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Informatica Resume

San, JosE

Professional Summary:
Over 6 years of experience in Software Developer lifecycle in different phases of the software development includes Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Administration, Installation, Configuration and Application Support with domain expertise in Financial, Government, Technology, Automotive and Entertainment, Sales and Marketing sectors.

  • Extensive Business Intelligence experience using Oracle OBIEE 10.1.3.x, Siebel Analytics 7.x and Informatica 8.X/7.x/6.x.
  • Very strong experience in developing Siebel Analytics Repository (.rpd) at three layers (Physical Layer, Business Model & Presentation Layer), Time Series Objects, Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities using page and dashboard prompts, Siebel Security Setup (groups, object and data level), LDAP, External Tables, configured Analytics Metadata objects (Subject Area, Table, Column), Web Catalog Objects (Dashboard, Pages, Folders, Reports) and scheduling iBots.
  • Experience in Designing Informatica logic for SDE, SIL Mappings and Workflows, DAC Subject areas and Execution plans.
  • Proficient in Database analysis, Performance tuning, Requirement analysis, Data Migration, ETL development, Forms/Reports Development, Repository (RPD) and Reports development, Dashboard Creation and Unit Testing.
  • Proficient in Gathering Business Users Requirements, Functional and technical specifications, Data modeling, High level and low level detail design specifications, Coding, Support, Administration and Testing in multi-tier applications with main focus on Database environment.
  • Strong Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and Oracle database skills to assist with an ongoing project comprising OBIEE infrastructure and installation analysis and tuning, OBIEE design, implementation and administration with OBIEE setup, architecture, design,
  • Proficient in Dimensional Modeling - Star and Snowflake Schemas and in full life cycle development of Data Warehouse including Dimensional Modeling, ETL strategies and Reporting
  • Experience in all components of OBIEE like DAC, Informatica, Business Modeling, and Reporting structure Modeling & Report Building, Dashboards and Oracle Answers
  • Proficient in Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/7.x, MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, DB2, Flat Files Teradata and Sybase database and extensive hands on experience with Indexing, Views, Materialized views, Constraints, Triggers, Stored Procedures/Functions/Packages, Forms 10g/9i/6i/4.5, Reports 10g/9i/6i, Pro*C, SQL NavigatorTOAD and Quest tools.
  • Experienced in working with utilities like SQL*Loader, External Tables, Import, Export, extract and load large volume of data.
  • Experience in Tuning SQL queries and PL/SQL code to refine database design to improve system response time and efficiency.
  • Strong problem solving, analytical skills, good verbal, written communication and presentation skills and ability to work in a time-constrained and team-oriented environment.

Skill set:
OBIEE, BI/XML Publisher, Hyperion Essbase, and Data Stage and WebCenter, BEA Aqualogic, Oracle EBS, ETL, RPD, PeopleSoft, Informatica (Power Center 8.6/ 8.1.1/ 7.1.4), DAC (7.9.4, 7.9.5, 7.9.6 and, Oracle Business Intelligence EE (OBIEE), Oracle BI Apps 7.9.4/7.9.5/7.9.6 & Siebel Analytics (7.8), Oracle 9i/10g/11g, SQL Server2000/2005, Shell Scripting, JAVA, MS SQL Server, Teradata v2r4, Java Script, C++ and XML J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Struts, EJB, MS Windows XP/NT/2000/98, Linux, UNIX (Solaris/ AIX/ HP) HTML DHTML, Dream Weaver, JSP, IIS, OC4J, Tomcat, PVCS, Oracle Designer, Forms, Reports, SQL *Loader, VSS, TOAD, Windows and UNIX.

Professional Experience:

Confidential,San Jose Jun 10 - Aug 10
Role: Informatica /OBIEE Developer
Technical Environment:
OBIEE, Informatica 8.6.1, Informatica On Demand,Oracle EBS 11.5.10,Sales Force,Falt Files,Oracle10g Database.
Project Description:
Worked as a Informatica/OBIEE Developer and assisted the team in performing the installations and configurations of ETL(informatica 8.6.1) , OBIEE and replicating the data from Salesforce Sand Box.


  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Informatica Power Center Client , Server(8.6.1) and OBIEE
  • Studying the existing application architecture, designing and identifying the reporting requirements and prepare the requirements specifications document. This involved interacting with the business users and understanding the requirements.
  • Extracted data from various source systems like relational data bases, Flat files and

Data into the data warehouse using Informatica OnDemand.

  • Extensively used the Informatica On Demand for Replicating the Data from Salesforce SandBox to local Database.
  • Prototyping, Testing and Validating repository and Dimensions.
  • Developed new Adopters using Informatica 8.6.1,Complete end to end Development.
  • Extensively worked in developing and configuring Facts mappings and Dimension mappings for the generating data in datawarehouse.
  • Created reusable transformations and Mapplets and used them in mappings.
  • Analyzed reporting requirements for dashboard reports.
  • Custom built OBIEE repository (RPD) from the scratch.
  • Performed high level and detailed design of the star schema as well as the reporting metadata.
  • Created the custom Fact and Dimension tables for Analytics (OBIEE)
  • Complete responsible for preparing the END to END Document for this POC.
  • Migrating the Total Environment from Development to Production.

Confidential,TX Jan 09 - May 10
Role:Informatica Developer/Seibel Analyticss

Technical Environment:
OBIEE, Informatica 8.1.1, OBIA 7.9.5, DAC, Oracle EBS 11.5.10, Solaris, Oracle 10g Database.
Project Description:
Confidential, based in Houston TX, manufactures Coolers. Igloo has built its name as the most Recognized brand in coolers since originating the category in 1947. Igloo has Oracle EBS 11.5.10 along with Oracle BI Application 7.9.4 implemented Supply Chain Analytics.


  • Extensively involved in interacting with Business Analyst, Team Lead to gather requirements
  • Responsible for Business Analysis and Requirements Collection
  • Used the Siebel Analytics Administration tool to develop and enhance meta-data
  • Build new Subject Areas, Fact, Dimensions and Hierarchies.
  • Prototyping, Testing and Validating repository and Dimensions.
  • Worked extensively with Physical Layer, Business Layer and Presentation Layer.
  • Created numerous executive level reports. ‘Dashboards’ were generated to provide insight into the sales/marketing/financial data.
  • Designed Schema/Diagrams using Fact, Dimensions, Physical, Logical, Alias and Extension tables.
  • Created different types of Customized Reports (Drilldown, Aggregation) to meet client requirements.
  • Built Business model and established relationships & Foreign Keys (Physical & Logical) between tables.
  • Designed Sources to Targets mapping from primarily Flat files to Oracle using Informatica PowerCenter.
  • Coordinating with source system owners, day-to-day ETL progress monitoring, Data warehouse target schema Design (Star Schema) and maintenance.
  • Worked on Informatica Power Center 6.2 tool - Source Analyzer, Data warehousing designer, Mapping Designer & Mapplets, and Transformations.
  • Mapplets and Reusable Transformations were used to prevent redundancy of transformation usage and maintainability.
  • Troubleshoot problems by checking sessions and error logs. Also used debugger for complex problem troubleshooting.
  • Tuning Informatica Mappings and Sessions for optimum performance.

Confidential,VA May 08 - Dec 08
Role: Informatica /OBIEE Developer

Technical Environment:
OBIEE Informatica 7.1.4, DAC 7.9.2, Siebel 7.8, SQL Server 2005
Project Description:
I was part of the team consisting of 4 members working on a project CFA (Real Time Decisions). We were supposed to create the mappings in Informatica and build an Repository in OBIEE, Created new dashboards/reports in Answers. I have worked on creating both TEST/PROD/DEV environments as per project requirements.

Designed and implemented Physical and Logical Star Schemas/Diagrams for Marketing and Service Requests (Custom Service Request Fact).
Implemented External Authentication & Authorization, Custom Security model.
Defined and created Initialization Blocks, Repository and Session arts, Column Selector, etc using Answers.
Designed Dashboards and Reports for Tracking Service Request Weekly Status and Overall Status Percentage.

  • Used Guided Navigation Links and customized reports for additional views and interactive/ drillable charts.
  • Created new dashboards/reports and made recommendations to report layout with reference to table, narrative, pivot, chart views in OBIEE Answers and embedded them into new/existing dashboards pages.
  • Created users, groups and assigned different dashboards as per the data visibility defined by the client.

Involved in Performance Tuning of oracle Database along with DBA
Implemented Usage Tracking to determine query statics to a database
Closely involved in requirements gathering and gap analysis.

Confidential,LAS VEGAS,NV Jan 07 - Apr 08
Role: Informatica/DAC/OBIEE Developer

Technical Environment:
Oracle 10g (rel.2), OBIEE, Informatica ETL, DAC, PL/SQL 10g, Windows, UNIX, TOAD

Project Description:
Confidential,is a part of the inspired gaming group that deals with public space gaming and entertainment products. They provide a large quantity of the new coin operated products in leisure venues. The system developed is to accept transaction messages for each terminal that have been sent to the holding area of the database via MQ messaging. The application developed would extract the messages at regular time intervals and transform the data based on the transaction type. The system then loads the result messages into the tactical reporting repository. These servers are sources for content download and update of new versions of various games on each terminal. This project is to develop high level reporting application to show the frequency of content download and updates per terminal over a time period. I was responsible for developing the PL/SQL package that would create the summaries to calculate the requirements also using MERGE statements to perform the warehouse updates and created reporting views that the reports would be built upon.


  • Requirement Gathering, functional and technical specifications and writing requirements and interface with end users
  • Worked with the Business analysts and the DBA for requirements gathering, business analysis, and testing and project coordination.
  • Lead Dimensional and Fact modeling team for building the OBIEE Reports.
  • Identified and tracked the slowly changing dimensions, heterogeneous Sources and determined the hierarchies in dimensions.
  • Created repositories, users and privileges using Informatica Power Center.
  • Created complex mappings and mapplets using Informatica power center designer 6.1/7.1.
  • Worked very extensively on transformations like Lookup, Aggregator, Router, Joiner.
  • Responsible for monitoring all the sessions that are running, scheduled, completed and failed
  • Build ad-hoc reports/excel downloads, using OBIEE Answers, from a set of contacts based upon a wide variety of filters and complex conditions.
  • Develop reports and dashboards in at least two industry leading OLAP/Analytics (OBIEE) packages.
  • Tuned Informatica Mappings, Sessions and SQL queries for better performance
  • Design and create reports using Oracle OBIEE Answers and Perform unit testing and integration testing of the reports and dashboards.
  • Update the OBIEE repository (physical, business model, and presentation layers).
  • Design and create the dashboard pages for displaying the reports.
  • Configured facts, dimensions and Hierarchies.
  • Implemented reporting cache to faster response time.
  • Created reusable transformations and Mapplets and used them in mappings.
  • Used Transformation Language functions in the mappings to produce the desired results.
  • .Create, test and run queries using SQL.
  • Assist in preparing reports and presentations for client

Confidential,CT Jun 05 - Dec 06
Role:Jr. Oracle Business Intelligence Consultant

Technical Environment:
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) EE 10.x, Siebel Analytics 7.x, Oracle 9i/10g, Toad, Informatica, Linux .

Project Description:
Confidential,is the world\'s leading document management technology and services enterprise. The zest of the project was Tracking Analytics Applications. With this project, Xerox advanced from Excel based reporting to OBIEE Reporting, achieving better performance and successfully reconciling collections to billing data.

  • Involved in the full life cycle implementation of Invoices Tracking Analytics Application used by Accounting Team to monitor the invoices made to Point-of-Sale (POS) customers, Commercial / Business customers and third-parties.
  • Worked closely with the business users to identify various KPI\'s and designed solutions to enhance business decision-making.
  • Interacted with Billing and Account Receivables Subject Matter Experts (SME), Stake Holders, Business Analysts and Key Business Users in gathering the Analytics / Reports Requirements.
  • Participated in the installation and configuration of Oracle BI EE 10.x in the windows as well as the Linux environment.
  • Developed the repository model for the different work streams with the necessary logic that involved creating the Physical, BMM and the Presentation layer. Also created hierarchies, variables, and event poll strategies in the repository.
  • Developed Dashboards / Reports using different Views (Pivot Table, Chart and Column Selector), with drill-down and drill across capabilities, guided navigation and dashboard and page prompts.
  • Performance Tuning using optimization efforts such as re-organizing the data, aggregate navigation, Cache Management, indexes, Oracle materialized views and reports changes.
  • Involved in Reconciliation Process Oracle BI Reports output with Excel Reports.
  • Extensively used Informatica Client Tools – Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Transformation Developer, Mapping Designer, Mapplet Designer, and Informatica Repository.
  • Worked with ETL Team for enhancement to Facts / Dimensions in developing the Initial and Incremental ETL process.

Confidential,Phoenix, AZ Jul 04 - May 05
Role:Informatica/DAC/OBIEE Developer

Technical Environment:
OBIEE v10.1.3.4, Windows 2003 Server, Oracle 11g/10g Database, Informatica 8.6.0, OBIA v7.9.6, DAC, Oracle EBS 11.5.10,Siebel CRM

Project Description:
One of the world\'s largest global distributors of electronic parts, enterprise Computing and storage
products and embedded subsystems, Avnet provides a vital link in the Technology supply chain and
Design-chain services, logistics solutions, product assembly, device programming computer system
configuration and integration, and technical seminars to its all in one core distribution services.

  • Analyzed current existing (WMS) reporting requirements.
  • Involved in OBIEE infrastructure and installation setup, foundation architecture (repository and catalogue setup, security configuration etc).
  • Analyzed reporting requirements for dashboard reports.
  • Custom built the OBIEE repository (RPD) from the scratch.
  • Performed high level and detailed design of the star schema as well as the reporting metadata.
  • Created the custom Fact and Dimension tables for Analytics (OBIEE)
  • Implemented security by creating users & web groups, setting up External Table Authentication, creating Session Variables and Initialization Blocks and associating catalog objects and Web modules with the created groups.
  • Translating business rules and functional requirements into ETL procedures using Informatica Power Center.
  • Performed Performance Tuning of Dashboards / Reports by aggregate navigation, cache management, Oracle materialized views and making changes to reports.
  • Redesigned the application stored procedure to return data to the ESB in multiple sub record sets, thus cutting down response times by 40%.
  • Performed data analysis and standardization on client data using complex SQL queries.
  • Designed and configured ETL mappings using Informatica tool from the Siebel application.
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Informatica Power Center Client and Server.
  • Configured Oracle BI DAC to perform full/incremental data loads.
  • Designed and developed Frontend dashboards and reports by incorporating complex business rules.
  • Involved in Performance Tuning of oracle Database along with DBA
  • Worked with Business Analysts in formalizing the User Requirements and report layouts.
  • Involved in development, documentation, testing phases and knowledge transfer of the project.

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