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Sr Application Support Engineer Resume

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Charlotte, NC


  • As a strong professional with technologies with business background in Technology, HealthCare, Banking and Telecom/networking, I am seeking opportunities to support production systems (and/or with development support), applications, and users. I have a vast, practical experience in developing and supporting enterprise - wide applications,systems running on diverse, virtual infrastructure and solving critical issues across domains.
  • Significant expertise gained in highly diverse implementations and solutions (technical and business) in areas of SOA, Web development/portals, middle-tier and n-tiers, custom, legacy integration and mainframe interfaces.
  • POC support for cloud migration. Tradeoff considerations for On-premises, private and hybrid cloud.
  • Experienced in all depths and levels of hardware, software (firmware, system, application, code, API, REST), middleware and integration is well suited for firms looking to move or support in cloud environments. Those involving configuring and moving to container-based Docker and Kubernetes for orchestration. Gaining knowledge in Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google cloud environments.
  • Projects in continuous and fast delivery across all software development life cycles using Waterfall, OOM, Iterative and Agile Scrum methodologies.
  • End-to-End experience supporting Wells Fargo application suites (STH/SBS/SEAT/SMH/SSR) linking SWIFT network to Bank (backends, BackOffice, IT departments).
  • Good family background in government and HealthCare environment. Also, experience with Corporate Finance and Financial services with loans, accounts, transactions, payment gateways, payments and receivables.
  • Authored and reviewed Knowledge articles. Experienced in ownership and resolution of Incident, Change, Service Desk and problem management.
  • Knowledge of Data Warehousing and BI tools. Hands-on working projects in Visualizations using Tableau. Also, with Microsoft tools SSRS, SSIS and SSAS.
  • Development and support experience with HTML5, CSS3, Java, JavaScript, Perl and PHP. And expertise in porting applications on multiple browsers.
  • Was ed SME status for MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in Sprint-Nextel for subject matter expertise for Cable business partners and IT department.
  • Proven experience in documenting test plans, scenarios and test cases. Wrote User Acceptance Tests, System Test Plans, Regression and Automated test plans. Experienced doing system, application and unit tests.
  • Performed End-to-End solutions in Verizon (VPRICE) large application and system. Doing audits, test and ensuring success in releases and availability of functionalities. This work helped elevate the ranking of VPRICE vertical to 2nd in the firm.
  • Completed comprehensive production releases and post-release support of OBIEE and related modules for VPRICE in Oracle SOA Suite and Fusion. With configuration updates from Administration Consoles, Oracle Enterprise Manager, BPEL, BPM, RPD deployments and Catalog updates. Also post- deployment verification tests and production requests handling including troubleshooting XML using REST and SOAPUI.
  • Experienced in Network Trouble management, Network support and Network Management areas. Worked with network teams on Firewall rules templates, Load balancer / F5, rules, ports, access issues, VDI connectivity etc.
  • Experienced in distributed environments such as with unix core dump, Java troubleshooting of JVM JRockit, Hotspot and Java thread dump and stack trace analyses.
  • Participated in CAB, MCAB review meetings. And obtained approvals from all different levels of approvers and hierarchies.
  • Strong in Shell Scripting and SQL for backend jobs, web, monitoring and enterprise support environments.
  • Conduct and participate in Scrum standup, Code Review, Backlog refinement, daily and team weekly, retrospective (lessons learned) meetings. As well as run and attend conference bridges / webex for problem resolutions.
  • Provided 24x7 support and mentored offshore and onshore teams.
  • Excellent user and communication skills.


Languages: C/C++, Java/J2EE, EJB, XML, XSLT, JSON, Javascript, JQuery, HTML5/CSS3, VBScript, PL/SQL, Python, Web Services, Perl/PHP, Workflow, WebL

Operating Systems: Windows, Citrix VDI, Unix, Linux, Solaris


Databases: Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Oracle RAC, HA, ESB, MS SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, OO Repository (Cosmic View), PL/SQL

Architecture: Microservices, 2-Tier to N-Tier, Legacy, Network diagrams

Middleware: AWS-EC2 Cloud with Tomcat, MQ, Oracle Fusion (OBIEE) with JVM JRockit and Hotspot, Sprint MOM, Tuxedo, IIS, WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, IHS

Methodologies: Services Oriented Architecture SOA, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Agile SCRUM, Object Oriented, BPM and Workflows, RUP, UML, ITIL v3, DevOps ticketing

Network: Firewalls and Rules, F5, GTM-LTM requests, F5 portals, AppView F5, ISP

Test Tools: Mercury WinRunner, LoadRunner, Rational (SQA), Telelogic Synergy, JIRA, QTP

Backend Tools: Ctrl-M, AutoSys, Cron, Network Monitoring, BMC Patrol, SiteScope, OVPM/OVIS, Service Desk, Service Management, Crystal Reports, XMLSpy, Reports, Confluence

Tools: ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, BMC SmartIT, BMC SmartReporting - Atrium DB, CMDB, Service Desk, Request Center, Thycotic Secret Server, Rally, Git-Hub, Splunk, Webstorm, IBM UDeploy with Jenkins/ Ansible/ Maven/ ANT), CVS, PVCS, Visual SourceSafe, AppDynamics, Triage,, OVPM/OVIS

Browsers: Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, Firefox, EDGE

Office and Tools: MS Office, MS OneNote, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Visio, MS SharePoint


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr Application Support Engineer


  • Provided Application and Production Support functions in L3 team in Swift Tibco Hub, Swift Business Solutions, Swift Smart Router, eGlobal Payment Innovation applications (EGPI).
  • Assisted in deployment and tests for SRM (Swift Recon Management) application messaging with Oracle, MQ and Kafka Connectors.
  • Experienced in Scrum dashboards. Updated status, project documents, user stories, SDLC and standup, Sprints, planning, Backlog refinements, Retrospective, CAB / ECAB meetings.
  • Apps and components builds, deployment planning and deployments using UDeploy, Sprint-Boot and Jenkins.
  • Experienced with code scans, code quality and security in Fortify, CheckMarx, Sonar tools. Prepared EASP templates and SDLC documentation for team releases.
  • Dashboard based production support in identifying, reporting and seeking resolutions on issues that affect production processing. Resolved issues after seeing alerts from AppDynamics, Triage and Geneos/Netcool.
  • Tracked production processes to completions with proactive monitoring of MQ Queues, messages, statuses, events published, calendar schedules, interface monitoring, server and application logs.
  • Proactively assisted in entire migration from Legacy applications to Microservices Architecture Java-based services. Working with deploying splits in Services and APIs in new Architecture.
  • Assisted dev team in early stage POC for migration into PCF Cloud-native based (On-Prem and hybrid) deployment. As Microservices migrations to virtual servers completed on schedule.
  • Involved in assisting with EPL mapping and EPL (Enterprise Pipeline) migration of STH, SBS and SSR applications.
  • Resolving issues and get AXWAY and DTS mailbox SWIFT file transfers sing FTPS, SSH/SSL for different Back-Office and mailboxes.
  • Prepare and manage Change Management for applications, PMs and projects. Create and follow-up on Work Orders, Work requests, Jobs and script executions. In PAC2000 and ServiceNow.
  • After providing business and technical justification, act as POC to seek approvals from management at all levels including CIO/CTO for changes and in Emergency and Expedited Changes.
  • Interfaced with Developers, Platform team and DBA to run DB scripts, procedures and SQL.
  • Supported and interfaced for team projects Firewall work, F5, Tomcat, Oracle, middleware and DevOps requests on behalf of the application teams.

Environment: TIBCO software, Servers with Tomcat, ORACLE with ESB, JIRA, Scrum, Citrix VDI, Pac2000, Linux, XML, JSON, SQL Developer, IBM UDeploy, Channel Secure, Java based-framework, Autosys, Confluence, SSL, Spring/Boot, AppViewX, Identity Access Management, MQ, Kafka, Sonar, AppDynamics, IBM UDeploy/Ansible/Maven


Application Support Engineer


  • Provided Application and Production Support functions in L1 team in 24x7 schedules. Supported L2 and L3 teams. Team participation in working with daily standup and team meetings.
  • Confidential Platform in an Event-driven SOA architecture on TIBCO platform that handles full cycle of single and multi-family securities, bonds, loans/collaterals, settlements. The platform is based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to ensure event-driven and asynchronous messaging.
  • Dashboard based production support in identifying, reporting and seeking resolutions on issues that affect production processing.
  • Tracked production processes to completions with proactive monitoring of Queues, statuses, events published, calendar schedules, interface monitoring, server and application logs.
  • Proactively supported production operations in AppOps Dashboard and Entity Manager. Within SLA times, handling fallouts and issues using Operation Runbooks.
  • Monitoring of JMS Queues covering messages for modules Issuance, Bond Admin, Interface, DSDM, IDS, Tax, Master Servicing Gateway, Master Servicing and Data Assurance.
  • Execute standardized and created SQL queries to support Production functions and data quality checks. Using Entity State, Entity Transitions and Payloads.
  • Run health checks, ensure (1A-ACKS and 1C-SUCCESS) statuses, monitor and report exceptions (1E), track and seek resolutions for un-processables, escalate and actively engage teams using incidents, changes, emails and calls.
  • Provided periodic custom and standardized reports for Disclosures, Turnover Log, Shift updates, CSP status reports, File Counts and File processing, Metrics, Wires and Settlement Counts.
  • Supported PoolTalk tool (Disclosure UI) process and verifications of disclosures for single family securities for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and investors.

Environment: AWS-EC2 cloud with Tomcats, ORACLE with ESB, Citrix VDI, ServiceNow, Linux, XML, JSON, SQL Developer, Thycotic Secret Server, AppOps Dashboard, Entity Manager


Computer Systems Analyst


  • Analyzed, designed and developed GICC (Global IT Change Control) application enhancements and features in Perl, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3.
  • Development to migrate GICC from HTML4 to HTML5 / CSS3 environment with multi-browser support.
  • Migrated GICC Change Management to new versions and onto Virtual VMware servers.
  • Primary resource to design, code, implement and test Phase I and II for HSM modules in GICC. Liaison with manager for supplier requirements, construct, implement, testing and post-production support.
  • Analysis, designed, developed and tested GICC (legacy Global IT Change Control) tool enhancements in Perl and Oracle. Business knowledge of Change management and ITSM areas. Interfaced with Problem, Incident and ITConnect teams to ensure uniformity in design and implementations.
  • Secondary resource to implement and acceptance test SEF with AM/AD (Application Management/Application Development) teams. Primarily involved in decommission of SEF functionalities in transitioning firm structure to PDO (Product Driven Organization).
  • Migrated legacy GICC to packaged BMC Change Management tool in iterative and later Scrum methodologies environment. As tool was synced with ITConnect on the broad SCRUM plan.
  • Gathered requirements, created use cases and Foundation data for teams to migrate from legacy GICC to vendor BMC based ITIL Change Management. Expertise in BMC SmartIT and SmartReporting.
  • Custom designed Foundation data template for Standard Compute team based on PCF.
  • Designed System and User acceptance test plans. Completed System, UAT and Regression testing for GICC and BMC Change Management tools.
  • Extensive coordination working with Network Operations, Network Management, Extranet, Firewall, Database, Server deployment, Cloud Computing, NGDC (Next Generation), Analytics, DCOF (WAS- Liberty, HPC), Product Catalog and Service Catalog teams. For issues and challenges around getting the BMC tool Live in production.
  • Interfaced with SACM team to migrate CIs (Configuration Items) into BMC Atrium DB.
  • Support and follow-ups with C-level and plant site managers on legacy and BMC Change Management systems.
  • Developed and implemented Ford-net network application in GitHub, Webstorm environment with Javascript, HTML and SVG graphics. Did multi-browser ports of the charts in IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox browsers to ensure visibility is uniform for users. Delivering same experience.
  • Excellent exposure and expertise with supporting systems and users. Including working with AD (Active Directory), Identity, Security and Compliance teams.
  • Created user documentation including WIKI pages, How To, Knowledge articles.

Environment: PERL, ORACLE, SQL Server, BMC SmartIT, SmartReporting, BMC Atrium DB, Sharepoint, Linux, Solaris, Java, XML, JSON, Web Services, Javascript, JQuery, Service Desk, Python Scripts, Visio


Senior Network Business Analyst


  • Provided OBIEE based Release support for VPRICE in-house custom pricing system. The system resulted in price based on product quotes, with discounts and management review. Experience working on interfaces with Ordering and Billing.
  • Deployments of VPRICE web application, middleware, services, application servers, library modules and servers. Module extensions of .war, .jar, .ear, .lib, .so, Images (Web Services, SOA, OSB, OBIEE modules), .xml, .wsdl, soa composites and configurations.
  • Liaised with release planning for edits and deployments of ESB, OSB, JRules and components in Oracle Fusion environments.
  • Developed test scripts and execution scripts for functionality changes in VPrice releases.
  • Debugging PQ Quote to VPrice using SOAPUI and XML with JSON in the Oracle Fusion/BPEL environment.
  • Ensured MTTR down from 12+ days to 3 days enhancing turnaround for customers.
  • CMIS ticket resolution jumped by total of 1348 tickets over 9 months of extra work.
  • Planned and Implemented Disaster Recovery (DR) for the core VPRICE. Conducted DR fire-drill tests.
  • POC Liaison coordinating with Operations, Production teams, Application, Architects, BA, network and infrastructure teams.
  • Monitored, modified and executed production jobs and controls as needed.
  • Production Tier-2 and Tier-3 on-call support in 24x7 mode to onshore and offshore teams.

Environment: ORACLE SOA Suite 11g/12c, SOA Oracle with ADF framework, PL/SQL, JRULES, Oracle Fusion, Solaris, Java, JRockit, XML Spy, JSON, REST, SOAPUI, Web Services, JIRA, HP Quality Center, QTP, ALM, Visio


Senior Systems Analyst / Software Developer


  • SME for functional work in MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operations) tool to provide port-in/port-out, subscriptions and cell phone services to wholesale and cable customers.
  • Created MVNO future Roadmap doing reverse-engineering of logs from over 44 error and event observations and referencing legacy PLS (Private Label Services) tool.
  • Designed and created MVNO dashboard with metrics, monitoring links, reports.
  • Creation, support, maintenance of ActionScripts for iDEN, CDMA, GSM mobile phones.
  • Migrated iDEN network ticketing NTM to TRAMS/TRS (CDMA system).
  • Completed builds. Test, defect and release management with Synergy tool for projects.
  • Requirements gathering, developing enhancements and support of Outage Status Board related tools AAR (After Action Review), SOR (Reporting), PAT (Process Automation Tool), FCC Reporting and events (iDEN, CDMA, IP, Wireline, Network). In the Outage Status Board and NCC portal environment.
  • End-to-end production support work for CAPT, SPMP (Supplier platform), WISOR (live interfaces to LECs like AT&T, Verizon, QWEST), NMS, E911, CORS-CORA, IVR and NENA (file generations).
  • Configuration and migration of Enterprise Notification System (ENS) from Alarm Point to Invoq based version. With Message deliveries to devices, pagers, streams and applications. Selectively on-boarded users and groups online.
  • Designed and executed jobs using CTRL-M and AutoSys.
  • Supported IT environment with Python and unix shell scripts.

Environment: C/C++, Java, XML, ORACLE HA, Veritas HA, SQL Server, Perl, PHP, Python, VBScript, Tuxedo, AlarmPoint (Invoq), Clarify, BMC Patrol, ActionScripts, Windows, Solaris, CTRL-M, AutoSys


IT Analyst-Programmer


  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA documentation, practices and auditing in this small medical firm doing mobile medical diagnostics and hospital support with multiple regional offices in Midwest.
  • Primarily responsible for Finance and Accounting functions. Experienced working with Operations, Payroll, Scheduling and Medical Functions in the HQ and satellite offices.
  • Work included tracking mobile equipment and personnel working EEG, ECG, MRI, CAT Scan, nuclear and surgical instruments.
  • Collaborated and assisted company Accountant with Tasks (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, BRS, Payroll, Financial reports).
  • Interfacing with banks and leasing companies on loans and daily operations. Carry payments to/from Banks and supported on leasing functions for interests and amortization calculations.
  • Improved profitability, interest tracking and align payments to maximize benefits to firm.
  • Primarily responsible involving Month-End and Year-End processes doing accounting (with Vouchers adjustments) entries and inter-office reconciliations.
  • Assisted in Cash and Working Capital Management, Doctor billing (HMOs, PPOs, Payor, Providers), resolving issues in firm involving AP, AR functions, Medical Billing, checks processing, Medicare/Medicaid, Reports generation for internal and TAX reporting. Basic Knowledge of CMS and Medical Insurance.

Environment: Windows OS/NT, VB, C, Unix and VB Scripts, SQL Server, Unix, Solomon Accounting, GE Centricity Software, MS OFFICE

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