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Informatica/ Data Specialist Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • I offer consistent results with a combination of challenging situations and ELEVEN PLUS years of total IT experience in Data Governance, Data warehouse/BI engagements in areas of ETL Integration, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Testing and ETL Architecting using Informatica and Data modeling tools.
  • Enterprise Data Governance and Cataloging, Business Glossaries indulging exclusive work around on Data Dictionary and Reference data .
  • Has strong experience in System Analysis, Design, Development, and Implementation of Data warehousing projects using Waterfall and Agile methodologies.
  • Hands - on experience with Informatica Data Quality (IDQ), Big Data Management, and BDQ tools for Data Analysis / Data Profiling / IDQ Developer.
  • Worked on IDQ Analyst for Profiling, Creating rules on Profiling and Scorecards. Designed IDQ mappings which are used as Maplets in Power center Worked extensively on Informatica Data Quality Versions
  • Worked with Informatica Data Quality toolkit, Analysis, data cleansing, data matching, data conversion, exception handling, and reporting and monitoring capabilities of IDQ 10.4
  • Relational database concepts using Oracle, SQL Server, Netezza and Teradata.
  • Excellent skills in Communication, Interpersonal and User coordination.
  • Capable of leading teams; involved in work allocation, responsible for timely deliverables and reviews. Also managed onsite and offshore third-party managed service SLA.
  • Performed assessment of B2B (Informatica) managed service feasibility to optimize staffing resource and establishing EDI global framework.
  • Contributed to the Oracle EBS design and solution - making design and approach decisions and leading the solution implementation at a detailed level.
  • Worked on Informatica B2B data exchange (DX) and data transformation (DT), MFT, EDIFECS 834 file conversion rules, Parsers, mappers, serializer.
  • Experienced with key business areas such as Banking, Finance, Billing, Health Care, Insurance, Retail, Reporting, Financial Regulations, Human Resources, Data Governance and Stewardship, Data Quality, Solution Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Data Integration and Business Intelligence.
  • A clear understanding of Master Data Management (MDM).
  • Hands on experience with Collibra Data governance Center tool and it's API integration with Enterprise tools and systems.
  • Collibra Data Governance with experience in software development which includes Analysis, Design and Development and testing of software applications. Strong knowledge of Data Governance, Data Stewardship, and Data Quality best practices. Develop integration workflows which connect Mulesoft by using Collibra connect.
  • Experience in working with Informatica Data Director (IDD) tool in set up, configuring and customizing data flow.
  • Worked and acquired good knowledge on Informatica Axon and Enterprise Information (DATA) Catalog (EIC/EDC).
  • Performing Unison Searches, assigning profiles and creating roles among the functionalities of people in an organization, quick searches, saving and sharing, can explore, play around the Interface and Facets in AXON.
  • Good AXON knowledge over catalogs, metadata about systems, data sets, attributes, definitions, projects, Databases, Data Marts, Data lakes and their glossaries, Tagging, Descriptions, Data Analysis
  • Responsible for Installation and Implementation of Informatica Architecture in data governance team.
  • Designed complex application in duplicate/discrepancy data handling by exception and human task and projecting bad data to an analyst for data stewards to work on it and manager to review the work of the data stewards.
  • Experienced in working with Business stakeholders and analysts to gather requirements and translating them into Technical specifications.
  • Participated in workshops for deciding the scope of requirements, designing architecture of Data Quality solution.
  • Prepared Mapping, Technical Design, Designed and developed IDQ solution to support MDM Projects.
  • Worked on all activities related to the development, implementation, administration and support of ETL processes for large-scale Data Warehouses using SSIS
  • Ability to design, build and test using Informatica PowerCenter. Developed complex transformations and Informatica Data Quality Versions 10.
  • Experienced in developing ETL mappings and Insert Update strategies.
  • Experienced identifying, researching and resolving ETL issues along with ETL strategy and developed its framework.
  • Performance tuning by optimizing sources, targets, mappings & sessions and performing pipeline partitioning.
  • Worked on latest Informatica Cloud Services (IICS)


Confidential, SANTA CLARA, CA


  • Working under Data Governance director as a data lead - data specialist.
  • Key responsibilities in data programs (MDM/ODP) in designing Data Governance/ Data lineage approach.
  • Enterprise data catalog - Creating resources, scanners, custom attributes, tagging, data domains, review and rating trusted data source, profiling, metadata ingestion and curation, relationship, discover similarity, lineage and impact analysis. Attribute search capability and integrating with Axon objects. Also, as EDC admin, create user roles and permissions.
  • Axon - Glossary, Creating roles for user, Facet level. Workflows and change requests on objects, policies, processes, mapping, data quality rules and integration with IDQ
  • Project is phase 1 Data migration to AWS S3 cloud and new Clients onboarding and MDM layer.
  • Training certification with AWS on concepts like S3 buckets, Glue, Athena, Lambda, Apache SPARK, SCALA, Quick sights, SPICE, SQL workbench, Kinesis agent, Firehose etc.
  • Identifying Key data elements, Data analysis, Quality measures, data lineage, attribute hierarchy, adhoc meetings with business owners.
  • Work around Tableau, IDQ, PWC, MDM, EDC, Entity 360, Axon and Collibra.
  • Informatica MDM, Extensive experience in implementing, enhancing, testing, Master Data, using Match and Merge, Survivorship and Exception handling.
  • Provide requirements to IT team on Tableau and IDQ.
  • Working on the Collibra platform to build a data governance tool on the EDM Data Management team. (ex: IDQ, Hadoop, ServiceNow) applications to source data into and out of Collibra, Rest API.
  • Setting up operating model and configuring Collibra Environment, create Communities, sub- communities and other Collibra Domains.
  • Design and develop an Approval Process workflows, scripting language, such as Groovy script.
  • Develop and deploy workflows and configure all Collibra customized workflows, integrate various applications with Collibra.
  • Develop integrations and workflows by using Collibra Connect and workflow Developer toolset.
  • Define deep UAT test cases between HOPS of data curated layers.
  • Design Recon tables and generate Audit reports using IDQ (Dashboards/Scorecards) Develop mapping specifications, rule specifications, and perform profiling.
  • Designed ETL process-IDQ LANDING/RAW STAGING/CLEASENED/CDC/MDM zones for Data quality program. Developed Exception handling process for the exception per business group basis.
  • Implemented all test cases (SQL) in single mapping through SQL Transformation Created group Scorecards for Load ability and Data quality per source system Created dashboards in Power BI and Tableau.
  • Building Snowflake database as Reporting layer and integrated with Tableau.
  • Responsible for release plan Documents with detail step by step process. Configured connections in EDC to interact with data bases to pull metadata. EDC crawling ETL- AWS glue jobs, PWS jobs.
  • Successfully created data lineage in EIC and linked the data elements to AXON.
  • Created/Executed Rules in IDQ Analyst/Developer and projected results in Axon Quality Dashboard
  • Working along with IT on INFA tools migration, setup, integrations.
  • Part of planning design on Data Movement Control tables and Data Control Mart tables and DQ rules with dashboard.
  • Control on designing Enterprise data dictionary, Reference data and data catalog design.
  • Actively doing POC on EDC, AXON, IDQ and Collibra. Define use cases, test cases, functionality and capabilities of these tools together.
  • Responsible measures and analyze business data to visualize manual efforts.
  • Reporting to CDO on every data update in Business.

informatica Engineer

Confidential, Woburn, MA


  • Understanding the business rules and sourcing the data from multiple source systems.
  • Interacted with users and supported multiple projects (Retail, Residential, Industrial and International).
  • Extracted the raw data from Azure to staging tables using Informatica Cloud.
  • Developed Cloud mappings to extract the data for different regions (APAC, UK and America).
  • Refreshing the mappings for any changes/additions to CRM source attributes.
  • Developed the audit activity for all the cloud mappings.
  • Automated/Scheduled the cloud jobs/Batches to run daily with email notifications for any failures.
  • Generated automated stats with the staging loads comparing with the present day counts to the previous day.
  • Created and developed mappings to load the data from staging tables to EDW DataMart tables based on Source to Staging mapping design document.
  • Implemented Type1, Type2, CDC and Incremental load strategies.
  • Followed ETL standards -Audit activity, Job control tables and session validations.
  • Used Exceptional mappings to generate dynamic parameter files after the staging loads.
  • Working on EDIFECS health care eligibility, enrolment, maintenance files performing HIPAA Validations in Informatica B2B data transformation.
  • Configuring Informatica B2B data exchange to create Clients profile, Partners accounts, Inbound and Outbound Endpoints, Events, report loggers and automate the data flow.
  • Developed complex mappings to integrate B2B DX and DT and Power Center.
  • Extensive work on B2B DT for parser, serializer, mapper to convert the large inbound X12 file format to EDI 834, 837 and 824 XML/XSD files.
  • Role play as Business Analyst, analyzing, understanding, comparing the Companion guides for inbound file formats, defining the rules, BRD, and DT/PwC mapping documents.
  • Myself designed a data process, implemented and documented it for POC.
  • Ad hoc discussions and meetings with VP, Managers and senior architects working for EDIFECS/ EDW in data lake implementation with multiple whiteboard sessions.
  • Worked closely with Informatica support team in solving the issues in tools integration, HIPAA libraries, and licenses throughout the period.
  • Working on Power exchange and Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service (IICS) to perform CDC incremental load and migrate the historical data from SQL Server, Oracle dBs to Azure cloud blob storage units.
  • Data modeling and data architecture around Snowflake cloud database as part of Enterprise data warehouse.
  • Gained/ learned Experience on Collibra, Colibra Connect, Workflows, Groovy scripting, as part of EDW implementation by business team.
  • Maintained and automated the production database to retain the history backup tables to 30 days.
  • Developed/Automated (PowerCenter/IDQ) jobs through Control M/ Informatica scheduler.
  • Working as Informatica lead for entire Microsoft Azure data lake storage Gen 1 & 2 data migration application.
  • Having good exposure to develop and test workflows on Informatica Big data management along with work around on IDQ & BDQ tools.
  • Implementation of CDC environment for SQL Server, AS400 DB2 tables in Power Exchange, Power Center, BDM.

Environment: Informatica B2B Data Exchange, BDM, BDQ, Data Transformation (Developer), Cloud (IICS), Informatica Power Center, Power Exchange, IDQ, Collibra, Microsoft studio manager, Sql Server, Oracle, Azure Sql Server, Control M. senior ETL/MDM/IDQ data dev lead



  • Exclusively Working with Informatica MDM 10 on resolving Potential Duplicates and Potential Overlays and creating new UAT environment.
  • Informatica Data Quality 10.2 (IDQ) toolkit, Analysis, data cleansing, data matching, data conversion, exception handling, and reporting and monitoring capabilities.
  • Architecture, Design, Development and Production Support of Enterprise Data Warehouse of total specialty claims and Member and Provider domains for case management system which processes by Enterprise Data Governance.
  • Perform System Analysis and Requirement Analysis, design and write technical documents and test plans.
  • Design the Data Integration process flow and DQ related generic frameworks/ Mapplets.
  • Create the Scorecard Design for Summary DQ results based on DQ profiles.
  • Estimate the design and development effort and demo solutions.
  • Technical guidance and architectural support to the existing Project teams.
  • Design the Data Model for Data Validation Result Tables for reporting.
  • Actively interact with the Onshore and Business SMEs to ensure the clarity of the requirements and quality of the deliverables.
  • Batch Process development and execution.
  • Data Migration and Data Integration.
  • Data Quality Rules and Checks through IBM Netezza workbench pure data analytics.
  • MDM analysis with exclusive report and resolve existing ton of potential duplicates and overlays through IBM Info sphere MDM Analyst and Informatica MDM
  • Created a Hybrid process in IDQ by combining both IDQ Developer and analyst version through LDO (Logical Design Objects)
  • Worked on IDQ Analyst for Profiling, Creating rules on Profiling and Scorecards.
  • Worked with Management for creating the requirements and estimates on the Project.
  • Assisted Business Analyst with drafting the requirements, implementing design and development of various components of ETL for various applications.
  • Experience in creation and maintenance of entity objects, hierarchies, entity types, relationship objects and relationship types using Hierarchy tool to enable Hierarchy Manager (HM) in MDM HUB implementation and Informatica Data Director (IDD)
  • Coordinated with DBA in creating and managing tables, indexes, tablespaces, auditing and data quality checks.
  • Designed IDQ mappings which are used as Mapplets in Power center
  • Developed numerous mappings using the various transformations including Address Validator, Association, Case Converter, Classifier, Comparison, Consolidation, Match, Merge, Parser etc.
  • Used Session parameters, Mapping variable/parameters and created Parameter files for imparting flexible runs of workflows based on changing variable values.
  • Created Complex ETL Mappings to load data using transformations like Source Qualifier, Sorter, Aggregator, Expression, Joiner, Dynamic Lookup, and Connected and unconnected lookups, Filters, Sequence, Router and Update Strategy.
  • For developing the solution used Mappings, Mapplets, Rules, different types of transformations like Parser, Address Validator, Key Gen, Match etc. transformations, created PDOs and LDOs.
  • Provided various INFACMD commands for automation and scheduling the IDQ jobs .
  • Worked on IDQ Analyst for Profiling, Creating rules on Profiling and Scorecards.
  • Identified the bottlenecks in the sources, targets, mappings, sessions and resolved the problems.
  • Developed Test Scripts, Test Cases, and SQL QA Scripts to perform Unit Testing, System Testing, and Load Testing.
  • Responsible for authorizing technical documentation and performing reviews, design, data manipulation, and creative problem-solving.
  • Responsible for creating reusable transformations and complex mappings, partitioning.
  • Communicate with business users to understand their problem if required and send workaround /step to solve the issue and find the root cause and advice if required any enhancement.
  • Responsible for tuning of ETL processes.
  • Design and develop mappings, sessions, and workflow as per the requirement and standards
  • Responsible for making changes in the existing configuration wherever required, making customizations per the business requirements, testing and successfully moving the changes into production.

Environment: IDQ 10.2, Informatica MDM, IBM Info sphere MDM Analyst, IBN Netezza workbench pure data system analytics, Informatica Power Center 10.x, Teradata, Oracle 11g/10g, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, MS SQL Server.

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