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Sr Java Developer Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • 13 years IT experience, full - stack software engineer and architect.
  • Strong experience in Java back-end technologies
  • Open sources software author and contributor
  • Highly organized, responsible, detail oriented. Fast learner
  • Fluent in Mandarin


JDK Version & Features: JDK1.8, Lambda Expression

Java Technologies: Spring, Spring MVC, iBatis, Hibernate, Spring boot, Activiti

Test: JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, Selenium

SOA Technologies: Apache cxf, Axis, Xfire, Restful

Architecture: Agile, Design Patterns, DevOps, Kafka, Zookeeper

Frontend: Javascript, Angular1, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, EasyUI, Ajax, CSS, HTML5

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Mariadb, Mongodb, Redis, Apache DS

Others: Linux, Docker, Jenkins, SonarQube, Nginx, Apache http server


Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Sr Java Developer


  • Design the overall architectural, including the platform physical architecture and technical architecture
  • Design the WaterMeter business process, BPMN task node design
  • Project development
  • Usage training to team members
  • Business process and workflow design
  • Rest API presentation implement
  • Code templates design and implement
  • Unit test and Integrated test implementation and assertion

Environment: Linux, JDK1.8, Eclipse, Mongodb, MariaDB, Git

Used Core Java Technologies: Parallel, Lambda Expression, Stream API, Collection.

Used technologies: Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, FreeMarker, Swagger UI, Spring Security, Mybatis, Activiti, Angulars js, Node js

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Junit test codes implementation
  • Bill Pay functionality related Stored Procedure logic verification
  • Report unit test defects
  • Technical support

Environment: JDK1.8, Eclipse,Oracle, SVN

Used technologies:Spring MVC, jQuery, Spring JPA, JUnit, Test NG, JMeter, Selenium, Oracle Stored Procedure


Java Architect


  • Team technical leader
  • Redesign the RBAC Permission module
  • Business requirement analysis
  • Supply Chain Management System overall design, e.g. overall business architecture, overall technical architecture
  • PoC demonstration and participate in architectural decision
  • Purchase and Supplier modules detail design
  • Unit test and integrated test
  • Fix project legacy defects
  • Technical support
  • Team members technologies training

Environment: JDK1.7/JDK1.8, Eclipse, Oracle, IBM P4V, WebSphere, SVN, Mongodb, Mysql

Used technologies:Spring MVC, Spring JPA, JdbcTemplate, Apache cxf, jQuery, EasyUI, ETL


Java Architect


  • Team technical leader
  • Project System Architect
  • UI framework solution decision, design the UI compoments’ prototype
  • UI components’ API design
  • Project development.
  • Documentation for production
  • Production presentation
  • Open sources software author for Koala UI

Environment: JDK1.7, Eclipse,Git, Linux, Chrome, FireFox, Selenium

Front-end: JavaScript, jQuery. Twitter Bootstrap, Yahoo YUI Docs

Back-end: Hibernate, Mybatis, Spring, Spring MVC, Struts2, Shiro, Spring Security, Velocity


Java Architect


  • Project development
  • Participate in Unit test, System Integrated Test, User Acceptable Test
  • Production deployment documentation
  • Technical training mentor
  • Business process analysis and design, usecase description and prototype design

Environment: JDK1.7, Eclipse, Clear Case, Weblogic, Oracle, F5

Used Technologies: iBatis, Struts2, Spring 2.5, jQuery


Software Engineer


  • Project development
  • Unit test and System Integrated test
  • Business analysis
  • Technical training

Environment: JDK1.6, Eclipse, SVN, Oracle, Mysql

Used Technologies: EJB3, Python, WML,JSP, iBatis, Spring 2.5, jQuery

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