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Senior Lotus Notes Administrator/engineer/architect Resume


Messaging Systems: Lotus Notes (R3 - R8, Domino SMTP/HTTP), SameTime, Quickplace, BES, QuickR, Notes Clustering, Notes 3rd Party apps (GroupShield, EssentialTools, MailAttender), Lotus SoftSwitch, Notes Development MS Mail/MS Exchange (4.0/5.0/5.5), cc Mail v.6-8, TAO Mail (MVS)

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows (3.x, 95,NT, 2000, NT Clustering), CITRIX /WINS/DHCP/TCPIP, OS/2, Novell NetWare (3.x/4.x), TCP/IP, UNIX/AIX/ AS/400


Senior Lotus Notes Administrator/Engineer/Architect



  • Supporting 5500 users on R8 and just recently completed an R8 installation
  • Responsible for upgrade from R7.03 to R8.5
  • Moved over 3000 users from Exchange 2003 - R6.53 and R7
  • Lead responsible for project planning and specifications of users and server upgardes
  • Responsible for server build of BES 4.0
  • Mentor junior admins/engineers for migration related projects ad hoc
  • Responsible for migration of 2000 users from R6.54 - R7.02
  • Maintenance on all Sametime 7.54 and Quickplace servers (New York and Columbus, OH)
  • Using Email Xtender to lower costs and comply with banking and SEC regulations
  • Used Disk Xtender on Linux platform to save storage space without causing downtime to users
  • Responsible for all anti-spam filtering
  • Disaster recovery planning architecture and implementation, using IBM iSeries servers hosted from three edge hot sites. (London, USA, Silicon Valley)
  • Disaster recovery planning, C and implementation of Blackberry Enterprise Server failover to London Hot site.
  • Blackberry Enterprise server upgrade to version 4.0 on both the server and handheld.
  • Domino Server upgrade from 5.x & 6.0.x to 6.5.3
  • Responsible For monitoring and maintaining any calendaring and scheduling conflicts that may arise.
  • Domino Client desktop upgrade to 6.5.3, utilizing roaming user support, and single server sign-on.
  • SMTP Failure detection and notification\re-routing
  • Clustering of all Domestic and EU sites with hot sites
  • Clustering of all mail servers in all offices
  • Provide day to day support as needed.
  • Supervise Tech Ops group, who provide 2nd level support.
  • Responsible for the building and configuring of all Domino servers. Drives are then shipped and mounted in existing servers on-site.
  • Day to day responsibilities include: Lotus Notes administration, Veritas Netback on the Solaris platform, Veritas Volume Manager, SMS 2.0 security dispatching, virus and security analysis, Unix/Linux/Windows system upgrades/maintenance/deployment, and some desktop support.
  • Lead team as head Lotus Notes administrator. Main server is Domino R6 running on Sun Solaris with app and replication servers running on Linux (Red Hat 6.2).
  • Upgraded all Notes servers and clients (R5 5.x). Upgraded Solaris and Linux servers from R5 to R6. Also installed and configured R6 for Windows. Upgraded clients from 5.6 - 5.12 then to 6.5.1.

Senior Lotus Notes Administrator

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Configure Lotus Notes clients for end-users throughout the region - Assist with the enterprise installation of SameTime for Notes Clients (5000+ users)
  • Recertified entire Lotus Notes network (124 servers) due to corrupted certificates.
  • Coordinate recovery efforts with offices in Chicago, New York, London and Los Angeles.
  • Team Member responsible for staying $12.5 million through security measures encompassing default networks. Build Sun Solaris workstation/servers for Y2k Testing Infrastructure. Clustered 250+servers running on both NT and AS400 down by half Provide support for customized applications on Notes servers.
  • Define and construct normal replication schedules and enhance performance of all servers.
  • Daily support of 28 Notes R5/R4.6 servers in clustered environment Provide assistance, configuration and desktop support for 6,000 Lotus Notes users in a mixed R5/R4.6 environment
  • Configure laptop computers for Lotus Notes database replication and provide remote troubleshooting to users in the field
  • Assist with user and server security admin (including ACLs, adding/deleting users, password maintenance, monitoring server logs, cluster replication, establishing server communication, mail routing, apps maintenance)
  • Maintain server performance issues regarding security, disk administration, and mail/Internet connectivity issues (SMTP/POP/HTTP/Domino) while evaluating Notes R5 for enterprise-wide rollout- Develop and test in-house Notes applications including MailAttender, 3rd-party mail management software.

Lotus Notes Administrator

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Support of 24 Notes servers (10,000+ users) via help desk to include users and developers.
  • Maintain mission-critical Notes applications via Notes clusters, monitor cluster synchronization and replication status, troubleshoot cluster problems on mail servers and HTTP servers; assist in the user support of these applications
  • Responsible for team securing Lotus Notes mail topologies to avoid the expense of adding and deleting users (take close to 2 months)
  • User support and server security admin (including ACLs, adding/deleting users, monitoring server logs, setup replication, establishing server communication, mail routing, apps maintenance)
  • Develop custom code for supporting database applications in Confidential ’s Engineering Dept. via Lotus Development; test and troubleshoot these applications.
  • Maintain mail routing connectivity among all servers in Notes infrastructure
  • Oversee and configure Notes installations on NT and UNIX platforms
  • Provided information systems support, training, and administration services on NT and UNIX to leading clients interacting with personnel at all levels of corporate culture in domestic and international locations.

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