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Salesforce (sfdc) Configurator/administrator/business Analyst Resume

Des Moines, IA


  • Experienced analyst, leader and administrator with over 10+ years of experience in CRM platforms and to implement, streamline and enhance users experience for sales, marketing, and service business lines users for top fortune 500 companies in finance, retail and healthcare industries.
  • Extensive experience in SFDC implementation and customization, and an In - depth understanding of SFDC CRM business processes.
  • 6+ years of experience working with Siebel CRM and different Siebel applications including Life Sciences, Sales, Pharma, Medical, Call Center, Marketing and an expert in banking applications such as Siebel Finance as well as working with stakeholders in these different areas.
  • As well-defined best practice in integration with various legacy systems, innovative solution, creative troubleshooting, Quality Control, deployment management, system management, operative communication skills and practiced working with business executives and stakeholders at all levels.
  • Proficient with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Call Center, Force.com, Chatter collaboration and App-exchange on Salesforce.
  • Accepted more challenges and achieved deadlines while working on a multitude of work streams.
  • Dynamic, hands-on and obsessive about quality and process improvement.
  • Eager to bring a positive change as an individual contributor or as a member of a talented team.
  • Implement Trigger, Visual force page, Apex class, Web Service and S-control to achieve complexity of business functionality.
  • Expert in almost all declarative tasks as a Salesforce administrator and advanced implementations tasks including but not limited to creating custom objects, fields, tabs, profiles, roles, users, page layouts, Reports, Dashboards, Tasks and actions, validation rules, Data Utilities, Data loading and cleansing.
  • Designed junction objects for relationships (lookup and Master-detail) and implemented various advanced fields like Pick lists, Custom Formula Fields, Field Dependencies, Work Flows rules, and Approval Processes for automated alerts, field updates, and Email generation according to application requirements.
  • Implemented security and sharing rules at object, field, and record level for different users at different levels of organization.
  • Pervasive experience in performing the administrative and development related tasks like consigning Role Hierarchy, Custom Profiles, Users, Email Templates, Page Layouts, Work-flows, Work-flow Actions, Approval Process, Reports, Dashboards, Tasks, and Events in Salesforce.com.
  • Experience in data migration using Salesforce data loader.
  • Good working knowledge in latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JQuery and java script. Extensive experience in analyze business requirements, entity relationships and converting to SFDC custom objects.
  • Strong knowledge of SDLC process and experience working in teams implementing Agile Scrum Methodologies.
  • Also developed presentation layer in Visual force and business logic in the Apex by creating/using Classes, Custom/Standard Controllers.
  • Integrated and installed various App Exchange Apps and extensions, configured and maintained user security permissions in compliance with organizational needs.
  • A skilled problem solver and an efficient team player. Analytical by nature, able to correctly identify, troubleshoot and resolve a wide range of technical issues in a timely manner to minimize downtime and drive increases in customer satisfaction.
  • Can effectively work in both independent and collaborative work environments, have excellent communication and inter-personal skills, and ability to effectively communicate technical issues and resolve problems at all levels of the organization to reach deadlines and achieve goals.


Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 2003 Server, Unix, Red Hat Linux, Windows Active Directory

Software Applications: Siebel CRM, Salesforce.com CRM, SAP MM, SAP FICOMicrosoft

Office Suite: Visual Studio, MS SharePoint, Microsoft Visio, WebSphere Application Server


SFDC Technology - Apex Custom Controllers and Extensions, JavaScript, Apex Triggers, VisualForce Pages, Force.com IDE (Eclipse), Ajax Toolkit, Agile Scrum, SOQL, SOSL, Data Loader, Connect Offline, Apex Explorer, SQL, MS Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista, Linux/Unix, MySQL, SQL Server 2000/2003, Oracle 9i, 10g; Customer Integration, Analysis, Design/Plan, Problem Solving, Design, Quality Control, SSO, Portal Community, Report & Dashboards, Sites, Salesforce to Salesforce, Data Migration, Data Cleaning, Vendor negotiation, Product Development, LDAP, Load Balancing, JavaScript, App/Server Monitoring Tools, Siebel CRM, Fusion CRM, EAI, Delivery Release Management, Version Control, HTML, XML, CSS.


Confidential, DES MOINES, IA

Salesforce (SFDC) Configurator/Administrator/Business Analyst


  • Interacted with various business user groups and stakeholders for gathering requirements for Salesforce implementation and documented the Business and Software Requirements.
  • Extensively involved in moderating JAD sessions with different business units, stakeholders and application development team.
  • Designed Use Case Diagrams and Use Case Specification documents based on requirements gathered.
  • Created the company profile, set up new users, defined roles and set up public groups, Involved in setting up field level access for each custom object created based on the user’s role within the Organization.
  • Performed detailed analysis of business and technical requirements and designed the solution by customizing various standard objects of SFDC and other Platform based technologies like VisualForce, Force.com API and Web Services.
  • Utilized JavaScript and Apex Classes, Controllers and Apex Triggers for various company specific functional needs in the application.
  • Experienced in querying Salesforce tables using SOQL & SOSL queries using Force.com Explorer.
  • Developed Triggers with bulk-safe and exception handling and have a minimum of 80% code coverage.
  • Used Data Loader for Data Migration in force.com platform
  • Involved in Implementation and Design of Campaigns, Cases, Issues, Product and Orders Management and Product Rejection module.
  • Configured visual workflows for price quotes
  • Documented business requirements along with user stories and collaborated with developers to test and verify the solutions.
  • Mapped requirements to out-of-box functionalities within Salesforce.
  • Used Picklists, Dependent Picklists, and Record Types to enforce data quality.
  • Created Tab permissions, Record Type permissions and Field Level Security to implement Component-based security.
  • Created Test Cases as per the test plans.
  • Worked with Acceptance Testing (UAT) and logged as well as prioritized defects and re-test issues after they are resolved.
  • Generated Tabular, Summary and Matrix reports to create Standard reports and Custom reports.
  • Designed and modified Approval processes and created Approval steps which used email alerts and field updates.
  • Worked with Approval processes that used Email Approvals and Parallel Approval steps
  • Used Process Visualizer to study Approval steps.
  • Documented new business processes and made appropriate changes needed to the older processes.
  • Created Dashboards and Dashboard Components and implemented multiple levels of Dashboards and scheduled Dashboard refresh.
  • Created Many-to- Many relationships and created Junction objects to implement Roll-up Summary fields to aggregate data from child records on the parent.
  • Designed Validation Rules along with Roll-Up Summary Fields to maintain data quantity and data consistency.
  • Performed many declarative administration tasks as needed, managing custom fields, integration and data cleanup

ENVIRONMENT: Force.com platform, Visual Force (Pages, Component & Controllers), Visual Work flows, Apex Language, JavaScript, DML statements, SOQL, SOSL, Data Loader, HTML, Chatter, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Sandbox data loading, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Custom objects and Fields, Time based triggers, Workflows Rules, Validation Rules.

Confidential, MADISON, WI

Salesforce (SFDC) Consultant/Business Analyst


  • Played critical role in consolidate various legacy system including Salesforce sales, marketing and service cloud into a single global Salesforce instance for 1000+ users from EMA, APAC and NA regions and up skilled Salesforce to Salesforce, with multi-currency migration experience.
  • Key team member for integration projects within our team and demonstrated and decrypted many integration related issues.
  • Experience with Salesforce Automation, Marketing Management, Lead Management, Content management.
  • Deep knowledge in SFDC database administration and SOQL/SOSL query language
  • Proficient in enhancing new or isolating existing Salesforce functionality with Apex, Web Service API, JavaScript, and Visualforce.
  • Comprise in multiple projects cost effectively, beside day to day BAU activities, like forming Community customer and partner portal, Case flag, Eloqua, SSO integration, Prospect to Cash Process Improvement, opportunity product, commission split.
  • Managed resource allocation, execution, and risk mitigation to ensure predictable delivery of multiple applications and projects.
  • Mentor and lead offshore and onshore team throughout the project life cycle and during monthly and quarterly maintenance release process.
  • Hands-on on all SFDC’s phase like requirement study with stakeholders, design, development and implementation and maintenance stage of various projects.
  • Ability to develop, deploy and maintain ad hoc SalesForce.com
  • Work beside business leaders to design, build and implement process improvement
  • Implemented, tested and trained end user on new Salesforce instances and features.
  • Managing and migrating between multiple Salesforce orgs using proper change management techniques and backups.
  • Complete bulk imports of data with usage of Salesforce connector and APEX data loader and Demand tools.
  • Retention of details without losing sight of “the big picture”.
  • Demonstrate outstanding ability to evaluate problems and develop solutions

ENVIRONMENT: Salesforce.com, Window 7, APEX data loader tool, Data Export tool, Eclipse Luna,, SBM, ECM, Service Now, Workbench, Perm-Compare, SSO, Demand Tools, Apex, Visualforce (Pages, Component & Controllers), Pages, HTML, Java, Java Script, CSS, Workflow & Approvals, Reports.

Confidential, IL

Senior Siebel CRM and Fusion CRM Technical Support Engineer


  • Played a key role providing input to the Technical Support Knowledge base, authoring and approving value-added alerts, FAQs and Technical Notes.
  • Published service request solutions to further drive customer and other stakeholder’s education.
  • Obtained certifications in RAV knowledge management with over 150 documents authored and Oracle Diagnostic methodology (ODM) and best practices. More than 50% of documents authored in the banking application of Siebel Finance.
  • Assisted customers and stakeholders utilizing experience in service request resolution during implementation, administration and maintaining the Siebel CRM applications.
  • Resolved over 95% of issues with stakeholders as the first point of contact by diagnosing, researching, testing, and resolving highly escalated Siebel CRM application issues.
  • Resolved a wide range of issues relating to Siebel CRM functionalities, Banking, Financial, Application Deployment Manager (ADM) and Open UI as well as calendar issues.
  • Ranked consistently among the top 5% of all global technical support engineers for the ability to resolve customer issues, with 3,000+ resolved in a 7-year time span working with the Sales Service and Marketing Group of Siebel Customer Support.
  • Leveraged testing equipment and troubleshooting tools including Oracle Explain plan, Siebel tools, Windows Grep, File Splitter and FTP.
  • Expert in resolving issues in the banking related applications such as Siebel Finance.
  • Involved in several banking related projects such as implementing Siebel Finance, maintaining it and deploying the application.
  • Setup and maintained a laboratory to simulate and reproduce customer issues on multiple platforms such as Windows and UNIX/Solaris.
  • Perform functional testing for the Fusion CRM application and coordinated with the development team to log bugs and fix the issues, testing fixes by performing functional and regression testing.
  • Conducted manual testing prior to the release of new product features and when required/requested by the product management team.
  • Mapped requirements to out-of-box functionality within the application.
  • Mentored and trained new team members, providing advice on day-to-day technical support processes and general Oracle/Siebel procedures to drive excellent service and customer support.
  • Performed tasks as Duty Engineer triaging incoming Service Requests and assigning them to appropriate engineers after determining the correct Area/Group.
  • Logged and monitored Bugs/Defects as well as enhancement requests with the Siebel Development team after testing the behavior in-house with Siebel CRM test environment.
  • Assist team members by making suggestions to resolve high severity, manager escalation and complex issues and by writing, reviewing and approving articles (Technical Note/FAQ/Alert) published on Customer Portal.
  • Wrote T-SQL script to fetch data from SQL server databases to test and compare with Siebel user interface applications.
  • Liaisoned and provided expertise on other projects to reduce backlogs and help achieve targets.
  • Worked globally with people/clients from nearly every field including Insurance, Pharma, Medical, Finance and Retail.

ENVIRONMENT: Siebel CRM, Fusion CRM, Internal Support Portal (MOS), Fusion HCM, BugDB, SQL Server, Beehive Web-Conference, ODM Methodology for Documentation, RAV certification (Authoring Documents), Microsoft Access, Cisco VOIP

Confidential, KANSAS CITY, MO

System Engineer


  • Worked with different levels of the capacity testing in the pre-production stages of Cerner Millennium Software including configuring, deployment and installation.
  • Established and maintained strong relationships with product development, operations, QA team, Host team and other system engineers to best support goal achievement.
  • Deployed and installed the Websphere Application Software (WAS) as well as its clusters and performed QA testing of the automated scripts.
  • Utilized dedicated testing environments and physical infrastructure, and employed a variety of testing techniques to simulate targeted solution and system scenarios.
  • Supported multiple concurrent testing projects including testing of all major Millennium releases, service level and proof of solution testing for UK contracts, new software and hardware technologies, as well as web technologies.
  • Successfully managed and supported internal systems consisting of Websphere residing primarily on the Windows operating systems.
  • Provided comprehensive technical support for engineering associates, troubleshooting new technologies, performing daily management of all internal systems and building/upgrading internal systems.


System Administrator


  • Continually monitored data center servers, maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting and backing-up data on magnetic disks while executing scheduled tasks.
  • Manage and back-up the Dealership database, using SQL to query issues.
  • Successfully managed and troubleshoot 250 Servers running Linux, UNIX and Windows NT, 2000, 2003 Server using Gold Wire formulator technologies.
  • Ensured operational effectiveness by monitored performance and disk space on Windows XP-NT, UNIX and Red Hat Linux Platforms.
  • Maintained sole responsible for monthly backing up data according to client contracts based on various calculations.
  • Performed exclusive software loads as well as security patches on systems and disaster recovery (DR) tests at the data center for national clients.




  • Created technical manuals for co-packers for the Technical Control Unit (TCU).
  • Used InterSpec2.41 to prepare Bill of Materials (BOM) and specifications taking in the requests by co-packers and considerable experience of client interaction.
  • Successfully updated and managed the company database using SQL to query for various complicated monthly reports and resolved issues in timely manners.
  • Managed daily tasks while worked in teams with other associates to provide high quality service to clients following value-driven effective approach.

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