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Senior Java Developer Resume


  • Over 10 years of Java/J2EEdevelopment experience in Object software design, Analysis, Debugging, Testing and Implementation
  • In - depth experiences in the entire development lifecycle of the large projects and system integrations with SDLC, Agile software development methodologies.
  • Solid experiences of programming languages: Java, JavaScript,Python, Unix Shell, SQL
  • Extensive experiences in Java related technologies and frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, EJBs, JMS, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Struts, JUnit4, Xml/Json, Multithreads,JNDI, Log4J.
  • Expertise in software architecture and Design: J2EE Architecture, Message Oriented Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, Struts Architecture.
  • Experiences in application/web servers and platform: WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat, Apache
  • Proficient skills in database design/modeling: Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Good experience developing single page application with Framework Angular JS, JQuery
  • Experiences in various platforms: Linux, Unix, Windows.
  • Hands-on experience in IDE/build Tools: Eclipse/IntelliJ, Ant/Maven



Senior Java Developer

  • Develop Network Ops E-bonding Trouble Ticket System to enable ticket filing/tracking across TELCOs.
  • Designed and Implemented SOAP and RESTful web services with Spring boot and JPA
  • Achieved system availability, responsiveness, reliability,and scalability by implement messaging queue buffer between request and processing component
  • Automate build, test, and deploy process with maven
  • Jboss/Apache server configuration, Digital certification.

Environment: s: Solaris, Jboss, Java/J2EE, JMS, MDB, JSP, Servlet, Log4j, Junit4, JavaScript, LDAP, CSS, SOAP, WSDL, AXIS, JAX-WS, XML, remedy, Eclipse, Maven, ANT


Senior Java Software Developer

  • Working and worked on collateral Management System, Trust and Credit Production System with Java/J2EE, Web Service/SOA. JMS/Weblogic, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle database servers.
  • Analyzed/reviewed client requirements and business process scenarios with Business Analyst.
  • Generated use case diagram, class diagram, activity diagram and sequence diagram using UML
  • Designed and developed web services for Collateral Management System for tracking Collateral Transaction and Post-Closing workflow of Commercial Operations using Java,
  • Spring, Hibernate, JMS, MDB. Deployed on WebLogic sever, backend using Oracle Database.
  • Designed and developed and implemented a web based application to host and manage/schedule Java batch processes using JSP, Struts, Spring, Quartz, Weblogic severs
  • Designed, developed and implemented a management agreement housing application for Retail loan, deposit product rules, retail post-closing with Java, Spring, Hibernate, process engines on Weblogic app server and Oracle database.
  • Developed wide applied web services: account inquiry/validation, document print and email services
  • Trouble shooting and maintained application.
  • Documented technical specs.

Environment: s: Unix/Linux, WebLogic, Java/J2EE design patterns, Spring, Hibernate, JMS, MDB, Struts, JSP, Servlet, AJAX, XMLBeans, Quartz, Log4j, Junit, JavaMail, JavaScript, LDAP, CSS, SOAP, WSDL, AXIS, JAX-WS, XML,UML, Oracle database, Eclipse, Maven, ANT


Java Developer

  • Design using Java/J2EE patterns, Web services (SOAP+WSDL+XML) SOA architecture to integrate e-billing with merchant/retailer applications. JBoss as the application server, EJB 2.1 as middle tier, stateless session bean as business process object, DAO as data access object connect to DB2. Maven as project management/build tool.
  • Developed web services of order transaction process, payment process, refunding process, rewarding process for e-billing system to integrate merchant/retailer/payee website using Java, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP, XML, WSDL, and JAX-RPC.
  • Designed and implemented Risk Management system for e-billing express shipping using Java, multi-thread, Spring, Hibernate.
  • Designed and implemented reporting web application for Transaction, Payment, Refund, Settlement using JSP, Servlet, AJAX, Struts, CSS, VO, Spring, Hibernate, Stateless Session Bean, XML, XSLT.
  • Developed Auto-Notification component for refund, order expiration, reconciliation, settlement, transaction, e-bill, e-receipt activities using Java, JavaMail, AJAX.
  • Designed exception code structure and handling procedure.
  • Designed and implemented Payment Process Component using Java, Multi-threading Hibernate, stateless Session Bean, SQL.
  • Defined and designed database structure and documented entity-relationship diagram, migrated data from MySQL to Oracle DB.
  • Developed web components of Admin-Management system: views implemented using JSP, Servlet, Struts tiles, MVC design pattern; Filter implemented using Filter Servlets, Controller implemented by Struts framework.

Environment: Linux and Windows XP, Hibernate, Spring, Java, J2EE Design pattern, EJB, AJAX, Servlet, JavaScript, Struts, Weblogic, JSP, CSS, SOAP, WDSL, AXIS, JAX-RPC, XML, UML, Oracle DB, MySQL, JavaMail, Log4j, JUnit, Maven.

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