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Business Analyst Resume


More than 12 years of experience in IT Industry. Experience in Business Analysis, System Design, Integration, Development, Testing, Implementation, Maintenance, and Process Reengineering as a Mainframe Developer. Possess good communication, interpersonal skills and presentation skills.

  • Experience in diversified application development using COBOL, DB2, CICS, IMS DB/DC, IDMS, ADS/O, IDD, LRF, QMF, OLQ, SPUFI, JCL, VSAM, MVS, OS/390., Natural, Adabas, Endevor, Xpeditor, Smartest, ChangeMan, File-Aid, TSO, ISPF/PDF, SDF, BMS, Comparex, SuperC, ABAP 4.0, SAS, REXX, OGL, HL-7, Formdef, Pagedef, AFP, SQL Server, Erwin and EasyTrieve Plus .
  • Expertise in developing and maintaining mission-critical applications in various functional areas such as Insurance, Banking, Credit Card management, Revenue and legacy systems.
  • Expertise in analyzing existing applications and preparing estimates and designs for better performance and improved functionality.
  • Developed AFP Toolbox electronic overlays, MQ-Series messaging system and prepared the test cases and run the test scripts for both batch and online jobs.
  • Good experience in developing JCL's using IBM utilities and FTP applications.
  • Expert level experience with AFP tool to provide customer support and with expeditor tool to analyze any batch or online programs.
  • Experienced in 24x7 and on-call production support for mission-critical applications.
  • Proficient in writing Test Plans, Test scenarios, Test cases, and documentation of test results.


Hardware: Pentium, IBM S390, IBM ES 9000, IBM PC Compatibles Operating Systems: MVS/ESA, OS/390, OS/2, MVS, UNIX, and Windows NT Databases: DB2, FAMIS IO, IAM, VSAM, IMS DB/DC, IDMS, SQL Server Languages: COBOL II, ADS/O, REXX, SAS, CICS, IMS DC, BMS Macros, JCL, C, PASCAL, FORTRAN, HTML, VB, EasyTrieve Plus, ABAP 4.0, JAVA, JavaScript, OGL and assembler. Tools: TSO/ISPF, MQ-Series, QMF, SPUFI, Panvalet, HL-7, CSP, Endevor, Xpeditor, File-Aid, ISPF/PDF, SDF II, Comparex, SuperC, ChangeMan, Librarian, SuperC, ADSALIVE, CA-Intertest, SMARTEST, FTP, CA-7, MEDICAID and AFP.


Confidential, Principal Consultant February 2002 to Present Project: Driver License System, Department of Revenue Developing the CDL (Commercial Driver License) module and developed ADWI (Administrative Drive While Intoxicated) subsystem, MCSIA (Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act), Chemical subsystems. It consists of arrest and hearing processes. Checking BAC (Blood Alcohol) level thru AIR (Alcohol Influence Report) and age thru basic data information system, before issue an arrest to the citizen. Use the data and information from different subsystems like points, basic data, chemicals etc… and notify the changes to incorporate in the other subsystems to make sure all the subsystems are in sync. For every arrest record there may be a paired hearing record in the base to process.


  • Involved in design and prepared detail specifications for Chem enhancements, Phase II ADWI task (mainframe environment) from which application programs (both batch and online) will be written.
  • Investigated and analyzed complex production problems in all the MODL subsystem components, develop and implemented a solution.
  • Involved in meetings with end users and database groups along with the team to discuss new changes in the application and the database.
  • Developed the programs for MODL (Missouri Driver License) using COBOL II, IDMS, ADS/O coding with the help of business specifications for MODL (Missouri Driver License) application.
  • Developed the electronic overlays using OGL, FORMDEF, PAGEDEF and printed the variable information thru AFP toolbox coding.
  • Developed the batch programs using COBOL, IDMS and testing using JCL, SYNCSORT, XPED and verifying the results. Developed the online source code (dialogs with maps and maples dialogs) using IDD, maps, preamps, response processes, and testing them using ADSALIVE tool in the MODL (Missouri Driver License) application.
  • Prepared the test cases and test plans for user testing, system integration testing and User Acceptance Testing; cross verified the results using DMLO.
  • Developed messaging system using MQ SERIES among the subcomponents of MODL (Missouri Driver License) application and did testing in various scenarios.
  • Run the OLQ reports to make sure the details in the batch reports/results are accurate.
  • Developed the conversion programs to do conversion from IDMS to DB2 using COBOL II, IDMS, JCL, DB2, CICS, LRF; testing, cross-verifying using QMF, SPUFI, OLQ, DML/O and implementing in production environment.
  • Did pre-conversion (IDMS to DB2) testing, verified the results and checked the conversion results against test plans after conversion.
  • Involved in SIT part and QA using Mercury Quality Center and attended calls as part of on-call support, to find out the solutions for production support on 24X7, for MODL system components.
  • Produce the results; manage the application performance and fine-tuning.

Environment: IBM S390, Outlook, MVS, IDMS 14.0, COBOL, AFP, Formdef, Pagedef, OGL, ADS/O, Adsalive, LRF, DMLO, IDD, OLQ, ADSC, MAPC, CICS, SDF II, HTML, JAVA, SuperC, REXX, CLIST, Comparex, TSO, EDI, OS/JCL, ISPF, DB2, ZOS server, SPUFI, QMF, SYNCSORT, DB2, MQ-Series, CICS, Mercury Quality Center and Connect clients.

Confidential, Systems Analyst Jan'2001 to Jan'2002 Project: Group Universal Life: Involved in development of GUL project, particularly in controls development module. Depends on the various policies (e.g.: Inforce, Reserve etc..) of the insurance, we are developing the controls for the customers. Involved in gathering the user requirements for the development, analysis, design, and coding and testing phases. Also tracking time booking and keep the development project within the budgeted hours of the application.


  • Involved in Analysis, designing, development and implementation.
  • Developed functional specifications.
  • Prepared pseudo code specifications and flowcharts using VISIO, Power Point and Excel during the analysis.
  • Prepared the test plans and following the result document.
  • Developed the IO routines for IAM files.
  • Coding the programs using COBOL II, CICS, DB2 (compilation was done using Changeman to maintain versions).
  • Developed the cataloged procedures for the JCL's, maps and map sets using BMS coding, Prepared the tally's using File-Aid.
  • Testing was done using the Expeditor (for both online and batch programs).
  • Developed MQ-Series messaging system and prepared the test cases and run the test scripts for both batch and online jobs.
  • Developed the conversion programs from IDMS to DB2 using Cobol, IDMS, DB2, JCL and verified the results using QMF, SPUFI, OLQ and DMLO.
  • Gave production support on 24 X 7 basis for all the calls for batch or online.
  • Executes unit test, system test and production test stages.
  • Produce the results, manage the application performance and communicate with users.

Environment: IBM S390, MVS, DB2, MQ-Series, CSP, ENDEVOR, HL-7, IDMS 14.0, LRF, IDD, ADS/O, ADSC, MAPC, COBOL II, CICS, BMS Maps, SDF II, JCL, FAMIS IO, IAM, Syncsort, ISPF, SPUFI, QMF, File-Aid, Expeditor, Power Point, MS-Word, MS Excel and VISIO.

Confidential, Programmer Analyst Apr' 2000 to Dec' 2000 Project: Credit Card Management System: The aim of this project is to establish the bank's credit card system in the other countries (Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines etc.). For this purpose involved in various modules to develop the system. Mainly the transactions are among the aquirer, Central switch and the issuer of the card. For this purpose we maintain a Security subsystem to validate the card and further checks also needed to make the transaction successful. Mainly was involved in Regional ATM system for fast cash withdrawal. As a Programmer Analyst was responsible for the following:

  • Systems study, analysis of Security subsystem and its impact on the other modules.
  • Analyzed the business specifications, prepared the program specifications according to the requirement.
  • Developed the programs using CICS, COBOL II, DB2 and VSAM for the regional ATM.
  • Coding the BMS macros for the SSN module.
  • Testing was done using Expeditor. Used tools like QMF and SPUFI on weekly basis to query the database update and delete as necessary to ensure the correct operation of the system.
  • Developed the weekly, monthly reports that would be used to aid in business decisions using EasyTrieve Plus programming.
  • Involved in design, development, integration and change requests as per the business changes in DDA (Demand Deposit Account) and TDA (Trade Development Account) systems and did testing in different scenarios.
  • Coding the CD (Connect Direct) JCL s for transferring the data from MVS to UNIX and checking the data in UNIX using VI editor.
  • Developed the test specifications and did testing (Unit, Integration and UAT) for the various modules.
  • Involved in production support while implementing the project and fixing the problems on 24 X 7 basis, fixed the identified problems.
  • Prepared the systems documentation using Excel, Word and VISIO.

Environment: IBM S390, MVS, DB2, COBOL II, CICS, EDI, BMS Maps, JCL, Connect Direct, IBM Utilities, ISPF, VISION PLUS, PAYSYS, UNIX, DDA/TDA, EasyTrieve Plus, SPUFI, QMF, File-Aid, Expeditor, Excel and VISIO.

Confidential, Programmer Analyst, Singapore Jan'1999 to Mar'2000 Project: Point Of Sale system is a distributed client located in the clients WSC (Worldwide Service Centers) and other locations. This system allows a wide range of functions to be performed that include processing shipments, providing shipping rates, commit dates, hold and release packages as well as selling merchandise items such as boxes, tape guns, etc. Integration of various types of hardware with the POS system like barcode scanners, weighing scales, receipt printers, cash drawers has made it a challenging project to test.

As a Programmer Analyst I was responsible for the following:

  • Involved in Impact analysis, preparation of test plans, logistics and forecasting reports with the statistics and performed the necessary code changes
  • Involved in documentation for the system using Word and Excel.
  • Coding the programs using COBOL S/290, IDMS, ADS/O and testing them.
  • Developed the batch reports using COBOL, JCL, IDMS and Easytrieve Plus and verified the results using OLQ.
  • Involved in production fixes and on-call support and conversion from IDMS to DB2
  • Supporting the users after the implementation.

Environment: IBM S390, MVS, COBOL S/390, IDMS, ADS/O, LRF, OLQ, MAPC, ADSC, FTP, Easytrieve Plus, REXX, CLIST, Endevor, Changeman, Expeditor and File-Aid.

Confidential, Programmer Analyst Jun' 1998 to Dec' 1998 Project: CMS Data Conversion: The main objective of this project is conversion of data from Mainframe software to SAP. In this conversion involved in Data Extraction module (Billing subsystem, ACES subsystem, GIRO subsystem and Environmental subsystem). For this, developed the programs for extracting and migrating the data to UNIX, which is acting as an intermediate for both Mainframes and SAP. Also developed ABAP 4.0 on requirement basis. As a Programmer Analyst was responsible for the following:

  • Analysis for conversion of mainframe data to SQL server database.
  • Prepared the program specifications after analyzing the user requirements.
  • Involved in design and modified the existing system to incorporate the SQL server database.
  • Monitoring the team progress and checking for issues that needs to be escalated.
  • Coded, tested and executed programs using COBOL 85, Adabas, Natural, JCL, SAS, for the data extraction.
  • Developed the cataloged procedures for JCL s for testing the data extraction modules of ACES, Billing, GIRO and Environmental subsystems.
  • Checking the data in UNIX after the extraction has been done using VI editor.
  • Developed and implemented online Natural Adabas systems, coded the ABAP 4.0 programs and reports using EasyTrieve Plus programming.
  • Coordination between data extraction team and SAP team.

Environment: IBM S390, MVS, IDMS, ADS/O, IDD, Endevor, LRF, OLQ, COBOL 85, CA-7, ADS/O, JCL, ISPF, IMS DB/DC, PL/I, UNIX, Adabas, Natural, EasyTrieve Plus, ABAP 4.0, SQL Server, REXX, SAS, Expeditor, VISIO.

Confidential, Programmer Analyst Jun' 1996 to May' 1998

Project: PCS-DBS Integration System: The project is merging of the POSB savings account system with DBS savings account system as part of the merger of DBS and POSB. In integration, was involved in some of the savings system modules (Dormant system and Funds Transfer system). The main object of this project is developing the new bridging programs for merging the savings files, amendments and enhancements of the existing online programs for integration purpose and developing the new reports while doing integration and scheduling them in production.

As a Programmer Analyst was responsible for the following:

  • Involved in analysis part for integration of DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) POSB (Post Office Savings Bank) in savings system.
  • Involved in design for the new system using VISIO, Excel and Power Point.
  • Coding the programs using COBOL 85, CICS, and DB2. Developed the programs using SAS programming.
  • Involved in design, analysis, and integration for DDA (Demand Deposit Account) and TDA (Trade Development Account) subsystems and did testing in different scenarios.
  • Enhancements and amendments of the existed online programs in CICS and for the BMS coding.
  • Testing using File-Aid, the testiness is mainly UT, SIT, QA and SIT.
  • Involved in production support while implementation.

Environment: IBM S/390, COBOL, Lotus Notes, JCL, VSAM, DB2, QMF, SPUFI, CICS, BMS, SDF II, Excel, SAS, VISIO, Expeditor, Comparex, File-Aid, EasyTrieve Plus, IMS DB/DC, DDA/TDA and ChangeMan.

EDUCATION Post Graduation in Mathematics Graduation in Computer Science

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