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Businss Analyst/project Manager Resume

Burbank, CA


  • I have 10 years as a business analyst and project manager. This includes conducting meetings to gather and generate; requirements, use cases, process flows and reporting needs.
  • All of my positions have also required; Testing, UAT, Creating User Manuals, Database Mapping, Gap Analysis, User Training, Data Mining, ERP Systems, SOX Audits, UML RUP and as a Supervisor/Manager.


SOFTWARE SKILLS: Software Yrs. Exp MS Word 20 MS Excel 20 MS Powerpoint 20 Snag It 14 MS Project 11 Visio 9 SharePoint 2 ERoom (Documentum) 2 MS Access 2.0 - 2016 17 SQL/PL SQL 10 Visual Basic Applications (VBA) 5 Crystal Reports 5 Visual Basic 4 VSS (now TFS) 1 Confluence/Jira 6 mos

JOB SKILLS Skill Yrs. Exp: Gathering Requirements 15 Testing 15 Working with Mgmt and users 15 CRM (import, export, update, UI, etc) 20 Creating Use Cases 12 Database Mapping 12 Leading Requirement Gathering Meetings 12 Training End Users 12 Gap Analysis 10 Data Mining 10 Visio diagrams (swim lanes, network diagrams, etc) 9 Agile Methodology 5


Confidential, Burbank, CA


  • Gathering requirements from stakeholders to create documentation for an AS400 system including requirements, use case and technical specifications.
  • Using Confluence and Jira for tracking projects and creating documentation.
  • Working with the QA team for clarification for testing projects before roll out.
  • Working with development staff to solidify system capabilities before presenting requirements, etc to users/stakeholders.



  • Teaching classes for CRM’s, digital signature software, Real Estate Principles and Search Engine Optimization
  • .Assisting agents with using Excel, Outlook, Gmail and other office software
  • Taking classes in SEO, web analytics, keyword saturation, etc.
  • Taking multiple classes a month for knowledge of current conditions, marketing strategies, changes in real estate and mortgage laws (HAFA, HAPA).
  • Creating/managing blogs, several websites and Google and Facebook ads to promote my business.
  • Using various CRM’s to market my business using email campaigns.
  • Helping clients to buy, sell and lease property

Confidential, Encino, CA


  • Set up MS Dynamics (local Install)
  • Create Gap Analysis for migrating MS Dynamics from version 4.0 to 2011.
  • Manage and customize an MS Dynamics database, including creating new fields/screens and implementation.
  • Cleaning up information in the database - contact information, software they purchased, software versions, etc.
  • Creating documentation for already existing custom software to provide to co-branded partners.
  • Creating user manuals for extensive calendaring/docketing software supplied to attorney firms.



  • Gather business requirements for a manufacturing firm in Torrance.
  • Present Cost Benefits Analysis on several CRMs that would meet their Customer Support needs.
  • Consult with CRM vendors (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar and Goldmine) to clarify features, platforms and capabilities of the various software(s).
  • Provide recommendation/demonstrations and answer questions for the manufacturing firm to help them decide on the best Customer Support software for their needs.

Confidential, Encino, CA


  • Migrated a dbase IV/FoxPro database to MS Access 2010
  • Gap Analysis of current product in order to migrate it from FoxPro to MS Access 2010.
  • Creating a customized MS Access 2010 database to replace the FoxPro database, including all forms, reports and scrubbing and migrating the data to Access.
  • Create security to protect sensitive financial information.
  • Automate the twice monthly invoicing, including; methods to record and track payment of invoices, monthly contracting amounts, customer complaints, all supplies used and any extras done by the crews.
  • Create macros and VBA code for proper form and report performance.

Confidential, Century City, CA


  • Creating documentation to support a large customized ERP Java software designed by offshore programmers. This application tracked and reported; contracts, compliance, all financial information for the Sales, Marketing, Legal, Participations and Distributions departments.
  • Conduct JAD sessions with users and executive stakeholders to determine issues and document the requirements using use cases and UML modeling.
  • Updating and creating use cases for improvements, enhancements and bug fixes to new ERP.
  • Providing documentation and responding to requirements from Price Waterhouse for the yearly SOX audit.
  • Monitoring bugs, determining which to include in releases along with the enhancements/fixes.
  • Running weekly tests of the financial month-end process to ensure a smooth process and proper reporting.
  • Test all fixes/enhancements before a release and work with the programmers to revisit any needed issues.
  • Test fixes after a release and work with users to determine that issues have been resolved.
  • Work with stakeholders/user for UAT after the release and training.



  • Self employed creating simple CRMS to help with sending marketing materials.
  • Supporting local realtors and mortgage offices creating web pages in Publisher and setting up internet marketing.
  • Working with third party vendor to implement a SQL based data warehouse for business intelligence purposes.
  • Facilitate automation (API, FTP) of marketing data from the company’s web analytics partners (Ebay, Yahoo, etc).

Confidential, West LA, CA


  • Assumed responsibility of a project that allows users to upload their own songs to their cell phones until company lost contract with ATT and laid off half the staff.
  • Interacting with Confidential and MySpace to implement an IVR system that allowed users to upload their own songs to their cell phones and MySpace page. (IVR recognized copyrighted songs so they could not be uploaded)
  • Work with PMO group to ascertain resources and generate a project plan.
  • Design project plan/timeline utilizing MS Project.
  • Review documentation with Quality Assurance and Development teams to determine LOE.
  • Generate business requirements and use cases utilizing best practices and UML.
  • Use Mercury Quality Center to track enhancements/defects and assign tasks to the appropriate programming resource.
  • Manage the processing of mobile phones through the profiling process (R&D, content assignment, applications, etc).
  • Mentor Analysts in creating, reviewing and redefining existing documentation.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA


  • Project for Marshall and Swift. Upgrading ecommerce software for consumers.
  • Manage implementation of upgrades to Oracle based financial software.
  • Write requirements/use cases for an ecommerce website.
  • Document Project Authorization, Project Plan and Lessons Learned for the company’s JAVA, .Net, and C++ web applications.
  • Working with business units, developers and others to set priorities and negotiate project timelines.
  • Meet with users to determine needs and create requirements and use cases to facilitate accomplishing tasks.
  • Work with client to determine and maintain SOX and CSOX compliance.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA


  • Project for LAUSD. Gap Analysis and design for ERP type Education system being converted from a mainframe to HTML/Flash
  • Studying the mainframe version of an ERP type application to generate requirements and use cases to convert it to a J2EE/HTML based application including adding additional functionality.
  • Leading JAD sessions to determine requirements from users and management.
  • Working with testing, development and training teams to gather necessary data to create specifications and verify quality assurance.
  • Converting requirements from other analysts to use cases and design specifications utilizing UML and RUP methodology and templates.
  • Include items in documentation to conform to SOX requirements.
  • Working with client for final approval of documentation.

Confidential, Burbank, CA


  • Project for GMAC to upgrade to Oracle 9I and merge two similar systems (one in MS Access and one in Dbase) into an Oracle and .Net environment.
  • Create specification and identify difficulties with upgrade from Windows 2000 to XP.
  • Meeting with the business units to determine and document requests.
  • Work with local and intrastate development staff to determine method to accomplish objectives.

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Working for various business units (Commercial lending, Broker Lending, Internal help Desk, etc) to document department software needs and create ROI, Requirements and use case documentation.
  • Leading JAD sessions with various business units to gather requirements.
  • Create Business Requirements, Use Cases, Flowcharts, Design Specifications and Quality Assurance testing documentation utilizing UML and RUP.
  • Negotiate with the business unit for approval of documentation and delivery to meet project objectives.
  • Coordinate with business units, developers and other staff to ascertain best methodology/practice.
  • Handled up to fifteen small to medium size projects at any given time including:
  • Enhancements to two existing outward facing JAVA based sites and a JAVA based intranet tracking application.
  • Lead BSA for implementation of Active Directory.
  • Lead BSA for integration of non-web based application to one of the JAVA applications.
  • Mentoring other Analysts in Company databases, documentation and company procedures in a classroom setting and via informal meetings
  • Work with Commercial and Retail business units to establish SOX compliance.
  • Using VSS (old TFS) for co-ordination updates for code and code management.

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Lead Analyst and Project Manager on Offshore developed Risk Management software for Option One Mortgage. Additionally, I provided analysis for purchasing of an enterprise reporting solution.
  • Leading JAD sessions with clients to analyze and document requirements.
  • Research options with internal departments and external vendors to meet those requirements and present options for completing the project to the business users.
  • Create Charter, Business Requirements, Use Cases and Quality Assurance testing documentation (utilizing VSS, Visio, Word, Excel ).
  • Work with programmers and testers on each portion of a project and track the progress.
  • Projects include:
  • Upgrade/enhancement of existing J2EE application.
  • Changes to existing application(s) via Store Procedures and other SQL (2000) design changes
  • Researching vendors to provide ad-hoc and other reporting needs for several departments and the J2EE application.
  • Creating a project tracking database.
  • Participation in a team to develop and expand on the enterprise templates for implementing and tracking projects.
  • Creation of Actuate marketing/analysis reports for the enterprise and individual departments.

Confidential, Newport Beach, Ca

Database Analyst Programmer

  • Identifying workflow of companies and developing methodologies with existing and new software to better track required data.
  • Training clients on the full use and capability of CRM Software.
  • Setting up recurrent administrative duties for the SQL server.
  • SQL design and analysis for new and existing databases in SQL 7.0 and 2000.
  • Designing customized reports in MS Access and Crystal Reports to show sales analysis, manufacturing WIP, customer contact data, etc.
  • Creating “band-aids” as requested to modify existing Access database(s) to meet most immediate needs.
  • Condensing MS Access estimating, planning and tracking system from 16 databases to one including new interfaces and reporting.
  • Creating and tracking a project plan to show progress of projects.



  • Department management including budgeting and personnel management.
  • Analyzing current applications and researching and presenting new ones for consideration (CRM, PBX, Service Agreements, Vendors, etc).
  • Interfacing with vendors for projects to enable autodialing through server and existing PBX, electronic document storage, software and hardware upgrades and design of company web page.
  • Project lead to create Service Level Agreement between Hospital and entity.
  • Increasing user confidence via training and reporting to increase usage of CRM system.
  • Examining existing applications and condensing to remove redundancies.
  • Creation of ad hoc reports in Crystal Reports, MS Access And FrontRange from SQL.
  • Customizing and organizing screens and data for Goldmine FrontOffice.
  • Adding needed fields and tables and other administrative duties in SQL.
  • Elimination of duplicate records and other irrelevant information in the SQL database.
  • Data mining for sales analysis and other marketing purposes utilizing SQL and MS Access.
  • Interface with outside vendor to increase marketing data and move data into the existing CRM system.

Confidential, Orange, Ca

Visual Basic Programmer

  • Utilizing Visual Basic 6.0 with an MS Access Backend to develop software for a wholesale mortgage firm designed to track loans from the initial cold call to close of escrow.
  • Designing Reports for end users utilizing MS Access and SQL queries and Active Report software.
  • Creation and maintenance a SQL 7.0 database to track 2.5 million leads and connect the information to the existing telemarketing software.
  • Creation of software to track technical support customer service calls and follow up.
  • On-going training of end users on use of the new software and its updates.


MS Access Developer/Programmer

  • Migration of eight Access 2.0 databases into one single Access 97 database to facilitate a more user friendly system that was Y2K ready and automated.
  • Creation of documentation to determine what changes were needed to make additional databases Y2K compliant.
  • Design a testing plan to determine that date and data changes were effective and that software would function January 1, 2000.
  • Use of a specified testing plan to test Y2K readiness in a Lab setup specifically for this purpose. Testing included interaction with several servers and the specified database(s).
  • Creation of a database for generating reports regarding bed occupancy at a major hospital.

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