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Sr. Technical Analyst Resume

Cincinnati, OH


Platforms: Windows 10/7/2003/XP/2000/NT/9X, HPUX 11, AS400.

Software: Informatica DVO, UFT, Quality Center, VersionOne, Test Case Builder, WISE,ORCA, MSI, SharePoint, SQL2000/2005, Reporting Services, Microsoft Virtual Server, VMWare, Visual Studio Team System, NANT, Mercury Interactive Products (Quick Test Pro, Test Director, WinRunner), .NET, IIS5.5, UrlScan, AppScan, WebInspect, Rational Team Test, Java ANT, Microsoft Office, TOAD, ToolBook, RoboHelp, Lotus Notes, Dimensions PVCS, XML, Arc Serve, Oracle9i, WinZip, MQ Series, Issue Tracker,Remedy6.3

Scripting: VBScript, UFT's descriptive programming language, NTScript, NSIS, Jscript, Unix scripting, HTML, SQA,VBA, HTA, SQL.


Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Platforms: Windows 10/64Bit

Software: INFORMATICA DVO, Oracle, VBScript, SQL, Rally, JIRA, CUBE, Doors NextGen.

Sr. Technical Analyst


  • Responsible for providing technical guidance to QA, along with application installation, configuration and support.
  • Configured INFORMATICA DVO for transactional regression testing using Oracle database table pairs
  • Created DVO database connections with INFORMATICA Power Center Designer
  • Assigned DVO users access and permissions to database connections for DVO use.
  • Created repositories, and configured DVO database sources and targets
  • Configured DVO for automated parameterized database validations
  • Created test plans and test cases using DVO's generated validations, making logical updates as necessary depending on type of validation.
  • Developed SQL scripts for DVO and database extractions
  • Shared DVO report results with test teams and management and provided analysis on next steps

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Platforms: Windows

Software: UFT - Unified Functional Testing, VBScript, Quality Center, VersionOne, Test Case Builder, MS Excel for test case development, UFT's descriptive programming language

Sr Automation Specialist/Keyword Developer/Software Tester


  • Held and participated in coding reviews for automated testing and advised peers on automation technics and workarounds.
  • Updated keyword documentation on internal website.
  • Perform various types of automated testing including smoke, integration, end-to-end, regression, and system testing as needed.
  • Developed and executed automated test regression scripts to validate correct functionality of application.
  • Managed automated test coverage based on risk analysis.
  • Participated in both manual and automated testing of production deployments and was proactively involved in testing defect resolutions or client workarounds.
  • Updated UFT's object repository as new webpage object functionality was developed for automating test cases.
  • Used UFT database queries to import automated script test case scenario data.
  • Created system performance keywords to measure system report generation response times in pdf, MS Word, Excel and web browser formats and reported metrics to management.
  • Used VersionOne for monthly sprint project assignments and daily time tasks tracking.
  • Accurately estimated sprint assignments, Multi-tasked to meet sprint deadlines.
  • Identified obstacles and roadblocks; and offered suggestions to work around obstacles and helped drive improvements to QA processes within the team.
  • Received individual and group awards for excellence in automate testing and keyword development and for timely project completion.
  • Developed and maintained a good relationship with sprint and project teams.

Confidential, Covington KY

Platforms: Windows 7/XP/ 2008/2003 32/64 Bit, HPUX11, Linux

Software: HP PPMC, SQL Navigator (Unix/Linux), SQL Server Management (Windows)

Release Engineer/Application Support Engineer


  • Initiated discussions with team members, development and project managers to resolve release and project issues or redirect to appropriate resource for resolution.
  • Created a batch script then integrated it into a PPMC workflow. This resolved the issue of having to log into twenty four windows application servers.
  • Developed UNIX scripts to automate monthly USPS procedures, creating a more stable process.
  • Developed an HTA VBScript, to run SQL scripts in all nonproduction test environments with the ability to select the appropriate testing environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task and take ownership and responsibility for appropriate issues
  • Participated in a rotational production installation schedule.
  • Experience with object-oriented programming languages and middleware technologies such as .Net, C#, Oracle, Web Services, XML, VSS, Java, SQL, HTML
  • Monitored the results of Scheduled Software (CRONTAB) a took appropriate action for resolution.


Associate Configuration Engineer, Mason, Ohio

Platform: Windows 7/XP/2003 32/64Bit, HPUX11, HPUX31, Linux

Software: Perforce, VBBuild, Visual Studio, Team Track (Serena Business Mashups), BuildForge, MAVEN (Java Build App), MSBuild, WISE script, Cygwin, Putty, Win Services for UNIX


  • Created the first stable upgraded software build environment using MS Windows 2003
  • Responsible for building and patching ChartMaxx application on distributed network architecture of HPUX11, HPUX31 64, Linux, RedHat servers.
  • Migrated all existing product version from MS Windows 2000.
  • Solved and automated the existing problem with updating binary compatibility files during compilation of Visual Basic 6 projects.
  • Created a method to deal with .NET pre compilation interoperation assembly creation using VBScripting.
  • Created and automated a log file retention policy based on file type in accordance with Confidential ' policy using UNIX scripting.
  • Enhanced existing UNIX build scripts with new build processes and maintenance.
  • Created UNIX patching templates to compile C language code changes for ChartMaxx product updates.
  • Converted Visual Studio compilation software build processes from manual to automated.
  • Created and utilized BUILDFORGE application to create and automate software ISO creation.
  • Served as application analyst for VBBuild application.
  • Maintained and reported development issues from UNIX continuous integration build, plus integrated a file retention report showing deleted build logs.
  • Used Perforce for source code control and file versioning to be integrated into build environment.


Sr Software Packager, Cincinnati, Ohio

Platform: Windows XP 32/64bit

Software: WISE Repackaging Application Software 7.0, ORCA, NSIS, Remedy6.3,MSOCT


  • Created automated Software installation redistributables and application patches using WISE ver7, NSIS, VBScript, ORCA, and VMware ESX, specializing in automating installation of IBM client/server software products.
  • Redesigned NSIS enterprise installation template to automatically include software sources from various internal network locations and to add ease of use.
  • Worked with cross functional virtual teams to gather both user and technical automation requirements and resolve deployment and related break fix issues.
  • Updated Remedy lifecycle status from initial department assignment thru customer acceptance.
  • Interacted with deployment team on process improvements and technical direction

Confidential, Evendale, Ohio

Platform: Windows XP 32/64bit

Software: WISE Repackaging Application Software 3.5 & 7.0, ORCA, NSIS, Inctrl5, Installshield.

System Integration Analyst


  • Created automated installations of third party and internally developed software to GE's security, licensing, and internal standards for redistribution through out GE’s infrastructure.
  • Automated a wide variety of software applications with different installation method and varying degrees of difficulty for both 32bit and 64bit windows XP platforms, with an emphasis on MSI based installations.
  • Removed features and functionality from software applications plus made windows registry modifications in accordance with GE's installation standards using both software installation tools and programmatic methods.
  • Worked with team leader to establish and document software installation standards
  • Developed new software installation training materials and held training sessions.
  • Developed and documented new software installation techniques and new tools for usage as training materials.
  • Coordinated software installation development and testing processes with project managers and application owners.
  • Designed a software installation presentation showing the cost benefits of software repackaging.
  • Developed HTAs, VBScripts and NSIS scripts to be used as software redistribution tools.


Platform: Windows 2003/2000/XP

Software: Sharepoint, SQL2000/2005, Reporting Services, Web services, VMWare, MS Virtual Server, Veritas Backup, WebInspect, MS MBSA, UrlScan, AppScan.

Lead Test Systems Analyst (Manager)


  • Reconfigured the test lab to take advantage of current server consolidation techniques using virtualization. Both Microsoft Virtual Server and VMWare
  • Responsible for windows patch management for all test lab servers using both Microsoft’s MBSA scanner and WSUS, plus providing reports for verification.
  • Responsible for all test lab servers performance and routine maintenance
  • Responsible for both manual and automated application setup that included Sharepoint, SQL2000, and Reporting Services with failure analysis and resolution if possible. Established first fully automated deployment scripts.
  • Responsible for both server backups and data storage. Developed scripts for data transfer.
  • Establish a change detection process that detected both approved and unapproved changes in internal web application using XML based manifests.
  • Worked with development to remove the single port of failure for internal web portal
  • Provided a security model for internal applications
  • Provided a security risk analysis for application deployment
  • Provided testing examples to both project managers and development.
  • Worked with DBA on a database security model.
  • Used web scanning tools to find coding vulnerabilities


Platform: Windows 2000/XP

Software: Oracle 10i, Quick Test Pro, Test Director, IIS, Issue Tracker

QA Technical Manager


  • Established Confidential 's QA testing environment for testing web applications using IIS5.0, Oracle9i and .NET
  • Established standards for business requirements and Test Case development in Test Director.
  • Developed, performed and maintained build script, including baselining .NET configuration files.
  • Interviewed potential QA employees.
  • Advised Sales Team on QA testing duration and schedule.
  • Advised upper Management on hardware and planning requirements for future QA initiatives.
  • Responsible for all web configuration changes in QA testing environment.
  • Logged defeats in Test Director and was a active leader in defect meetings.
  • IT Publishing Print Analyst for Cincinnati Financial: Diamond Project
  • Analyzed business requirements to trigger correct e-Documents.
  • Using Test Director for documenting, updating, and tracking defects through the resolution process.
  • Updated Test Cases and Data sheets for Winrunner automation.

Confidential, Fairborn, OH

Platform: Windows NT/2000, HPUX11

Software: Oracle 9i, PVCS Dimensions, ANT, Rational Robot, Lotus Notes, RoboHelp, TOAD, ToolBook, SQL.

Automation Specialist/Software Builds


  • Developed scripts to perform the Java /J2EE application, C++, Visual Basic and IDL builds on a regular schedule or as needed basis.
  • Perform patches to builds, including understanding of code dependencies.
  • Item manager for software component deletion process.
  • Developed or enhanced current CM tools, including handling of licensing and support with tool vendor. Evaluate new tools as appropriate
  • Developed internal web based applications.
  • Prepare distribution media (CD).
  • Developed scripts and automated test strategy from manual use case testing process.
  • Documented and maintained automated test cases.
  • Worked with software packaging team to develop build process.
  • Served as group technical lead.
  • Attended Rational Unified Process seminar.

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