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Application Architect/ Senior Java Developer Resume

Professional Summary

  • 10+ years of software industry experience, which includes design and development of various web, based systems, distributed N-Tier enterprise applications and desktop applications.
  • Extensive experience in wide range of Java/J2EE technologies and frameworks including Spring, Hibernate, EJB, JMS, Tapestry, Struts, Axis, REST, XML, XML Binding frameworks, Web Services.
  • Good knowledge of J2EE Design Patterns - MVC Architecture, Front Controller, Session Facade, Data Access Object and OOPs.
  • Has worked with various application servers including IBM Web Sphere, JBoss, Tomcat, BEA web logic.
  • Dexterous in developing interactive UI and complex backend distributed applications.
  • Wide ranging RDBM experience with Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL and efficient in SQL, PL/SQL and HQL.
  • Proficient in software documentation and technical report writing.
  • Versatile team player with excellent analytical, presentation and inter-personal skills.
  • Multiple domains experience and have work for various clients including Real Networks Inc, World Bank Washington DC, Micromax Informatics Ltd. New Delhi India.

Technical Skills


Java 1.1 to 1.6, Visual Basic, ASP, C#, D2K, COBOL, SQL

Technologies & Frameworks

J2EE, Spring, Spring MVC, Struts, Tapestry, Hibernate, EJBs, JDBC, JMS, Axis, JUnit, Log4J, Oval, XFire, JiBX, Quartz Scheduler, Ant Script, CXF

Web Technologies

AJAX, ASP, JSP, Servlets, Applet, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VB Script, JQuery, CSS

Distributed Computing

RMI, SOAP, Web Services, XML, JMS, JiBX, REST, Oracle AQ, Active MQ

RDBMS / Tools

Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, Crystal Reports, Oracle Forms Designer, Oracle Reports Designer, Hibernate, ORM, Toad

Development Tools

WebSphere Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, My Eclipse ,Visual Café, MS Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Front Page, Adobe Photoshop, MS Project, Visio, CVS, SVN, Visual Source Safe, Clear case, Soap UI, XML Spy, Liquid XML

Application Servers

WebSphere, BEA Weblogic, JBoss, Tomcat, IIS

Operating Systems

Windows, Unix/Linux

Industry Experience

Confidential, Application Architect/Senior J2EE Developer May'06 – September’11
Project #1: Carrier Integration Service - CIS is translation service integrator hub for all billing, accounting, communication, and authentication services between Carriers and Providers. The system is being developed for Sprint, Boost and Metro wireless.
Developed using: Java 1.6, J2EE, JBoss, Spring MVC Framework, Spring, Hibernate, XML, Oracle, Toad, ClearCase, IntelliJ IDEA, JiBx, XFire Web Service, CXF, JMX, Quartz, REST, Log4J, JUnit, SOAP UI.

  • Gathered the requirements and created the design documents.
  • Developing using Agile methodologies
  • Using strict coding standards with heavy emphasis on JUnit test cases to achieve zero defect quality code.
  • Designed and developed multiple modules
  • Implemented WS-Security in Xfire for Web Service Client.

Project #2: Video On Demand-Middleware - VOD is a middleware product developed for Verizon wireless.
Developed using: Java 1.5, JSP, JMS, MQ Series, JBoss, Spring MVC Framework, Log4J, JUnit, Spring Hibernate, XML, Oracle, Toad, ClearCase, IntelliJ IDEA, Tapestry 5, JiBx, Quartz Scheuler.

  • Designed and developed the SMS-Gateway communication module
  • Implemented Message Driven POJO (MDP) to process MQ messages from Verizon servers.
  • Implemented web services module to communicate with Billing Exchange Tool.
  • Designed and developed Tapestry based UI for LDAP Monitor and Billing Report generator.

Project #3: Billing Exchange Tool - This is a billing process automation tools specifically developed for Verizon wireless billing.
Developed using: Java 1.5, JSP, JBoss 4.0.4GA, Spring MVC Framework, Log4J, JUnit, Spring Hibernate, XML, Oracle, Toad, ClearCase, IntelliJ IDEA 5.1.2, Dreamweaver, JiBx

  • Designed the complete system, developed various modules including GUI, XML interface with Verizon billing server.
  • Implemented interactive Ajax based UI.
  • Documented complete system design from class diagrams to ER Diagram.

Project #4: Verizon Global Navigation UI enhancements, Verizon MOD Leaderboard enchancements.
Developed using: Java 1.4, JSP, BEA WebLogic, ClearCase, IntelliJ IDEA, Dreamweaver

  • Designed and developed Ajax /DHTML based UI components for these systems.
  • Mentored other developers to develop UI skills.

Project #5: RBT MVNO
Developed using: Java 1.5, JSP, JBoss 4.0.4GA, Spring MVC Framework, Log4J, JUnit, Spring Hibernate, XML, Oracle, Toad, ClearCase, IntelliJ IDEA 5.1.2, Dreamweaver.
The project was developed for Verizon Wireless, to extend Ring Back Tones capability to authorized Mobile Virtual Network Operators for utilizing Verizon Wireless services.

  • Designed and developed Content Management Module and Reporting Module using Spring Framework.
  • Implemented Ajax based Reporting Module.

Confidential, Delhi India, Java/J2EE Developer Dec’04 to April'06
Project #1: Real Estate Appraiser Tracker - It is a workflow-based system for real estate appraisal work process; starting from bank order until report delivery. It also has an accounting and reporting module.
Developed using: Java, JSP, Servlets, Server, Tomcat, Struts, AJAX, Log4J, Custom O/RM

  • Designed and developed AJAX based address entry module and Order Fee calculations module.
  • Designed and developed reporting modules for Office and Appraiser users: Developed more than 20 reports (Pipe Line Reports, Service Reports, and Client Status Reports). Reports are available as HTML pages or xls downloads.

Project #2: Dynamic Team Apparel - an online e-commerce apparel catalog/store. It's online custom apparel design tool allows user to design and preview apparel prints.
Developed using: Java, JSP, Servlets, Applet, MySQL Server, Tomcat

  • Designed and developed the database admin module for data entry, update and delete feature to all the 22 tables of the system.
  • Developed Quick Quote module for custom quotes based on apparel type, sizes, quantity, print colors etc.

Project #3: E-commerce Website - National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), Washington DC. Contribution and Membership payment system.
Developed using: ASP, SQL Server

  • Designed and developed the Contribution and Membership payment system: It allows the end users to sign up for memberships and contribute to NCNW funds. The online payment processing system uses the VeriSign gateway. It validates the Credit Card data and provides transaction confirmations in real time.

Confidential, Ahmadabad India Software Developer Mar'02 to Nov'03
Project #1 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) - A desktop based customized Enterprise Resource Planning system. It includes following modules: Accounts, Purchase, Inventory, Sales & Distribution, MRP, Tender Module, Complaint Module and Marketing Management.
Developed using: Java, Swing, Oracle Server, iText

  • Designed and developed complaints module.
  • Participated in overall database design; developed a database maintenance module.
  • Developed Reports for Complaints and Marketing modules. Used iText for generating PDF version of reports.
  • Implemented DAO patterns for database access layer

Confidential, Washington DC, USA Software Developer Aug'00 to Aug'01
Project #1: Query Publisher System
QPS is a query editor and publisher tool for any SQL database. Users can create, edit, execute, save, and share SQL Queries. Users can also view the data results in different formats, sort data, and export data to XML and Excel formats.
Developed using: Java, JFC, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, Sybase, VisualAge, and WebSphere.

  • Designed and Developed the Swing Applet/Application: it provides the complete user interface.
  • Developed the serve side servlets; which works as the middle layer between the client and the SQL database.
  • Developed ASP scripts to work as middle layer for IIS server.
  • Converted the applet in to an application with Print and export data support.

Project #2: Loan Administration System, Portal
Loan Administration System helps the customer (i.e Other Countries who take Loans from The World Bank) to find out the status of their Loan Request Proposal, or Due payment Dates and all kind of information regarding their loan. It also provides information on new policies and schemes passed by the bank regarding loans.

  • Analyzed and Designed LAS Portal System

Confidential, Delhi Software Developer Aug'96 to Aug'00
Project #1 EXPORT
Development using: Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, and MS SQL server.
EXPORT is a billing, shipping, and reporting system designed for an export house. The product manages and automates the entire export procedure starting from invoice. It generates all the required documents for cargo, banks, airlines, and clients. Its reporting tools facilitate all the required queries along with analysis of profitability and drawback amount for desired periods. Designed and Developed different modules including reporting modules using Crystal Reports. Implemented 15 different forms for cargo, bank and airline.
Project #2 InventSys
Developed using: Visual Basic, FoxPro, MS SQL Server
InventSys is an inventory control system designed for a leather goods factory. The system controls the inventory of finished products starting from samples. It has its own reporting module for different quires. It also generated the required documents for product movement across different departments. Designed and developed the complete system.

Project #3, #4 Crain Bel Website and Online Technical Support System
Developed using: HTML, ASP, Java, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, IIS, Visual Basic.
This site was developed for an engineering company with hydraulics products. The site presents the complete range of products along with specification. OTS is database management tool for electrical motors and accessories.
Designed and implemented the User interface using HTML forms and Applets, Implemented Client Side validation of the forms. Managed the complete testing for the project
Academic Projects - Graphing Utility, Library Management System June ‘96 to Sep ’96

Education Masters in Computer Application, (MCA)
Certified Course in Java 2.0, Asset International.
Certified Course in Application Development (Oracle 7.1, Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5), Koenig, New Delhi 1998
Diploma in Information and Systems Management
Bachelors of Arts

Certifications Spring Framework 2009
Secure Coding from SPI Dynamics 2007
Microsoft Certified Professional in .NET April 2005
Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

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