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Design And Development And Internet Monitoring Resume


  • Overall 7+ years of extensive experience in Analysis, Design and Development of Applications using C, C++/STL, VC++ (MFC, ATL/COM, Win32 API), eVC++.
  • Wireless Experience with Window Access Point and Bluetooth and GSM.
  • Experience in desktop Application (GUI) and embedded firmware development
  • Experience in Component Development for Citrix Systems.
  • Rich experience in developing of multi-threaded Applications.
  • Rich Experience in design and developing GUI applications for Machine critical applications and Industrial control systems.
  • Designed and Developed Charting Application for Financial applications.
  • Designed and Developed Desktop application with Microsoft Bluetooth stack and Widcomm stack.
  • Experience in full life cycle of software development process including requirement gathering, prototyping, and proof of concept, design, code implementation, testing and maintenance.
  • Experience in writing Add-Ins for various Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft outlook etc, using ATL/COM.
  • Experience in coding MSXML Objects using DOM and XML Schema for reading and writing XML & XSL files & SMIL.
  • Experience in Developing BHO (Browser Helper Object) for IE.
  • Experience in TCP/IP, Sockets and Networking programming.
  • Experience in debugging software using Visual Studio.
  • Extensive experience in Window Platform SDK.
  • Working knowledge with Perl & Python.
  • I have extensive experience in (and am very proficient at) debugging software applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger.
  • Good Working Knowledge of .Net Framework 3.0.


Programming Languages

C ,C++/STL ,VC++(Win32 Application, MFC,ATL/COM, WTL),Visual Basic , C#,CLR/CLI

Application Frameworks

VC6.0,Microsoft visual studio 2005,Microsoft Visual studio 2008, Borland C++ ,Turbo C++, Microsoft embedded visual C++ 4.0 , Microsoft embedded visual C++ 5.0 (eVC++),Visual Basic

Database Systems

SQL, MS Access, FoxPro 2.6.

Data Access Technologies


Web Technologies


Operating Systems

Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95/ME/Vista/Window 7 / Windows CE 5.0(Industrial PC),Wise, Linux/Unix

SDK Tools

Microsoft Visio, UML, Rational Rose

Configuration Mgmt

VSS 6.0, CVS, Subversion (Tortoise)

Certifications & Training Program attended

  • O' Level from DOEACC Society.
  • 'A' Level from DOEACC Society.
  • Certified in 'Windows 9x & Window 2000' From Brain bench.
  • Certified in 'C' From Brain bench.
  • Certified in 'C++' From Brain bench.
  • Certified in C# 2.0 Fundamental from Brain bench.
  • Certified in 'VC++' From Brain bench.
  • Certified in 'VC++' from Gatestech Info Limited.
  • Certified in Programming Concept from Brain bench.
  • M.Sc (I.T) from KSOU.

Project Title: VST Dec 2008 to till Date
Client: Confidential
VST communicate with web key and get finger print data from client side and sends the data back to the server , at server side data validation take place and it response back to client for authorization if data is valid .This communication take place on a Citrix environment so that application can be used globally.

  • Actively involved in the design of various components in the project.
  • Developed Client Server architecture for Citrix system for the program to run in a virtual environment in a wide area network with the help of Citrix.
  • Involved in various R&D tasks on Citrix system (client to server configuration and development and design of various components at client and at server side.)
  • Developed a Dynamic link library at client side which gets all the data from server and then passes it to other utility classes to get finger print data of user and once data collection part is over from utilities class, it send all the data to server. It breaks the data in n no of packets if packet length is greater then the size specified by ICA client data packet, and then on server request it sends one by one packet to server till the time server will not receive the data.
  • Developed a Static Lib which will contain our own custom method to communicate with citrix API to by this our system will be able to work in a virtual environment and as well as in a normal environment. In static library server also break down the packet to n no of chunk according to ICA packet size and then send this data to client.
  • Apart from coding testing and maintenance was also a very crucial part of my job.
  • Perform code debugging on Client as well as Server side on a Citrix Environment.

Technologies Used: C, C++/STL, VC++, MFC, and Win32 API, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005, Wise, Window Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, Wise, Motorola MC75, and Citrix.WinCE 5.0

Project Title: InteractX Nov 2007 to Oct 2008
Interactx, which is used for configuring HMI. The main Development Items are Log Viewer Control to view all the historical and data change event in pictorial form, and Historical Trend control, which is used for viewing data as a history or in a run time.

  • Actively involved in the design of various components in the project.
  • Handled a team of four people for implementing various new features in InteractX.
  • Developed Log Viewer Control to View All the Historical and Data change Event in Pictorial form, and Historical Trend control for showing all the data in graphical form, which is used for viewing data as a history or as a live report
  • Developed Various Com Component for the project.
  • Developed Alarm control so that it raises some alarm when value moves up and down for a certain limit in form of events.
  • Developed a dll to establish a communication between InteractX and corresponding selected database through which we can store and retrieve the value from database.
  • As InteractX supports multi database like SQL, Access etc, I have written the query which will work in both cases in same manner without putting any burden to user to check his database.
  • Interacted with other team, for creating controls like Pie Chart, Meter etc and developed algorithm for controlling their movement.
  • Developed component to check out the feasibility level of codes.

Technologies Used C, C++/STL, VC++, MFC, and Win32 API, Visual Studio 6.0 & Visual Studio 2005, MFC, ATL/COM, MS-SQL, MS ACCESS, C#

Project Title: ATERCS Feb 2007 to Nov 2007
Client: Confidential
The ATE Manufacturers Association (ATE) wants to pursue a feasible approach towards Automated Printing Machine. Note that ATE is used for Controlling Printing on paper on various industries. It uses sensor and camera to control paper motions and report error if something happen wrong at the time of printing in terms of good and bad material. User also can see quality of printing in terms of historical graph and live graph on the basis of station involved in the printing.

  • Actively involved in the design of project's GUl.
  • Developed ActiveX Component with the help of ATL/COM.
  • Lead a team of five people for implementing GUI for ATERCS.
  • Developed various custom controls/components for ATERCS, for showing the live and historical report to user in form of a graph or in simple form like grid representation.
  • R&D on various components to make them work in ATERCS.
  • Developed various components from scratch by using Win32.
  • Write code for OS lock and software lock so that our software should not copy from one machine to another.
  • Developed code for sharing the data between ATERCS and WinCE SQL Server, through which we can store and retrieve the data from SQL in an efficient manner.
  • Developed various algorithms for controlling input and output in the project
  • Designed front end and back end for ATERCS.
  • Improved the Look of the ATERCS using ATL.

Technologies Used: WinCE5.0, MFC, eVC++, Win32 API, COM, C++/STL, and WinCE SQL2 000

Project Title: BITS June 2006 to Feb 2007
Client: Confidential
Bits is a feasible approach towards Automated Test Scripting. The BACnet Manufacturers Association (BMA) wants to pursue a feasible approach towards Automated Test Scripting. Note that BITS is a test tool for products utilizing the BACnet protocol. The main focus of the project is the replacement of the scripting language in VTS with Python. The work involved is detailed below but in general encompasses the replacement of the scripting engine with the Python interpreter while keeping the VTS UI intact.

  • Development of a Python API that provides features similar to those found in the existing VTS script language.
  • Developed a Python API that allows Python scripts access to VTS configuration data including EPICS data, Name, Port and Device information.
  • Modified the VTS install program so that the installer continues to install VTS correctly after the work is completed.
  • Modified the GUI for BITS.
  • Analyses and development for BITS.
  • Solved existing major problem in case of BITS like crashes.
  • Design script in case of Python.
  • Developed API through which a user can interact with BITS.
  • Developed a Custom control on client demand through which user can check that particular script is in its proper format or not.

Technologies Used: C, C++/STL, VC++, MFC, and Win32 API, Visual Studio 2005, COM, ATL, and Python, WinCE4.2

Project Title: SmartZoning July 2005 to June 2006
SmartZoning is a multipurpose Application for Chatting as Well as for Add Campaign over Bluetooth and TCP/IP.The system is basically a Way through which a Client can get all the ads, News, Gift/Coupons for his current area on his Mobile device or his PC and if he wants he also can chat with n no of users present in his area whom are connected either with Bluetooth or through Internet. This Client application is developed in WinXP Platform with the Help of Service pack2.

  • Involved from design to coding phase on the desktop side of the project. As the project was developed for PPC, Symbian phone etc.
  • Developed SRS, DLD, HLD, and Functional Specification for SmartZoning.
  • Developed code for communication through WinXP Bluetooth stack, WidComm Stack, TCP/IP, HTTP etc.
  • Developed the GUI for SmartZoning.
  • Developed various ATL/COM dll for communication and UI purpose.
  • The project was initially designed to work only for Win XP. Later the client realized this was a limitation on the project. Developed support of WidComm stack so that project can work on other OS like Win2000 etc.
  • Developed code which can communicate with access point through Bluetooth stack and make it a Pico net.

Technologies Used C, C++/STL, VC++, MFC, and Win32 API, COM, ATL, MFC, GPRS, TCP/IP, and WinCE 4.2

Project Title: Mobility2GO Aug 2004 to July 2005
Client: Confidential
Mobility2Go is a Multipurpose Outlook likes Message Manager. The system is a messaging interface either in the form of MS Outlook Add-in or an independent application, which supports functionalities like composing and exchanging SMS, MMS and FAX messages in addition to the normal operations of MS Outlook

  • In this project my role was providing a way to user through which he can communicate between his mobile and outlook.
  • Developed various COM interfaces for outlook.
  • Developed various COM dll for Communications.
  • Provided custom interfaces to user for communication and provided the functionality to Backup the mobile data to outlooks and to restore outlook data to mobile.
  • Developed plug-in support for Microsoft Outlook using ATL/WTL, these plug-in works on mostly all the version of Microsoft Outlook ,
  • Developed full GUI for Mobility2GO.
  • Developed a component like Microsoft Outlook through which a user can send SMS or MMS.
  • Interaction with other teams handling PPC and Symbian.
  • Developed sample code for PPC also.
  • Analysis, Coding and Testing

Technologies Used C, C++/STL, VC++, MFC, and Win32 API, COM, ATL, GSM, Infrared, and Bluetooth

Project Title: MyBasic Language Dec 2003 to July 2004
Client: Confidential
My Basic is a new syntax less language that supports Object Oriented Programming. Unlike Other languages it runs without a parser, resulting in no compile time errors. This is also a platform independent and multilingual language. It also simultaneously generates the code in VC++, VB and Java for the application developed in My Basic.

  • Developed various components for IDE.
  • Improved the Look of the IDE using WTL.
  • Coordination between compiler and the IDE.
  • Development of Plug-in Architecture.
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for MyBasic Language.
  • Developed Front end for the application to the user and various components which helps to user to write their own code without having any programming knowledge.

Technologies Used: C, C++/STL, VC++, MFC, and Win32 API, ATL, MFC, WTL, VB, and SDK

Project Title: MyBasic Language July 2003 to Dec 2003
Client: Confidential
MyBasic is a new syntax less language that supports Object Oriented Programming. Unlike Other languages it runs without a parser, resulting in no compile time errors. This is also a platform independent and multilingual language. It also generates the code in VC++, VB and Java for a particular application. It also has other features like UML representation of the classes and the objects used in developing the application. It also has the 3D representation of the whole project. It is very much user friendly by having Wizards for each and every component in MyBasic. It also has the Database Access. One of the Most Important Feature is it is Platform Independent Language.
Presently developing the Plug-in Architecture for various modules and components for the Mybasic.PlugIn is the Architecture where the plug-in written by the third party will be embedded into the MyBasic language IDE. Various Components of the MyBasic language are loaded dynamically when the user selects them

  • Designed the Plug-In Architecture for Code Wizards.
  • Developed the Plug-In architecture
  • Developed and tested GUI for components like wizard's menus, toolbars, and skins using WTL.
  • Developed the properties window, skin dll, floating toolbars and menu bars.
  • Developed and tested design time and run time GUI of IDE in windows environment, also involved in integration with XML team.

Technologies Used: C++, Win32 API, VC++, ATL, MFC, VB, WTL, and SDK

Project Title: Internet Monitoring Nov 2002 to April 2003
Client: Confidential
This Software is used for transferring message from one user to Another user simultaneously you can send the file from one User to another user in a encrypted form means at the time of sending data it will encrypt all the data in some special form and again client side it will be decrypt all the data. Accept client none can access the file and message. Right now this Software is working in gatestech technology

  • Developed various algorithms for Internet Monitoring.
  • Implemented Blowfish Encryptions algorithm in the project.
  • Analysis and Feasibility Study.
  • Coding for UI and communication protocol for Internet Monitoring.

Technologies Used: VC++ 6.0, Window 2000

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