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Management Analyst Resume

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Washington, Dc


  • More than 12 years of experience of managing information systems and computer software applications
  • Project Management, Program Planning, Strong Leadership skills
  • Committed to resolving complex issues


Confidential, Md

Management Analyst


  • Responsible for special Records Management projects and programs governing the rights and interest of individuals
  • Applies method and techniques of Management analysis, historical research and archival science to the solution of complex problems encountered
  • Participates in the planning and execution of major studies by researching voluminous documents systematically to determine which documents are suitable in support of units and/ or individuals who have been exposed to Agent Orange and/ or PTSD
  • Coordinates with Army Joint Services Research Center in researching materials which may include Activity Reports, General Orders, and Combat Operation Reports……

Confidential, Washington, DC.

Sr. Records Manager


  • Oversees and directs VA’s strategic Records Management Program and assures compliance with the various laws and regulations that relate to the overall information management program
  • Assist and provides resources and to establish an automated approach for the execution of various functions related to Records Management coordination activities utilizing technology to develop a coherent strategy for the improvement of the Department of Veterans Affairs Records Management Services.
  • Supports the development and implementation of an automated process to retain and dispose of, in accordance with approved NARA retention and disposition rules, administrative and historical documents which include developing a Records schedule, file plan, archiving, disposition, and electronic transferal of documents.
  • Ensures proper collaboration with external stakeholders Department - wide to assist VA to accomplish its mission.

Confidential - Ft. Belvoir, VA

CT Records Manager Analyst


  • Ensure the DTRA Records Management Office has the current CT File Plan.
  • Ensure CT program managers make informed decisions regarding their files and assist or advise them regarding the records disposition schedules.
  • Ensure CT personnel create or capture all essential records, preserve and transfer permanently valuable records, and dispose of temporary records according to disposition authorities.
  • Properly procures and uses filing supplies and equipment to house records.
  • Ensure standards, procedures, and techniques designed to improve the management of records are implemented.
  • Ensure filing equipment (file cabinets, shelves, drawers etc.) is the most efficient and economical as is practical.
  • Participate in the development of all record keeping systems (to include electronic) to insure proper filing and disposition of these files.
  • Act as a liaison with the DTRA Records Officer for management program direction and publicize the latest guidance to CT personnel.
  • On an annual basis, review this document and the CT File Plan to ensure they are still compatible with DTRA guidance and CT needs.

Confidential, VA

Senior Technical Librarian/Record Manager


  • Manages and maintains the Library and Database systems for the Pentagon Renovation and Washington Headquarters Services (WHS)
  • Assures the Disposition of records per Federal regulations and guidelines and assists with the development of policies and procedures
  • Evaluate and analyze existing records management practices and policies and propose changes to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies
  • Applies knowledge, skills and techniques to Identify the needs of the customer and stakeholders
  • QA of depository, archival, retrieval of documents and drawings of the Facilities (TC&F) library services
  • Assists internal/external customers with questions regarding controlled documents
  • Monitors and maintains Classified material
  • Provides technical and integration support to implement all software and programs pertaining to the enhancement of both hardcopy and electronic record storage and performs verification and test for both hardcopy and electronic documents
  • Prepares correspondence reports for weekly Project Management Briefings(DMR's)
  • Communicates and provides problem resolution efficiency of records storage for remote site Pentagon personnel and contractors

Confidential, Washington, DC

Document Management Administrator


  • (DHS)- Maintains operating records and creates logs to control documents
  • Established and maintained files and documents
  • Prepares classified document exhibits for Department of Justice attorneys and other Govn’t Affiliates utilizing Access codes to documents.
  • Enters data in prescribed format for subsequent processing
  • Reviews error messages and makes corrections during data entry
  • Sort and arranged records indexing numerical order
  • Electronically submitted decisions on Appeals and Motions utilizing Claims LAN
  • Also was responsible for case movement and transfers back to the originating District office
  • Created Public Record, archived a copy of decisions to the responsible INS officers’ directory and ensured mail out to the Petitioner and attorney, if represented

Confidential - Washington, DC

Sr. Records Administrator


  • Managed and monitored record systems for the facility
  • Composed the written instructions for the management system, updated the Master Location Reports (MLRR)
  • Proofread and made corrections to MLRR for the archivist and computer support staff.
  • Supervised the activities of the records, and monitored staff that handled records for movement to ensure safekeeping and restoring records to proper locations

Confidential . -DOD Quantico, VA

Quality Control/Optical Imaging Operator


  • Provided leadership to staff in preparing for production and quality assurance of United States Marine Corps (USMC), military personnel files optical conversion project
  • Performed microfiche-image data entry utilizing optical imaging system workstations and state of the art scanning systems
  • Performed final quality assurance and control examinations for USMC official military personnel files utilizing ISO, (CDFS).
  • Conducted extensive research utilizing the USMC Records Management Database System
  • Ensured all USMC-OMPF documents and microfilm that is no longer in use is properly discarded according to company procedures
  • Supervised the completion of daily production reports

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