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Tech Lead/data Integration Analyst Resume

Bartlesville, OK


  • I spent the first 10 years of my 20 years in Tulsa as an expert mainframe COBOL and IDEAL programmer, with 2 years of that as a project leader.
  • I then became the R&D coordinator for 4 years for the whole Williams Companies (both energy and telecom).
  • After doing some Clarion and PowerBuilder client/server programming, I became the company’s first business intelligence and data warehousing expert with Cognos, Brio, and Sybase IQ - and after joining the Architecture group, with Informatica.
  • For 2 years I championed and architected the use of Informatica and Cognos across the enterprise. I then spent the next 10 years as a consultant, mostly doing Informatica (with some Cognos) as a senior developer, lead, architect, and administrator.
  • Recently I worked at Confidential for 8 years as a full-time senior developer, team lead, and architect using Informatica, Sterling Integrator/Secure File Gateway, and GoAnywhere (with some exposure to Azure Data Factory with Data Flow). Industries worked in include energy, utility, telecom, finance, insurance, medical, manufacturing, software, consulting, and universities.


Tech Lead/Data Integration Analyst

Confidential, Bartlesville, OK


  • Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 9.1/9.5/10.1/10.2 , Sterling Integrator/Secure File Gateway, Oracle, SQL Server, Unix, AWS, Linux, Windows, etc.
  • Designed, enhanced, and supported thousands of Informatica workflow and Sterling Connect file router interfaces.
  • Senior developer on integration team, improved processes, and made interfaces were designed and coded properly
  • Filled the integration architect role during tool transition and participated on enterprise architecture board.
  • Technical lead for converting Sterling GIS to SI/Secure File Gateway.
  • Technical lead for Journey To Cloud project to transition Informatica workflows to AWS environment.
  • Technical lead for converting SI/SFG to GoAnywhere and creating new file transfers.
  • Enabled configuration items in ServiceNow for incidents, tasks, projects. Customized and imported migration, incident, task, interface, and batch job configuration items into ServiceNow.
  • As Identity Management expert on the integration team designed integrations to store Active Directory history and manage database accounts.
  • Developed integration processes for automating password resets for integration tools and managed read only accounts for development team.
  • On point for internal and external audit reviews and taking care of any minor issues discovered.
  • Developed procedures, best practices, standards, guidelines, and documentations for the COE integration development and production support teams and enabling the IT teams in the business units.
  • Pioneered new integration tool adaptations and conversions after proof of concepts (including Informatica Cloud and GoAnywhere).
  • Adapted to using Kanban for prioritizing efforts.

Informatica Senior Developer



  • Designed architecture, workflows, and mappings for SAP data conversion utilizing Informatica.
  • Provided 24x7 production support for Informatica application data transfer and extract workflows.
  • Enhanced various legacy application data transfer and extract workflows.
  • Designed/enhanced new application data loads and extracts.
  • Upgraded environment and code to Informatica 9.1.

Technical Lead



  • Identified file distribution requirements for merger with Wachovia Securities as legacy WF server for distribution of Beta/TTS files and ODS extracts was decommissioned and replaced with WS BDW server.
  • Analyzed Interface Partners’ (IPs - business units and downstream applications) needs for Beta/TTS files and custom extracts to be delivered from new source.
  • Facilitated set up of over a dozen Direct Connect connections with IPs and hundreds of file deliveries.
  • Coordinated communications between Central File Distribution (CFD) Support, IPs, project team, and conversion team, and resolved issues.
  • Identified which IPs got which files and which ones were to be split by sub firm.
  • Mocked up delivery configuration records, generated delivery scripts, and delivered sample files to IPs.
  • Discovered sort issue with files split by account numbers into sub firm files, fixed code, and put into production.
  • Modified splitter scripts to re-add variable length file creation after production fix.
  • Created new splitter scripts for new Beta/TTS files and set up Autosys jobs.
  • Developed and tested 12 Informatica mappings and workflows in 2 days to convert EBCDIC files to ASCII in order to deliver sample files to Interface Partner.
  • Designed conversion processes and wrote Unix scripts and Informatica 8.6.2 mappings/workflows to convert EBCDIC files to ASCII.
  • Pushed designs and code through design and code reviews.
  • Oversaw offshore development and tested code.
  • Checked code into packages, requested change requests, and verified code migrated and deployed.
  • Documented Release Notes and Production Support Turnover documents.
  • Was “go to guy” for mock and live conversion events.

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