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Informatica Developer Resume

O Fallon, MO


  • Over 7+ years of IT experience in Data warehousing projects, primarily as specialist in performing Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Migration, Deployment, Enhancement and Maintenance of Informatica, Oracle, Teradata, DB2/UDB, Sybase and SQL Server environments.
  • Extensive knowledge on the SDLC development life cycle. Involved in different phases starting from Requirement Gathering to Production Deployments and warranty Support.
  • Hands on experience using query tools like TOAD, PLSQL developer, Teradata SQL Assistant and Query man.
  • Extensively worked on power center mapping designer, mapplet designer, transformation developer, warehouse designer, workflow manager, repository manager and workflow monitor.
  • Extensively worked on Informatica Data Quality and Informatica Power center throughout complete Data Quality and MDM projects .
  • Designed Datastage jobs using MQ stage by reading the service and creating the XPATH and used XSLT stage in reading the XPATH and using the same for data transformation.
  • Using the data Integration tool Pentaho for designing ETL jobs in the process of building Data warehouses and Data Marts.
  • Developed ETL process using Pentaho PDI to extract the data from legacy system.
  • Good Experience in creating cubes by using Pentaho Schema Workbench .
  • Extensive experience in designing and developing complex mappings from varied transformation logic like Unconnected and Connected lookups, Normalizer, Source Qualifier, jaRouter, Filter, Expression, Aggregator, Joiner, Update Strategy.
  • Skilled in Database programming for Data Warehouses (Schemas), data modeling, Star Schema modeling, and Snowflake modeling.
  • Proficiency in data warehousing techniques for data cleaning, Slowly Changing Dimension phenomenon and surrogate key assignment and CDC (Change Data Capture) using both datastage and informatica.
  • Strong skills in creating reusable components like shared containers and local containers for multiple project use.
  • Expertise in Data Warehouse/Data mart, ODS, OLTP and OLAP implementations teamed with project scope, Analysis, requirements gathering, data modeling, Effort Estimation, ETL Design, development, System testing, Implementation and production support.
  • Expertise in PL/SQL and in writing Stored Procedures, Functions etc
  • Extensive experience in writing ETL Test Scenarios, Test Cases based on Source to Target Mapping Documents.
  • Experience in performance tuning of sources, transformations, targets, mapplets, mappings, worklets, workflows, sessions and batches
  • Worked with heterogeneous data sources like Oracle, Teradata Utilities, SQL Server 2008/2005, flat files, XML files, DB2 UDB, Main Frames, COBOL files, SFDC CRM, Web Services and Lotus Notes.
  • Developed and maintained ETL (Extract, Transformation and Loading) mappings to extract the data from multiple source systems like Oracle, SQL server and Flat files and loaded into Oracle.
  • Good knowledge in Shell Scripting, written several UNIX scripts for invoking data reconciliation
  • Good knowledge in Power exchange for salesforce and loading data into salesforce environments through Informatica using BULK API.
  • Extracted data from different databases like Oracle and external source systems like flat files using ETL tool.
  • Good understanding of source to target data mapping and Business rules associated with the ETL processes.
  • Worked with Informatica power center Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor and Repository Manager
  • Coordinated with testing team to make testing team understand Business and transformation rules being used throughout ETL process.
  • Documented and presented the production/support documents for the components developed when handing - over the application to the production support team
  • Proficient in interaction with the business users by conducting meetings with the clients in Requirements Analysis phase.
  • Ability to work simultaneously on multiple projects, work independently as well as a team member.


ETL Tools: IBM InfosphereDataStage / 8.0.1/8.1/9.1 (Parallel Extender), Informatica 9.1/9.0, pentaho, Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Data Quality, Informatica Power Exchange, DVOInformatica MDM, Informatica developer IDQ 9.1/9.5.1 .

Data Bases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8.x/7x, SQL Server 2000/2005, Teradata V12,V14

Database Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Quest TOAD, SQL*PLUS, SQL*Loader, SQL*Net, SQL Navigator Export/Import, Oracle Discoverer 10g

Programming Tools: C, C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, java script, Shell Scripting, Perl

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, XML

Other Tools: MS-Word, Excel, Power Point 2003/2007

Operating System: Unix, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7/8


Informatica Developer

Confidential, O’Fallon, MO


  • Involved in Business meetings to understand the business requirement specifications and implemented the ETL jobs using Informatica.
  • Involved in developing the source to target process and mapping documentation.
  • Participated in the review and approval of the technical transformation requirements document used to design and build the ETL modules in Informatica Designer.
  • Participated in daily status meeting.
  • Prepared a best practice document to use when designing jobs to gain optimum performance by using appropriate partitioning techniques.
  • Implemented slowly changing dimensions on customers table using SCD stage in Informatica.
  • Extensively worked on Informatica IDE/IDQ.
  • Involved in massive data profiling using IDQ (Analyst Tool) prior to data staging.
  • Used IDQ’s standardized plans for addresses and names clean ups.
  • Worked on IDQ file configuration at user’s machines and resolved the issues.
  • Used IDQ to complete initial data profiling and removing duplicate data.
  • Created shared container to in corporate business logic and used in multi job.
  • Created and used job parameter set during developing jobs.
  • Developed parallel jobs using various stages transformer, join, look up and merge.
  • Created job sequencer to automate the job.
  • Knowledge of director client for troubleshooting.
  • Knowledge and worked with administrator client for creating new user and assigning role.
  • Involved in performance tuning of Data stage jobs and creating templates for future use.
  • Worked on programs for scheduling data loading and transformations using Data stage.
  • On Informatica extensively used the Filter, Copy, Funnel, Join, Merge, Aggregator, Column Generator, Sort, SCD and Remove Duplicate stages for providing transformation logic for the field as per the requirement.
  • Involved in the development of dimensional data models using ERwin as per the specified business requirements.
  • Used the Data Stage designer to develop processes for extracting, cleansing, transforming,integrating and loading data into data warehouse.
  • Developed and implemented strategies for slowly changing dimensions, surrogate key generation and for incremental data loading.
  • Performed performance tuning of jobs to improve the extraction, transformation and loading times of data.
  • Used Pl/SQL programming to develop store procedures and functions.
  • Performed Performance testing with different sets of node configuration, different queue and different volumes.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.1/9.0, Visio, IDQ 9.1/9.5.1 Hotfix 2.0, SQL Server 2008,Windows 7, UNIX AIX, Teradata V12R5.

Informatica Developer

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Responsible for Business Analysis and Requirements Collection.
  • Worked on Informatica Power Center tools- Designer, Repository Manager, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Monitor.
  • Involved in migration of the mapps from IDQ to power center
  • Parsed high-level design specification to simple ETL coding and mapping standards.
  • Designed and customized data models for Data warehouse supporting data from multiple sources on real time
  • Involved in building the ETL architecture and Source to Target mapping to load data into Data warehouse.
  • Created mapping documents to outline data flow from sources to targets.
  • Involved in Dimensional modeling (Star Schema) of the Data warehouse and used Erwin tode sign the business process, dimensions and measured facts.
  • Extracted the data from the flat files and other RDBMS databases into staging area and populated onto Data warehouse.
  • Maintained stored definitions, transformation rules and targets definitions using Informatica repository Manager.
  • Used various transformations like Filter, Expression, Sequence Generator, Update,Strategy, Joiner, Stored Procedure, and Union to develop robust mappings in the Informatica Designer.
  • Developed mapping parameters and variables to support SQL override.
  • Created mapplets to use them in different mappings.
  • Developed mappings to load into staging tables and then to Dimensions and Facts.
  • Used existing ETL standards to develop these mappings.
  • Worked on different tasks in Workflows like sessions, events raise, event wait, decision, e-mail, command, worklets, Assignment, Timer and scheduling of the workflow.
  • Created sessions, configured workflows to extract data from various sources, transformed data, and loading into data warehouse.
  • Used Type 1 SCD and Type 2 SCD mappings to update slowly Changing Dimension Tables.
  • Extensively used SQL* loader to load data from flat files to the database tables in Oracle.
  • Modified existing mappings for enhancements of new business requirements.
  • Used Debugger to test the mappings and fixed the bugs.
  • Wrote UNIX shell Scripts & PMCMD commands for FTP of files from remote server and backup of repository and folder.
  • Involved in Performance tuning at source, target, mappings, sessions, and system levels.
  • Prepared migration document to move the mappings from development to testing and then to production repositories.
  • Performed Performance testing with different sets of node configuration, different queue and different volumes
  • Used sandbox for testing and migrated the code to deployment instance after testing.
  • Integration using web sphere cast iron and informatica cloud for data migration in to the cloud.
  • Prepared the DML’s for maintenance tables, review, and test and execute them.
  • Used Tortoise SVN version control tool for version controlling and movement of code to upper environments like SIT, UAT, Preproduction and Production.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.1/9.0, Microsoft Visio, IBM AIX 4.2/4.1, SQLServer, Oracle11G, Autosys Scheduler, Unix, Windows, HP ALM

Informatica Developer

Confidential, Minnesota


  • Developed Informatica mappings, re-usable transformations, re-usable mappings and mapplets for data load to data warehouse and database.
  • Multi source Extraction Transformation and Loading into the target structures usingInformatica.
  • Worked closely with multiple business units and a data solutions engineer to identify keyinformation that will enhance business decision-making.
  • Performance tuned mapping, sessions and database.
  • Extensively used ETL to load data from different source systems like Flat files into the Staging table and load the data into the target database.
  • Worked on Informatica Power Center tools- Designer, Repository Manager, Workflow Manager
  • Involve in enhancements and maintenance activities of the data warehouse including performance tuning, rewriting of stored procedures for code enhancements.
  • Wrote stored procedures to accomplish tasks.
  • Created sessions to move the data at specific intervals and on demand.
  • Responsible for monitoring all the sessions that are running, scheduled, completed and failed.
  • Debugged the mapping for failed session to fix data and code issues.
  • As a part of daily loading into the warehouse, used UNIX shell scripting to triggers the workflows in a particular order.
  • Involved in coding UNIX shell scripting to execute pre/post session commands.
  • Analyzed and Created Facts and Dimension Tables.
  • Used different Data Warehouse techniques like Star-Schema, Snow-Flake Schema.

Environment: InformaticaPower Center 9.1/9.0, Oracle 11g/10g, Autosys Scheduler, Web Services, PL/SQL, UNIX,Autosys.

Informatica Developer

Confidential, MA


  • Gathered business requirements from Business Analyst.
  • Designed and implemented appropriate ETL mappings to extract and transform data from various sources to meet requirements.
  • Designed and developed Informatica ETL mappings to extract master and transactional data from heterogeneous data feeds and load
  • Installed and Configured the Informatica Client tools.
  • Worked on loading of data from several flat files to XML Targets.
  • Designed the procedures for getting the data from all systems to Data Warehousing system.
  • Created the environment for Staging area, loading the Staging area with data from multiple sources.
  • Analyzed business process workflows and assisted in the development of ETL procedures for moving data from source to target systems.
  • Used workflow manager for session management, database connection management and scheduling of jobs.
  • Created UNIX shell scripts for Informatica ETL tool to automate sessions.
  • Monitored sessions using the workflow monitor, which were scheduled, running, completed or failed. Debugged mappings for failed sessions.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 5.1.2/7.1, Erwin 4.5, Oracle 9i, Windows NT, Flat files, SQL, Relational Tools, Clear Case, UNIX (HP-UX, Sun Solaris, AIX) and UNIX Shell Scripts.

Informatica Developer



  • Participated in the Data Model design and designed it according to the Business Requirements.
  • Conducted and Participated in code review sessions.
  • Created Design Specification Documents including source to target mappings for Mainframe/Operational Source/financial systems to Stage, Stage to ODS and form ODS to Data warehouse tables.
  • Translated Business Requirements into Informatica mappings to build Data Warehouse by using Informatica Designer, which populated the data into the target Star Schema on Oracle 11g.
  • Partially involved in writing the UNIX Shell Scripts, which triggers the workflows to run in a particular order as a part of daily loading into the Warehouse.
  • Created different SCD-II mappings using changed data capture (CDC) processes.
  • Provided Operational support for Production issues, and for business users and documented issues and resolutions.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.1/8.6.1, Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, TOAD, UNIX Shell Scripting, Windows XP, UNIX.

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