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Informatica Powercenter(etl) /mdm /data Quality Developer Resume



  • About 3 + years of total experience in Information Technology Industry. Experience in Informatica Powercenter 9.6.1, Data Quality and Master data management tools.
  • Installing Informatica power center 9.6.1, Oracle 11G in Linux OS & in Amazon web services.
  • Experience in Extraction, Transformation, and loading (ETL) data from various sources into Data Warehouses, Data Marts.
  • Experience in developing Transformations, Mapplets and Mappings using Informatica Designer to implement business logic.
  • Experience in Master Data Management (MDM) HUB Console Configurations such as Staging Process, Landing Process Configurations, Match and Merge Process, Cleansing Functions, User Exits, Informatica Data Director (IDD) Application creations.
  • Very strong in SQL. Extensive hands on experience in creation of database tables, sequences, functions, procedures, packages and triggers.
  • Experienced in using IDQ tool for profiling, standardization, applying rules, finding out anomalies in data and develop mappings to move data from source to target systems.
  • Strong Data analysis to ensure accuracy and integrity of data in the context of Business functionality.
  • Worked on Scorecards, Join Analysis, Human Tasks, and Address Doctor for Address validation. Created reference tables for different countries to enrich city, State and Zip information. Built several reusable components on IDQ using Parsers, Standardizers and Reference tables which can be applied directly to standardize and enrich Address information.
  • Knowledge of Agile development.
  • Good knowledge of FIX messaging protocol.
  • Excellent knowledge of Momentis supply system(Fashion industry).


MDM Tool: Informatica Master Data Management Multi Domain Edition 10.1, Informatica Data Director(IDD)

BI & ETL Tools: Informatica Power center 9.6.1, SSIS, SSRS,SSMS

DATA Qual.Tool: Informatica Developer (IDQ) 9.6.1

Platforms: Linux Red Hat 7, Linux Oracle 6.5, Windows10

Databases: Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2012Other: Amazon web services, MS. word, MS. Excel, MS. PowerPoint, MS. Outlook,Momentis

Languages: T - SQL, PL/SQL, Shell,C++



Informatica Powercenter(ETL) /MDM /Data Quality developer


  • Designed and configured MDM hub and IDD. Created Staging, Landing tables, Mappings and data flow to the Base object tables, Match& Merge, Trust settings, Complex hierarchies.
  • Created Queries & Packages to view the data in IDD, Data Manager or Merge Manager.
  • Configured batch jobs using batch group utility.
  • Done Match and Merge Setups like Match path, Match columns, and Match rules and tuning of Match Rules.
  • Created cleansing functions for effective consistent master data records.
  • Used Address doctor for address enrichment and validation.
  • Create, manage, standardize and enhance customer & product data.
  • Developed slowly changing dimensions (SCD) Type 1&2 for loading data into Dimensions and Facts tables.
  • Created different source definitions to extract data from flat files and relational databases.
  • Extensively used various transformations like Source Qualifier, Joiner, Aggregation, Update Strategy, lookup, Rank and Filter.
  • Assist in implementing work methods and ensure proper flow of the process.
  • Coordinate the collection of information and ensure the data is standardized within the different departments involved
  • Perform the validation stage in the master data request to ensure each request confirm fully to business rules and standards

Environment: Powercenter 9.6.1,Informatica MDM 10.1, IDD, SoapUI, Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, Linux

Confidential, Montreal

Informatica Powercenter(ETL)/ Data Quality Developer


  • Involved in gathering and analyzing the requirements and preparing business rules.
  • Designed and developed complex mappings by using Lookup, Expression, Update, Sequence generator, Aggregator, Router, Stored Procedure, etc. transformations to implement complex logics while coding a mapping.
  • Worked with Informatica power center Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor and Repository Manager.
  • Developed and maintained ETL (Extract, Transformation and Loading) mappings to extract the data from multiple source systems like Oracle, SQL server, Flat files and loaded into Oracle.
  • Have implemented SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions) Type I and II for data load.
  • Used Timer, Event Raise, Event Wait, Decisions, and Email tasks in Informatica Workflow Manager.
  • Involved in creating new table structures and modifying existing tables and fit into the existing Data Model.
  • Extracted data from different databases like Oracle and external source systems like flat files using ETL tool.
  • Involved in debugging Informatica mappings, testing of Stored Procedures and Functions, Performance and Unit testing of Informatica Sessions, Batches and Target Data.
  • Developed Mapplets, Reusable Transformations, Source and Target definitions, mappings using Informatica 9.6.1.
  • Generated queries using SQL to check for consistency of the data in the tables and to update the tables as per the Business requirements.
  • Involved in Performance Tuning of mappings in Informatica.
  • Wrote UNIX shell Scripts & PMCMD commands for FTP of files from remote server and backup of repository and folder.

Environment: Informatica Powercenter 9.6.1,Oracle 11g,SQL server 2012, SQL Developer, SQL management studio, SSIS, Linux,

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