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Etl/tableau Developer Resume

Upper Marlboro, MD


  • 7 years of experience in system analysis, design, development and implementation and Maintenance in Business Intelligence / Data warehouse
  • Hands on Experience in Designing and Building ETL jobs using IBM IIS DataStage (v 8.7/8.5/8.1/7.5.2/7.5 )
  • Extensively worked on Tableau 6.x/7.x/8.x (Desktop, Server and Public), Cognos
  • Posses' strong knowledge of database management in writing complex SQL queries, Stored procedures, database tuning, query optimization and resolving key performance issues.
  • Expertise in designing and creating various analytical reports and Dashboards to help users to identify critical KPIs and facilitate strategic planning in the organization using Tableau
  • Mastered the ability to design and deploy rich Graphic visualizations with Drill Down and Drop - down menu option and Parameterized using Tableau.
  • End to end experience in designing and deploying data visualizations using Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server
  • Experience in creating different visualizations using Bars, Lines and Pies, Maps, Scatter plots, Gantts, Bubbles, Histograms, Bullets, Heat maps and Highlight tables
  • Administered user, user groups, and scheduled instances for reports in Tableau
  • Involvement in different phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Knowledge of various methodologies scrum, agile, water fall in various projects life cycles.
  • Extensively provided technical and analytical expertise in responding to complex, specialized report requests requiring higher-level data analysis and data management services.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Tableau Server Concepts like tabcmd, tabadmin, creating users and projects
  • Worked on Migration project to migrate from 7.5 V to 8.7 Version of data stage
  • Highly knowledgeable in concepts related to Data Warehouses schemas, Star Schema modeling, and Snowflake modeling and processes.
  • Strong knowledge of Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) processes using Data Stage ETL Tool.
  • Experience as working with various Relational Data Bases (RDBMS) as Oracle, DB2UDB, Teradata, DB2, SQL Server
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in Parallel job stages (Datasets, Sequential file, Aggregator, Funnel, Filter, Look-Up, Surrogate Key, Remove Duplicate, Transformer, Column/Row Generator and Peek) and Server Job stages (Hash File, Link partitioner/collector, Sort, Aggregator and Transformer) along with Complex Flat Files and XML formats.
  • Experienced in tuning and enhancing the performance of Sever and Parallel jobs.
  • Experienced in Performance Tuning by analyzing and comparing the turnaround times between SQL and Tableau
  • Experience in UNIX environment to work with scripts and running the jobs using commands.
  • Excellent communication skills and analytical skills and ability to perform as part of the team by Onsite and Offshore team coordination.


ETL Tools: IBM Information Info Sphere 8.7/8.1,7x (DataStage, Metadata workbench, Business Glossary, Kalido DIW 8.5, Informatica Power Center

BI Tools: Cognos 10.1/8.0, Tableau 7x, 8x, SSRS, SSIS

Language: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Script, HTML Java Script

Database: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, DB2 Zos and UDB 8.1/7.2, SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 , Teradata v2R5/v2R4

Scheduling Tools: Control M, Tivoli

Dimensional Modeling: IBM Rational Rose, Erwin 4.1/3.0/7.2/7.3

Operating Systems: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7, UNIX, LINUX, AIX 5.2/5.1


Confidential, Upper Marlboro, MD

ETL/Tableau Developer


  • Performed requirements gathering, analysis and source data analysis and identified business rules for the development
  • Design of ETL jobs as per the technical requirement and source to target mapping.
  • Actively participated in team meeting, JAD sessions and requirement gatherings.
  • Extract data from source files such as Sequential files, XML files, Flat files, CSV files etc., transformed and loaded data into data marts.
  • Involved in creating entity relational and dimensional data models, logical and physical data models using Data modeling tool Erwin
  • Worked with Data stage Designer by using different performance stages and monitoring the logs in Director.
  • Used Data stage Admin for creation of parameters with in the jobs for better performance
  • Created test plans and performed the Unit testing, Integration testing and System testing for the ETL jobs.
  • Designed and Developed various analytical reports from multiple data sources by blending data on a single worksheet in Tableau Desktop
  • Created customized Calculations, Sets, Conditions and Filter (Local, Global) for various analytical reports and dashboards.
  • Developed various reports using best practices and different visualizations like Bars, Lines and Pies, Maps, Scatter plots, Gantts, Bubbles, Histograms, Bullets, Heat maps and Highlight tables
  • Work closely with Oracle apps teams and compliance team to understand their needs and creating visualization on Tableau.
  • Involved in Tableau Admin activities by granting access, managing extracts and managing user groups
  • Published the developed dashboard, reports on the Tableau Server so that the end users having access to the server can view the data.
  • Actively participated in clarification meeting with the Clients.
  • Involved in the migration of old legacy jobs from old version to New version of data stage.
  • Involved in testing the SQL Scripts for report development, Tableau reports, Dashboards, Scorecards and handled the performance issues effectively.
  • Involved in Onsite & Offshore coordination to ensure the completeness of Deliverables.

Environment: IBM Infosphere Information server 7.5/8.7, Tableau 8.1 Oracle 10g,11g, SQL Server, Control -M, AIX, Windows XP, ERWIN, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).




  • Created Packages to load data from SQL Server, Excel, CSV, and XML.
  • Created stored procedures which generated the necessary fact and dimension tables and functions that allowed performing necessary calculations depending upon the requirements.
  • Used various SSIS Transformation tasks such as conditional split, data conversion, merge, pivot, un-pivot, sort, lookup, fuzzy lookup, aggregation and derived column.
  • Extensively used Joins and sub-queries for complex queries involving multiple tables from Database.
  • Created SSIS packages using different talks and transformations and moved data from various sources to appropriate destinations.
  • Extensively used SSIS transformations such as lookup, merge, data conversion and aggregate etc.
  • Identified and defined Fact relationships. Maintained and deployed Cubes in SSAS.
  • Created aggregations and user-defined hierarchies for SSAS cubes and KPIs.
  • Involved in making changes to the existing SSAS cube using multiple dimensions, perspectives, hierarchies, measures groups.
  • Developed SSAS reporting data models, drill-down and drill-through capabilities, security / access controls, error handling and deployment of SSAS Cube.
  • Designed and tuned ad-hoc, parametrized, sub, drill-down, and drill-through reports utilizing SSRS.
  • Created a subscription of SSRS reports in different formats (such as PDF and Excel) to be executed automatically on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Designed, Developed and Deployed reports such as Tablix Reports, Matrix Reports, Parameterized, Drilldown, Ad hoc and Sub-reports using Report Designer and Report Builder 3.0
  • Generated Reports using Global Variables, Expressions and Functions in SSRS.
  • Involved in writing Query for generating drill down reports, identified and worked with the parameters to generate parameterized reports and also extensively used global variables, expressions and functions.
  • Created Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes to optimize the queries using Index Tuning Wizard.
  • Maintained Batch logging, Error logging tables and handled errors using Event handlers.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008 R2/2012, Visual Studio 2012, Integration Services 2012 (SSIS/SSAS), SQL Server Index Tuning Wizard, Reporting Services (SSRS), C#, MS office suite 2010/2012, SharePoint, JIRA, Window10/ 8, Python (3.x)

Confidential, Columbia, MD

ETL Informatica / Tableau Developer


  • Responsible for requirements gathering for an enhancement requested by client. Involved in analysis and implementation for an Intranet Based Information Management Information System.
  • Responsible for designing ETL strategy for both Initial and Incremental loads.
  • Created Tableau worksheet which involves Schema Import, Implementing the business logic by customization.
  • Building, publishing customized interactive reports and dashboards, report scheduling using Tableau server.
  • Interacted with business community and gathered requirements based on changing needs.
  • Incorporated identified factors into Informatica mappings to build the Data Mart.
  • Extracted data from various source systems like Oracle, Sql Server and flat files as per the requirements.
  • Used Informatica Designer to create complex mappings using different transformations like Filter, Router, Connected & Unconnected lookups, Stored Procedure, Joiner, Update Strategy, Expressions and Aggregator transformations to pipeline data to Data Mart.
  • Used Informatica Workflow Manager to create, schedule, execute and monitor sessions, Work lets and workflows.
  • Create Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers in Teradata Sql to implement business rules.
  • Developed complex SQL queries to develop the Interfaces to extract the data in regular intervals to meet the business requirements and extensively used Teradata Utilities like M - load, F- Load, TPT, BTEQ and Fast Export.
  • Responsible to tune ETL procedures and STAR schemas to optimize load and query Performance.
  • Performed Unit Testing at development level, Source code migration and documentation.
  • Managed users & roles for Database security, maintained system security, Control and Monitor user access to database.
  • Experience in using SVN as version control for migration.
  • Performed tuning of SQL queries and Stored Procedure for speedy extraction of data to resolve and troubleshoot issues in OLTP environment.
  • Troubleshot long running sessions and fixing the issues related to it.
  • Participated in the development of PL/SQL stored procedures, functions and packages to process business data in OLTP system.
  • Create SQL scripts, Tables, Views in Teradata for Data Analysis and to support User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Post Production Validation (PPV) of the data in Data warehouse.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.1(Power Center Repository Manager, Designer, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Monitor), Teradata 14.10, TPT, Bteq, Fast load, Multiload, SQLA, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL Developer, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting.


BI Tableau Developer


  • Performed requirements gathering, Source data analysis and identified business rules
  • Prepared the technical design documents (TDD) and source to target mappings in order to meet the requirements.
  • Involved in the client meetings with other associates to discuss the schedules, progress of work, requirement changes and other deliverables issues.
  • Dealt with various development/debug stages like row generator to create the test data for the jobs.
  • Worked with DataStage Designer to develop processes for extracting, cleansing, transforming, integrating, and loading data into target files. Performed various kinds of joins using join stage for the expected results.
  • Created Job parameter sets for reusing the parameters. Dealt with XML packs for the conversion of xml format to tabular data.
  • Worked with UNIX environment to execute shell scripts along with basic tasks.
  • Converted business requirements by developing views and dashboards in Tableau Desktop and publish them to Tableau Server allowing end-users to control data and filter down further as desired.
  • Administered user, user groups, and scheduled instances for reports in Tableau.
  • Hands-on development assisting users in creating and modifying worksheets and data visualization dashboards.
  • Blended data from multiple databases into one report by selecting primary keys from each database for data validation.
  • Analyzed data from various databases and formatted it into graphs using Tableau Desktop.
  • Created line charts to show over time in a breakdown of daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly parameter number on account creation.
  • Created Bullet graphs to determine profit and credit limits generation by using measures and dimensions data from Database
  • Developed geographic maps showcasing demographics broken into age, race, and income category
  • Executed and tested required queries and reports before publishing dashboards.
  • Implemented security in reports according to employee groups and roles according to the requirement and was involved in deployment process.
  • Actively participated in weekly project meetings to track the progress of work and discuss the mile stones and Onsite and Offshore Coordination along with the proactive Production Support.

Environment: IBM Infosphere Information server 8.1, DB2 ZOS, UDB, Windows Server 2008, UNIX shell scripting, AIX, Tivoli, Tableau 7x, MS VISIO, Microsoft Office Suite ( Word, PowerPoint, Excel).


Tableau Developer


  • Extracted data from internal data warehouse (ORACLE/SQL) system to SSRS.
  • Tracked trouble ticket request for request made by end users.
  • Created ad-hoc reports and perform maintenance of existing reports.
  • Modified SP's and formulated basic coding and scripting to be utilized for reports within the organization.
  • Generated various Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Yearly, Yearly reports by different type of reports using SSRS.
  • Scheduled and managed daily/weekly/monthly sales and operational reports based on the business requirements.
  • Developed parameterized reports which were used for making current and future business decision Developed Stored Procedures to generate various Drill-through reports, Parameterized reports, Tabular reports and Matrix reports using SSRS.
  • Used table variables and Common Table Expressions (CTEs). Designed and developed report with running value, interactive sorting as well as conditional formatting.
  • Created sub-reports to present more detailed information about the summary.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012, Tableau 10, Oracle 11.2, Visual Studio 2015, MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2012, MS Excel, Windows 10.


Jr. Data Analyst / SQL Developer


  • Gathered and translated business requirements into detailed, production-level technical specifications, new features, and enhancements to existing technical business functionality.
  • Involved in developing Conceptual Data Model and conducted controlled brainstorming sessions with project focus groups.
  • Identified the Objects and relationships between the objects to develop a logical model and translated the model into physical model using Forward Engineering in ERWIN.
  • Conducted logical data model walkthroughs and validation.
  • Used Model Marts to understand different versions of data models existing in the system.
  • Involved in dimensional modeling in identifying the Facts and Dimensions and different hierarchies.
  • Used Erwin tool for relational database and dimensional data warehouse designs.
  • Created entity-relationship diagrams, functional decomposition diagrams and data flow diagrams.
  • Worked extensively on SQL querying using Joins, Alias, Functions, Triggers and Indexes.
  • Managed all indexing, debugging and query optimization techniques for performance tuning using T-SQL.
  • Created documentation and test cases, worked with users for new module enhancements and testing.
  • Understood existing data model and documented suspected design affecting the performance of the system.
  • Wrote and executed SQL queries to verify that data has been moved from transactional system to DSS, Data warehouse, data mart reporting system in accordance with requirements.
  • Thoroughly analyzed the data and integrated different data sources to process matching functions.
  • Tested the database to check field size validation, check constraints, stored procedures and cross verifying the field size defined within the application with metadata.

Environment: Erwin 7.2, SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), MS Excel, Windows XP.

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