HTTP, Ext JS, JDBC/SQL, JAX WS, Maven 3.0,SOA, Web Logic 10.3.5, Oracle11g, JUNIT, Eclipse Luna, Team City, JIRA.

Confidential, Highpoint,NC

Adobe AEM Developer

  • Utilize HTML, CSS, JQuery and extJS for designing and implementing custom AEM components.
  • Involve with content management strategies and architecture and multichannel content delivery.
  • Implemented the Sling Filter, Felix Filter, and Sling Servlet, OSGI bundles for interacting with remote spring web app, web services and custom business logic in java and deploy as jar files from the Felix System Console.
  • Have a complete understanding of CRX as a repository and accessing the CRX content nodes by SQL Queries and XPath.
  • Worked on Adobe AEM CMS end and developed the custom grid components using ExtJS and integrated them with the insight web.
  • Integrated with a shared globally accessible repository for shared permissions-based digital media assets using AEM DAM.
  • Implemented Angular JS custom directives from validations, routing mechanism using ng-route module.
  • Setup and configure Authoring and Publishing environments etc.
  • Developed GET/POST sling servlets to provide various services in the AEM system.
  • Implemented restful practices while designing and developing components.
  • Developed workflow components related to digital assets upload workflow (documents and videos) as per the client requirements.
  • Design, develop and support WCM, DAM components integrations and applications.
  • Implemented Adobe Experience Manager Platform including the development of numerous components and integrations.
  • Extensive use of AEM Tag Libraries in the components.
  • Created POC related to AEM design and implementation.
  • Assist clients with hotfix, deployment, AEM clean upgrade and production issues.

Environment: AEM 5.6.1, AEM 6.0 Apache Sling, CRXDE, CRX, WCM, JSP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Hg Mercurial, Jackrabbit, JCR Connector, DAM, Oracle 11g.


Adobe CQ5 Developer

  • Perform CQ 5.3 customization on foundation components, core CMS and workflows to extend functionalities, improve performance or fix issues on project level. Utilize HTML, CSS, and JQuery for designing and implementing custom CQ components.
  • Understanding the technology involved in the project i.e., Adobe Day CQ5 and the existing code base.
  • Manage an enterprise CMS system for a multinational entity, implement a governance policy, create users and roles, and build workflows, as well as utilize Digital Asset Management.
  • Worked on wire frame analysis and wrote functional design documentation for various components.
  • Implemented the OSGI bundles for interacting with remote spring web app, web services and custom business logic in java and deploy as jar files from the Felix System Console.
  • Have a complete understanding of CRX as a repository and accessing the CRX content nodes by SQL Queries and XPath.
  • Provide author training to business users to familiarize them with the design and usage of the system
  • Worked on Adobe CQ5 CMS end and developed the custom grid components.
  • Used GIT to review code and do a continuous integration.
  • Used Subversion for version control across common source code used by developers.

Environment: CRX, CRXDE, Day CQ5, Apache Sling, JSP, Apache Tomcat7, MVC, JSON, HTML, CSS, JQuery 1.7, GIT, SQL, Web services.


AEM Developer/CQ5 Developer


  • Development and Deployment of complex enterprise level CQ WCM application.
  • Created templates and other components for CQ5 and clipped applications.
  • Used Sling, Apache Felix, JCR for the new Content Management System.
  • Involved in creating the CQ5 Campaigns, Teasers in CRXDE Lite environment.
  • Working knowledge on Apache Sling Platform.
  • Integrate LDAP for user access to the CMS system for authoring, publishing and workflow management.
  • Developed digital consumer experiences based on foundation of the CQ 5.3 product suite used DAM for image management.
  • Setup and configure Authoring and Publishing environments, replication agents, CQ dispatcher to cache the landing pages html and serve as the static pages from Apache.
  • Created/Modified custom widgets in CQ 5.3.
  • Worked closely with the product managers to understand the requirements and develop the components accordingly.
  • Experience creating workflows, CQ 5.3 templates and CQ Administration.
  • Working knowledge on Importing, Exporting CQ 5.3 Packages & Bundles.
  • Developed every aspect of the web page, starting from title tags and meta information to paragraphs of the content is designed and developed in such a way that it can be adjusted by content authors or restricted to only advanced administrators.
  • Developed custom templates, components, and widgets using AEM and integrated Components with Angular JS.
  • Designed various modules using technologies like JSON, and JavaScript.
  • Created responsive designs using HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap.
  • Used JQuery core library functions for the logical implementation part at client side for all the application.
  • Client side implementation were done in JSP, JQuery, AJAX and JavaScript environment, whereas the implementation of business logic part were done using core Java, servlets, filters and Restful services.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and CQ5.3.

Environment: CQ 5.3, DAM, CQ Tagging, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Java, J2EE, Apache Maven, Angular JS, Rally, JAXB, Restful Web Services, JAXP, Axis 2.0, Servlets, Linux, JDBC, MS SQL Server, HTML, JSP, log4j, AJAX, JUnit, Windows.


Java Developer

  • Developed presentation layer using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Enhancing the product with new features as per client requirements.
  • Developed front end UI screens for multiple projects and worked with multiple teams concurrently, being mindful of all deadlines.
  • Had been part of QA testing team to perform different testing phases like unit testing, integration testing for the project.
  • Designed and Implemented MVC architecture using Struts Framework, Coding involves writing Action Classes/Forms/Custom Tag Libraries, JSP and EJB’s.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using DHTML (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).
  • Responsible for developing various static and dynamic modules which are displayed in different web pages according to the specifications.
  • Developed and designed XML Schemas to transport and store data. XML was used to simplify data and allow for Platform Changes, as well as making data more available across the applications distributed platforms.
  • Have used unit for unit testing framework of code in Test Driven environment.
  • Implemented J2EE Design Patterns DAO, Transfer Objects, Service Locator, Singleton and MVC Design patterns.
  • Used jQuery, Angular JS to provide services to different components of portal.
  • Worked on web technology Java, JSP, Servlets to build front end web framework.
  • Have adopted J2EE framework using Struts, Web Services with standard design patterns.
  • Developed custom web forms a JavaScript.
  • Implemented feedback form.
  • Used simple XML to build/process xml documents.
  • Worked with the design of the templates and skins in CSS.
  • Upload the code and do necessary changes and test the application in server, if needed then fix the bugs and test again.

Environment: J2EE, Java, JNDI, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, XML, SAX, Design Patterns, HTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, XPATH, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, DOM, Astana Studio 2.0, Eclipse, Sub Version, SVN version control, UML, unit, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, jobs 4.0., CVS, Oracle and Log

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