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Sr. Informatica Developer/data Quality Architect Resume

Richardson, TX


  • Senior ETL/Informatica Developer with six and half years of experience in processing (Migrating, Converting, Replicating, Supporting) data from various sources into EDW, ODS and Data marts using Data Integration Tool Informatica Power Center 9.x/8.x/7.x and experience in Data Modeling using Relational and Dimensional data modeling (Star and Snow - Flake).
  • Strong exposure to various Databases like Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Teradata, Microsoft Access and worked on integrating data from Flat files like fixed width /delimited and XML files.
  • Good experience in writing UNIX shell scripts in automation of the ETL processes. Used Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) to perform Data Quality, Data Cleansing and Data Validation.


ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 9.6/9.5/9.1/9.0/8.6 (Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Repository Manager, Informatica Server), Informatica Data Quality 9.6, Informatica Power Exchange 9.5.0

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g, MS SQL Server 2012/2008, DB2 v8.1, Teradata

Data Modeling Tools: Erwin 8.0, MS Visio

OLAP Tools: Business Objects r2/6.x, OBIEE

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, TSQL, UNIX, Shell scripts

Scheduling Tools: Autosys, Control-M, SQL*Plus, SQL * Loader

Testing Tools: QTP, Win Runner, HP Quality Center

Operating Systems: Windows 2008/2007/2005/ NT/XP, UNIX, MS-DOS


Confidential, Richardson, TX

Sr. Informatica Developer/Data Quality Architect


  • Involved in the documentation of application SRD, BRD, HLD for quality data checks.
  • Worked with the source applications architect to discuss on the mode of file transfer to target application
  • Documented QDM Source AID (Audit Information Document) & Audit Design Document (ADD) which has detailed design of audits to be performed on both source and target systems.
  • Designed & Developed audits such as Source to Target reconciliation, Duplicate check, Record count trending, Referential Integrity for data flowing in to BIDW apps (eCDW, EDW etc.).
  • Worked on AMDOCs owned source systems such as OMS, LS Enabler, LSCRM, LSBBT, OVALS etc. to get the source metadata.
  • Used SQL tools like TOAD, SQL Developer and Query Analyzer and Teradata SQL assistant to run SQL queries to validate the data.
  • Developed audits shell scripts and run jobs in UNIX/LINUX depending on the application platforms.
  • Involved in deployment activity for validating deployed objects in production.
  • Assisted post production team (Sustainment) team in solving the issues with audits runs after warranty period.

Environment: Oracle 11g, Teradata 14, Hadoop, UNIX, TOAD 12.8, Putty, WINSCP, SQL *Loader, QDM.

Confidential,Richardson, TX

Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Coordinated with Verizon Business Users to understand business needs and implement the same into functional
  • Extracted data from Verizon files and loaded into different systems like Oracle Database, SQL Server using UNIX scripts
  • Data landed in oracle and AS400 systems are migrated to frontier system interface files using various Informatica Power center mappings
  • Verified the data quality of landed files and performed data validation through Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) by integrating IDQ mappings, rules as mapplets within Power Center Mappings.
  • As a part of conversion, worked on converting subscriber information, high speed internet and treatment files to frontier systems using Informatica Power center.
  • Wrote complex SQL Queries involving multiple tables with joins and also generated queries to check for consistency, update the data in the tables as per the Business requirements
  • Extensively used SQL tools like TOAD, Rapid SQL and Query Analyzer to run SQL queries to validate the data.
  • Implemented restart strategy and error handling techniques to recover failed sessions and errored/rejected out data
  • Used Unix Shell Scripts to automate pre-session and post-session processes
  • Used Autosys scheduler to schedule & run the Informatica workflows on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Environment: Power Center 9.6/9.6.1, Oracle 11g, UNIX,AS400,PL/SQL, SQL Server,TOAD 12.8, Autosys, Putty, WINSCP,S QL *Loader, HPQC

Confidential,Allen, TX

Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Data from AT&T systems is moved to frontier systems (i.e. oracle and DB2 database) using sql loader in Unix by creating control tables to load various source files like txt, csv, delimited and oracle dump
  • Responsible for the creation of several Informatica mappings, sessions and workflows to load data from Oracle to DB2 databases according to the business specification document
  • Converted AT&T subscriber data such as customer personal information, high speed internet plans, service orders to load into frontier systems tables
  • Extensively worked with XML files as the Source and Target, used transformations like XML Generator and XML Parser to transform XML files in informatica power center
  • Implemented Informatica Data Quality solutions to do data cleansing, data matching and reporting to check on phone numbers, Address etc.
  • Worked with tools like TOAD, SQL Developer, SQL Plus to connect to Oracle and DB2 databases to write queries and analyze data
  • Worked with business users, testing team and application development teams on analyzing, resolving and documenting the defects using HP ALM tool

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.5/9.5.1, UNIX, Oracle 11g, DB2, Flat files, XML Files, SQL Developer, WinSCP, Putty

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Prepared mapping documents, System Requirement Specification and High Level Design Document as a part of project
  • Extracted data from Flat files, AS400 sources and loaded in to Oracle staging and target tables applying business rules as per the requirement using various transformations like Expression, Lookups, Joiner, Filter, Sorter, Aggregator, Router, Union, Update strategy, source qualifier transformation and Sequence generator
  • Implemented SCD Type1 and SCD Type2 techniques to update slowly changing dimension tables
  • Created different reusable tasks like email tasks to send email and command tasks to create, rename and delete files
  • Scheduled and ran Workflows for Extraction, loading processes and monitored the Workflows using Workflow Monitor
  • Implemented error handling by routing invalid records to error tables, reloading them to target tables and did performance tuning and Optimization of mappings
  • Wrote Oracle PL/SQL procedures and functions to call them in the informatica mappings
  • Troubleshoot problems by checking Sessions and Error Logs. Also, used Debugger for complex problem troubleshooting

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6.1 (Repository Manager, Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Repository Administration Console), Oracle 11g, TOAD, UNIX

Confidential, Allen, TX

Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Created various tables in SQL Server 2012 management studio and extracted data from SQL server to load into Dynamics
  • Implemented change data capture (CDC) on Teradata to update data in Sales force and Dynamics target tables using control table logic
  • Created Reusable components like reusable Transformations (Expression, Aggregator, Sequence, Joiner, Router, Lookups, Rank, Filter), Mapplets and Work lets for using them across the projects
  • Merged few mappings wherever possible to minimize the maintenance, optimize the ETL system and to reduce space occupancy on sales force application
  • Created Informatica mappings with Procedures/Functions/Triggers to build business rules to load data
  • Defined Target Load Order Plan and Constraint based loading for loading data correctly into different Target Tables and implemented error handling for all CDC mappings
  • Good exposure to Teradata database and involved in using FastLoad, MultiLoad, Fast Export and TPump to load into/extract data out of Teradata staging
  • Assisted QA team to develop test scripts for the validation of the process

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.5/9.5.1 (Repository Manager, Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Repository Administration Console), Teradata 14.0, Oracle Developer, TOAD, Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2012, T-SQL, TOAD, UNIX

Confidential, Oklahoma City, OK

Informatica Developer


  • Responsible for gathering requirement of the project by directly interacting with client and made analysis to maintain Oil & gas production based on the demand for the physical year
  • Extracting, Scrubbing and Transforming data from Flat Files, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, and then loading into Oracle database using Informatica
  • Performance tuning of the informatica mappings using various components like Parameter files, Variables and Dynamic Cache.
  • Used Type 1 and Type 2 mappings to update Slowly Changing Dimension Tables.
  • Configured incremental aggregator transformation functions to improve the performance of data loading Worked Database level tuning, SQL Query tuning for the Data warehouse and OLTP Databases.
  • Checked Sessions and error logs to troubleshoot problems and used debugger for complex problem trouble shooting
  • Developed UNIX Shell scripts for calling the Informatica mappings and running the tasks on a daily basis and wrote Oracle PL/SQL procedures and functions whenever needed.
  • Created &automated UNIX scripts to run sessions on desired date & time for imports.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6.1, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, TOAD, Unix, SQL Server 2000, Autosys, Windows Server 2003, Visio 2003.


Informatica Developer


  • Experienced working with Telecom Network Information for mapping data from legacy systems to target systems
  • Extracted Data from legacy Sources by using Informatica Power Center.
  • Extensively used Informatica client tools Source Analyzer, Warehouse designer, Mapping designer, Mapplet Designer, Transformations.
  • Cleanse the source data, Standardize the Vendors address, Extract and Transform data with business rules, and built Mapplets using Informatica Designer.
  • Extracted data from different sources of databases. Created staging area to cleanse the data and validated the data.
  • Designed and developed complex Aggregate, Expression, Filter, Join, Router, Lookup and Update transformation rules.
  • Developed schedules to automate the update processes and Informatica sessions and batches.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 7.1, Cognos, Windows NT, PL/SQL, Excel, SQL Server 7.0 and Erwin

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