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Informatica Tech Lead Resume

Carrollton, TX


  • Around 8+ years of IT experience with demonstrated expertise in analysis, design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance of application systems used in Finance, Retail, Manufacturing Sectors
  • Strong Data Warehousing ETL experience using Informatica 9.x/8.x Power Center Client tools - Mapping Designer, Repository manager, Workflow Manager/Monitor and Server tools - Informatica Server, Repository Server manager.
  • Extensive knowledge with Informatica MDM 10.1/9.x, Power-Center 9.x, and 8.x hosted on UNIX, Linux
  • Strong experience in Installing and Managing Informatica Power Center, Data Quality(IDQ), Metadata Manager(MM), Test Data Management(TDM)
  • Experience in Informatica Administration includes Installation, Upgrades, and Applying Hot Fixes, Configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Extensive knowledge on installation of Power Center on vApps and creating master template.
  • Experience in installation and configuration of core Informatica MDM Hub components such as Hub console, Hub Store, Hub Server, Cleanse Match Server and Cleanse Adapter
  • Performing requirement gathering analysis design development testing implementation support and maintenance phases of both MDM and Data Integration Projects
  • Configured Landing Tables, Base Objects, Relationships, Staging Tables, Mappings, custom cleanse functions, Hierarchy Manager, Match and Merge settings, Trust and Validation Rule
  • Automate Informatica Service recycle process, automate/replicate filesystem backup and replicate it to DR server
  • Extensively worked on multiple Informatica versions & installed multiple versions on the same servers (due to business requirement) without impacting performance, availability
  • Proficient in converting business requirements to technical specifications and creating design documents and mapping documents.
  • Strong experience in designing and developing complex ETL (extract, transform, load) mappings, reusable components and performing power center administrative tasks.
  • Build Efficient ETL packages for processing fact and dimension tables with complex transforms and type 1 and type 2 changes
  • Experience in defining testing strategies, creating test cases for unit, functional and integration testing, documenting test results.
  • Extensive experience in writing UNIX shell scripts and automation of the ETL processes, schedule script to take backup different domain, repository
  • Strong experience in Dimensional Modeling using Star and Snow Flake Schema, Identifying Facts and Dimensions, Physical and logical data modeling using Erwin
  • Expertise in defining and documenting ETL Process flow, job execution sequence, parameter file requirements, Job scheduling and alerting mechanisms using command line utilities.
  • Proven experience working with various source systems Oracle, Netezza, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Flat Files in Informatica
  • Working knowledge on Informatica MDM (Siperian), IDD, SIF
  • Performing data standardization of addresses using Address Doctor, Trillium and Informatica Data Quality, data integration in real-time using SIF APIs.
  • Gathering functional specifications and business requirements and performing source system analysis, Data profiling.
  • Proficient in converting business requirements to technical specifications and creating design documents and mapping documents.
  • Extensive experience in implementing error handling, auditing and reconciliation and balancing mechanisms in ETL process
  • Experience in defining testing strategies, creating test cases for unit, functional and integration testing, documenting test results.
  • Extensively used Control-M, Tidal, and Autosys for scheduling the UNIX shell scripts and Informatica workflows.
  • Experience in using third party tools like Toad, PL/SQL developer, Win SQL, Lotus notes, Win-SCP


ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 9.x/8.x (Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor

Repository: Manager and Informatica Server), SSIS

Informatica Tools: MDM 10.x, 9.x, IDD, SIF, Active-VOS, MM, TDM, IDQ

Databases Oracle: 11g/10g, Netezza, MS SQL Server 2005/ 2008/2008 R2

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows 2008/2007

Languages: UNIX Shell Script, Power Shell, SQL, PL/SQL, T- SQL, C

Scheduling Tools: Control- M 6/7/8, Auto-sys, Tidal

Reporting Tools: Cognos, Tableau

Other Tools: Management studio, SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL Loader, ERWIN, HP-Console, TFS


Confidential, Carrollton, TX

Informatica Tech Lead


  • Building data quality rules & data profiling on the Customer, Product, Store data
  • Implemented incremental load logic using job control and dynamic parameter file creation to load data from source to staging area for EDW and MDM
  • Used various transformations like Filter, Expression, Sequence Generator, Update Strategy, Joiner, Stored Procedure, and Union to develop robust mappings
  • Worked with platform engineering team to build Informatica environment on the vCloud and created master templates
  • Worked on installation, upgrade, configure and maintenance of Informatica components including Power Center, web services, Metadata Manager, Data Quality on UNIX/Linux servers.
  • Installed and Configured Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) Hub along with Cleanse/Process servers
  • Developed various mappings including cleanse functions to fetch data from multiple POS to stage tables and the address doctor to standardize data.
  • Configure and deploy Informatica IDD application for data steward to modify and update MDM golden records as per business requirement.
  • Installed and Configured Informatica Test Data Manager (TDM) for Data Subset, Data Masking and Data Generation
  • Developed UNIX shell Scripts and PMCMD commands for FTP of files from remote server and backup of repository and folder.
  • Creating user groups, privileges and roles for the users using Security Access Manager (SAM) to maintain users on the MDM Hub
  • Prepared migration document to move the mappings from development to testing and then to production repository.
  • Working on Creating Landing, Staging and Base Object Tables, and define Relationships, Match & Merge rules, Validation Rules, Batch Groups etc.
  • Setup LDAP accounts for data users, data stewards, production support etc.
  • Perform various operations like clean, truncate, validate and execute batch process in SOAP UI through SIF Framework
  • Used Hierarchy Manager to define Entities, Hierarchies, Relationship Base Objects, Packages, and validated the profile.
  • Worked with platform engineer team in configuring, execution and scheduling of workflows/session in Control-M
  • Optimized job schedules, analyze job failures, manage alerts on job failure and send email notification of failure session using Control-M
  • Developed shell script and scheduled to take Informatica repository, Domain backup, poll source table and trigger Informatica jobs based on status
  • Participate in the code migration (for MDM, PC) from lower environment to higher environment
  • Worked on fine tuning Informatica long running mappings/sessions to meet the SLA
  • Developed and scheduled shell scripts to take backup of Informatica Domain and Repository
  • Created Standard migration checklist & promotional checklist document template
  • Educated Developers on the use of Informatica ‘Best Practices’, which were employed across the life cycle of the project
  • Involved in Review meeting during Design & Development to identify, reduce/mitigate risk at every stage

Environment: Informatica 9.5.1 (PowerCenter, DQ), Master Data Management (MDM) 10.1, SIF, JBoss, Unix, Oracle 11g, Control-M, SQL Server, Netezza

Confidential, Ada, MI

Informatica Consultant


  • Closely worked with infrastructure & system admins to procure infrastructure for Master Data Management and PowerCenter
  • Extensively used Informatica Power Center to load data from heterogeneous sources like flat files, Oracle tables and SQL Server Tables Designed and developed several Mapplets and Worklets for reusability.
  • Enhancements Informatica mappings using various transformations such as Source Qualifier, Aggregator, Lookup (connected and unconnected), Update Strategy.
  • Experience in creating Landing, Staging and Base Object Tables and defining Foreign Key relationships, Lookups in the Hub.
  • Developed Mappings to move the data loaded from Landing to Stage by using various cleanse function
  • Develop Hierarchies using Hierarchy Manager in the Hub.
  • Apply security certificates, Setup LDAP accounts for data users, data stewards, production support, etc.
  • Running the Stage Jobs, Load jobs, Match and Merge Jobs using the Batch Viewer and Automation Process (Tidal)
  • Monitor daily sessions, check throughput, performance and provide necessary suggestions to improve performance of sessions/workflow.
  • ETL design provided for error detection, reusable worklets to capture the workflow run time and intimate the user in case of any delay in the run
  • Documenting the process for various Informatica tasks like recovering workflows, Informatica installation, review-checklist document, naming standards, migration document etc.
  • Working closely with the application developers, infrastructure, team leads, and customers to ensure all data services work assignments are completed on time and with the highest level of quality.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.5.1, Informatica/Siperian Master Data Management (MDM) Multidomain, IDQ, Jboss, AddressDoctor, Oracle 11g, Tidal

Confidential, Fort Wayne, IN

Informatica Consultant


  • Key role playing in the Informatica9x upgrade, including providing requirements and training the team
  • Created project plan for Informatica9x upgrade, created Test Plan and cases for the same.
  • Participate/Initiate Informatica91 upgrade plan, working with System/Database admin for necessary hardware/software configuration to support Informatica9x version with GRID & HA/Load Balancing
  • Working on the Informatica Installation, configuration, administration and providing 24X7 support
  • Working on the customer requirement to make Production Server availability 100%, Improvement of the performance.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) setup & replication, active participation in performing DR exercise half-yearly and documenting the results.
  • Understand the business enhancements and implement in the ETL design
  • ETL design provided for error detection, create reusable worklets like Worklet Timer to capture the workflow run time and intimate the user in case of any delay in the load
  • Create a reusable worklet for Real-time webservice create list based on the input parameters
  • Implement workflow restart ability with in the reusable worklet
  • Automate the yearly Informatica baseline metadata objects backup
  • Automate password change compliance for Informatica User Ids (relational connection, database userid, etc)
  • Extensively used various types of transformations such as Expression, Aggregator, Filter, Joiner, Update strategy, Lookup (Connected and Unconnected) in mappings to load the data.
  • Apply Informatica 8.6.0 HotFix10 on all the nodes and perform health check for the servers
  • Documenting the process for various Informatica tasks like recovering workflows, Informatica installation, review-checklist document, naming standards document etc.
  • Working closely with the application developers, infrastructure, team leads, and customers to ensure all data services work assignments are completed on time and with the highest level of quality.
  • Provide regular updates to the customer and team lead on the status of the work plan, projects, etc
  • Ensure processes and appropriate documentation is in place around database design, implementation, testing and quality assurance.
  • Deliver business value and satisfy customers. Directly support a 24/7 real-time operation

Environment: Informatica Power Center, Master Data Management (MDM), Oracle 10/11g, Flat files, Unix, SQL Server, Informatica Admin Console, MM, Autosys

Confidential, AL

Developer - Graduate Assistant


  • Involved in DBA and IDEAS Development System using PL/SQL, and SQL working an average of 20 hours per week while maintaining a 3.67 GPA.
  • Involved in data modeling and implementation of CHOICE application using Microsoft Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
  • Worked on integration of various modules in .NET applications and deployed to Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS).
  • Worked on establishment of connection between Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and IIS to access over the web


Informatica Developer


  • Upgraded to Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.1 from version 8.1.1. Installed Hot fixes, utilities, and patches released from Informatica Corporation.
  • Installed and configured Metadata Manager Service, Data Analyzer and Web Service Hub.
  • Extensively worked on Informatica Mappings/Session/Workflows to load data from Oracle to TD and vice versa.
  • Extensively worked on Informatica Performance tuning to find potential bottlenecks in the Source, Informatica and Target systems.
  • Extensively worked on UNIX shell scripts on automation (Auto restart of servers, Disk space utilization, Informatica Server monitoring and UNIX file system maintenance and cleanup, and infacmd and pmrep operations).
  • Worked on Informatica Mapping Architect for Visio to automate Mappings, Sessions and Workflow generation.
  • Extensively worked on UNIX Shell scripts to launch jobs and to execute Job Control Table Process.
  • Worked on UNIX shell scripts to handle Job Control Process.
  • Worked on SQL queries to query the Repository DB to find the deviations from Company’s ETL Standards for the objects created by users such as Sources, Targets, Transformations, Log Files, Mappings, Sessions and Workflows.
  • Developed standard and reusable mappings and mapplets using various transformations like Expression, Aggregator, Joiner, Router, Lookup (Connected and Unconnected) and Filter.
  • Identified performance issues in existing sources, targets and mappings by analyzing the data flow, evaluating transformations and tuned accordingly for better performance.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6.1/8.5.1, Oracle 10g, Flatfiles, UNIX, Control-M, MetaData Manager, Informatica Admin Console

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