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Lead Developer (avp) Resume

San Diego, CA


  • Results driven and performance - oriented Lead/Sr. Professional with extensive, diverse experience delivering Data Warehousing, Data Analysis, ETL, Data Modelling and Business Intelligence implementations.
  • Strong individual contributor and team player with excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Extensive experience in Informatica PowerCenter 10/9x/ 8.6.1/8.6/8.5/8.1/8.0/7.1/ (Source Analyzer, Mapping/Mapplet Designers and Transformation Developer, Workflow Manager and Monitor, Administration Console).
  • Extensively worked on various Informatica PowerCenter Transformations such as Source Qualifier, Aggregator, Lookup, Filter, Expression, Router, Normalizer, Joiner, Update Strategy, Stored Procedure, Sorter, Sequence Generator, Union, XML.
  • Strong working knowledge of SQL Server Integration Service tools (SSIS) and Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS).
  • Extensive experience in Informatica error handling and problem solving.
  • Proven experience with Installation, Configuration and Administration of Informatica PowerCenter 8.6/8/5/8.1 on Windows 2003 and AIX 5.3. Successfully configured Power Exchange, Data Analyzer and Data Profiling for Informatica.
  • Understanding of Data warehouse concepts such as Dimensional Data Modeling, Star/Snowflake schema, FACT & Dimensions tables, Physical & Logical data modeling.
  • Actively involved in full life cycle implementation (SDLC) of Data Warehousing.
  • Extensive experience utilizing Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8, IBM DB2 UDB 9.2/8.0, MS SQL Server 2012/2008/2005/2000 , SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, SSIS, SQL Plus, XML, SQL Loader and Developer 2000 in Windows 2003/2000/98/95/3. x, Windows NT 4.0, AIX 5.3 and LINUX environments.
  • Skills writing UNIX Shell/Windows batch/Perl scripts and SQL - PL/SQL Scripts for stored procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers.
  • Skills in Programming languages and Web Technologies such as Python, Perl, C, C++, HTML
  • Experience working on projects using Agile and Waterfall methodologies.


ETL / BI: Informatica PowerCenter 10/9x/ 8.6/8.5/8.1/7.1/6.2 , SSIS, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS), Microstrategy 9/8, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau

Database / Modelling Tools: Oracle Exadata, Netezza Twinfin, Netezza Performance Server, Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i/7.x, IBM DB2 8.0/7.0, MS SQL Server 2016/ 2012/2008/2005/2000 , MySQL, DBVisualiser, WinSQL, Aqua Data Studio 4.7, TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer, SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio)

Big Data/Cloud: IICS (Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services), AWS Concepts, Python

SQL, PL/SQL, T: SQL, Python, Unix Shell Scripting/ Windows Batch scripting, C/C++, HTML

Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/00/XP, Windows Vista/10, AIX, LINUX


Confidential, San Diego, CA

Lead Developer (AVP)


  • Worked closely with fellow tech leads and managers and provided technical leadership on various fast paced projects and delivered them in a timely fashion.
  • Managed estimations; Managed teams of onshore and offshore developers and coordinated their developmental tasks to code, test, install, and modify various Data integration implementations.
  • Engaged in process improvements of existing processes/systems and ensured new development adheres to established standards and practices.
  • Slashed development time by 75% by automating a critical revenue generating administrative process for on-boarding new Sponsors and products onto LPL platforms; making for much faster turnaround times.
  • Took ownership of several technology programs becoming POC for related issue resolutions and enhancements to support groups and business partners most recent being the Consolidated Regulatory Reporting and Sponsor On-boarding programs.
  • Adept at breaking apart, understanding and maintaining orphan code. Assumed responsibilities for a number of processes left behind by subject matter experts; created documentation and promoted inter-team understanding of these in order that they may be easily supported in the future. Responded to a number of compliance issues needing immediate technology attention and achieved timely resolution while being engaged to other project work.
  • Asserted the need for process and support documentation and led by example by creating elaborate support documentation providing understanding of overall system and associated processes. Educated support groups through collaboration on issue resolutions and knowledge sharing; making it increasingly easier for them to identify and troubleshoot future issues; making for smoother handoff.

Sr. ETL Consultant / Sr. Developer



  • Worked on various enterprise wide projects and production defects in my capacity as a senior ETL developer.
  • Mentored junior and offshore developers and led them into developing testing and rolling out code for various projects.
  • Took reins of a large data warehouse project in absence of the tech lead at the time and achieved a successful production.
  • Worked closely with team leads and managers and provided technical leadership on various fast paced projects and assignments and delivered them in a timely manner.
  • Designed and developed various ETL processes using Informatica, SQL stored procedures, Windows batch scripts and Data Integration Scheduler (an in-house job scheduling tool) for tasks such as Data migration and loading, File FTP, parsing and loading, creating daily, weekly, monthly and custom job schedules, accepting from and sending files and reports to third party vendors etc.
  • Utilized DIS scheduling tool to automate Informatica workflows, execute stored procedures and batch scripts, copy tables and files between databases and servers and deploying FTP file transfers.
  • Collaborated with production support, release management and project management for Change control implementation and daily, monthly releases and reruns and manual production fixes. Created production support documentation to aid production support group in monitoring jobs and troubleshooting failures.
  • Created Informatica processes to read, cleanse, format, sort, aggregate, filter and streamline data from fixed and delimited files and RDBMS tables into files extracts, RDBMS tables and reports. Performed unit and integration tests and created related documentation
  • Used Informatica debugger tool for code unit testing and troubleshooting.

Environment: SQL Server 2016/2012/2008 , Informatica 10.2/9.6/9.1/8.6/8.5 , Oracle 12c, Oracle Exadata, C#, Proprietary Job Scheduling Tool (DIS)

Confidential, Rockville, MD

Sr. ETL Consultant


  • Involved in data analysis, ETL process design, development and support of engagement project.
  • Designed and developed initial and incremental processes with use of SQL, Unix scripts and Informatica for member engagement
  • Actively participated in technical process improvement sessions for ctg process flow. Improvised logic flow and reduced timeline for daily incremental data pull by as many as 15 minutes.
  • Worked as a senior Informatica developer on the customer relationship management initiative.
  • Worked with off-shore team for technical requirement review sessions and bug fixes.
  • Implemented Informatica processes to extract transform and load data from DB2 database and Flat files into Netezza and Oracle databases
  • Created reusable lookups, expressions, functions and worklets for global use.
  • Utilized user defined mapping and workflow parameters and varibles for passing values between sessions for continual sequence generation between sessions. Used session parameters for code portability and ease of migration.
  • Utilized Informatica repository queries and debugging tool for unit testing and documentation of mappings.
  • Achieved dependent workflow execution in Informatica through event wait and event raise tasks.
  • Provided UAT/Production support and performed data and code migrations.

Sr. ETL Consultant



  • Utilized PowerCenter 8.6 to convert Informatica mappings, sessions, workflows into Netezza compatible processes. Unit and Integration testing of converted processes.
  • Participating in defining and implementing Informatica standards and practices
  • Participating as a team member in defining and designing data extract, transform and load strategies.
  • Created and executed test cases for converted mappings.
  • Parameterized Informatica environment for ease of testing, migration and environment independence.
  • Extensively utilized Informatica debugger for unit testing and bug fixing of converted Informatica mappings.
  • Used Informatica PowerExchance to pull data from DB2 and Netezza and load data into Netezza Datawarehouse.
  • Provided UAT/Production support and performed data and code migrations.
  • Utilizing UNIX scripting for PRE/POST processes and data migration from Oracle to Netezza. Created shell scripts for log cleanup and flat file archieving on Informatica server
  • Worked on converting and testing SCD type 2 dimension mappings
  • Utilized stored procedure transformation to execute oracle stored procedures in Informatica.
  • Implemented folder and object shortcuts.

Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 9.0.1/8.6.1 , Netezza Twinfin NPS 5.0.8, DB2 9.2, Oracle 10g, AIX 5.3 64-bit, LINUX, Erwin, Unix Shell scripts and Microstrategy 8/9

Confidential, Owings Mills, MD

Sr. ETL Developer


  • Utilize Informatica Power Center to upgrade existing ODS and Data Marts.
  • Read and analyze upgrade documentation for various data mart upgrades and implement these upgrades using informatica.
  • Upgrade informatica mappings, sessions and workflows. Unit test upgraded code and verify the results against the old code to make sure they are consistent
  • Working with Database, Unix and Informatica administrators to facilitate database table truncation, parameter file upgrades and informatica code migrations.
  • Documenting unit and regression test results and raise tickets for code migration for integration testing while ensuring timely delivery
  • Unit, Integration and System test upgraded code.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6/8.6.1, DB2 9.2, Oracle 9i/10g, AIX 5.3 64-bit, Mercury Quality Center, and Unix Shell scripts, Mainframe, Microstrategy 9

Confidential, Brea, CA

Sr. Informatica Developer/Administrator


  • Assisted in Business requirements gathering, Data discovery and Analysis.
  • Participated in the full lifecycle of ETL software development - analysis, design, build, documentation and testing. Involved in designing overall ETL Architecture and Data Flow
  • Worked with source system owners to identify data source based on business requirements. Responsible for designing and developing mapping and ETL logic to integrate data into the datawarehouse.
  • Worked closely with DBAs, system administrators and network administrators to set up hardware and database for Informatica and to ensure the firewalls are properly configured to allow traffic between Informatica repository, integration and client servers.
  • Performed installation and configuration of Informatica PowerCenter 8.5.1 on Windows 2000 and AIX 64 bit Operating Systems. Administered Informatica environment. Created users and groups, configured profiles and privileges. Configured folders and folder security. Configured shared folders for re-usable objects.
  • Parameterized Informatica service account user configuration files (.profile) on AIX to make for cleaner migrations between Informatica DEV, QA and PROD servers.
  • Wrote UNIX shell scripts for taking regular repository backups, deleting old logs and backups to preserve server space, executing dependent jobs sequentially, getting source/target rowcounts from oracle, db2 and Netezza databases and executing SQL files to ensure data loads.
  • Designed and deployed Audit and Audit reconciliation processes for daily, weekly and monthly loads. Utilized mapping and mapplet shortcuts to in corporate audits into new and existing mappings.
  • Extensively utilized mapping parameters and session variables to leverage singular processes to do full and incremental loads on given tables thereby greatly reducing number of mappings created for daily and full loads. Used Parameter Files to make test loads and emergency production fixes flexible and hassle free.
  • Created Informatica processes for data loads from OLTP dbs like Oracle8i/9i/10g, sql server, DB2, Netezza, Flat Files, Excel files and Mainframe into stage and Datawarehouse tables. Utilized object shortcuts for breezy development and maintenance of ETL processes.
  • Performed by Object and By Folder ETL code migrations between DEV, QA and PROD repositories using Repository Manager.
  • Worked extensively at troubleshooting Informatica data loads into Oracle, DB2 and Netezza databases. Performed Netezza Admin tasks such as creating Netezza databases, users, groups and assigning privileges at user and group level.
  • Worked on as many as four different projects simultaneously.
  • Creating and executing test cases for Informatica mappings. Documenting ETL design and test results. Creating and maintaining Technical Design documentation.
  • Designed and deployed enhancement ETL processes to monitor daily and weekly loads and send out error notifications. Devised strategy to reestablish source/target shortcut s to newer objects.
  • Created and configured Informatica Data Profiling. Defining scope for profiling source data, creating and testing profile jobs and generating Profile reports.
  • Utilized Workflow manager and monitor for creating and managing Relational, Netezza and FTP connections and workflow monitoring. Utilized Tivoli job scheduler for scheduling jobs.
  • Created Metadata Reporting Service against Repository and Profile Warehouse to enable Managers and Users to generate Profile and Metadata reports.
  • Educate and mentor junior developers on Informatica environment best practices and troubleshooting.
  • Fine-tuned ETL mappings by identifying performance bottlenecks and deploying established solutions. Used Session Partitioning to speed up data reads and reduce load times.
  • Wrote and executed complex SQL queries involving multiple table joins using DB Visualizer and Aqua Data Studio for Data Validation, clearly documenting results.
  • Provided On-Call Production Support for daily and weekly data loads.

Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 8.5.1/8.6.0/8.6.1 , Netezza 4.5.2, DB2 9.2, Oracle 8i/9i, SQL Server 2000, AIX 5.3 64-bit, Windows Server 2000, LINUX, Erwin 4.1, Unix Shell scripts, Tivoli, Microstrategy 8

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