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Senior Information Security Architect Resume Profile

Knoxville, TN


Seeking employment in the Information Technology field with the possibility for continuing advancement in a company committed to Information Security. I have worked very hard to stay knowledgeable of most cutting-edge technologies. I would therefore ask that all interviews be of a technical nature please.I have more than fourteen years of experience in information security CISSP 37953 since 2002 and literally 1000's of successful implementations for the nation's fourth largest financial corporation. Nearly thirty years experience in information technology with a strong background in architecture and large DMZ designs. I have experience in most major security platforms, operating systems, hardware and software.

Skill Set

  • Routers Cisco and Foundry and their protocols IGP, OSPF, RIP, etc
  • Firewalls Checkpoint and Cisco and their assorted hardware Nokia, Sun, Crossbeam
  • Layer 2,3, 4 Switches Cisco and Foundry
  • Operating systems Linux, Solaris, Windows
  • Applications BIND, Sendmail, iPlanet, Apache, ACE, Radius, TACACS , Nessus, Snort
  • TCP/IP

Work Experience

  • Providing technology consulting services for small, Non-Profit and Low-Profit entities.
  • Design and implement custom web application Python, Perl, and Apache , servers Windows, Linux, and Solaris , networks Cisco routers switches and security controls Checkpoint firewalls, Snort for IPS to support the above mentioned.

Senior Information Security Architect

  • A primary architect for Wachovia DMZ designs starting from gathering business requirements and architecting the channel
  • Gathered business requirements and compliance information HIPPA, SOX, PCI, etc to develop Corporate Information Security Policies.
  • Designed the network for the Wachovia / Prudential joint venture saving the bank 2.1 million over other proposed designs.
  • Reviewed vendor software packages for security compliance and possible risk acceptance.
  • Assist in forensic data examination in the occurrence of security event.
  • Designed DMZ load balancing network saving 9 million
  • Acted as a liaison between IT partners and individual business units.
  • Assisted independent consulting firms in penetration testing.
  • Product reviews of new technologies

Network Security Manager

  • Implemented, managed and maintained Wachovia's Internet proxies Sun Microsystems , SMTP Relays Sun Microsystems running Sendmail , Firewalls Checkpoint on Nokia, Sun and Crossbeam , routers Cisco , FTP proxies, DNS BIND servers, Application Proxy Firewalls Citrix , IPSEC, VPN, TCP/IP, Unix Servers Solaris and load balancing switches Foundry in an enterprise environment.
  • Working manager of a team of 12 engineers.

MIS Department

  • Programming in house applications accounting and sales on HP System 100
  • Data Entry
  • Database design sales, inventory, etc
  • Hardware install and maintenance of corporate PCs
  • HTML/Web author for www.kel-san.com

MIS Department

  • CCD scanner install and maintenance technician
  • Hardware installation technician systems, terminals, etc
  • Data Entry

MIS Department

  • Data Entry
  • Hardware install and maintenance
  • Hardware and driver design for network interface cards based on 8086, 8088, Z80, 6502, 65816 and 68000 series processor technology.


  • Assistant Vice President, Corporate Information Security
  • Three time executive award winner
  • STAR award winner
  • Promoted five times in my time at Wachovia

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