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Hyperion Architect Resume

Westborough, MA


  • Over 7 years of IT experience with visible achievements in application design, analysis and software development and Administration.
  • About 5 years of experience in Hyperion Performance Suite.
  • Expertise in Hyperion 11, Implementation, Design and Development.
  • Expertise with Hyperion OLAP cubes, Essbase, Planning.
  • Expertise in Implementing Hyperion Life Cycle Management for Migration.
  • Expertise in Hyperion System 9, AAS, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning, Financial Reporting, Hyperion Workspace, Hyperion Financial Management, Broadcast Servers, java-script, EIS coding, testing and debugging.
  • Expertise in implementing end-to-end application solutions, systems life cycle and project management methodologies.
  • Over 3 years of experience with Oracle on Windows and UNIX environments, in designing, developing and maintaining databases. Hands on experience in installation/ upgrading, performance tuning, and space management and backup recovery of databases.
  • Strong experience in SQL, PL/SQL, stored procedures, functions and triggers, including joins, indexes, temporary tables, table size and cursors. Hands on experience in Performance tuning, space management and backup and recovery of databases.

Skill Summary

Languages: C/C++, Java Script, Visual Basic, HAL, Essbase Calc Scripts, Esscmd
Reporting Tools: Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Analytic Services, Hyperion Financial Reporting/BRIO, Web analysis, Hyperion Workspace, Hyperion Shared services, Hyperion Analyzer, Hyperion Dash board builder, Hyperion Performance Suite 6.x/8.x/9x.
Databases: Oracle 10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005, Essbase.
Systems: Windows 98/00, NT, XP, UNIX.
Tools: Win runner.

Project Details:

Client: Confidential,Westborough, MA (April 2009 – Present)
Role: Hyperion Architect

Designed and Developed the entire architecture of Hyperion Planning, Essbase on version and upgraded there Production and QA environments to Modified there existing model, designed and developed the Calculation Scripts, Report scripts and Maxl Scripts. Redesigned their entire architecture so as to improve the permanence of their existing environment. Modified the existing Member variables and Member formulas in the Planning and Essbase. Recreated all the Business rules and assigned them in a sequence so that the users can run the sequences instead of the Scripts itself. Had suggested the changes to their existing process in implementation of their Forecast and Budget Models. Identified the requirement of the Data Forms and created them and assigned security as per the user role based on the SOX standards. All the QA and Production Architecture has been designed as per the SOX standards.


  • Worked on architecture of Hyperion Planning, Essbase, Web Analysis and Financial Reporting.
  • Experience with the writing the Calc Scripts, Maxl Scripts and Report Scripts
  • Worked extensively on the Planning on Custom Dimensions and writing member formulas to run them as Dynamic Members.
  • Worked extensively on the Budgeting on Forecasting models and suggested changes to the existing process.
  • Worked extensively with the configuration of the Hyperion Products and stabilize the environments with use of third party tools.
  • Worked on optimization cubes and changing the Essbase.cfg settings to give the optimized results.
  • Worked with the Business rules and to generate runtime prompts at the time of execution.
  • Worked with Business rule sequences and modified the locations in the Business rules so that user can run the series of the rules in a sequence and produce the output as desired.
  • Worked on Automation of Data Loads into the Planning and Essbase. Automation of the data loads are done by means of the Maxl scripts and Batch scripts.
  • Scheduled the data loads to launch at a desired time as per the requirement.
  • Defragmentation of Data base using the Maxl scripts so as to improve the performance of the OLAP Cubes.
  • Worked with the Data base schemas on the SQL server for the Planning and BI+. Modification of tables to change the functionality and solve any kind of issues if there is a problem from back end.
  • Created scripts for error tracking during the data loads and during the automation process.
  • Worked on optimization of the web server ( WebLogic and Tomcat)
  • Worked extensively with user securities using shared services.
  • Experience in Configuring Shared services to MSAD so as to have a single sign on to all users.

ENVIRONMENT: Hyperion Fusion Edition, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Workspace, Hyperion Shared services, Essbase, SQL 2005 and Windows 2003.

Client: Confidential,Philadelphia, PA (October 2007 – April 2009)
Role: Hyperion Architect

Supported Hyperion planning and HFM application and performed numerous duties related creating dimensions through planning, refreshing planning through planning desktop, designing web forms, creating reports. Performed Hyperion administration, Hyperion Workspace setup, Shared services Setup, Creating report books and scheduling jobs, creating groups and managing user access, creating dimension security, production support for Planning web forms, Financial reporting and Hyperion Essbase. Sole technical resource for multiple System 9 Hyperion product instances: Financial Management, Planning, Essbase, Shared Services and Financial Reporting. Managed all day-to-day technical aspects of global Hyperion environments: Technical Support, End-User Support, Environment Optimization, Product Updates/Patching, Utilities, and Application Copies/Backups.


  • Worked on architecture of Hyperion Workspace and shared services related to groups and security.
  • Configured Hyperion Workspace and related components.
  • Hands on experience with Configuring Shared Services with MSAD and LDAP directory.
  • Scheduled and administer Hyperion Financial reporting jobs to run on the Broadcast Server.
  • Hands on experience with Migration Hyperion 9.X.
  • Created report books and scheduled to create snapshot books in the Hyperion Workspace directories.
  • Worked extensively on Optimization of Essbase cubes and SQL Server.
  • Managed Metadata loads both in Planning and HFM.
  • Worked on mapping of FDM with HFM and configuring the FDM.
  • Assigning security on the newly created Snapshot Books and folders.
  • Reports performance tuning.
  • Created and modified HAL job for dimension build also to run calculations after dimension build is completed.
  • Created disaster recovery plans for various scenarios and documented the same.
  • Installed and configured Hyperion 9.3.1 and upgraded from 9.0.1 to 9.3.1.
  • Migrated applications between different environments and versions.
  • Populated reports from both Planning and HFM from FRS. Created GOP reports and sales forecast reports from 14 entities.
  • Worked with the Load balancing, clustering and exclusively worked with the Apache Tomcat configuration. (web server and app server)
  • Worked on automation of Planning and HFM dataloads, using maxl and VBscript.
  • Tuned the datafile caches and data caches to get desired level of optimization.
  • Performed backups of the all the Hyperion products, Planning, HFM, Essbase, Shared services and Reporting Server.
  • Provided 24/7 production support for critical issues.
  • Experience in Upgrading Hyperion 9.3.1 to Hyperion Fusion Version
  • Well versed with Planning and HFM Migration as well as Shared services Migration.
  • Experience with LDAP and MADC configuration with Shared services.

ENVIRONMENT: Hyperion Financial Reporting (FRS), Interactive Reporting (I/R), Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Workspace, Hyperion Shared services, Essbase, SQL, and Windows 2003. Hyperion 9.3.1, Hyperion Fusion Edition.

Client: Confidential,New York, NY (July 2006 – August 2007)
Role: Hyperion Developer/Administrator

Confidential,a part of Hyperion System 9 Report Development and Essbase Applications Maintenance, creating reports based on business requirements and line of business to help business users to analyze business progress and trends for different locations.


  • Installed Analytic Administrative Services 9.2.0(AAS), Hyperion System 9 BI+ Financial Reporting Studio, Hyperion System 9 BI+ Interactive Reporting Studio and Dashboard Studio In Windows Environment.
  • Worked with Income Statement and Department Applications, created new Databases and modified Outlines to update new members.
  • Used Hyperion System 9 Planning to maintain and administer Planning Applications.
  • Created several Dynamic Reports using Hyperion System 9 BI+ Financial Reporting Studio with different POV and Pages.
  • Formatted different reports, created Linked Objects in Hyperion System 9 BI+ Financial Reporting Studio.
  • Created Static and Dynamic Books Using Hyperion System 9 BI+ Workspace.
  • Created Batch Processes to Schedule the Execution of Reports and Books.
  • Worked with Hyperion System 9 BI+ Interactive Reporting to create some new reports using Essbase Cubes.
  • Optimized Essbase cubes by modifying the outlines and allocating Cache.

Environment: Analytic Administrative Services 9.2.0 (AAS), Hyperion System 9 Planning, Hyperion Application Link, Analytic Integration Services(AIS), Hyperion System 9 MDM, Financial Reporting Studio (FRS)/BRIO, Interactive Reporting Studio, Dashboard, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Visual Basic, Windows XP, UNIX

Client: Confidential,Clinton, MS (June 2005 – June 2006)
Role: Essbase Administrator

Responsibilities include Installation, Configuration and development of Applications on these products: Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Essbase, EIS, Essbase Administration services, Essbase Spreadsheet services and EDS.


  • Essbase Integration Services Console (EIS) for developing OLAP models, Meta Outlines using Meta data Catalogues and building Cube dimensions.
  • Cube Automation for taking Back-up with the help of Unix scripting (Korn shell)
  • Building Star Schema with Fact and Dimension tables
  • Optimizing Data Loads, Caches and Calculations on Cube.
  • Enhancing the performance of existing Essbase cubes on the development server and subsequently moving onto production.
  • Created dataload rules to manipulate records and load the enterprise data
  • Identifying the minimum performance settings on the development server during the development of new cubes before moving to production.
  • Setting up the configuration file and troubleshooting with help of Essbase logs.
  • Trained end-users and involved in writing Macros using Excel VBA
  • Automating the scripts using ESSCMDs and MaxL commands
Environment: Essbase Integration Services 6.5.4, Hyperion Essbase 6.5.4, Essbase Excel Add-in 6.5.4, ESSCMD, MaxL, Oracle 8.x, Solaris 8, Microsoft Windows 2000

Client: Confidential,India (January 2004 – April 2005)
Role: Basis Support Analyst


  • Worked as a Support Analyst for Basis and CRM support.
  • Experience in User profile Maintenance.
  • Experience in Creating User requests for Setting up of Sand Boxes.
  • Experience with setting up Tivoli Storage Manager Clients and performing Backups.
  • Created UNICENTER Service Desk tickets for Network and Storage team in order to restore the Production access issues.
  • Experience in Monitoring the Database and R/3 servers and escalating the tickets to L2 team.
  • Experience with production Support.
  • Experience in Monitoring SAP CRM, SRM Servers.
  • Maintained Tasks and Organization levels within an Activity Group.
  • Setting up operation modes and carrying out load balancing.
  • Provided support and applied patches to SRM.
  • Backup Media Management, Scheduling backup.
  • Used IBM Tivoli Storage Manager to take backups and also used for restoring data.
  • Worked on System monitor, Alert monitor, Workload Analysis and Buffers.
  • Monitoring SAP DATABASE GROWTH and extending size of critical tablespaces.
  • Created and tested the efficiency of logon groups and load balancing.
  • Analyzed System errors, Check system & backup logs daily, ABAP Dumps, Lock and update entries.
  • Analyzed SU53, ST01 screen shots to debug Authorization problems.
  • Monitoring of Backup Status and Archived status.
  • User maintenance.
  • System log analysis using SM21.
  • Password management.
  • Analyzing authorization checks using snapshots of SU53 and ST01.
  • Escalating tickets to the Production Support team.

Environment: SAP BW 3.1, MS SQL Server, HP UNIX, Tivoli Storage Manager, NW04S.

Client: Confidential,India (May 2003 – January 2004)

Computer Power (India) Ltd. started its operations in the year 1989 as a hardware sales and services company. Has started its Networking Division in 1994 and in the year 2000, started a software division. ISO 9001 certified since 1997, we are one of the very few organizations in India to be in the Total IT Space. Strong organization with offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad.


  • Involved in installation and configuration of SAP R/3 4.6c, client and user administration, authorizations and profile management, back-up and recovery, database administration and applying Hot Packs and OSS notes.
  • Performing and monitoring client copies with SCCL and checking logs using SCC3.
  • Monitoring system daily for error logs and checking ABAP dumps using ST22.
  • Monitoring table spaces using DB02 and creating new data files using SAP DBA.
  • Planning and implementing SAP upgrades, hot patches and fixes.
  • Setup and configuration of SAP router.
  • Creating and maintaining users and authorizations using SU01 and SU10.
  • Creating and monitoring security profiles and roles using PFCG.
  • Generating user transaction activity/statistics report using STAT and ST03.
  • Implementing Transport Management System (STMS) and transporting objects across clients and check logs for errors using SE09 and SE10.
  • Setting up output devices for local, remote and front-end printing, defining logical spool servers and managing spools and output requests using SPAD and SP01.
  • Performing regular backups using Legato Networker 7.0 onto DAT drives.
  • Performance analysis using ST04 and AL05.
  • Opening and closing system for configuration and master data changes and activating/deactivating CATT scripts.

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C, BW 3.1c, Windows 2000, Oracle 8

Client: Confidential,India (February 2002 – April 2003)
Role: System Administrator


  • Install, Configure, Maintain, Performance tune and troubleshoot hardware and software
  • Designing, Configuration & Maintenance of LAN, based on TCP/IP structure.
  • Installation of mostly used Softwares of Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia etc.
  • Managing & Updating McAfee Scan Anti-Virus Server, Installation of Print Servers.
  • Installation, Configuration of Windows, Peer-to-Peer Networking & Client Server Networking.
  • Installation & Maintenance of Scanners PC’s, Laptops & other Peripherals.
  • Responsible for designing, development, testing, configuring and Implementing of QACC modules on the network of 300 nodes having different flavours of Microsoft Windows.
  • QACC modules were developed for Quality Assurance & Inspection Services (QA & IS) Department to give them an ease in their work and eliminate paper work from the department.

Environment – HP, Compaq, Dell, IBM and Wipro Servers & Desktops, Switches, Hubs, CAT5 Cables, Windows 2000 Servers, Windows 2000 professional & Windows XP Professional, Metaphase.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Master of Engineering (Electronics and Communications)

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