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Informatica Mdm Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • 8+ years of IT experience in Development and Implementation of EIM services using Informatica Master Data Management, Informatica Power center, Data Quality in various organizations such as Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication and Pharmaceutical.
  • Proficient in various databases like Oracle 11g, DB2, SQL Server, Netezza, Teradata and Flat Files (delimited files, fixed width files, XML & CSV files)..
  • Having Experience in B2B Projects - DT/DX (Data Transformation Studio), Data Transformation Accelerator, Data Format Transformation Library, Data Transformation Engine and full integration with Power center.
  • Expertise in Master Data Management concepts, Methodologies and ability to apply this knowledge in building MDM solutions.
  • Experience in several facts of MDM implementations including Data Profiling, Data extraction, Data validation, Data Cleansing, Data Match, Data Load, Data Migration, Trust Score validation.
  • Experienced in Installing, Managing and configuring Informatica MDM core component such as Hub Server, Hub Store, Hub Cleanse, Hub Console, Cleanse Adapters, Hub Resource Kit.
  • Experience in defining and configuring landing tables, staging tables, base objects, lookups, query groups, queries/custom queries, packages, hierarchies and foreign-key relationships.
  • Experience in configuring Entity Base Objects, Entity Types, Relationship Base Objects, Relationship Types, Profiles using Hierarchy tool.
  • Performed all kinds of MDM Hub jobs - Stage Jobs, Load Jobs, Match and Merge Jobs using the Batch Viewer and Automation Processes.
  • Expertise in Informatica MDM Hub Match and Merge Rules, Batch Jobs and Batch Groups Columns, Match Rule Sets by defining all suitable properties of Fuzzy and Exact Match concepts.
  • Designed & developed multiple cleanse function, Graph function and standardization scenarios using Address Doctor.
  • Worked on MDM Hub configurations - Data modeling & Mappings, Data validation, Match and Merge rules, Hierarchy Manager, customizing/configuring Informatica Data Director (IDD).
  • Well acquainted with deploying multiple Application Servers such as Jboss, Weblogic and Web sphere.
  • Responsible for creating user groups, privileges and roles to the users using Security Access Manager (SAM).
  • Configured Informatica Data Director (IDD) for data governance to be used by the business users, IT Managers and Data Stewards .
  • Worked extensively on different types of transformations like Source Qualifier, Expression, Aggregator, Router, Filter, Update Strategy, Lookup, Sorter, Normalize, Union, Stored Procedure, and Sequence Generators.
  • Extensive experience in design of Multi-Dimensional modeling concepts like Star and Snowflakes schema.
  • Created, launched & scheduled workflows/sessions and extensively involved in the performance tuning of mappings and sessions.
  • Strong experience in designing and developing mappings to extract data from different sources including flat files, RDBMS tables and XML files.
  • Highly Proficient in the use of T-SQL for developing complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions.
  • Experienced in Teradata utilities like BTEQ, Fast Load, Multi Load, Tpump, Fast Export and Teradata SQL.
  • Experienced in Data Cleansing and Data Standardization using Informatica Power center and UNIX Shell script by using Reference Data/Golden copy.
  • Experience in Designing and Building the Dimensions and cubes with star schema using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Experienced in automating the Informatica jobs, also experienced in Informatica scheduler, Auto sys, and Tivoli scheduler scheduling tools.
  • Extensive Experience on Teradata database, analyzing business needs of clients, developing.
  • Experience in Involved various testing activities like Unit testing, System Integration testing and User acceptance testing.


EIM tools: Informatica MDM Multi-domain 10.x,9.5.1/9.7.1, IDD, SIF.

ETL tools: Informatica Power Centre 8.X, 9. X.10.X

Cleanse Adapters: Address Doctor, Trillium

Databases: Oracle 10g/11g, My SQL 5.0/4.1, SQL Server 2008, MS Access

Editors: SQL Navigator, Toad

Data Modeling: ERWIN 4.0, MS Visio

Scheduling Tools: Control M, Autosys, Tivoli

Programming Skills: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, UNIX Script, Java

Application Servers: Web Logic 10.x/9.x, JBoss

Environment: Windows OS, UNIX, Windows SERVER 2003/08

BI Reporting Tools: MS Excel 2010, SSIS, SSRS.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Informatica MDM developer


  • Worked with ETL Developers in creating External Batches to execute mappings, Mapplets using Informatica workflow designer to integrate Shire's data from varied sources like Oracle, DB2, flat files and SQL databases and loaded into landing tables of Informatica MDM Hub.
  • Performing requirement gathering analysis design development testing implementation support and maintenance phases of both MDM and Data Integration Projects.
  • Experience in creating the platform All facets of MDM implementations including Data Profiling metadata acquisition data migration.
  • Performing requirement gathering analysis design development testing implementation support and
  • maintenance phases of both MDM and Data Integration Projects.
  • Setup of Identify Service on Active VOS Console.
  • Proficiency and experience in MDM Active VOS for BPM and workflow.
  • Developed an integration platform between MDM and Active VOS.
  • Master Data Management MDM Data Integration concepts in large scale implementation between MDM and Active VOS.
  • Master Data Management MDM Data Integration concepts in large scale implementation environments.
  • Creating landing tables Staging tables Base Tables as per the data model and data sources.
  • Developing mappings using various cleanse functions and Address doctor functions to move data into Stage tables
  • Defining Trust Score Validation rules Match rules and Merge settings.
  • Closely worked with other IT team members business partners data stewards stakeholders steering committee members and executive sponsors for all MDM and data governance related activities.
  • Developing the IDD application building Hierarchies as per the business needs.
  • Supporting role towards Business Analyst and Team lead in requirement phase, peer review and preparing high level design.
  • Developed the code based on Low level design - includes more detail information tables, database and data flow.
  • MDM development includes creating Base object tables, staging tables and landing tables as per requirement in LLD.
  • Created individual mappings (i.e. Stage jobs) for moving data from landing table to staging tables.
  • Configuring the trust and validation in base object columns as per business requirement.
  • Ran the load jobs for moving data from Staging tables to base object tables like Bo tables, Xref tables history tables.
  • Configured Trust and created Queries & package to integrate the Trust score.
  • Involved in creating various Match rules. Two match rules, Fuzzy match will be set based on token known as tokenization and Exact match will give exact record information.
  • Published the records to downstream applications with help of ETL power center with the help of message queue.
  • Configured IDD for client usage on web application. Clients can access the master record and update the information directly in base object.
  • Setup SIF for java application communication and interfacing the IDD as required.
  • Created User exit features extending the functionality and features of MDM HUB.
  • Design and development test scenarios for unit and integration testing, as well as positive and negative testing and generating the test data as per test cases.
  • Preparation of test cases and code review document, debugging the defects identified and fixing them.
  • Updating the code into production with proper version.

Environment: Informatica Multi domain MDM 10.1, JBoss 5.1, Oracle 11g, Address Doctor 5, IDD, SIF, Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) 9.5.0, Active VOS 2.0, Teradata R6, Informatica Power Center 9.1.0, Toad, SQL*Loader, Windows Server 2008XP.

Confidential, VA

Informatica MDM developer


  • Having strong understanding in Product life cycle, Data governance, Data quality, Data security for products across the enterprise from many disparate systems.
  • Interacted with the Business Users & Enterprise Data Architects in the analysis & design of conceptual and logical data model that is required for solid MDM implementation & ensuring that it meets the business requirements and also supports the products capabilities.
  • Involved in implementing the Land Process of loading the customer Data Set into Informatica MDM from various source systems.
  • Worked w /Data Profiling Team in analyzing the source systems data for duplicative and quality issues.
  • Performeddata profilingof reference data for large data sets using Informatica Data Analyst tool.
  • Worked w/ ETL team in configuring the landing tables’ structure according to standardization of the Client.
  • Configured Base Object Tables in schema and relationship tables in hierarchies according to data-model.
  • Configured Landing Tables, Staging Tables, Look-ups, Cleanse Lists, Cleanse functions, Mappings, Audit trail/ Delta detection.
  • Creating project plans, design and development Building a data model according to business needs by interacting with data architect.
  • Configured the three Source system from which approximately 1.2 million data will be used in landing process.
  • Configured Staging tables, foreign key relationships, static lookups, dynamic lookups, queries, query groups, packages and custom cleanse functions.
  • Defined System Trust and Validation rules for base object column.
  • Worked in implementation of Profiling, Score Card, Classifier models, Probabilistic models, Human task and Exception record management as part of IDQ process.
  • Experienced in customizing error messages displayed on the IDD screen.
  • Configured Search Strategy, Match rule sets, Match Columns for Match and Merge Process in improving data quality by match analysis.
  • Created Queries, Query Groups and packages in MDM Hub Console.
  • Implemented inserting/updating strategy using batch process which is done nightly, SOAP for near real time data and IDD
  • Configured Informatica Data Director (IDD) in reference to the Data Governance of users, IT Managers & Data Stewards.
  • Created &deployed new applications in Informatica Data Director & binding application to a specific ORS.
  • Used Metadata manager for validation, promotion, importing and exporting the ORS repositories to different environments.

Environment: Informatica MDM 10.1, Informatica MDM Data Director 9.1.0, Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) 9.5.0, Informatica Power Center 9.1.0, HDFS, Map-Reduce, AQT 9.0, Erwin, Jboss, HP Quality Center 9.2, Windows XP.

Confidential, Ann Arbor, MI

Informatica MDM Developer


  • Perform Designs and Analysis on business systems applications, systems interfaces, databases, reporting, or business intelligence systems.
  • Worked with Business Analyst and end users to generate Requirement Document according to business needs for Customer Master ORS.
  • Involved in landing the data from Seven Different source systems by running external batch process to load business data for creating customer master data. External batch process used was ETL process.
  • Developed and managed relationships between data domains for the data models.
  • Involved in loading data from different sources to staging area by cleansing data to do this we are using Trillium services and Duns Numbers from Duns and Bradstreet (DNB). After getting data as per business requirement from DNB and Trillium we are loading data to the ware house.
  • Created Base objects, staging tables, loading tables and foreign key relationships for a defined party model for Customer Master ORS.
  • Created mapping document and mappings in MDM HUB ORS using various cleanse list and cleanse functions.
  • Defined Trust and validation rules for base table defined by End users and BA team.
  • Performed Match and Merge Rules as per business requirement on source data.
  • Configured IDD application for Party Communication, Party to Party Rel and Master Guarantee Agreement Subject Area required for data governance used by the Data Services Team.
  • Created queries, procedures and packages in MDM Hub for displaying and updating the data.
  • Established data quality rule and data quality improvement, defined data mining and performance optimization policies for customer master data.
  • Created Roles and privileges for Read Only and Data Entry for Data Entry Team users.
  • Involved in Data Steward Activities like manual Merge/Unmerge and updating data.
  • Used metadata manager for importing, exporting, validating the data for transforming the schema from development environment to testing environment.
  • Configured Entity Base Objects, Entity Types, Relationship Base Objects, Relationship Types, and Profiles using Hierarchies tool.
  • Improved the data quality by Match analysis, analysis of the MDM system performance and tuning the performance by changing the existing cleanse function and match rules.
  • Experienced in Metadata manager to Import and Export of Metadata and Promote Incremental changes between environments from development to testing environment.
  • Created user groups, privileges and roles to the users using Security Access Manager (SAM).

Environment: Oracle 11g, Informatica MDM (Formerly Siperian) 9.5.0, TOAD, JBoss, Address Doctor 5.

Confidential, CA

Informatica developer


  • Mainly involved in ETL developing.
  • Extensively used Informatica Client tools - Power Center Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor and Repository Manager.
  • Extracted data from various heterogeneous sources like Oracle, SQL Server, Flat Files, Teradata.
  • Extracted data from Oracle, Flat file, Excel files and performed complex joiner, Expression, Aggregate, and Lookup, Stored procedure, Filter, Router transformations and Update strategy transformations to load data into the target systems.
  • Created Sessions, Tasks, Workflows and work lets using Workflow manager.
  • Developed the transformation logic, identifying and tracking the slowly changing dimensions.
  • Design and develop data modeling concepts using various data modeling tools like star schema and dimensional modeling.
  • Used TOAD, SQL Developer to develop and debug procedures and packages.
  • Expertise in using both connected and unconnected Lookup Transformations.
  • Extensively worked with various Lookup caches like Static, Dynamic and Persistent.
  • Developed Slowly Changing Dimension Mappings for Type 1 SCD and Type 2 SCD.
  • Experience in Performance tuning using Push Down Optimization, Partitioning etc.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.1, TOAD, Unix Shell Scripts, Win XP, Control M Schedule.


ETL Developer


  • Having strong understanding in Product life cycle, Data quality and Data security for products across the enterprise from many disparate systems.
  • Created source-to-target mappings for loading data warehouse/data marts.
  • Working in the Agile (Scrum) software development process, for the better accurate signoff.
  • Creating the mappings using transformations Filter, Expression, Aggregator, Sorter, Lookup, and Update Strategy.
  • Formulating the QA plan for black box testing of the application including Functional, Regression, Integration, Systems and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Performing database testing to verify backend database transactions.
  • Involving in communication between UAT team members, business leaders, and IT.
  • Working on conversion of manual tests into automated test scripts.
  • Modifying and executing test scripts for web based environment-using Quality Center.
  • Used Agile Test Methods to provide rapid feedback to the developers significantly helping them uncover important risks.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6, Oracle, Tera data 12.0 SQL Server, Win XP, UNIX, UNIX Shell Script, HP Quality Center.

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