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Sr. Informatica Resume


  • 7+ yearsof total IT experience in the Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Maintenance in different domains of Financial, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Health and Retail Oriented companies
  • Vast experience in designing and developing complex mappingsfor strong Data Warehouse using Informatica Power Center 8.6.1/8.5./8.1.1/8.0/7.X/6.X/5.X/4.X (Source Analyzer, Data Warehousing Designer, Mapping Designer, Power plugs, Mapplet, Transformations), PowerMart 6.1/5.1.1/5.x/4.7, Informatica Orchestration, Informatica B2B, Warehouse Designer, Power Exchange, Power Analyzer, Power Connect, Power Plug, ETL, DB2, Oracle 10g/9i/8i, MS SQL Server 2005/2000, Business Objects SAP XI R3/XI R2/6.x/5.x.
  • Experience in optimizing theMappingsand implementing thecomplex business rules by creating re-usable transformations, Mapplets, SQL scripts and triggers and PL/SQLstored procedures.
  • Assisted inData ModelingandDimensional Data Modeling.
  • Involved in strong Business Analysis experience on Data Analysis, User Requirement Gathering, User Requirement Analysis, Gap Analysis, Data Cleansing, Data Transformations, Data Relationships, Source Systems Analysis and Reporting Analysis.
  • Expertise in the QA process of ETL mappings like Unit, Functional and Integration testing.
  • Experience indebuggingandPerformance tuningof targets, sources, mappings, sessions and system
  • Involved inHighly Proficient in Data Modeling, Strong in Data Warehousing concepts, Dimensional, Star Schema and Snowflake Schema methodologies. Complete understanding of Ralph-Kimball and Inmon approaches to Data Warehousing.
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills in database design and development.
  • Experience in Business Objects XI R3/XI R2/6.5/6.0/5.1/4.1 (Web-Intelligence 2.5, Designer 5.0, and Developer Suite & Set Analyzer 2.0), Cognos Series 7.0/6.0/5.x, Cognos Impromptu, Cognos IWR (Impromptu Web Reports) and Cognos PowerPlay Transformer.
  • Experience with reporting tool likeBusiness Objects, BRIO. Understanding of complex report generation processes in BI tools.
  • Experience in Scheduling a Report in Business objects Infoview and giving access to User in Business objects Central Management Console.
  • Experience in using scheduling toolsTWS(Tivoli Job Scheduler),AutoSysto automate running of Informatica Workflows on a daily Batch Jobs.
  • Migrate the code from Development Environment to QA Environment using Deployment Groups.
  • Worked with Business when user has any issue with data in the Report.
  • Worked on On-Call support and Production support.
  • Experience in Power Exchange Change Data Capture (9.1.0/8.6.1) using Oracle Logminer to read change Data from oracle Redo Logs.
  • Experience in Power Exchange Listener starter and Logger shutdown Process in Cold and Warm Start mode.
  • Involved in Writing UNIXShell scriptsto automate various Processes.
  • Experience in using Oracle 10G/9i/8i/8.x/7.x, DB2 8.0/7.0, MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, IBM Informix 7.2, MS Access 7.0/2000, XML, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader and Developer 2000, Win 3.x/95/98/2000, Win NT 4.0 and Sun Solaris 2.x. Experienced in PL/SQL scripts and shell scripting. Strong Experience to databases SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, SQL*Loader, DBMS Packages, TOAD & ODBC interfaces to Oracle.

Technical skills:

ETL Tools:Informatica Power Center,Power Exchange, IDS, IDQ
Data Modeling:ERwin, Star and Snowflake Schema Modeling, Dimensional Data modeling, Fact and Dimensions tables
Databases:Oracle 10g, 9i/8i, MS-SQL Server 7.0, MS Access, Teradata,UDB DB2
Languages:SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX
Tools:Business ObjectsMS-Excel,SQL*Loader, SQL*PLUS, TOAD
Operating System:Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, IBM Mainframe, SunOS

Professional Experience:

ConfidentialJun’12 – Present
Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Interacted with Business Analysts for Requirement gathering, understanding the Requirements, Explanation of technical probabilities and Application flow.
  • Developed ETL mappings, transformations usingInformatica Power Center 8.6
  • Extracted data fromflat files(provided by disparate ERP systems)and loaded the data intoOracle stagingusing Informatica Power Center.
  • Analyzed Source Datato resolve post-production issues. Used MS Access to analyze source data from flat files.
  • Designed and created complex source to targetmappingusing various transformations inclusive of but not limited toSorter, Aggregator, Joiner, Filter, Source Qualifier, Expression and Router Transformations.
  • Extensively usedLookup TransformationandUpdate Strategy Transformationwhile working withSlowly Changing Dimensions.
  • UsedMapping ParametersandMappingVariablesbased on business rules provided.
  • Scheduled workflow daily basis for incremental data loading
  • Wrote PL/SQL Procedures fordata extractions,transformationandloading.
  • Assisted inData ModelingandDimensional Data Modeling.
  • Involved inPerformance Tuningby determining bottlenecks at various points like targets, sources, mappings, sessions or system. This led to better session performance.
  • Designed and developedUNIX shell scriptsas part of the ETL process to automate the data load processes to target.
  • Scheduling jobs using TWS to automate the Informatica Sessions.
  • Used TOAD to FTP file moving processes to and from source systems.
  • PerformedUnit testingfor all the interfaces.
  • UsedTest Directorto log and keep a track of the defects.
  • ProvidedProduction Supportat the end of every release.

Environment:Informatica Power center Designer 8.6.1, Workflow Manager, workflow monitor, Repository manager, Oracle 10g/9i,Sql Server2000,BO XI R2, UNIX, COBOL,ERWIN 3.5, Shell script, Rapid-SQL, Toad, SQL *Loader, SQL, PL/SQL, Visio, TWS.

ConfidentialMar11 – May12
Role: Informatica/ETL Developer


  • Involved in the Informatica server installation and set up the environment.
  • Worked on developing Unix scripts for data cleansing and data archiving
  • Created complex mappings using Unconnected Lookup, Sorter, Aggregator, Union, Rank, Normalizer, Update strategy and Router transformations for populating target table in efficient manner.
  • Implemented slowly changing dimension Type 1 and Type 2 for Change data capture using Version control.
  • Involved in Creation of SQL, Packages, Functions, Procedures, Views, and Database Triggers.
  • Developed database monitoring and data validation reports in SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS).
  • Created DTS packages for data migration from Excel Sheets and Flat files into the SQL Server Database using SSIS.
  • Migrated DTS objects to SQL Server Integrated Services (SSIS).
  • Expertise in configuration, performance tuning, installation of Informatica, & in integration of various data sources like Oracle, MS SQL Server, XML, Flat files into the staging area and Design ETL processes that span multiple projects
  • Involved in writing the SQL procedures, used SQL Server DTS to improve the warehouse loading.
  • Designed and Developed ODS to Data Mart Mappings/Sessions/Workflows.
  • Created various Oracle database objects like Indexes, stored procedures, Materialized views, synonyms and functions for Data Import/Export.
  • Created reusable worklets and workflows.
  • Used Transformation Language functions in the mappings to produce the desired results.
  • Used TOAD to run SQL queries and validate the data in warehouse and mart.
  • Involved in Debugging and Troubleshooting Informatica mappings.
  • Populated error tables as part of the ETL process to capture the records that failed the migration.
  • Involved with Scheduling team in creating and scheduling jobs in Tivoli Workload Scheduler.
  • Used CDC for moving data from Source to Target.
  • Re-writing PL/SQL routines using Netezza nzsql and nzload utilities
  • Designed the ETL processes using Informatica tool to load data from Oracle, flat files into Netezza (Staging, Warehouse).
  • Designed ETL process using Informatica Tool to load from Sources to Targets through data Transformations
  • Writing stored procedures and DTS packages for maintenance tasks in Production environment.
  • Implemented various Data Transformations using Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Developed test cases for Unit, Integration and system testing
  • Used Custom logger can run a Serializer that reports detailed event information
  • Involved in Maintaining the Repository Manager for creating Repositories, user groups, folders and migrating code from Dev to Test, Test to Prod environments.
  • Partitioned the Sessions for better performance.
  • Designed of ETL mappings for the CDC change data capture
  • Trained end users in using full client BO for analysis and reporting.
  • Wrote SQL Scripts and PL/SQL Scripts to extract data from Databases
  • Extensive documentation on the design, development, implementation, daily loads and process flow of the mappings.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6.0/8.1.1, DB2, Erwin 4.0, UNIX Shell Scripting, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, PL/SQL, Business Objects XI R2,SQL Server 2005/2008, Teradata SQL,Korn Shell Scripting, Teradata Utilities(BTEQ, FASTLOAD, FASTEXPORT, MULTILOAD), Netezza Database , Tivoli Workload Scheduler 8.4 , TOAD 9.7.2, Tibco.

Confidential, NYJul’09 – Feb’11
Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Architecture the dataflow in the datamart, extensively customized Bank’s traditional methodology, designed data flow diagrams, designed the best solution for data flow.
  • Involved in discussions with business analysts for requirement gathering, understanding the requirements and explanation of technical probabilities and possibilities with business users.
  • Created Time Estimate Proposal document with estimation of hours required for completion of each ETL task.
  • Conversion of business requirements into technical documents – Business Requirement Document, explained business requirements in terms of technology to the developers.
  • Worked with data modeler and business users for designing of tables.
  • Analyzed the source data with business users, developed critical mappings using Informatica PowerCenter to load the data from DB2 to Oracle.
  • Extensively used SCD’s (Slowly Changing Dimension) to handle the Incremental Loading for Dimension tables, Fact tables.
  • Extensively Used Source Qualifier, Normalizer, Filter, Connected Lookup, Unconnected Lookup, Update strategy, Router, Aggregator, Sequence Generator.
  • Developed mappings to handle exceptions and discarded data.
  • Used External Loader – SQL * Load – for bulk loading of Oracle tables.
  • Created UNIX scripts for using SQL * Loader and defined positions for each field in Flat files.
  • Involved in Data modeling and design of data warehouse in star schema methodology with confirmed and granular dimensions and FACT tables.
  • The table or column structures were changed without affecting the Conceptual model using Entity relationship.
  • Worked extensively on Erwin tool on Logical and physical level Design.
  • In systems analysis logical data models are created as part of the development of new databases.
  • Assisted data modelers in database design and successfully brought database to 2nd Normal form.
  • Worked with DBA\'s and boiled down where to Partition the Tables, adding Indexes to the columns.
  • Unit testing the data and report generation for review of business users for special accounts.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts and used PMCMD to execute the workflows.
  • Exported the workflows from Repository Manager, checked the workflows into svn (Version Control Management tool).
  • Prepared documents for QA and PRODUCTION migration.
  • Worked with business users and QA team during testing phases.
  • Created Test cases for Integration testing and UAT. Reviewed UAT with business users.

Environment:Informatica Power center Designer 8.6.1, Workflow Manager, workflow monitor, Repository manager, Oracle 10g/9i,Sql Server2000,BO XI R2, UNIX, COBOL,ERWIN 3.5, Shell script, Rapid-SQL, Toad, SQL *Loader, SQL, PL/SQL, PVCS, Visio, AutoSys.

Confidential, Buffalo, NYOct’08 – Jun’09
Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Analyzed business process and gathered core business requirements. Interacted with business analysts and end users.
  • Prepared a handbook of standards for Informatica code development.
  • Analyzed business requirements and worked closely with the various application teams and business teams to develop ETL procedures that are consistent across all application and systems.
  • Developed Custom metadata repository.
  • Used Informatica designer for designing mappings and mapplets to extract data from SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle sources.
  • Created different parameter files and changed Session parameters, mapping parameters, and variables at run time.
  • Extensively used Source Qualifier Transformation to filter data at Source level rather than at Transformation level. Created different transformations such as Source Qualifier, Joiner, Expression, Aggregator, Rank, Lookups, Filters, Stored Procedures, Update Strategy and Sequence Generator.
  • Used Debugger to test the data flow and fix the mappings.
  • Created and monitored workflows and task using Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Manager.
  • Partitioned Sessions for concurrent loading of data into the target tables.
  • Tuned the workflows and mappings.
  • Involved in identifying the bottle necks and tuning to improve the Performance.
  • Created workflows using Workflow manager for different tasks like sending email notifications, timer that triggers when an event occurs, and sessions to run a mapping.
  • Executed Workflows and Sessions using Workflow Monitor.
  • Dealt with data issues in the staging flat files and after it was cleaned up it is sent to the targets.
  • Actively coordinated with testing team in the testing phase and helped the team to understand the dependency chain of the whole project.
  • Executed the workflow using pmcmd command in UNIX.

Environment:Informatica PowerCenter 8.0/7.1.3, Oracle 10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2000, PL/SQL, Erwin, TOAD, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, UDB, Sybase, XML, Windows, Linux and HP-UNIX.

Confidential, San Diego, CAOct’07 – Sep’08
Informatica Developer

  • Analyzed and Reviewed the Business Specification Documents
  • Created Monthly mappings like Benefit, Benefit Money, Commission Trans Financial Trans, Loan Trans using Source Qualifier, Expression, Router, Lookup, Update Strategy, and, Sequence Generator Transformations.
  • Created mappings like Policy Money, Benefit, Policy, Policy Producer Role, and Policy Party Role.
  • Extensively used almost all of the transformations of Informatica including lookups, Update Strategy and others.
  • Developed various slowly changing dimensional mappings according to the data mart schemas.
  • Developed extraction mappings to load data from Source systems to ODS to dimensions.
  • Developed Complex mappings in Informatica to load the data from various sources using different transformations like Custom, Union, Source Qualifier, Lookup (connected and unconnected), Expression, Aggregate, Update Strategy, Sequence Generator, Joiner, Filter, Update Strategy, Rank and Router transformations. Used debugger to test the mapping and fixed the bugs.
  • Developed Mapplets using corresponding Source and Transformations.
  • Executed sessions, sequential and concurrent batches for proper execution of mappings and worked on workflow manager.
  • Design source qualifier from File, Relational Sources. Assisted in Migrating Repository.
  • Designed and Developed the Informatica workflows/sessions to extract, transform and load the data into Target.
  • Performed physical and logical Data modeling using Erwin.
  • Developed Informatica Mappings/Sessions to populate the Data Warehouse and Data Mart.
  • Prepared the environment for Testing. Prepared Documentation For Production Support.
  • Used AutoSys for scheduling the Jobs. Responsible for defect tracking in ETL. Contact point for defects in ETL team.

Environment:Informatica PowerCenter 7.1 , Designer, Repository Manager, Repository Server Administration Console, AutoSys 4.0, Business Objects 6.0, Erwin 3.5, TOAD 7.0, Oracle 8i, UDB DB2, PL/SQL, UNIX AIX 4.2, Windows XP/2000.

ConfidentialSep05 –Aug06
Role: Database programmer

  • Worked as a technical support for a team that involved technical & quality reviews of program codes and PL/SQL blocks for optimization and maintaining standards & guidelines
  • DevelopedDatabase Triggersin order to enforce complicated business logic and integrity constraints, and to enhance data security at database level
  • Involved inBusiness analysis and technical design sessionswith business and technical staff to develop requirements document, and ETL specifications.
  • Designed and developed theETL Mappings for the source systems data extractions, data transformations, data staging, movement and aggregation.
  • Worked on Informatica Power Center 6.1.Used Source Analyzer and Warehouse designer to import the source and target databaseschemas and the Mapping Designer to map the sources to the target, Mapplets and Transformation Developer.
  • Developed standard andre-usable mappings and mapplets using various transformationslikeexpression, aggregator, joiner, source qualifier, router, lookup, and filter.
  • Promoted the new code to production through unit and system testing

Environment:Informatica Power Center 6.1, SQLServer, Oracle 8i, DB2, SQL/PLUS, ERWIN, Windows XP, UNIX.
ConfidentialJan05 – Aug05
Role: PL/SQL Developer


  • Gathered requirements from business and created functional specifications
  • Analysis of data models based on business requirements.
  • Studied current state and designed future state inPL/SQLand derived extract and load strategy
  • Involved in Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and System Testing.
  • Written stored procedures for ledger processing and bill processing modules.

Oracle 8i, Windows 2000, PL/SQL, JDK1.1, HTML 3.2, Java Script 1.2, Windows NT4.0.

Bachelor of Science and Technology

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