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Informatica Lead Developer Resume


  • Over 9 Years of substantial experience in Information Technology and played various roles as Senior Software Developer, Technical Lead and Architect.
  • Gained technical expertise in Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1/10.1.1 , Power Exchange 10.1.1, Data Quality (IDQ), Oracle 12c/11g, SQL Server 2008R2/2012, Dot Net Framework 4.5, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripting and Linux/Windows.
  • Proficient in implementing complex business logic through Informatica PowerCenter transformations, Workflows/Worklets and Mappings.
  • Implemented Data Integration between multiple systems involving Salesforce, SAP, Service Now, UltiPro, MIM (Active Directory), Relational ERP databases, Web Services including SOAP and REST protocols, SFTP File Transfers with GPG Encryption, SSH based authentication.
  • Good experience in building Parsers using Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) and using that in PowerCenter. Worked on data maps, JSON to XML, Excel to XML conversion parsers in IDQ.
  • Worked on Power Exchange Express CDC for Oracle with real time data capture using Listener, Logger and Navigator components.
  • Have implemented Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) type 1 and type 2 in data warehouse.
  • Working experience in partitioning the session to increase the throughput and improve parallelism in data processing. Have worked on Round Robin, Pass Through, Hash Key and User Key based partitioning.
  • Worked on Control - M scheduling tool in configuring OS jobs to trigger Informatica workflows as per schedule. Configured File Watcher job to monitor the file arrival and trigger the downstream Informatica jobs.
  • Proficient in writing PL/SQL programming using Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers.
  • Comfortable in writing UNIX and Windows scripting in related to PowerCenter operations.
  • Working knowledge in development methodologies like Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall.
  • Successfully managed multiple projects, working through different geographical location (onshore - offshore) for Manufacturing, Financial Services, Banking, and Credit Reporting domains.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical skills and strong ability to perform as a part of team.


Informatica: Power Center 10.1.1, Power Exchange 10.1.1, Informatica Data Quality (IDQ), Power Exchange for Salesforce, Power Exchange for SAP, SOAP and REST Web services, Web Service Provider, Dot Net Framework 4.5, ASP .NET, ADO .NET

Database: SQL Server 2008R2/2012, Oracle 12c/11g

File Transfer/Encryption: GPG File Encryption, SSH Key based (SFTP) secure file transfer

Languages/Scripting: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX, Windows Scripting

Scheduler: Control-M, Windows Task Scheduler

Version Control Tools: SVN, GIT Repository

Incident/Change Management: Service Now - Incident Management, Change Management, Paging Groups, Workgroup Management, Role Management

Agile Tools: Rally Management, User Story, Technical Debts, Defects tracking, Test scripts execution

Operating Systems: Windows, LINUX



Informatica Lead Developer


  • Worked as Team Lead, responsible for requirements gathering, designing, architecting and developing Informatica workflows.
  • Involved in developing Web Service Integration workflows using SOAP and REST protocol integrating systems like SAP, ServiceNow, UltiPro, MIM Active Directory.
  • Exposed Informatica as a Web service provider to various end applications on sequential and concurrent executions.
  • Involved in complex XML parsing and generating XML files and developed integration with Message Queues with JMS and JNDI connectors.
  • Involved in performance tuning of workflows and partitioning to increase parallelism in data processing.
  • Implemented Partitions such as Pass Through, Round Robin, Hash Auto Key, Key Range at source, target and transformation levels and reduced overall workflow execution time.
  • Implemented Power Exchange Express CDC on Oracle database to capture changes real time and consumed them through Informatica Power Center workflows.
  • Good exposure on Power Exchange 10.1.1 on creating Registration Groups and Extractions Maps.
  • Experience in writing SQL stored procedures and triggers in SQL Server and Oracle databases to automate certain data logic.
  • Developed windows batch scripts for file archival, copying, sending/receiving through SFTP and purging after retention period.

Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 10.1.1, Power Exchange 10.1.1, Data Quality, GPG Encryption, SSH Key based SFTP, Oracle 12c/11g SQL, SQL Server 2012R2, PL/SQL, Service Now, Power Exchange for SAP, Power Exchange for Salesforce, SOAP and REST web services, Web Service Provider


Senior Informatica Developer


  • Worked as Senior Team Member, responsible for requirements gathering, status reporting, creating various metrics, project deliverables.
  • Good understanding of ETL Concepts such as Extraction of data from various sources, transformation and error check of data as per business logic and loading into multiple targets.
  • Involved in developing workflows to extract data from multiple sources like SQL Server, Oracle, Flat files - Direct and Indirect, XML files, Fixed and delimited files.
  • Involved in designing the mapping and workflow logic to accomplish complex business requirements.
  • Handled an offshore team of five members and involved in designing, development, code review, Query and labeling, packaging and release management
  • Automated business ad-hoc file load requirement with SCD type 1 workflows scheduled through Control-M with File Watch and OS job.
  • Established automated data feeds between Transaction database and Data Warehouse using Informatica workflows having multiple worklets sequenced in top to bottom approach, from parent load to child table loads.
  • Implemented SCD type 2 workflows for incoming data feeds into data warehouse to maintain history of records for reporting and analytics.
  • Implemented balancing and control check matching control and data file details and sending automated emails in case of mismatch or data quality errors.
  • Involved in performance tuning of workflows and partitioning to increase parallelism in data processing.
  • Implemented Partitions such as Pass Through, Round Robin, Hash Auto Key, Key Range at source, target and transformation levels and reduced overall workflow execution time.
  • Experience in using variables at different levels like mapping, session, worklet and workflow to achieve business logic and conditionally control session/worklet execution.
  • Used connected, unconnected and persistent lookups in various mapping logics to reference data and to decide Insert/update conditions to load data to target table.
  • Involved in writing UNIX shell scripts to check file existence before executing session logic and to purge old files periodically after a certain retention period.
  • Experience in writing SQL stored procedures and triggers in SQL Server and Oracle databases to automate certain data logic.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.6.1, Oracle 12c/11g SQL, SQL Server 2008R2, PL/SQL, Control-M, UNIX, Sub version, GIT Repository, Rally Management Tool, Service Now


Informatica Developer


  • Worked as a developer implementing design, ETL testing, code deployment, creating various metrics, project deliverables.
  • Worked on creating mappings, sessions and workflows to meet complex business requirements and data migration.
  • Involved in loading compliance related data from fixed and delimited flat files from different vendors into the sanctions database.
  • Worked on file data cleansing and transformation and produce an error file back to the business team for data correction.
  • Scheduled workflows to execute nightly batches for data load into sanctions database using Control-M scheduler.
  • Experience in creating Unit test cases, scenario based testing, Integration testing and produce test results and upload in Rally Agile management tool.
  • Created ad-hoc workflows to load business related correction data into sanctions database using SCD Type 1.
  • Worked on loading XML files into sanctions database using XML source qualifier and loaded child values into separate tables for reporting purposes.
  • Lead the offshore team as module lead and integrated code and sent to onsite for code review and packaging.
  • Involved in migrating data from sanctions database to reporting data warehouse as a nightly job using multiple workflows scheduled at different time schedule.
  • Used connected and unconnected lookups to reference data from reporting data warehouse to load Insert/Update records using SCD type1 and type 2.
  • Executed multiple sessions in parallel to increase parallel data processing in absence of partitioning license. Which resulted in reduction of total workflow execution time and improved performance.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.1, Oracle 10g SQL, SQL Server 2008R2, PL/SQL, UNIX, Sub Version, Service Now, Rally Management Tool, Lexis Nexis Bridger Insight XG tool.


SQL/ETL Developer


  • Worked as a developer involved in creating design document, developing code, unit testing, integration testing and defect fixing.
  • Involved in writing SQL Queries and Stored Procedures for the module assigned.
  • Experience in loading data using basic Informatica workflows into SQL Server database and oracle database.
  • Worked on extracting data from flat files and database. Create indirect files when business had requirement of loading multiple files at same time.
  • Managing offshore development and doing Code Review, Verification and Testing of the Code before delivery.
  • Responsible for Analyzing, Implementing and Preparing estimates for Change Requests raised by the onshore team.
  • Experience in writing complex SQL queries using Inner Join and Outer Joins in fetching small reports to business for data analysis.
  • Used tools like Sub Version to manage code versions and change request management within the module and for the overall project.
  • Developed Low Level technical design documents / Data Mapping Documents and procedure signature design to support the Front-End .NET web-based applications.
  • Responsible for performing code reviews and Incident Management working through critical incidents.
  • Provided on call support, solved the user issues and made necessary changes.
  • Resolving Production Severity Issues in time and meeting the SLA .
  • Writing high quality and well documented code per standards.

Environment: SQL Server 2008, PL/SQL, Informatica Power Center, TOAD, Sub Version, Dot Net framework 4.0/4.5, Visual Studio 2008.

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