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In 1988 I was an electronic technician debugging Teradyne ATM test systems in Agoura Hills, CA when I discovered their worldwide VPN network. After some experimenting, I logged into a Boston headquarters system, from Boston to Berlin, Berlin to Tokyo, then into the ATM system next to me, remotely running that system over the circumference of the world. That\'s when I decided to get into software but my manager didn\'t take me seriously so I moved to Boise, got a CIS degree, created ASPEN & ISS mobile software under grants from the Federal Highway Administration and refined them into a $15 million three-year deployment to forty State agencies.

That was a hell of a lot of fun. I\'ve been a consultant/contractor since 2004 and it\'s been considerably less fun. I\'m now seeking a permanent manager / hands-on architect position, preferably in a smaller city or with a Federal project. I sold my house in 2004 in expectations of an imploding economy and have no pets, children, wives or golf clubs. I\'ve been in a wide variety of work environments - the military and its opposite, a university; three grants from the US Department of Transportation, two startup companies, several corporations.

I have a good track record with new technology – pen-driven software for the first handhelds from 1992-1996, 2-d barcodes and wireless networks in 1995, I switched from Windows to java/J2EE/Enterprise software in 2000, worked with the building blocks of SOA in 2001 (web services/UDDI), then IBM\'s e-commerce framework (WCS) in 2003 and RIAs since 2007/2008. Saleslogix (1998-2000) was one of the first RIAs, using server-based XML forms instantiated client-side with Windows APIs.

I’m a three-time speaker at the annual Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas, presenting controversial concepts, data-mining and trend prediction techniques which I developed since 1993. Over 100,000 people & 2000 educational institutions read my website and trend graphs between 2004 and 2010. My website (RealMeme.com) was an interesting experiment in the propagation and manipulation of information and taught me a great deal about communication theory and people.

Web Architect / Confidential,CT / Oct 2010 - now
Contract position - Technical oversight and thought leadership for a medical management application transacting one million requests per day; mostly RIA-related work for performance and consistency.

Tools: RAD 7.5, Clearcase, Spring 2.5, Ext-js 3.3, DB2, Websphere 6.1

Websphere Architect / Confidential,Bothell, WA / Mar 2010 – July 2010

Confidential,Audit of Websphere Application Server / Websphere Commerce Suite (WCS) 6.0 conversion targeting one million requests per day; proposed changes (upgrade to WCS 7.0, migrate batch data load to MQ series, development methodology, team organization, etc), laid groundwork for new onshore / offshore team, created new development environment, reviewed intake projects and vendor proposals, made impact assessments of current enterprise architecture (project funding was frozen in May and I decided to move on).

Tools: RAD 6.0, WCS 6.0/7.0, Oracle 10g, MQ 6.0, Vmware workstation 7.

Senior Technical Architect / Confidential,Bellevue, WA / Dec 2007 – Oct 2008

Assigned to Boeing – Research, design and prototyping of Web 2.0 initiatives. Established Adobe Flex 3, Cairngorm framework and LiveCycle middleware (Blaze DS) as architectural standards at BSC Fleet Support division. Developed presentations, helped establish the Infosys Adobe Center of Excellence; developed proof-of-concepts & new technology introduction for five offshore teams . Introduced a variation of Agile methodology. Prototyped RIA technologies for Siebel front-end including Adobe Flex. Coded middleware APIs using LiveCycle message broker (finished project in production).

Tools: Adobe Flex 3.0 with Cairngorm, LiveCycle middleware (Blaze DS), Endeca, Oracle SES, Eclipse, MyEclipse & Siebel 7.0.

Technical Architect / Confidential,Bothell, WA / Aug 2007 – Nov 2007

Assigned to Cingular – Assistance on a Siebel enterprise pricing application under a critical deadline. Introduced database layer, error-handling layer, PDF report generation and PL/SQL queries for report generation (finished project in production).

Tools: Eclipse 3.2, Oracle 9i, Weblogic 9.2, Beehive UI (Struts 2.0), DisplayTag, Hibernate 3.2.

Senior Java Architect / Confidential,Sunrise, FL / Jan 2007 – May 2007

Assigned to Sheridan Healthcare - Principal architect to redesign health insurance application in J2EE / SOA. Created action plan, technology evaluations & presentations for executive officers, conducted interviews and hiring recommendations, tool evaluation for IBM, Jboss application servers, RIA evaluation of GWT, SEAM, IceFaces; created a thin-thread prototype, ERD diagrams, business object classes and BPM workflow, Velocity templates to generate persistence, application & unit-testing layers; used aspects for logging & security functions. Originally a hree-month contract for evaluation & recommendation.

Tools: Eclipse 3.2, Rational Software Architect 7.0, Websphere 6.0, Erwin 7.0, JBoss 4.0, JBoss BPM 3.2, DB2, AS400, Hibernate 3.0, AspectJ, Scrum methodology.

Lead Consultant / Confidential,Bellevue, WA / April 2006 – July 2006

Completed Websphere Product Center (WPC 3.0) intro and advanced classes, not much else.

Senior Consultant / Confidential,Bellevue, WA / Nov 2005 – April 2006

Assigned to Unigard Insurance – Guided a small team in architectural redesign and enhancement of several applications. Converted ASP pages to JSP, reverse-engineered use cases and mappped them to Struts actions, merged existing claims, billing codebase into a single Struts-based application, added policy lookups to Bluestone middleware layer, added web-based document management API of Mobius system, designed thirty database tables to mirror mainframe security data (finished project in production).

Tools: WebSphere 6.0, WSAD 5.1.2, SQL Server 2005, Aqua Data Studio, Visio, EclipseUML, DisplayTag & jTDS OSS.

Senior Consultant / Confidential,Falls Church, VA / May 2005 – Sept 2005

Assigned to Verizon – An architectural review & analysis of J2EE ringtone system migrated from iPlanet to AIX / Websphere and High Availability / CMP. Verified AIX versions, patches, WAS versions, patches, security settings and user ids. Identified issues in vendor’s JAAS implementation, mistakes in JAR and EAR deployments, deficiencies in deployment builds and unit testing. Recommended performance and J2EE compliance changes (finished project in production).

Assigned to JPMorgan Private Bank – project manager of seven programmers for WAS 3.5 migration and iPlanet conversion to WAS 5.1. Migrated twelve small applications (finished project in production).

Tools: WSAD 5.1.2.

Contractor / Confidential,Scottsdale, AZ Nov 2004 – April 2005

Assigned to Transcore – Developed commercial toll booth software through extensive use of Velocity templates. Sixty percent of the codebase (11K classes) was re-generated daily from templates merged against database schema. Added dynamic charting with Jfreechart and PDF generation with iText (open source packages).

Tools: Eclipse 3.0, WSAD 5.1, Oracle 10i, Tomcat 5.0, Apache 2.0 & MyEclipse.

Senior Consultant / Confidential,Portland, OR / Feb 2004 – Oct 2004

Assigned to Standard Insurance – Led a small team in design and development of a fund management tool; derived business domain objects from existing database tables, developed thin-thread prototype structure from an existing struts-based SOA framework, created class and sequence diagrams, created xslt stylesheets for UI presentation, has unique implementation of xml / xslt stylesheets which overrides the Struts RequestProcessor (finished project in production).

Tools: WAS 5.1, WSAD 5.1, SQL Server, Oracle 9i, Hibernate 2.0, Eclipse.

Assigned to Nike – created class & sequence diagrams, java code for a web catalog & sales tool for retailers;
Tools: Intellij 4.0, Weblogic 8.1, TogetherJ 6.0, Hibernate 2.0.

B.A. degree in CIS

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