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Ab Initio Developer Resume

Rolling Meadows, IL


  • 6+ years of experience in development, design and implementation with major focus on Data Warehousing, and Database Applications.
  • 5+ years of experience in design and development of data warehouse & business intelligence solutions using Ab Initio ETL tool.
  • Worked with various operational data sources like Flat files, Oracle, and SQL Server.
  • Strong knowledge of Data Warehousing concepts and Dimensional modeling like Star Schema and Snowflake Schema.
  • Worked closely with the business analysts to understand the requirements to develop better code.
  • Expertise in extracting data from multiple sources, data cleansing and validation based on business requirements.
  • Expertise in all components in the GDE of Ab Initio for creating, executing, testing and maintaining graphs in Ab Initio and experience with Ab Initio Co - operating System in application tuning and debugging strategies.
  • Strong Experience in working with AutoSys, Control-M.
  • Implemented parallelism using Ab Initio in Very Large Database Systems Environment.
  • Experienced in UNIX shell scripting.
  • Experience in EME - Creation of Project parameters, sandboxes and check in / out procedures and putting legacy applications into EME.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed well-tuned Ab Initio graphs (Generic and Custom) for UNIX environment. Experience in Testing (using Test Director).
  • Configured AB-Initio environment to connect to database using DB configuration file, Input Table, Output Table, and Update Table components
  • Effectively manage important projects and programs in fast-paced, time-critical environments.
  • Self-motivated and proactive leader with superb technical acumen and exemplary communication skills. Exceptional ability to create, implement and improve IT standards, policies, and procedures.


ETL Tools: Ab Initio GDE 3.2.6, Co>Operating System 3.2.5, Ab Initio BRE, Ab Initio Control center

Front End Tools: Autosys

Database: Oracle 11g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2008, DB2, MS Access, Teradata V2R6

Languages: C, SQL, PL/SQL

Scripting Tools: UNIX Shell scripting

Operating Systems: SUN Solaris 8.x, HP 11i, Linux

Version Control Tools: Tortoise SVN


Confidential, Rolling Meadows, IL

Ab Initio Developer


  • Understood the Business requirements based on Functional specification to design the ETL methodology in technical specifications.
  • Extensively worked on most commonly used components to complex components like Scan, Rollup, Assign Keys, Partition, Departition, Sort, Join, Reformat components etc.
  • Extensive experience with the Mainframe, DB2.
  • Created Ab initio graphs for Extracting, Transforming and Loading data in the DB2 tables.
  • Used tools JIRA for bug tracking and for tracking task activities.
  • Extensive experience in scheduling the Ab Initio deployed scripts using Control M.
  • Migrated the code from Dev server to Testing server and eventually to Production Server.
  • Used Web version of EME for comparing the Tags with older version and new version to see the code changes.
  • Used UNIX environment variables in various .ksh files, which comprises of specified locations to build Ab Initio Graphs.
  • Involved in quality assurance & bug fixing.
  • Monitored jobs in Control M.

Environment: Control-M 9.0.00, Teradata 16.00, GDE 3.2.6, Co>Operating system- Version 3.2.5, Mainframe, Db2, Unix, JIRA, Data Studio

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Ab Initio Developer


  • Worked as an ETL Developer in Ab Initio to create/enhance ETL flows from different sources and load into the target Teradata database.
  • MicroStrategy reports will be built on the table for the users to consume the data.
  • Confidential and Confidential OLTP system are built on Oracle database.
  • ETL process is created to pull the data from Oracle and load into the DataMart in Teradata system.
  • Used SQL tools like Teradata SQL Assistant to run SQL queries and validate the data loaded into the target tables. Developed Ab Initio graphs to load the data into the Teradata database.
  • Used tools JIRA for bug tracking and for tracking task activities.
  • Extensive experience in scheduling the Ab Initio deployed scripts using Control M.
  • Design team member for integrating batch and online architectures, define re-usable components, setting programming and naming conventions, assigning sub-tasks and give inputs and monitor scope/business/technical requirements.
  • Usage of Ab-Initio data profiler for data cleansing and analysis. Also using the same to analyze test output for making the data warehouse more robust by identifying highly secured information such as personal account information.
  • Usage of Ab Initio EME for dependency analysis and configuration management.
  • Performance tuning of Ab Initio Load processes. Participating in various data cleansing and data quality exercises.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts using SQL programs for daily and weekly data loads and involved in creating Database Configuration files (.dbc), used in transformations to extract data from different sources and load into target tables.
  • Responsible for optimizing performance time for the Ab Initio applications by implementing parallel processing, using look ups’, in-memory sort etc

Environment: Control-M, Teradata 15.0, SQL Plus, GDE 3.2.7, SVN 1.7.4, Oracle, Unix, JIRA

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Ab Initio Developer


  • Created wrapper scripts to execute the graphs. Incorporated features for restart ability and rollback in case of a failure.
  • Developed number of Ab Initio Graphs based on business requirements using various Ab Initio Component like reformat, rollup, join, scan, normalize, gather, replicate, merge etc.
  • Worked on Continuous flows and component folding.
  • Involved in development of the transformations (Filters, de-duping, Joins, reformat etc.) using Ab Initio ETL.
  • Involved in Ab Initio BRE to identify rulesets and mappings provided by business analysts.
  • Involved in Ab Initio Admin and all EME related operations.
  • Developed Unix shell scripts and PL/SQL programs for daily and monthly data loads.
  • Developed business object in accordance to clients' needs and requirements.
  • Involved in developing complex graphs based on the business requirement and writing wrapper scripts for the deployed scripts of those graphs.
  • Unit testing and end-to-end system testing of the entire application.
  • Responsible for cleansing the data from source systems using Ab Initio components such as reformat and filter by expression.
  • Extensive experience in scheduling the Ab Initio deployed scripts using Autosys.
  • Created.xfr and. dml files for various transformations and specifying the record format.
  • Used Ab Initio GDE to generate complex graphs for the ETL process using Join, Rollup and Reformat transform components and executed using Co>Operating System.
  • Developed plans and psets to impose reusable business restrictions and to improve the performance of the graph.
  • Involved in setting up of sandboxes and maintaining sandbox parameters.
  • Implemented Rollouts for Production Releases.

Environment: Ab Initio Version 3.2.2, Co>Operating System- Version 3.2.2., UNIX, Oracle 11g, Sybase IQ, SVN Tortoise.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Ab Initio Developer


  • Involved in software development life cycle by creating the high-level design to the detailed level design of the project.
  • Define the dataflow requirements, interpret the transformation rules for all target data objects and develop graphs to support the transformation, document technical specifications.
  • Used ETL tool Ab Initio to pull data from source systems, cleanse, transform, and load data into Oracle database.
  • Worked closely with the business team to get clear idea about the requirements.
  • Performed complex queries involving large data volumes.
  • Replicate operational tables, Transform and load data into Operational Data Store using Ab Initio GDE.
  • Development of complicated graphs with various Ab Initio components such as Join, Rollup, Lookup, Gather, Merge, sort andDedup sorted.
  • Converted user defined functions of business process into Ab Initio user defined functions.
  • Deploy, test and run the Ab Initio graph as executable UNIX shell scripts.
  • Modified the Ab Initio component parameters, utilize data parallelism and thereby improve the overall performance to fine-tune the execution times.
  • Developed and tested Ab Initio ETL applications for the warehouse application according to functional specifications using Ab Initio, UNIX korn shell scripts.
  • Performed unit testing, integrating testing, regression testing and system testing for applications.

Environment: Ab Initio GDE 3.0.0, Co >Operating System, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Sun Solaris, UNIX Shell Scripts, Microsoft windows XP.


Ab Initio Developer


  • Developed number of Ab Initio Graphs based on business requirements using various Ab Initio Component like Filter by Expression, Partition by Expression, Partition by round robin, reformat, rollup, join, scan, normalize, gather, replicate, merge etc
  • Worked with Partition components like partition by key, partition by Expression. Efficient use of Multi files system, which comes under Data Parallelism
  • Interacting with Business users to understand each Interface in detail
  • Creating and implementing Autosys Ops Console to create, modify and to automate the process
  • Writing the wrapper scripts (sftp scripts, emailing, zero-byte file size) for housekeeping
  • Responsible for cleansing the data from source systems using Ab Initio components such as reformat and filter by expression.
  • 4 way multi file system was implemented to partition the data and various operations were run in parallel on the partitioned data.
  • Used Reverse Engineering to Connect to existing database and create graphical representation (E-R diagram).
  • Used Graphical Entity-Relationship Diagramming to create new database design via easy to use, graphical interface.
  • Involved in Logical and Physical Designs and transforms logical models into physical implementations
  • A generic wrapper script was designed to initialize variables, run the graphs , and perform error handling routines. The wrapper script will be started by a JCL job. The wrapper script will execute a number of pre-steps before using a control file to drive the execution of graphs.
  • Loaded the fact and dimension tables focused on performance.
  • Code review and necessary modifications where ever it’s applicable.

Environment : Ab Initio Version3.1.4, Co>Operating System, UNIX, Mainframe, Oracle 10g, Toad.

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