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Bioinformatics Resume

Boston, MA

Objective To secure a full time position in Bioinformatics .

Masters of Science in Bioinformatics
Masters of Science in Genetics
Bachelors of Science in Microbiology, Genetics, Chemistry

Computer Skills

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac, Linux, Unix
  • Office: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel
  • DBMS, Perl, PostgreSQL, HTML, XML, Geneious, SPSS, MATLAB,Yasara
  • Projects
    Estimating Distances between sequences by Maximum Likelihood The PAM evolutionary distances between the two amino acid sequences Spinach- Rice, Spinach-Mosquito, Spinach-Monkey and Spinach-Human was found using the software MATLAB. The Mutation Likelihood plots and PAM distance scores were obtained in each case. The sequences of human and spinach are found to be closer than the sequences of monkey and spinach.
    Pathway Analysis of P.aeruginosa in Cystic Fibrosis Patients
    Worked in Prof . Kim Lewis ‘s lab AntiMicrobial Discovery Centre at Northeastern University. Researched various data visualization tools. Utilized kegg tools and Prodonet 9.12 to obtain the list of metabolic pathways for the high persister mutants from eight different CF patients.Drawn comparisons to analyze the SNPs that are involved in the same metabolic subpathway in the overall pathway.Studied gene-gene interactions in Prodonet and found that GlyA1, GcvT2, GuaB, PA0065, PurF, PykA were essentially contributing to this disorder.

    Work Experience
    Confidential,Boston, MA
    Bioinformatics Research Co-op Summer 2011

  • Researched on how bad are the consequences of missense variations in causing disease. Obtained Condel scores from Ensembl variation database for a list of variants.
  • Accomplished analysis of whole genome utilizing PLINK for Identity by descent and Inbreeding coefficients writing Perl scripts.
  • Accomplished GWAS using King tool for getting kinship scores. Drawn comparison between PLINK and King tools and found that the King tool is more efficient.
  • Wrote Perl script to obtain the list of genes that are least probable in different types of statistical tests performed for updating company’s tools.
  • Wrote Perl script to obtain Phastcons scores for a list of variants matching with those in the UCSC genome browser.Wrote Perl script to get the variant sites overlapping with the allele coordinates of miRNA’s downloaded from miRBase database .
  • Wrote Perl script to parse out the number of drug responders and non responders with one or two variants for each gene in a sorted list of genes with different patterns of variants for 25 responders and 25 non responders respectively.
  • Automated Pubmed searches by writing a Perl script.
  • Developed Circos genome data visualization tool for Cancer utilizing JavaFX in Netbeans IDE. Also, queried company’s internal database to obtain 1000 Genomes genotypes using Perl.
  • Confidential,Boston,
    Advanced Notetaker, DRC January 2010-Dec 2010

    • Maintained thorough and neat notes for the disabled students.

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