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Sr. Informatica / Teradata Developer. Resume

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Richmond, VA


  • Over 8 years of experience in the IT industry with extensive skill set dedicated to business and System Analysis, Data Modelling, Data warehousing on Client Server and Web - Enabled Systems, which includes Development and Implementation of Data Warehouse applications using ETL tool INFORMATICA.
  • Experience in the Implementation of full lifecycle inData warehouse, Operational Data Store(ODS) and BusinessData martswithDimensional modelingtechniquesStar SchemaandSnow flake SchemausingKimballandInmonmethodologies.
  • Extensively worked on Repository Manager, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor and Designer to develop Mappings, Mapplets, Reusable Transformations, Tasks and Workflows, Worklets to extract, transform and load data.
  • Strong Experience in Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data from different heterogeneous source systems like Flat files (Fixed width & Delimited), XML Files, COBOL files, VSAM, IBM DB2 UDB, Excel, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server and Teradata.
  • Strong Working Experience with various clients ranging from Telecom, Health Care,Financial, Life-Sciences (Pharma) related industries.
  • Strong knowledge of OBIEE as a Business Intelligence tool and Data Extraction using Informatica as ETL tool.
  • Experience in writing PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers and Performance Tuning.
  • Sound Knowledge and experience in Metadata, Relational Data modelling and Slowly Changing Dimensions.
  • Strong experiencein Dimensional Modelling using Star and Snow Flake Schema, Identifying Facts and Dimensions, Physical and logical data modelling using ERwin and ER-Studio.
  • Worked in Implementing the Parallel Processing for increasing the performance.
  • Experience in scheduling of ETL jobs using Crontab, Control-M,WLM.
  • Knowledge in developing reports using Business Intelligence tools like Business Objects and Cognos.
  • Hands on experience in using complex mappings using Expressions, Joiners, Routers, Lookups, and Update strategy, Source Qualifiers, Aggregators to develop and load data in to different target types.
  • Good exposure inInformatica MDMwhere data Cleansing, De-duping and Address correction.
  • Expertise on tools likeToad, Autosys, and SQL Server Management Studio. Involved in Unit testing, Functional testing and User Acceptance testing on UNIXandWindowsEnvironment.
  • Good knowledge in interacting withInformatica Data Explorer (IDE), and Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) and B2B data transformation.
  • Expertise in working with relational databases such as Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8x, SQL Server 2008/2005, MS Access and Teradata.
  • Experience using Teradata utilities BTEQ, FastLoad, MultiLoad, FastExport, Tpump, SQL Assistant, SQL Administrator.
  • Experienced in root-cause analysis by de-bugging given mappings, mapplets and work flows of given ETL transformations
  • Experience in resolving on-going maintenance issues and bug fixes, monitoring Informatica sessions as well as performance tuning of mappings and sessions.
  • Experience in the full-cycle software development including requirements gathering, prototyping, and proof of concept, design, documentation, implementation, testing, maintenance and production support.
  • A highly motivated self-starter and a good team-player with excellent verbal and written communication skills.


ETL tools: Informatica Power center 9.5.1/9.1/8.6/8.1 (Source Analyzer, Mapping Designer, Mapplet, Transformations, Workflow Monitor, Workflow Manager), Informatica data quality, B2B Transformation.

Scheduling Tool: Control M, Crontab, Autosy, WLM.

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, MS SQL Server 2008/2005, Teradata

OLAP Tools: Cognos 8.0/8.1/8.2/8.4/7.0, Business Objects XI r2/6.x/5.x.

BI TOOL: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, OBIA Apps

Languages: C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, Teradata SQL.

Operating systems: Windows 2000/07/NT/XP, UNIX (Sun-Solaris, HP/UX), LINUX.

Scripting languages: UNIX Scripting.

Packages: SQL* PLUS, Toad 7.x, SQL Developer

Web technologies: HTML, DHTML

Applications: MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.


Confidential, Richmond, VA

Sr. Informatica / Teradata Developer.


  • Handled multiple projects simultaneously with different subject areas.
  • Played lead developer role in the process of handling and Claims project.
  • Worked on TD SQL Assistant to analyze the data and write the new logic for our requirement to handle multiple issues in decommissioning projects.
  • Developed scripts mostly using BTEQ, FLOAD and MLOAD.
  • Design ETL mappings to extract, cleanse, transform and load into Target database.
  • Hands on experience with all the process related document work from approach document till handover.
  • Worked on Informatica Power Center Designer for creating new mapping, workflows to load the history data to the landing zone.
  • Analyzing the existing mappings, workflows and modify them to meet the next release requirements.
  • Provided warranty support after the release.
  • Created Mappings and used transformations like Source Qualifier, Filter, Update Strategy, Lookup, Router, Joiner, Normalizer, Aggregator, Sequence Generator and Address validator.
  • Applied various performance tuning techniques to meet the coding standards of Anthem.
  • Performed CAT, DBQL code assessment logs to check the BTEQ’s are error free for production environment.
  • Responsible for developing, support and maintenance for the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes using Informatica.
  • Developed several generic Informatica jobs which can be reused for several processes.
  • Created sessions, worklets, workflows for the mapping to run daily, biweekly and monthly based on the business requirements.
  • Created Connected, Unconnected and Dynamic Lookup transformations for better performance.
  • Developed complex mapping logic using various transformations like Expression, Lookups (Connected and Unconnected) Joiner, and Filter, Sorter, Router, Update strategy, Aggregator, SQL, Xml, and Normalizer.
  • Worked with ETL Migration Team and Migrated Informatica folders from Dev to Test repository and from Test to Prod Repository.
  • Performed Informatica Folder/Object Level Migration using Repository Manager.
  • Extracted data from Flat files, DB2, COBOL, SQL and Oracle to build an Operation Data Source. Applied business logic to load the data into Global Data Warehouse.
  • Performed Unit Testing in Dev & Testing environment for the logic written in BTEQ scripts.
  • Handled spool space and other issues by tuning the query, creating GTT/volatile tables.
  • Involved in Design, develop and Test process for validation data prior to loading into the EDWARD
  • Updated numerous BTEQ/SQL scripts, making appropriate DDL changes and completed unit test.
  • Involved in writing views based on user and/or reporting requirements.
  • Involved in full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Business Requirements Analysis, preparation of Technical Design documents, Data Analysis, Logical and Physical database design, Coding, Testing, Implementing, and deploying to business users.
  • Wrote Unix Shell Scripts to process the data received from source system on daily basis.
  • Prepared TDD, LOE approach document, handover document etc till the end of release.
  • Writing SQL Scripts to extract the matching data from Test/Prod Database and for Unit Testing Purposes.
  • In ANTHEM, we have onsite/offshore co-ordination for few projects. I have been co-ordinating with offshore and also on-site with users and Business analysts.
  • Handled with different teams for the migrations. Worked very close to Production Control team and WLM team and Control M team and also Release teams.
  • Involved in DB objects migration/ unix and infa components migrations.
  • Involved in Analysis and requirement gathering for the BSD preparation.
  • Also helped in testing team as well. Worked as a tester for few projects. Prepared the test plan and test cases for different subject area testings like functional testing and regression testing.
  • Worked on baselining and staging the components.
  • Woked on DRY run the components and also used generic jobsets as well.
  • Involved in DRI loads for the different Projects.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.5, Teradata 14/13.10, Unix, Oracle 10g, WLM, ClearCase, SQL Assistant, Unix Shell Scripting, Citrix ETL/ELT.

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX

Sr. Informatica/Teradata Developer


  • Study business application to understand the clients existing systems and gather requirements accordingly.
  • Analyzing business requirement and translating them into Technical details required for development of the project.
  • Extracted data from flat files, DB2, Oracle to Teradata Warehouse.
  • Worked with MLOAD, FASTLOAD, TPUMP and BTEQ utilities of Teradata for faster loading and to improve the performance.
  • Creation of customized Mload scripts on UNIX platform for Teradata loads
  • Written several Teradata BTEQ scripts to implement the business logic.
  • Created Test tables and worktables on development and production on Teradata.
  • Worked extensively with the Teradata Queryman to interface with the Teradata.
  • Involved in analysis, design and development of ELDM and ABC model.
  • Develop informatica mappings, sessions, workflows on Informatica power center 9.5.1
  • Developed mappings using transformations like XML parser, normalizer, source qualifier, union, router, aggregator, connected/unconnected lookup, filter, update strategy.
  • Used pushdown optimization techniques for better performance.
  • Develop and maintain BTEQ scripts.
  • Develop and maintain Shell scripts in unix to setup environmental variables and run the informatica jobs with restartability features
  • Used the pre and post session commands to call BTEQs
  • Worked on type 1 and type 2 SCDs
  • Monitoring of applications and scheduled jobs on Maestro scheduling tool
  • Resolution of service requests reported by application users
  • Provided enhancements to existing functionalities
  • Used the debugger to analyse dataflow and fix complex mappings.
  • Involved in the release management process to push the code from development to production environment.
  • Used Serena dimensions as the tool for release management and version control.
  • Interaction with business users for requirement clarification and resolution of problems reported.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.5.1, Teradata, Flat files, XML, UNIX, SQL Assistant, Serena Dimensions, HP Service manager, Quality Center.

Confidential, Greensboro, NC

Informatica Developer


  • Responsible for requirement definition and analysis in support of Data Warehousing efforts.
  • Worked with lead Business analyst to identify the source systems.
  • Used Talend Data profiler to do the data profiling.
  • Worked with the Data Modeler during the designing of Logical and physical models.
  • Worked with client team while designing requirements document.
  • WroteTeradata Macrosand used various Teradataanalytic functions.
  • Good knowledge on Teradata Manager, TDWM, PMON, DBQL, SQL assistant and BTEQ.
  • Knowledge in performance tuning and query optimization of the Teradata SQLs
  • Performed Data cleansing and data scrubbing on the source systems.
  • Informatica Data Explorer (IDE) was used for data profiling and Informatica Data Quality(IDQ) was used for data quality measurement.
  • Implemented transformations on the source systems as per requirements and loaded them into a Landing zone.
  • Extensively used ETL Tool Informatica to load data from Flat Files to landing tables in SQL server.
  • Worked with the client to perform extensive validation of landing tables.
  • Implemented Star schema for this Data Warehouse.
  • Developed ETL mappings, transformations using Informatica PowerCenter 9.1/9.5.1 to load the data from landing tables to Dimension tables.
  • Implemented Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD-2) for loading the dimension tables.
  • Developed mappings to load the data into Fact Tables.
  • Extensively used Informatica client tools Source Analyzer, Warehouse designer, Mapping Designer, Transformation Developer, Informatica Repository Manager and Informatica Workflow Manager.
  • Responsible for error handling using Session Logs, Reject Files, and Session Logs in the Workflow Monitor.
  • Developed and tested all the Informatica mappings and update processes.
  • Extensively worked with the Debugger for handling the data errors in the mapping designer.
  • Hands on experience with mappings from varied transformation logics like Unconnected and Connected Lookups, Router, Aggregator, Filter, Joiner, Update Strategy.
  • Created events and tasks in the work flows using workflow manager.
  • Created sessions and arranged them in various workflows in the workflow manager.
  • Responsible for tuning ETL procedures to optimize load and query Performance.
  • Created Pre/Post Session/SQL commands in sessions and mappings on the target instance.
  • Worked closely with business analysts and gathered functional requirements. Designed technical design documents for ETL process.
  • Developed Unit test cases and Unit test plans to verify the data loading process.

Environment: Informatica - Power Center 9.5.1/9.1, SQL Server 2008 R2, Teradata 13/12, Talend Data Profiler, IDQ, IDE and Windows XP.

Confidential: Irvine, CA

ETL Consultant


  • Created complex Informatica mappings using various transformations like Aggregator, Stored Procedure, SQL Transformation, Lookups, Normalizer transformation, mapplet, using Informatica designer.
  • Customization of OOTB SDE, OOTB SIL mappings as per the requirement
  • Worked with different source systems like Oracle, SQL Server, Flat Fles (Delimited, Fixed width)
  • Worked on identifying performance bottlenecks and applied Performance tuning at mapping, session, database level to improve ETL load run times.
  • Developed UNIX Shell scripts to automate ETL load processes
  • Used Debugger to validate Mappings by creating break points to analyze and monitor Data flow.
  • Performed Informatica Administrative activities like creating Integration Services,
  • Repositories, user accounts, groups, Folder and maintaining them.
  • Involved in upgradation of Informatica 8.6 to Informatica 9.1.
  • Creating Subject areas, Execution plans and scheduling them in DAC.
  • Maintaining and monitoring Full and Incremental loads through DAC on different environments and handling the failures
  • Involved in creating ETL test plans, test cases and reviewing with QA team.
  • Providing QA support for ETL testing, defect tracking, fixing and played an active role in product rollouts.
  • Resolved many production issues relating to code, mapping errors and data issues
  • Involved in developing the OBIEE Metadata Repository (.rpd) using OBIEE Admin tool by importing the required objects with integrity constraints into Physical Layer using connection pool, developing Logical & Facts / Measures objects in Business Model Layer, and creating the Presentation catalogs in Presentation Layer.
  • Involved in Reports / Dashboards creation with different Analytics Views (Drill-Down / Dynamic, Pivot Table, Chart, Column Selector, Tabular with global and local Filters) using OBIEE Presentation Services.
  • Informatica B2B Data Transformation supports transformations and mappings, via XML, PDF, HTML ofmost healthcare industry standards.
  • Prepared Detail Design Documents, mapping specifications and Run books..
  • Meetings with business representatives/users for gathering the reports/dash board requirements.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.1/8.6/8.1, Oracle 11g/10g, DAC 10.1.3, OBIEE, UNIX, Windows, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, TOAD, SQL Server 2008

Confidential: St. Louis, MO

Senior Informatica Developer


  • Configure database and ODBC connectivity to various source/target databases.
  • Extracted and Processed data from various sources like Flat Files and Relational Databases.
  • Responsible to interact with Informatica Administrators to create and maintain each PowerCenter instance.
  • Worked with end users to understand the Business Requirements and Business Rules and Design the specifications accordingly.
  • Designed and developed Informatica Mappings and sessions based on business user requirements and business rules
  • Improved the Informatica Mappings and Session performance by eliminating extensive cache usage transformations, modifying session properties and partitioning the mapping.
  • Improved the Informatica Session performance by introducing the concept of Initial and Incremental sessions, with Incremental workflows not caching the lookup tables.
  • Involved in Optimizing the Performance by eliminating Target, Source, Mapping, and Session bottlenecks.
  • Worked with Oracle DBA for loading data into tables, using Oracle GoldenGate for near-real time Change Data Capture.
  • Created mappings to read from Flat files, RDBMS and to load into RDBMS tables
  • Involved in Data model reviews and validated the tables, columns and data types to meet the requirements.
  • Creating source and target table definitions using Informatica Designer.
  • Used Error Handling Mapplet to capture error data into PMERR tables for handling nulls, analysis and error remediation Process.
  • Documented the workflow dependencies and ordering for Autosys job scheduling process.
  • Used Autosys Job Scheduling software for batch Scheduling.
  • Interacted with the FA/SME to gather requirements, plan, build, test, deploy, document and apply business rules.
  • Assisted data modeler in creating physical and logical models.
  • Extensively used Source qualifier, Aggregator, Filter, Joiner, Expression, lookup, Router, Sequence Generator, Update Strategy, Union and SQL transformations to create mappings
  • Finalized the loading procedures, defined dependencies among workflows and sessions
  • Worked with FAs/SMEs on analyzing various legacy data issues, capturing the error data and the impact of error data on business.
  • Worked with the Oracle database Administrator for creating /Mapping tables and loading /dummy data, adding/dropping constraints, indexes and columns.
  • Involved in Preparation of Unit Test Plans and testing with the same.
  • Worked with the Testers in writing Test cases and Validated Test Cases prepared by them.
  • Migrated Informatica code from Dev to QA and worked with QA team in fixing the data/code related bugs.
  • Documented the complete ETL Process along with the Source-Target Matrix documentation and Performance Issues

Environment: Informatica 8.6.1(Power Center), Repository Manager, Oracle 11g, MS-WORD, Excel, Visio, Toad 10.5, SQL Developer 2.1.1, WinSCP 4.2.8, Oracle GoldenGate 11g, SQL*Plus, Autosys.


ETL Developer


  • Involved in design and development of Business Requirements in liaison to business users and Technical teams by gathering requirement specification documents and identifying data sources and targets
  • Analyzed application requirements and provided recommended design and Studied the current system to understand the existing data structures
  • Participated actively in user meetings and collected requirements from users
  • Used Informatica Power Center 8.1 for extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data in the Data Warehouse and used velocity methodology
  • Designed, developed and documented several mappings to extract the data from Flat files and Relational sources
  • Performed ETL into ORACLE Data Warehouse using Informatica Mappings including transformations Aggregator, Joiner, Lookup (Connected & Un-conneted), Filter, Update Strategy, Stored Procedure, Router, Expression, Sql and Sorter
  • Involved in design and development of ad-hoc data load or business critical code enhancement
  • Worked on stored procedures, functions, views. Developed data Mappings between source systems and warehouse components
  • Created workflows and tested mappings and workflows in development, test and in Production environment.
  • Developed re-usable transformations, mappings and mapplets confirming to the business rules
  • Used Debugger to test the mappings and fix the bugs.
  • Actively involved in Performance improvements of Mapping and Sessions and fine-tuned all transformations
  • Performed Informatica code Migration from Development/ QA/ Production and fixed and solved mapping and workflow problems
  • Developed and maintained optimized SQL queries in the Data Warehouse

Environment: Informatica 8.1.1, Unix Scripting, Toad, Oracle 11g, Sql, Pl/sql, Business Objects XI, Data Analyzer

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