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Solutions Architect Resume

Minneapolis, MN

Professional EXPERIENCE

Solutions Architect ,
Minneapolis, MN

  • Thick to thin LUN migration on PROD and DR VMAX.
  • Upgrade Veritas Storage Foundation Suite from 4.x to 5.1 on Sun Solaris v9 and v10 Oracle DB servers to facilitate migration.
  • Implement FAST-VP. Upgrade OnTap to facilitate NDMP backups.
  • Phaseout of legacy Novell and Sun Solaris environments. Move to Active Directory and new Sun hardware or AIX/Linux.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for consolidation of NAS and mid-tier CX SAN environments (recommendation is to be moved to VMAX and VNX VG8 Gateway).
  • VMAX and VNX VG8 Gateway solution is being implemented.
  • Evaluate current backup solution and make recomedations for enhancements or new backup and archive solution.
  • Migrating from TSM and Data Domain environment to Commvault and Isilon.
  • Refresh aging network infrastructure to high speed convergered.
  • SAN environment consist two (2) VMAX, two (2) EMC CX4-960, EMC Recoverpoint, two (2) EMC VTL-MF DLM, two (2) NetApp FAS 3040, two (2) Data Domain 880, two (2), IBM TS3584 Tape Libraries, four (4) Cisco MDS 9513 FC Switches, four (4) Cisco 9222i FC Switches.
  • Upgraded environment from Cisco MDS9500 GENII series switches to GENIII series switches.
  • EMC SMAS, EMC SYMCLI, EMC SRDF and TimeFinder, NetApp OPS Manager, NetApp OnTap, NetApp SnapVol and SnapMirror, Cisco Fabric Manager Data Center Edition.
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 11g, IBM DB2, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, RHEL5, WIN 2k3/2K8, ESX v4, VMware VDI, Novell, IBM TSM, TKLM, IBM VIO, NIM, and HMC, Veritas Storage Foundation 4x/5x, PowerPath, and MPIO.
  • IBM Pseries-5, HP DL-380/DL-580.
  • Implementation of new IBM Pseries-7.
  • Implemetation of new Oracle/Sun T 5000 series servers and Oracle Solaris environment migration.
  • Provide Knowledge Transfer and Runbook to Blue Cross Storage Team.

Solutions Architect ,Redmond, WA

  • Data Center Buildout for DR replication and testing.
  • Build environement for replication testing of DB2 and MSSQL databases as well as VMware VDI on NetApp.
  • SAN environment consist two (1) VMAX-1 (2) EMC VMAX SE, one (1) Data Domain 890, two (2) Data Domain 690, IBM TS3500, two (2) EMC 5100B FC Switches, two (2) EMC DCX-B, Cisco Nexus 5000, Cisco Nexus 7000, EMC MP 7800B and two (2) NetApp FAS 3270.
  • EMC SMAS, NetApp OPS Manager, EMC Connetrix Manager Data Center Edition, Brocade Webtools, IBM VIOS/HMC.
  • Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, IBM AIX, WIN 2K3/2K8, ESX v4/5, IBM TSM, TKLM, IBM VIO and HMC.
  • HP Proliant DL380 G7, IBM P740.
  • Did switch configuration and configured MP-7800’s FCIP tunnel for replication from K.C. to Portsmouth.
  • Did Switch configuration and al zoning for all hosts and Data Domain on 5100B’s and DCX-B.
  • Installed and configured Conntrix Manager DE, ECC, Solutions Enabler, SMAS(SMC), and SPA for PROD and DR VMAX management.
  • Install and configuration of PowerPath on hosts. Also ODM filesets on AIX/VIO servers.
  • Provisioned storage to AIX, MSSQL, and TSM hosts on VMAX.
  • Configured and implemented SRDF/A for MSSQL and AIX/DB2 on VMAX SE’s and VMAX-1.
  • Configure and implement FAST VP.

Solutions Architect

  • Working with International Services Account Team as Storage SME for EMC, IBM, and Hitachi storage.
  • IBM TPC, EMC SMC, Unisphere, ECC. All software tools for each vendors arrays.
  • WIN 2K8/2K3, IBM AIX, RHEL4/5, VMware ESX v4.
  • IBM DS4000, DS8000, V7000, and XIV.
  • EMC VMAX, DMX, VNX, CLARiiON, and Celerra
  • Hitachi USP-V, VSP, XP, AMS
  • Brocade and Cisco SAN switches.
  • Work on largest accounts in U.S. for International clients, as well U.S. clients.

Solutions Architect , Petersburg, FL

  • Create Design Workbook to implement VNX5500 for block.
  • Create Storage Pools, Storage Groups and provision storage.
  • Zone host environment to Brocade DS300B SAN.
  • MS SQL Cluster and ESX.

Solutions Architect , Clearwater, FL

  • Implement VNX VG2 NAS Gateway with CLARiiON CX-4 as storage.
  • Configure Control Stations for standby failover.
  • Configure Data Movers for standby failover.
  • Zone Control stations and Gateway to Brocade DS300B SAN.
  • Configure Raid Group for expansion of existing CIFS share.
  • Configure four (4) new NFS exsports for ESX environment.

Solutions Architect, Englewood, CO

  • Host remediation and validation for dev/test and production environments to facilitate 5875 code upgrade on VMAX.
  • Migration from DMX and CX to DEV/TEST and PROD VMAX(s).
  • EMC Grab collection and HEAT Report generation.
  • Consult on integration of legacy IBM environment related to Block Buster acquisition.
  • EMC VMAX, CX, Data Domain, NetApp,Sun Solaris 10, HP-UX 11i, and Windows 2003 Entrprise environment
  • Oracle, VMware, HP VPAR, Sun Solaris Zones.

Solutions Architect , Atlanta, GA

  • Design and implement EMC VNX 5500 Unified array using best practice methods from EMC and Microsoft.
  • Appliocation environemnt is Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Terminal Services 2008, and VMware ESX 4.1 .
  • Hardware environment is IBM Blade Center HS22, Brocade 5100 FC Switches, and EMC VNX5500.
  • EMC Unisphere and Brocade Webtools.
  • Provide Knowledge Transfer and Runbook to client.
Confidential, Akron, OH
  • Performed advanced storage administration for UNIX and Intel x86 platforms, applications and services in support of Diebold systems around the world.
  • Participated in process improvement initiatives using advanced knowledge of industry best practices.
  • Monitored system availability, performance and capacity. Testing, installing and configuring new and existing hardware and software for servers and small systems
  • Maintain Enterprise Storage and SAN infrastructure for business and critical systems such as Oracle 11g RAC, e-Business Suite, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Middleware (SOA, WebMethods), Baan/Informix, HP Project and Portfolio Manager (PPM), Service Manager.
  • Generate SAN reports using Unisphere Analyzer and other diagnostic tools. Unisphere and Brocade Webtools.
  • EMC Clariion, Data Domain, RecoverPoint and Brocade. VNXe and VNX-5300 configuration/implemention, initial configuration and carving out LUNs on new Clarion / Celera. NS-960, VNXe, VNX-5300, Data Domain, RecoverPoint, and Brocade.
  • Implemented UCS VNX 5300 VBLOCK environment.
Confidential, Middletown, NJ
  • Facilitate migration of VMware ESX 4.1 environment. Migrating from FC direct attached Pillar to FC and iSCSI attached EMC.
  • Implement new Storage environment on EMC NS-120 integrated unified system Celerra NS-120/CLARiiON CX-4. Unisphere, Unisphere Analyzer, PowerPath, FAST2 VP.
  • SAN environment is Brocade DS 5300, Brocade Webtools, QLogic HBA, Sun Soalris 10 with LDOMS and ZFS , ESX4.1 and 3.5 with Vcenter and Vsphere/Vmotion, Dell PowerEdge R805, Sun T5140 and M4000 servers.
  • Upgraded Celerra NS-120 and CLARiiON CX-4 to the most current code levels.
  • Provide Knowledge Transfer and runbook to AT&T Storage Team.

Storage Engineer , Chicago, IL

  • Facilitate migration of UOC from legacy IBM (SVC) DS4700, Shark, and EMC (CX) storage to new EMC environment (220TB). Client also has NetApp FAS6000.
  • Storage is EMC VMAX FAST2 VP, NS-480 integrated NAS, VNX-5700, and ESRS Gateway.
  • SAN environment is dual Cisco MDS 9148, Brocade DCX directors with Device Manager, Cisco Fabric Manager, Webtools, Brocade DCFM, QLogic HBA, PowerPath, and Sanwatch. Dell Blade servers and IBM P6.
  • Nexus 5000 & 7000. RHEL5, SLES9, Sun Solaris 10, IBM-AIX 5.x – 6.x, VMware ESX4.0 and Windows servers.
  • EMC Unisphere Element Manager, Symmetrix Management Console, Replication Manager, Open Replicator, Unisphere Analyzer, and SPA.
  • Configure and implement SRDF/A and FAST.
  • Implementing VNX, NetWorker, EMC Data Domain/Avamar EMC Data Protection Advisor (DPA) backup environment.
  • IBM TSM 6 is current backup strategy.
  • Provide Knowledge Transfer to UOC Storage Team.

Confidential , New York, NY

Solutions Architect

  • Maintain Oracle 11g (8) node RAC on RHEL 5 with Oracle ASM on Sun x4270 servers, 30TB.
  • Backend storage is EMC VMAX with FAST2 VP, SPA, EMC ESRS gateway, and Policy Manager.
  • Install EMC Ionix Control Center and Symmetrix Management Console in Production and Test environments.
  • SAN environment is dual Cisco MDS 9513 directors with Device Manager and Fabric Manager.
  • Implementing Celerra NS-960 fully integrated NAS gateway, EMC Unishpere element Manager.
  • Implementing EMC Data Domain/Avamar backup environment.
  • Implementing Unified/VDI Cisco UCS VBLOCK environment on VMAX SE for staging. Production will be intrgrated into 650TB NY CityServ initiative to migrate and consolidate all NYC Agencies into new infrastructure.
  • Environment also includes NetApp FAS series as well HDS 9990, 9980, USP-V, HCS v7, Brocade 48K, Nexus 7000 series, and DCX directors. DCFM, Webtools, QLogic HBA, PowerPath, and Sanwatch.
  • VMware ESX 4 environment.
  • NetBackup is current backup strategy.
  • Provide Knowledge Transfer and runbook to DOITT Storage Team.
  • Migrate from Oracle 10g in a Windows environment to Oracle Enterprise Linux 11g.
  • Backend database is IBM DB2 on EMC CLARiiON.
  • Installed Oracle Virtual Enetrprise Linux and created virtual machines for DEV, QA, and Production.
  • Installed WebLogic Server and WebTier to manage environment.
  • Installed (ADF) Application Developer Framework Runtime environment and UNIX ODBC drivers.
  • Data Migration, SAN integration, DR implementation at OUC facilities.
  • Migrate OUC critical applications from EMC DX800 and CX700, to EMC DMX4-VMAX. SAN environment is Brocade 4100, 4424 switches, and QLOGIC HBA. Applications, MS Exchange on ESX, and Oracle database. Manage Xiotech array.
  • OUC has second DMX4-VMAX at DR site. SRDF/S will be used to replicate production environment.
  • OUC’s backup environment consists of Barebon NetVault as backup application using STK L700e Tape Library with six (6) LTO-3 at each site. Backup of Exchange and Oracle.
  • Webtools, ControlCenter, Symmetrix Management Console, Open Replicator, PPME, Timefinder Clone, SPA, and Solutions Enabler SYMCLI.
  • HP-UX, MC Service Guard Cluster, Oracle, ESX 4 Vsphere\Vmotion, and Windows.
  • Data Migration, SAN integration, DR implementation at MVH facilities.
  • Migrate MVH critical applications from legacy IBM storage, ESS-2105-800, to EMC DMX4. Application is Epic Clinical Suite and Cache database.
  • Merge MVH’s two (2) SAN islands, one consisting of Brocade 48000 directors with IBM storage, EMC Clariion, IBM SVC nodes, direct connected IBM 7060 Mainframe, and IBM P5 servers the other consisting of Brocade 5100 switches, EMC DMX-4 storage, and IBM P6 servers. Timefinder Clone. IBM-AIX, ESX 4.0, and Windows servers.
  • MVH has second DMX-4 at Good Samaritan Hospital that is to be DR site. SRDF/A will be used to replicate production environment.
  • MVH’s backup environment consists of IBM TSM as backup application using an IBM 3584 with 8 LTO-2 dirves and Data Domain Virtual Tape Library. Mainframe is direct connected to 3494 Library.
  • Re-installed and Integrated an inactive EMC ControlCenter 6.1 installation into current environment. Upgraded Symmetrix Management Console, SPA, and Solutions Enabler SYMCLI.

Senior Unix/SAN Engineer , Dayville, CT

  • Migrate production environment from Rocklin, CA facility to Dayville, CT facility. Business application is Redhat Linux LAMP (Apache Python) stack and custom complied environment using Liant PL1, also Gentran and MSI.
  • Daily Unix/Linux system administration RHEL 3, 4 and 5, HP-UX, and Sun Solaris in a clustered environment. Active Directory, SSH, and OpenLDAP Symantec NetBackup 6.5 is backup solution. Environment is EMC DMX4, DMX3, Clariion, and Celerra NS-80. Upgraded EMC Control Center from 5.x to 6.x . Brocade DS5300 fibre channel core switches, DS5000 edge switches, and QLogic HBA. Cisco Catalyst 6500 and Cisco 3500 network switches. VMware ESX server, MSSQL, MYSQL, and Brocade Webtools, EMC SRDF/A, Celerra Replication Manager, Open Replicator, and SnapView Solutions Enabler SYMCLI.
  • Migrated Linux production environment from IBM blade servers to Vmware ESX 4.0 Vsphere/Vmotion environment using Open Replicator/Open Migrator. Migrated from EqualLogic, EMC NAS and DMX-3 to DMX-4 V doing ESX cold pulls. Also did some host based migrations using Rsynch.
  • Implementing Manhatten Associates Warehouse Management Systems. Environment is IBM JS23 and JS43 Blades, P570, AIX 6, Oracle 11g databases, Websphere and PERL. VIO, HMC, NIM, and LPAR creation. Future production environment will be IBM P750.

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