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Programmeranalyst Resume

San Diego, CA


  • To secure anBusiness Analyst position where I can utilize my 8 years experience in business analysis.
  • Experience in Oracle and SQL Server databases, UML Diagramming, requirements analysis, dealing with stakeholders, modeling, predictive analysis. Solve enterprise - wide problems related to stock, allocation, price, demographic, geographic, product placement, .
  • Integrate new technologies and translate client requirements into valid solutions.
  • Work with ETL tools, Jira, UML modeling tools, Java, OLAP/ OLTP


ETL Tools: Cognos, Business Objects, Informatica

Portals: Oracle 9ias, Share Point 2010, Sun One, Joomla 1.0

Operating Systems: Windows 8/7/2003/AD/XP, Unix AIX, Solaris


Hardware: RS-6000, IBM eSeries, ProLiant, Blade Server, Cisco 2500 Routers & Switches, Cisco PIX & Gauntlet firewall

Database Systems: SQL Server 2000/2005, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Oracle 10g, MySql, Telelogic Doors 7.0, Toad

Programming: C/C++, Java, C#, VB.Net, SQL/PL, T-SQL, PHP, XML, HTML, JSP, CGI

Web Server: Tomcat, Apache, IIS, iPlanet

WebServices: J2EE, REST, SOAP, JSON

Web Browsers: FireFox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Netscape

Applications: Veritas NetBackup, Visio, Visual Paradigm, VersionOne, MS Office, MS Project 2003, WebEx, Lotus Notes

IDE: Eclipse, Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013

Tools: Dell DraciV, Microsoft Management Console, OpenSSH, Putty, DameWare, Remote Desktop Services, Sys Internals, PcAnywhere,SolarWinds, Riverbed, SIP.exe, HP Service Manager 7 and 9, IBM IT Service Management tool

Methodology: ITIL, Agile- Scrum, Object Oriented Programming, Extreme Programming, Traditional

Virtual Machine: VMWare ESX, Parallels Virtual Desktop for MacOS


Confidential, San Diego, CA



  • Wrote python scripts related to gps mapping
  • Problem solved JSON
  • Worked with TCP sockets, wifi, rf, gps technology
Confidential, San Diego, CA

Business Analyst


  • Perform process management
  • Process claims on EDI Exchange
  • Collaborate with stake holders
Confidential, San Diego, CA



  • Provide reporting services for San Diego Fire Rescue
  • Diagrammed CAD architecture and process workflow
  • Create adhoc reports for staff and management
  • SQL Server Analytical Services
Confidential, San Diego, CA

Business Analyst/ Site Reliability Engineer


  • Import and load data sets
  • Transform- applying business rules, performing calculations, data cleansing, filtering, sorting, lookups, merging data, transposing rows and columns, applying data validation, loading data in a repository, working with metadata, synthesizing data,
  • Business Processes, business strategy
  • SQL Server Analytical Services
  • Gathered business requirements and provided end-to-end design approach
  • Expertise in developing high performance code using Phyton, GitLab, Java, .Net
  • Develop, test, deploy and maintain Service Catalog workflows for multiple data sources like: flat files, XML, Oracle and MySQL database
  • Exposure to OLAP, OLTP, data warehouse, data mart development, fact and dimensional data base designs
  • Service catalog support and reporting systems maintenance
Confidential, San Diego, CA

Business Analyst/ Programmer Analyst


  • Provisioned F5 virtual servers for internal Intuit API teams Configured F5 load balancing of infrastructure according to specification Facilitated delivery of front-end infrastructure with Lean Hosting teams.
  • Work with front end and backend data model
  • Validated front end VM machine configurations using Java toolset.

Business Analyst


  • Member of Healthcare Enterprise Services team on the Cigna Healthcare Group
  • Worked on governance and compliance, HIPPA compliance and auditing with Confidential auditing team.
  • Extract data out of source systems
  • Familiar with Informatica, Business Objects and Cognos ETL toolsets
  • Performed application to server/database/schema using sql scripts
  • Diagrammed server, database, application and schema data model
  • Performed configuration management of production environment using SharePoint for documentation and SubVersion for code
  • Created and published detailed layered mapping documentation of: server, application, database and schema by environment for purpose of application startup/ shutdown on-call procedure
  • Conducted vendor patch management of: Edifecs, SOA, Informatica, Business Objects, Oracle Middleware and Oracle Fusion database

System Engineer


  • Perform incident, problem, and change management for the Amgen service catalog using IBM Service Manager and Lotus Notes/ Domino version 8.5
  • Completed FDA Regulatory and IBM's Integrated Service Management tool (ISM) training
Confidential, San Diego, CA

System Engineer


  • Work with Silver Gate and Doors database, service catalog, work breakdown structure and requirements mapping
  • Analyzed and consulted on the Service Orient Architecture and Interoperability sections of the NGEN service catalog using the following requirements documentation: Netwarcom, DoDAF, Test and Evaluation Master Plan, and Haipe
  • Analyzed and provided recommendations on the Certification and Accreditation and the Operations Test and Evaluation portions of the NGEN Service Catalog
  • Consulted and provided the PMO research and findings attending the Interop interoperability tradeshow: network access control (NAC) for securing the edges of the network; F5 solution for migrating Share Point portal metadata; Schema Logic for building construct; VMWare Infrastructure and File Access Networking solutions for saving electric bill costs
Confidential, San Diego, CA

Unix System Engineer


  • Wrote PowerShell scripts for COSD applications
  • Worked with Unix servers running Sun Solaris 8/ 9, HP-UX 11
  • Migrated San Diego County LUEG applications running on Oracle 9ias Portal application database
  • Installed and configured Tomcat and Apache on Solaris 8
  • Diagrammed application centric data model
  • Solved problems with Kiva application network latency using Riverbed WAN optimizer and Citrix Farm
  • Installed, configured migrated users: SQL Server 2005, SSAS, Share Point Portal 2003
  • Performed UAT testing for Kiva, Sharpe Budgeter, ESRI ArcGIS and MRF Geosystems Spatial Data Engine
  • Decommission complex Internet and Intranet applications on multiple platforms
Confidential, San Diego, CA

Senior System Engineer


  • Administrated Windows 2003/XP/AD, Linux 2.6, ADT Security, SharePoint 2003, NetBackup, and Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server
  • Wrote Visual Basic 6.0 script for nightly backups at Next Level collocation
  • Supported employee active directory and ADT Security account creation and deletion
  • Setup group policy to block or allow SharePoint 2003 services
  • Performed Asset Management, Security Management, and Infrastructure Management of software and hardware using MS Project 2003, Word and Excel.
  • Adhere to HIPPA auditing compliance.
Confidential, San Diego, CA

Programmer Analyst


  • Coded Voxeo applications using Callxml and Voicexml
Confidential, San Diego, CA

Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Tested drug dispenser libraries in accordance with FDA regulations and requirements using Tele-logic Doors 7.0 db.
  • Verified and validated medical devices using the defect tracking tool Tracker for software bugs.
  • Tested heart rate variability medical devices.
  • Completed Software Validation and 21 CFR Part 11 training.
Confidential, San Diego, CA

Systems Engineer


  • Installed and encrypted Unix AIX servers
  • Implemented system pre-post conversions that account for $900,000 in net revenue
  • Configured iPlanet web server, Verisign digital certificates, A-record, Apache Achieved 7 performance awards
  • Debugged problems with Apache web server configurations, Java Servlets, and I-Planet configuration saving management 35% downtime
  • Solved problems associated with route tables, device configuration, firewall rules, data mapping, scripts, HTML, web browsers, hardware and software
  • Loaded, configured and support $100,000 IBM RS-6000, eSeries Tested and debugged custom web applications projects involving IBM PL1 code
  • Installed, configured and tested InterVoice-Brite audio response units running Windows 2000, supporting 1000 users Tested migration from Syrtz to PeopleSoft content management system.

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