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Datastage Developer Resume

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Getzville, NY


  • Around 7+ years of IT experience in Design, Development and Implementation of Relational Database and Data Warehousing Systems using IBM DataStage (v8.1, 8.5, 8.7, 9.1) Client - Server environment.
  • Knowledge in Relational Database Modeling (RDBMS), Dimensional Modeling (DMS) and DW concepts like - Data marts, OLTP, OLAP, Fact tables, Dimension tables, Star schema and Snow Flake Schema modelling.
  • Extensive experience in Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) data from various sources such as Oracle, Teradata, MS-SQL Server, DB2, XML and Flat files.
  • Worked on DataStage client tools like DataStage Designer, DataStage Director and DataStage Administrator.
  • Involved in all the project stages of various IT project’s such as Analysis, Design and testing, deployment, production support, Unit Testing, UAT, production roll out and enhancements.
  • Excellent in using scalable parallel processing infrastructure using parallel jobs with multi-node configuration files.
  • Experienced in scheduling sequence, parallel and server jobs using DataStage Director, UNIX scripts and scheduling tools.
  • Expertise in Designing and developing Parallel and Server jobs in DS Designer using different types of stages like Funnel, Change Capture, Pivot, Merge, SCD, Aggregator, Join, Lookup, Sort, Transformer, Link Partitioner and Link Collector.
  • Skilled in data mapping for the SCD1, SCD2 (Flagging, Time stamping and version) and SCD3.
  • Extensive experience in creating jobs, data mapping, data extraction, transformation and loading from heterogeneous sources like Oracle (11g, 10g,9i)/DB2 and Flat files into DataStage.
  • Creating local and shared containers to facilitate ease and reuse of jobs.
  • Loading bulk data, troubleshooting DataStage jobs addressing production issues like performance tuning and enhancement.
  • Basic knowledge in Teradata utilities like Fast Load, Multi Load and Fast Export, query tools BTEQ and SQL Assistant, Teradata SQL, Explain Plan, bulk loaders and un-loaders.
  • Ability to develop Job Sequences with restart capability for the designed jobs using Job Activity, Exec Command, E-Mail Notification Activities and Triggers.
  • Involved in Designing, Compiling, Testing, Scheduling, and running DataStage jobs.
  • Creating Design documentation as per business requirements by understanding business team concerns by Regular interactions with them.
  • Experience working in Agile, Scrum and waterfall methodologies.
  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently in a team and individually with professional conduct and excellent interpersonal and technical communication skill set.


ETL Tools: IBM Info Sphere DataStage 8.x,( Designer, Director, Administrator), Ascential DataStage 7.5.2 Enterprise Edition (Designer, Director, Administrator, Manager)

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, IBM DB2 UDB, Sybase, SQL Server 2003/2005/2008, Teradata

Data Warehousing and Data Modelling: OLTP, OLAP, Star & Snow-Flake schema Modeling, Fact and Dimensions, Physical and Logical Data Modeling, Erwin 4.1/3.5

Languages: C, SQL,XML,UNIX Shell scripting, PL/SQL

Scheduling & Reporting Tools: AUTOSYS& IBM Cognos, Crystal Reports

Application Suite: MS Office, MS Project, MS SharePoint, MS Access, Microsoft Visio Professional 5.0/2002


Confidential, Getzville, NY

DataStage Developer


  • Extensively used Parallel and Sequence Job Stages - SQL Extract, Dataset/File set, Lookup File set, Aggregator, Join, Transformer, Sort, Merge, Filter, FTP, Lookup, Head, Tail and Pivot, etc
  • Used Job Sequencer stages to link multiple jobs in Series/Parallel based on the requirement.
  • Used the DataStage Director and its run-time engine to schedule running the solution, testing and debugging its components, and monitoring the resulting executable versions (on an ad hoc or scheduled basis).
  • Implementing shared containers for multiple jobs, which have the same business logic.
  • Migrating DS8 jobs to DS9 environment. Troubleshooting any issues.
  • Gathering requirement from different teams, creating mapping and technical documentation and Unit Testing documents.
  • Worked closely with data management team to understand the business processes and participated in gathering business requirements to build the data warehouse model.

ENVIRONMENT: DataStage v9.1.2 & v8.0.1, SQL, UNIX, Automic, Microsoft Visual Studio, MS Access, Sybase, Greenplum

Confidential, Bentonville, AR

DataStage Developer


  • Created mapping documents for all the data objects as per the initial requirements.
  • Regularly interacted with Data, business and IM teams in gathering and understanding client requirements.
  • Designed and developed parallel and sequence jobs using DataStage Designer.
  • Verifying accuracy of source data, maintain and support Data ware house.
  • Coding the design jobs in DS as per the requirement.
  • Leading and managing five developers, be a bridge over for onsite and offshore teams.
  • Conducting regular status calls with onsite managers and offshore teams to update any issues and progress of the project.
  • Data Cleansing and conducting Mock cutovers and dress rehearsals for every cycle.
  • Performed Data masking to secure personal and confidential data.
  • Handling Design Change Request’s and updating Technical reports as per the changes.
  • Creating mapping and technical documentation for all the jobs.
  • Migrating code from DS 8.0.1 to DS 9.1 environment. Collaborated with admin team in code migration.
  • Testing the migrated code and fixing any issues present to make it viable for the upcoming mock cutovers.
  • Fetching and loading data into server through SFTP. Provided tab delimited flat files through SFTP to the SAP team.
  • Extensively tested design code for various scenarios and environments.
  • Adaptively working in multiple challenging environments without missing any deadlines.

ENVIRONMENT: IBM Info Sphere DataStage v8.0.1 & v9.1, Business Objects, Flat files, MY SQL, FileZilla, UNIX SFTP server, WRQ FTP, UNIX, LINUX, SAP Hand logon, ALM tool for tracking purposes, MS Office suite of applications.

Confidential, Atlanta GA

DataStage Developer


  • Designed ETL jobs using DataStage to Extract, Transform and load the data into staging, ODS and EDW.
  • Collaborated with EDW (Enterprise Data Warehousing) team in High and Low Level design documentation, to Extract, Transform, validate and Load ETL process data dictionaries, Metadata descriptions, file layouts and flow diagrams.
  • Loaded formatted, cleansed, summarized, aggregated and transformed data into Data Warehouse.
  • Designed and developed parallel jobs, server and sequence jobs using DataStage Designer. Developed DS jobs to populate the data into staging area and Data Mart.
  • Extensively worked on Extraction of data from flat files, Transforming them according to the requirements and Loading them into target tables using various parallel stages like Join, Merge, Look up, Aggregator, Filter Dataset, Remove Duplicates, Change Data capture, Switch and Modify.
  • Tuned transformations and jobs for Performance Enhancement. Created Batches (DS job controls) and Sequences to control set of jobs.
  • Extensively worked on Job Sequences to control the execution of the job flow using various Activities & Triggers (Conditional and Unconditional) such as Job Activity, Wait for file, Sequencer, Exception handler activity and Execute Command.
  • Developed Sequences to run Dimensions and Facts and also developed a Master Sequence to run the entire project. Executed jobs through sequencer for better performance and easy maintenance.
  • Generating Surrogate Keys for the dimensions and fact tables for indexing and faster access of data in Data Warehouse.
  • Executed Pre and Post session commands on Source and Target database using Shell scripting.
  • Performed the Unit testing for jobs developed, to ensure that it meets the requirements
  • Collaborated in design testing using IBM Rational Performance Test Server
  • Collaborated with BI and BO teams to observe how reports are affected by a change to the corporate data model.
  • Collaborated with BO teams in designing dashboards and scorecards for Analysis and Tracking of key business metrics and goals.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts to automate file manipulation and data loading procedures.
  • Scheduled the jobs using AutoSys.
  • Provided technical assistance and support to IT analysts and business community.

ENVIRONMENT: IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.7, Oracle 11g, AutoSys, Business Objects, Rational Server, DB2, Flat files, MY SQL, Data Studio 4.0.1., TOAD

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

DataStage Developer


  • Loading Members related data for various applications into the DB2 Enterprise Data Warehouse and MS SQL server is the goal of the project. This involved, pulling in data from various source systems like Flat Files, Oracle, DB2 and Sybase and loading the target to EDW data warehouse.
  • Scope of the project is to build integrated reporting of healthcare management system that includes integrated, web-based, on demand reporting capabilities for employers as well as internal consulting staff. Thereby improving customer access to clinical and financial data.
  • Involved in designing the simple to complex DataStage jobs.
  • Involved in Design Development and Deployment of DataStage Server jobs. Used stages like sort, aggregator, transformer, link collector, link partitioner, XML input, XML output, pivot, FTP stage,etc.
  • Worked with Provider, Claims,, Member Risk, Products, Audit and Capitation modules under the HIPAA.
  • Involved in building the base fact tables, aggregate fact tables, dimension tables, Data mart tables, change requests and defect issues related to the Data Warehouse project.
  • Involved in the technical development delivery strategy packages that include technical design, development and testing phase.
  • Effectively used DataStage Manager to Import/Export projects from development server to production server and implemented Slowly Changing Dimension techniques.
  • Created and executed SQL queries for validating transformation rules used in source to target mappings.
  • Used the DataStage Director and its run-time engine to schedule running the solution, testing and debugging its components, and monitoring the resulting executable versions on a scheduled basis.
  • Developed Job Sequences, job activities, execute commands, user variable activity and implemented logics for job sequence loops, recovery and restart.
  • Identified performance bottlenecks and suggested improvements.
  • Used Quality Stage to ensure consistency, removing data anomalies and spelling errors of the source
  • Responsible for daily verification that all scripts, downloads, and file copies were executed as planned, troubleshooting any steps that failed, and providing both immediate and long-term problem resolution.

ENVIRONMENT: InfoSphere DataStage v8.5, Oracle 10g, Erwin 4.1, Windows XP, SQL Plus, Quality Stage, DB2, Sybase

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Sr. DataStage Developer


  • Designed the ETL jobs using IBM WebSphere Information Server 8.1 to Extract, Transform and load the data into Staging and then into Oracle Database.
  • Developed various parallel jobs to extract, transform, integrate and load the data into Corporate Data warehouse (CDW) using Designer.
  • Designed parallel jobs using stages such as Join, Merge, Lookup, Remove Duplicates, Copy, Filter, Funnel, Dataset, Lookup, Pivot, and Sort, Surrogate key Generator, Change Data Capture (CDC), Modify, Row Generator and Aggregator.
  • Extensively worked with Shared Containers for Re-using the Business functionality.
  • Created Job Parameters and Environment variables to run the same job for different schemas.
  • Involved in doing code reviews for all the jobs before moving to production.
  • Used ETL Job Control to run the jobs. Extensively used shared containers to capture row count.
  • Used Director to monitor jobs, run and validate its components.
  • Ensured faster data loads involved in the Performance Tuning of parallel jobs using Performance Statistics.
  • Working with BI team to apply the business rules for OLAP, designing the Frame Work models.
  • Assisted operation support team for transactional data loads in developing SQL & Unix scripts

ENVIRONMENT: IBM Web sphere DataStage 8.0.1 and IBM Information Server DataStage 8.5 (Designer, Director and Administrator), UNIX, Oracle 10g, XML Files, Flat files, PL/SQL, AutoSys 4.0, Erwin 4.0, TOAD


DataStage Developer


  • Involved as primary on-site ETL Developer during the analysis, planning, and design, development, and implementation stages of projects using IBM WebSphere 8.1 (DataStage and Quality Stage v8.1 and Information Analyzer)
  • Experienced in working with different stages in Quality Stage for performing Master Data Management
  • Interacted with Business Analysts and Source System Experts to gain better understanding of the Business Process, Requirements and Design
  • Involved in the DataStage administration tasks like creating the users, projects, configuration files and Environment set up
  • Designed and Developed DataStage Jobs to Extract data from heterogeneous sources, Applied transform logics to extracted data and Loaded into Data Warehouse Databases
  • Creating and modifying MULTI LOADS for DataStage using UNIX and Loading data into IDW (Integrated Data warehouse).
  • Loading data from various data sources and legacy systems into Teradata development warehouse using BTEQ, FASTEXPORT, MULTI LOAD, FASTLOAD and DataStage.
  • Used various Parallel Extender partitioning and collecting methods
  • Extensively worked with Join, Look up (Normal and Sparse) and Merge stages
  • Extensively worked with sequential file, dataset, file set and look up file set stages
  • Extensively used Parallel Stages like Row Generator, Column Generator, Head and Peek for development and de-bugging purposes
  • Created Shared Containers to increase Object Code Reusability and to increase output
  • Extensively worked with Job sequences using Job Activity, Email Notification, Sequencer, Wait for File activities to control and execute the Datastage Parallel jobs
  • Converted complex job designs to different job segments and executed through job sequencer for better performance and easy maintenance
  • Created Basic routines and process to capture and reporting row counts and job status
  • Migrated jobs from development to QA to Production environments through Version Control Tool
  • Used the DataStage Director and its run-time engine to schedule running the solution, testing and debugging its components, and monitoring the resulting executable versions on ad hoc or scheduled basis
  • Performed performance tuning of the jobs by interpreting performance statistics of the jobs developed
  • Wrote UNIX scripts to execute ETL Jobs, Sequences, FTP files, Sending Emails, Archiving and purging the files on regular intervals
  • Refreshed the data by using fastexport and fastload utilities.
  • Creating and modifying MULTI LOADS for DataStage using UNIX and Loading data into IDW (Integrated Data warehouse).
  • Loading data from various data sources and legacy systems into Teradata development warehouse using BTEQ, FASTEXPORT, MULTI LOAD, FASTLOAD and DataStage.

ENVIRONMENT: IBM Web sphere DataStage 8.0.1, (Designer, Director) Information Server, Teradata Database 13, UNIX scripting, TOAD, PL/SQL

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