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Informatica Developer Resume

Pittsburgh, PA


  • IT Professional having 7+ years of experience in analysis, development and design, maintenance and implementation of complex ETL (Extract, Transform and Loading data) methodology for supporting data transformations and processing
  • Extensively worked on Informatica 9.6/10.2
  • Worked expansively on modules Designer, workflow manager, and workflow monitor
  • Expertise in Administration tasks including Importing/Exporting mappings, copying folders over the DEV/QA/PRD environments, managing Users, Groups, associated privileges and performing backups of the repository
  • Developed Complex mappings from varied transformation logics like Unconnected/Connected lookups, Router, Filter, Expression, Aggregator, Joiner, Union, Update Strategy and more
  • Well Experienced in doing Error Handling and Troubleshooting using various log files
  • Strong skills in Oracle RDBMS along with SQL Plus, SQL Server 2012, MySQL
  • Created mappings using Lookup, Aggregator, Joiner, Expression, Filter, Router, Update strategy and Normalizer Transformations. Developed reusable Transformation and Mapplets
  • Strong Experience with shell scripting, understanding of approaches for business intelligence, data warehouse
  • Hands on experience with MySQL and SQL Server
  • Expertise in doing Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and Data Validation for Developed Informatica Mappings
  • Expertise in creation of tables, views, indexes and constraints
  • Normalizing and de - normalizing the flat files and loading them in SQL server
  • Database design, development, maintenance and production support of relational databases, business applications, new server setup, MySQL Server installation, upgrade, migration
  • Used Erwin for Logical and Physical database modeling of the warehouse, responsible for database schemas creation based on the logical models
  • Involved in performance tuning of targets, sources, mappings, and sessions
  • Wrote complex SQL scripts to avoid Informatica Look-ups to improve the performance as the volume of the data was heavy
  • Created and monitored sessions using workflow manager and workflow monitor
  • Strong MySQL and SQL Server skills but also significant general system administration skills on UNIX/ Linux and Windows environment
  • Expertise with Java application integrations & development
  • Performed Back-End Testing to check database integrity by writing SQL
  • Provided feedback to database developer on SQL tuning based on explain plan
  • Hands-on experience with LINUX commands to cure network problems
  • Experienced in Database optimization and developing stored procedures, Triggers, Cursors, Joins, Views, Cursors and SQL on databases: MySQL
  • Experienced in SQL Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, Client/Server Connectivity, and Database Consistency Checks using different Utilities, implemented the locking concept in MYSQL
  • Expertise in snapshot, import/export, database optimization with the help of explain plan
  • Involved in designing, developing, testing and rolling out of complex enterprise applications to completion in terms of Database as well as frontend. With different project development model like SDLC, Agile, SCRUM


Operating System: Unix/Linux, Windows

Database: MySQL, SQL Server

ETL tool: Informatica Power center 10.2 (Designer, Repository Manager, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor)

Programming Languages: SQL, Java

Oracle Tools: SQL Plus, TOAD, Teradata

Tools: /Apps: MYSQL Enterprise Monitor, SQL Developer for MySQL, MySQL Workbench, Percona Toolkit, Microsoft Office Suite, SSIS, Cucumber

Platform: Amazon AWS, Data warehousing, Virtual and Physical Host

Development Methodology: Agile/Scrum, Waterfall

Scheduling Tool: Autosys


Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Informatica Developer


  • Involve development, testing and support of the Oracle Data Warehouse, while also providing the analysis and reporting function, database design for market data feeds
  • Design and develop customized solutions for the team to support critical business functions, meet project objectives and company goals
  • Developed Complex mappings from varied transformation logics like Unconnected or Connected Lookups, Router, Filter, Expression, Aggregator, Joiner, Union, Update strategy and more
  • Oversee and provide technical solutions design and delivery, including integration with existing architecture
  • Troubleshoot and support existing application stack
  • Code, tests, debugs, documents and implements complex software projects using ETL, Core Java and other proprietary technologies
  • Mentor developers and lead the application development team for on time delivery
  • Expertise of financial planning systems like VENA and understanding of OLAP and relational databases
  • Identify efficiencies and ways to improve design and development processes
  • Experience in developing and deploying Informatica in UNIX and Oracle 11g database environment
  • Ability to analyze and retrieve metadata from Informatica repository
  • Worked with SQL, PL/SQL procedures and functions, stored procedures and packages within the mappings
  • Tuned Informatica mappings and sessions for optimum performance
  • Assisted the other ETL developers in solving complex scenarios and coordinated with source systems owners with day to day ETL progress monitoring

Confidential, Boston, MA

Informatica Developer


  • Implemented ETL solutions that involves loading data form MYSQL sources to SQL Server destinations
  • Developed facts and slowly changing dimensions tables
  • Conducted health checks of servers and managing servers and troubleshooting MySQL for problems, such as connectivity and performance issues
  • Backed up and recovered databases and tables
  • Wrote and performed DML, DDL and DCL and loaded data from batch files
  • Involved in setting up Queues and worked with middle ware admin in creating queues and setting up database
  • Created to scripts to compare data in Dev/Test/Production environments and generate reports
  • Analyze impact to database due to new business requirements
  • Extracted data from Oracle and SQL Server then used Teradata for data warehousing.
  • Edited configuration files to achieve different MySQL functions and ensured optimal performance of MySQL database
  • Designed ETL Design Document as per the Business Rules and mentored the ETL Team by distributing the Work to meet the specific deadlines
  • Stored reformatted data from relational, flat file, XML files using Informatica
  • Maintained stored definitions, transformation rules and targets definitions using
  • Informatica repository manager


SQL Developer


  • Checked replication slave consistency and checked network failures
  • Ran MySQL check commands to check/resolve database consistency and troubleshooting errors
  • Communicated with support teams to ensure database availability with minimal downtime
  • Managed schema, user accounts and database object
  • Secured the database via information security standards
  • Oversee user management and privilege management
  • Assisted with sizing, query optimization, buffer tuning, backup and recovery, installations, upgrades and security including other administration functions as part of profiling plan
  • Performed MySQL Replication setup and administration on Master-Slave

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