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Java/j2ee developer Resume

Glendale, CA


  • More than 9 years of experience in IT Industry as a Java/J2EE Developer involving in Analysis, Design, testing of web based and client server multi - tier applications that use Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience on all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) mainly on Test Driven Development (TDD), Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Excellent understanding of Object Oriented design methodology and Core Java concepts.
  • Strong knowledge on Model View Controller (MVC) framework and Data Access Objects (DAO) layer.
  • In-depth knowledge in implementing J2EE Design Patterns.
  • Knowledge on various open source frameworks like Struts and Spring.
  • In-depth knowledge in using J2EE technologies such as JSP, Servlets, JDBC.
  • Experiences in major web application server like Apache Tomcat, Apache Camel, JBoss, WebLogic.
  • Experience in designing web applications with front-end technologies like HTML, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, Ajax and Bootstrap.
  • Knowledge of development in Java, AngularJS, Node.js, React.js, SQL and JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Strong knowledge in back-end databases like Oracle 9i/10g/11g, SQL Server 2000, DB2 7.3
  • Knowledge of NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, ElasticSearch, MongoDB.
  • Experience in using various Amazon Web Services (AWS) Components like EC2 for virtual servers, S3 and Glacier for storing objects, EBS, Cloud Front, Elastic cache and Dynamo DB for storing data.
  • Good working experience in Java web services both SOAP and Restful Web Services, implementing SOA architectures with Web Services using WSDL, SOAP and UDDI.
  • Expertise in implementing Web services and JMS for the synchronous and asynchronous communications between two applications running in different servers.
  • Experience in using Version Control Systems like CVS, Git and SVN.
  • Development experience with Core Java such as IO, Multithreading, Collections, Exception handling, Networking.
  • Development of cloud hosted web applications and REST APIs using Spring Boot with embedded Tomcat.
  • Expertise in SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures and Database Triggers in Oracle.
  • Extensive use of major IDEs such as Eclipse, NetBeans and Spring Tool Suite (STS).
  • GUI design & development using Java Swing.
  • Written Unit testing using JUnit, EasyMock, Mockito.
  • Good Exposure on Testing and Bug Life Cycle.
  • Strong experience in software testing and maintenance standards.
  • Strong experience in User Interaction, customer support and system maintenance.
  • Experienced in application production support and troubleshooting problems.
  • Excellent communication, analytical and interpersonal skills and highly motivated team player with ability to work independently.


Programming Languages: Java 1.6/1.7, J2EE, PL/SQL, C, C++

Java EE Technologies: Servlets 3.0/2.5, JDBC, EJB 3.0, RMI, JPA, JMS

Java EE Frameworks: Spring 4.0, Spring ORM, Spring IOC,Hibernate 3.0, Struts 1.x/2.1, JSF 2.0, PowerMock, JavaMail

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, JSP.

Scripting Languages: CSS, JavaScript, Shell Scripting, AngularJS, Node.js, React.js, AJAX, JSON


Middleware Technologies: RESTful and SOAP Web Services.

Application/Web Servers: Apache Tomcat, Web Logic 10.3.6, JBoss.

Environment: s: Eclipse, Net Beans, STS, JBuilder

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, DB2

NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Cassandra, ElasticSearch

Design Methods: UML, OOAD, SOA, J2EE Design Patterns

Build Tools: Maven, ANT, Gradle.

Version Control: Clear case, CVS, SVN, Git.

Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Rational Rose, Visual Paradigm

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix

Others: JUnit, Log4j, Bugzilla, JIRA, AWS, Jenkins, jQuery



Java/J2EE Developer


  • Designed use cases for the Application as per the business requirements.
  • Participated in requirement gathering and framework implementation sessions through Agile methodology.
  • Designed use cases, sequence and class diagrams, activities, states, objects and components. Used UML (MS Visio) for software design.
  • Developing presentation layer with JSPs, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, AngularJS, Spring Form tags, JSTL Tags.
  • Developed AngularJS functionality in the application to provide two-way binding to the system.
  • Used React.js for developing UI using sorting, pagination and rendering for searching the statements in the webpage.
  • Used Bootstrap &media queries to create Responsive Webpages across the different size of screen from phone or Laptop.
  • Used AJAX to handle asynchronous requests & in suggestive search and to display dialog boxes.
  • Involved in design and implementation of MVC architecture in different modules.
  • Integrated Spring and Hibernate to develop the business layer which serves the data required for JSF beans.
  • Wrote the DAO's to access the database using JDBC calls and created aspects using Spring AOP annotation approach.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution technique, to map data representation from MVC model and Oracle Relational Data Model with a SQL-based schema.
  • Implemented SOA architecture with Web Services using SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and XML.
  • Configured JDBC data sources and JMS connection factories in WebSphere.
  • Developed SQL queries for retrieving data used to generate the reports.
  • Developed Stored Procedures and Triggers on Oracle Database.
  • Involved in the development of PL/SQL backend implementation and using SQL created Joins and complex statements.
  • Designed and developed the REST based Microservices using the Spring Boot, Spring Data with JPA and used Swagger to interact with API end points of the micro services.
  • Development of cloud hosted web applications and REST APIs using Spring Boot with embedded Tomcat.
  • Exported SQL data in to ElasticSearch to allow much faster and scalable user searches from the database and integrated Java and Angular based application to Elastic Search tier via Spring 4 Restful Controllers communicating to a custom java utility wrapping the Jest API.
  • Created Proof of concepts using MongoDB.
  • Written variety of filter queries in MongoDB to retrieve JSON data and passed to service layer.
  • Writing and retrieving files to and from AWS for UI to render data faster that involves complex and time consuming server side logic.
  • Writing and retrieving files to and from AWS S3 bucket for UI to render data faster that involves complex and time consuming server side logic.
  • Involved in the Performance Tuning of the Application on client side.
  • Wrote notification service that executes daily, sends emails and escalations to participants.
  • Developed project on Eclipse, Version Control with Git and Automated Build & Deployments using Gradle, puppet, nexus, and ANT scripts in Jenkins.
  • Used JUnit to perform unit testing.
  • Used Log4j for application logging and debugging.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP 2.5, JUNIT 4.1, Spring 2.5.6/3.0, Spring ORM Spring Form tags JSTL, Hibernate 3.0, Oracle11g, Apache Tomcat, SOA, Jenkins, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Eclipse IDE 3.7, Log4J, Ajax, SOAP, PL/SQL, HTML 5, CSS, JSP, JQuery, JSON, React.js AngularJS, AWS, WebSphere.


Java/J2EE Developer

  • Involved in Requirements gathering, Development, Testing and delivery of application.
  • Participated in daily stand up and Sprint planning sessions as part of Agile Scrum Methodology.
  • Developed the applications using JSP, Struts and implemented MVC Architecture.
  • Designed UI pages using JSP, HTML, Angular JS, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, JQUERY, JSP, JSON and Tag libraries.
  • Implemented business tier using Spring IOC, AOP and MVC.
  • Involved in using Core java concepts - Collections, Exception Handling, Multi-Threading.
  • Involved in ORM mappings for associations, Inheritance & fetching strategy, performing CRUD operations and managing second level cache using Hibernate.
  • Worked with NoSQL Cassandra to store, retrieve, and update and manage all the details.
  • Utilized RabbitMQ as the messaging middleware.
  • Utilized Spring annotations and XML configuration for Dependency Injection.
  • Involved in implementing logging, exception handling and transaction management using spring AOP.
  • Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection and used Apache Camel to integrate Spring framework.
  • Monitoring agent on each service instance by Microservices monitoring system.
  • Developed and debugged the Servlets and deployed WAR in WebSphere Application server.
  • Managed Project dependencies and build using Maven.
  • Used JAX-B to call web services described by WSDL.
  • Tested SOAP web services using SOAP UI and REST web services using REST Client.
  • Developed Web Services for data transfer using Restful Webservices.
  • Involved in building the code & deploying on JBoss application server.
  • Implemented agent-server messaging dialog using Camel and JMS (Active MQ implementation).
  • Web application development for backend system using Node.js with cutting edge HTML5 and CSS3 techniques.
  • Involved in setting up Connection pooling and used JMS for Asynchronous messaging.
  • JUnit/Mocha tests were written to test each module in the application.
  • Developed Test-driven development (TDD) strategy guiding use of the JUnit testing framework.
  • Developed Scripts for AWS Orchestration
  • Worked on power DNS on the AWS cloud and maintained it with MySQL database.
  • QA, UAT & Production issues investigation and supporting business users.
  • Worked with the middleware team and DBAs regarding the database issues and code deployments.
  • Followed coding guidelines, ran PMD & Find bugs and also make sure the 100% code coverage to maintain the quality of code.
  • Prepared Change Request business documents and involved in change and release management.

Environment: Java 1.7, JDK 1.6, Eclipse 3.3, JSF, HTML, Oracle 10g, Spring 2.5, Hibernate 3.0, Ajax, XML, AWS, WebLogic, Apache Camel, HTML, JSP 2.1, WSDL 2.0, SOAP 1.2, Log4j 1.3, JUnit, Node.js, Maven, Jenkins, Cassandra, DB2.

Confidential,New York,NY

Java Developer

  • Responsible for the development of Core Java in this application.
  • Implemented the application using Struts 2.1 framework which is based on Model View Controller architecture.
  • Created technical design Documents for Hibernate.
  • Development of user interfaces using Struts, HTML and client side validations using JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Implemented server-side validation implementing business-defined rules with Struts action classes.
  • Made use of REST architecture style for building the web services.
  • Developed web services using JAX-WS and REST.
  • Developed hibernate mapping files, implemented value objects to retrieve the data using Hibernate.
  • Developed HQL Queries, SQL and Criteria Queries for database Query Operations including Stored Procedure call.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for entire application development and version controlling.
  • Made use of tomcat web server for the deployment of the application.
  • Implemented a message producer sending XML messages to a JMS queue.
  • Used Maven as a build tool for the development of the application.
  • Preparation of Junit test cases and testing.

Environment: JDK 1.7, Core Java, Struts 2.1, Hibernate 3.1, Toad, MySQL 5.5, JAX-WS Webservices, REST, SOAPUI, Eclipse 3.0, Tomcat 7.1, UNIX, JUnit, PowerMock, JSON, jQuery 1.8, jQueryUI, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JPA, JMS, EJB 3.0, AJAX, Apache POI, Maven

Confidential,New York,NY

Java/J2EE Developer

  • Participated in requirement analysis and design meetings to gather information and prepare the requirement and design documents.
  • Developed the application using Struts 1.3 MVC framework.
  • Used Struts Tiles Framework in the presentation tier.
  • Developed Struts Action classes.
  • Hands on experience working on Linux Environment.
  • Implemented UI screens using JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSON.
  • Used AJAX for asynchronous communication with server.
  • Used Spring Core for dependency injection/Inversion of control (IOC), and integrated frameworks like Struts and Hibernate.
  • Utilized Hibernate for Object/Relational Mapping purposes for transparent persistence onto the Oracle Server database.
  • Developed Session Enterprise Java Beans for encapsulating the business logic.
  • Developed Message Driven Beans (MDB) for asynchronous messaging.
  • Deployed application JBoss application server.
  • Used Log4J for efficient application logging.
  • ANT was used for the entire build process. Used SVN for version controlling and Eclipse as IDE.
  • Worked closely with QA and clients to identify and fix the defects.
  • Coordination with offshore team for requirement transition & providing the necessary inputs required for successful execution of the application functionality.

Environment: J2EE, Java, Servlets, EJB, JSP, Struts 1.3, Hibernate 4.0, SVN, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Spring IOC, Spring ORM, Design Patterns, JUnit, JBoss, Eclipse, Linux, Oracle.


Jr. Java Developer

  • Involved in gathering initial software requirements for the application.
  • Developed web application using JSP, Servlets, Java beans that uses MVC design paradigm.
  • Developed MVC Model Classes which route submissions via Business Delegate to the appropriate business components and render retrieved information.
  • Developed front-end using HTML, CSS and JSP.
  • Wrote JavaScript for client side validation.
  • Improved user interface of the application using CSS.
  • Used JDBC for database connectivity to invoke Stored Procedures and Functions.
  • Wrote SQL for JDBC prepared statements to retrieve the data from database.
  • Monitored the logs using Log4J and fixed the problem.
  • Implemented Ant to build jar and war files and deployed war files to target server.
  • Fixed Defects for modules and performing input validations.
  • Involved in production support to the existing applications.

Environment: Java, JDBC, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Tomcat.

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