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Sr. Mobile Test Engineer   Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Accomplished telecommunications engineer with extensive experience in voice, data and video technologies. Known for strong troubleshooting capabilities with success in understanding customer needs, replicating issues and determining a break - fix strategy to restore optimal hardware and software performance.


  • Project Management
  • SS7, VOIP, Multi-Media over IP
  • Cisco IP Networks
  • Quality Assurance
  • Mobile device testing
  • Billing/Accounting Systems
  • Hardware and software upgrade
  • Customer Training
  • Set top box testing


Microsoft Office, Project 2010,Windows XP,Windows 7,Power Point, Word, Excel, Outlook, CISCO Systems, Internet/Intranet USR dial-up, Detailed Management Systems, Red hat, WINLMF, Quality Center, Jira, SharePoint, SUAGUI, UNIX, Change Management, SPUD, Hummingbird Connectivity, DOS, Microsoft Lync 2013,SnagIt Test Director, QA Load, FrontPage, Edgehealth, Granite, Diagmon, HyperTerminal, Visio


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Mobile Test Engineer


  • Reviews, approves and edits Business Requirement Definition and Technical Specifications Documents.
  • Writes test cases based on the Business Requirements Definition Document and Change Request.
  • Performed testing with cross-functional departments on unit, system, integration, functional, load, performance, user acceptance, regression, implementation and post implementation.
  • Used Jira for the following: Create project dashboards, summary, daily journal, bug reporting, details, issue tracking, assign activities, assign and update issue based on type and project release.
  • Validated functionality and regression testing after Windows 2012 operating server upgrade on Fraud Security System (FSS)/Fraud Loss Prevention Management (FLPM) applications for Confidential and Bloomingdales regional stores
  • Performed Adhoc, System Integration, Regression and face to face User Acceptance Testing based on the RDD for Confidential and Bloomingdales Gift Act Registry webpages.
  • Performed testing on the Motorola 3190Z handheld mobile device based on the server IP address for the selected region, division and store.
  • Performed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and Tyco TrueVue application testing for remote real time inventory management.
  • Used Confidential /ALM and Microsoft Project for test case creation, execution and reporting.
  • Participated in test execution and defect review meetings with the team members, provided daily status reports to key stakeholders.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Quality Assurance Lead Engineer


  • As part of a disaster preparedness effort and to ensure FCC compliance, launched and tested Emergency Alert System text and audio messages on the Monroe server for both Cisco and Motorola headends.
  • Developed and executed effective manual and automated device test cases using HP Quality Center, QTP, Jira, Redmine, Confluence and Triage. Experience using Mercury Interactive Suite for database testing, warehouse system testing, web testing, black box, and white-box testing on Web, Windows, UNIX, IBM Mainframes .
  • Accessed ICOMs billing and Microsoft Assess software to verify customer account information. Used OSS&BSS to monitor, manage, track and report on requested packets for modem health information. Perform software upgrades during off peak hours.
  • Managed resources to develop test cases, conditions, checklists, decision tables, systems controls, and auditability checks
  • Performed Smoke, System Integration Testing (SIT) Regression/Break fix, User Acceptance Testing on the Cox My Connect web application live video streaming on the Apple iPad, iPhone 4 and Android Samsung Galaxy mobile devices.
  • Lead customer facing User Acceptance Testing prior to the Go Live date.
  • Experienced using Edgehealth software for DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 modem monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Experience providing Macon MSO with wireless protocol prior to the install of Cisco hotspots.
  • Experienced using Granite to log SQL statements on customer accounts.
  • Experienced using KWorld Expert hardware and Cyberlink PowerProducer software applications for video screen capturing. Experienced using Windows Lync 2013 for group, voice chat and screen sharing.
  • Experienced using SnagIt, Jing, HP function and print screen keys for screen capturing.
  • Provided hands on training and documentation to the Enterprise Operation Quality Assurance team on how to capture set top box macro logs using HyperTerminal and Teraterm software.
  • Provided Co-op hands on training which resulted in an 80% ramp up in video testing knowledge to Georgia Tech and Southern Poly Tech Co-ops.
  • Worked with the Cox Sales, Development and Strategy teams. Provided support to company and vendor key stakeholders. Experience working with Project Managers for Motorola Solutions, Apple, and Cisco engineers on hardware and software set up to verify functionality and troubleshooting in both the lab and field environments .
  • Experience testing the Cox MyConnect software app (5 devices: set top box, PC, laptop, iPad, and iPhone) streaming live content at the same time. Provided wireless architecture support for the video on demand team.
  • Develops test deliverables as related to the five areas of Quality Control (Test Planning, Test Preparation, Test Execution, Defect Management, and Test Reporting), including building definitions, specification/requirement decomposition, and requirement matrices
  • Experienced in SDLC and Assured processes. Provided weekly reports with updates on Key Performance Indicators to internal and external stakeholders.

Confidential, Roswell, GA

Cellular Field Engineer III


  • Made sure all necessary equipment was available and inventoried
  • Performed site surveys with the Project Manager.
  • Tested on Mainframe incorporating OSS that enabled Alltel to manage their large network of voice lines
  • Performed EvDO test procedures by capturing calibration files on indoor Base Transceiver Stations.
  • Experienced in Radio Access Network architecture for third party vendors.
  • Performed cable calibrations and audits which included downloading expansion Group Line Interface, Broadband Transceiver, Clock Synchronization Manager and Multiple Channel CDMA cards with data.
  • Performed Acceptance Test Procedures, Frame and EVDO Integration on over 250 cellular circuit and packet sites in Tennessee, Georgia and Florida
  • Experience using Red hat application to upgrade Alcatel 5070 Infusion Signaling Server.
  • Performed drive testing on each carrier and sector. Launched a termination call prior to leaving each site.
  • Used Microsoft Streets and Trips GPS and Navigation software testing and to document Longitude and Latitude coordinates.
  • Completed daily schedules according to the assigned regions cluster.

Confidential, Overland Park, KS

Test Operations Engineer II


  • Performed all cut over pre-work during the third shift.
  • Updated the Method of Procedure prior to the scheduled markets maintenance window.
  • Set up ProComm Plus sessions to capture data and except the ROP, C&D and 5E sessions.
  • Joined the nightly Lucent Mid-West and Western regional conference calls.
  • Launched Net Meeting with the assigned market.
  • Performed positioning of elements (SS7 validation, EVDO check procedure, OSR tool check (made sure billing server was upgraded), post ECP boot. Had the sit perform the full OMP backup.
  • Sent completed timeline log to all necessary departments. Assisted in the method of procedure project revision.
  • Used the following software programs: SUAGUI, UNIX, Change Management, SPUD, Hummingbird Connectivity and DOS.

Confidential, Algonquin, IL

Cellular Field Test Engineer


  • Performed MCC and BBX card upgrades on existing Motorola 4812 CDMA/EVDO frames by installing RF band pass filters, SC4812T SPAN Upgrades and assembly kit hardware.
  • Performs frame power up procedures.
  • Performed EvDO test procedures by capturing calibration files on indoor and outdoor Base Transceiver Stations.
  • Performed cable calibrations and audits. Down loads expansion Group Line Interface, Broadband Transceiver, Clock Synchronization Manager and Multiple Channel CDMA cards with data.
  • Ensured calibration files, and NECB files were in the correct folder prior to testing
  • Ensured files were made and a copy of the BTS report, frame excel file and calibration files were saved and one copy was located on the BTS frame.
  • Ensures cage information such as frame status (alarms, cards, and LPA’s status) existing configuration of each modules serial number, slot of each module, and final configuration is documented.
  • Performed daily status reports and provided cell site status to internal and external management. Participated in weekly conference calls.
  • Performed drive testing of each site sector to capture the up and down load of each sector.
  • Used Microsoft Streets and Trips GPS and Navigation software testing and to document Longitude and Latitude coordinates.
  • Performed over the air testing on cell sites with the UNIX software

Confidential, Overland Park, Kansas

Network Operations Center Analysis


  • Provided on-line knowledgeable assistance and coordination; facilitates efforts with Telco's, WNMC, and field engineers.
  • Initiated, updated, tracked and closed T1 circuit trouble tickets.
  • Effectively related to both internal and external customers.
  • Provided technical support and training to coworkers and department contractors.
  • Audited assigned tickets in preparation for shift turnover to make sure that accuracy of data is valid and outstanding issues are documented.
  • Worked in compliance to all FCC processes and procedures.
  • Ensured all central office alarms where cleared in a timely manner.
  • Managed ATM and SONET facilities and document daily status reports in a real time.

Confidential, Kansas City, Kansas

Network Mobile Lead Engineer


  • Configured each access point. (Priority for traffic between routers, gateways and three layer switching.)
  • Made sure the access points communicated with the Net Vision, Bluetooth and all 2.4 GHz cordless phones for VoIP allowing both voice and data support.
  • Made sure each access point could be used in conjunction with computer to computer Voice over Internet Protocol with the local carrier’s software and hardware.
  • Performed memory upgrades for IBM 205, Netvista and Think Center Network servers.
  • Installed NIC card(s) and updates settings in Lexmark Optra S, Optra T, and T 520 model printers. (Network Setup, TCP/IP, IP Address, Netmask and Gateway.)
  • Installed DLINK 24 port Layer 2 switches.
  • Ensured in store communication was according to new and existing equipment’s IP address.
  • Performed end of job reports, updated site survey specifications and end of job inspections with the customer.
  • Acted as a liaison between the Project Manager and the customer.

Confidential, Bolingbrook, Illinois

Site Supervisor, Mid-Atlantic Region


  • Ensured all documentation (Method of Procedure, Power Method of Procedure, Job Information Form, Engineering and Installation Checklist, Job Progress/ Final Audit Forms, Installation Completion Report Form, Installation Test Forms- was completed
  • Perform a system inventory and Inspection of System Modules, Fiber, LAN, and Coax Cables. Performed Power, synch, timing, Tier, hardware initialization and redundancy testing on DS1, DS3, STS S, OC3, OC12 and OC48 shelves to ensure SONET integration.
  • Ensures the existing circuits support Sonet fiber optic transmission. Provides the network with software upgrades to ensure Transmux (M13) DS3 be mapped SPE to DS1 mapped VT’s.
  • Ensured equipment would co-exist with CO/POP/NOC/MSO equipment. Performed initialization testing on system sizes ranging from 256 to 204 8(ports) using a Digital Lightwave test set.
  • Performed coax and fiber cable testing on port systems size 1024 and 2048 .
  • Managed all aspects of business operations involving hardware, software and services of Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS &BSS)
  • Performed software upgrades, expansions and provision testing on the Cablespan 2300 equipment.

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