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Lead Etl Dev/admin Integrator Resume

Austin, TX


  • 15+ years as Datastage Integrator providing interface solutions between SAP and diverse systems as Databases as Oracle and Informix, SFT servers, etcetera; also including support for fix errors on productions systems and developing interfaces from design, test, phases to implement on production systems
  • 12 year of experience for support and design of interfaces and process for XI/PI process and interfaces
  • 6 years of experiences as support lead for production integration systems


Idioms: Spanish as native language, English, Portuguese

Languages: Datastage, XI/P/POI, Informatica, Oracle, design integration process, develop scripts on Windows and Unix systems

Database: Oracle, Informix

OS: Windows, Unix

Other Tools: SQL Developer, ITIL

Methodologies: ITIL



Lead ETL Dev/Admin Integrator, Austin, TX


  • Develop fix and new interfaces for Mexico integration between SAP and No SAP system for 18 countries on LATAM
  • Develop of enhancements to get better performance for 150 Mexico and Caribbean interfaces using Datastage for LATAM
  • Develop of enhancements to get better performance for 250 interfaces using SAP XI/PI/PO for LATAM
  • Interfaces using IDOCs/Proxy/BAPIs
  • Connection with third part using webservices
  • Connection with third part using SFTP protocols
  • Perform fixes
  • Perform enhancements
  • Perform activities to improve performance
  • Control of documentations
  • Develop of interfaces for integration for projects on Pepsico
  • Developer activities
  • Analysis of requirements for interfaces and blue print
  • Develop of 200 interfaces to send information between SAP ECC system and 62 different No - SAP System
  • Develop of connections with CAS system using webservices
  • Develop of interfaces to adapt and manage XML files
  • Develop interfaces using especial SAP Plug in for Datastage
  • Develop of customer function modules to include complex transformation on interfaces
  • Develop interfaces using standard stages
  • Keep updated all documentation for interfaces using ITIL model
  • Perform fixes for jobs failing on Datastage
  • Perform analysis for adapt interfaces to new business rules
  • Perform enfacements to improve performance getting about 50% of reduction on running time
  • Ownership to have systems running on last version
  • Ownership for relationship with DataStage vendor for get annual licenses
  • Manage developers’ team ensuring high quality codes and apply best practices
  • Manage all documentation, technical and functional, for about 400 interfaces on LATAM
  • Ensure not disruption of interfaces service
  • Manage relationship with developers from vendors
  • Provide fast response on case of error and disruptions to recover interfaces services
  • Manage extend team for ABAP and WorkFlow
  • Manage the relationship with final users to ensure quality integration service
  • Ensure compliance with SOX controls for interfaces
  • Provide continuous monitoring process for proactive response in case of disruption
  • Ensure 7x24 support coordinating have always 1 resource to attend incidents
  • Provide feedback about performance for internal and external developers for DataSatage and XI
  • Manage offshore developers to commit with death lines for projects
  • Manage relationship with different support areas on Pepsico
  • Ensure full knowledge transfer from external and internal developer to support team for new interface or fixed applied
  • Ownership of all objects migrated from Develop and Quality environments to Production environments
  • Manage of offshore developers and support team on India and Brazil
  • Administrative task for Datastage:
  • Create/change/erase users
  • Assign roles
  • Provide audit controls
  • Install patches and upgrades
  • Install SAP plug in
  • Migration from version 7.5 to version 8.5
  • Migration from version 8.5 to version 11.5
  • Administration of access to Oracle databases
  • Administration of JDBC access
  • Administration of schedules
  • Administration of SAP system access
  • Recover Datastage when fail
  • Tuning of Datastage to improve performance by changing the uvodbc.config
  • Management of develops and process to move to productions
  • Ensure quality code
  • Ensure apply best practices
  • Ensure apply of institutional policies for naming conventions, file access, security, etc

Programming: Datastage, XI, PI, Informatica

Tools: DataStage 8.5, JAVA, ABAP, SQL, Databases, SFTP, Infosphere Data Integrator, SAP/R3, Word, Power Point, Windows.


Integration developer


  • Provide Support for production interfaces for sales and inventory systems using datastage as main ETL tool
  • Resolve issues, problems with users
  • Fix errors on delivered systems
  • Continuous improvement and enhancements for production systems
  • Ensure system ready for delivery sales plan every year
  • Support for merchandising buyer for Confidential
  • Support for credit area
  • Develop of interfaces to load data from sales system to CRM SAP system

Programming: Datastage

Tools: DataStage 8.5, SQL, Databases, SFTP, Word, Power Point, Windows.

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