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Senior Programmer Analyst Pennington, NJ


  • A highly competent Senior Programmer Analyst with more than twenty years of experience developing online and batch Financial, Insurance, Telecommunication applications in the IBM Mainframe environment using COBOLI, JCL, Confidential, TSO and DB2
  • Forward thinker, innovative, highly organized, detail - oriented problem solver
  • Have very strong analytical skills in Programming and Business and extremely efficient in QA testing and documentation development.



SOFTWARE: C OBOL,COBOLII,COBOL370, Confidential ( Channels/Containers), DB2 (SQL, SPUFI,QMF,STORED PROCEDURES), VSAM, JCL, TSO/ISPF,IBM Utilities,, XML, MQ Series, FILE-AID,ENDEVOR,XPEDITOR,JIRA,AGILE, ABEND-AID, CEDF,CHANGEMAN, IBM Debugger, STARTOOL, INTERTEST, Librarian, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visual Studio), Citrix, Micro Focus COBOL, Micro Focus Confidential, Natural, Adabas.


Confidential, Pennington, NJ

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Providing production support for Profile and Asset Tracking for Households (PATH), which is the system of Record for many client profile fields. It consist of online/batch processing of client profile data and includes such areas as account and client data, PATH profile for Data Services, Wealth Management Workstation.
  • Responsibilities include solving production issues, improving system performance, providing data Analysis, one time jobs maintaining database, working with users to provide solutions.

System utilized: COBOL, Confidential, SQL, DB2, VSAM, JCL

Confidential, Orangeburg, NY

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Designed, developed and implemented new part of an online Confidential Group Communication Decommission system to give ability to cancel existing group communication and reverse fee thru billing cycle system.
  • Designed (including Data base design for new DB2 table data), developed and implemented new online Confidential Stackable data system, which adds collection of feature (Stack) instead of single feature to existing plan.
  • Developed and implemented new Confidential online Account Level Bundles (ALB) system which utilized Stackable data based on account level.
  • Modified COBOL Batch process of Revenue system (REVO) by adding separate process creating new files based on Stackable data which will allow in the future retiring existing process based on old data.
  • Modified online Confidential Pricing Restructure system using Stackable and Account Level Bundle system data.
  • Developed and implemented new Confidential International Travel Pricing no Proration (GNP- Global No Proration) system which gave ability to use and pay for international plan for period of time you selected, without proration for full bill cycle.
  • Performed user , system, and regression testing as well as Production support.
  • Worked on several different Confidential and Batch projects around the firm.

Systems utilized: COBOL, JCL, Confidential, DB2, VSAM, Store Procedure, XML, MQ Series

Confidential, Weehawken, NJ

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Created initial analysis, produced screen design, developed and implemented of new on-line Confidential Margin Interest, Late Payment Interest, Fixed Rate systems with multiple functionalities.
  • Developed and implemented numerous Batch programs to process feeds created by on-line system as well as from several external systems for Margin Interest and Late Payment Interest systems.
  • Developed and implemented online and batch Reg W regulatory project provided system to properly track the portion of Credit line balances identified as regulation W as charted by the FDIC.
  • Developed and implemented batch TILA (Truth in Lending ACT) compliance project accounts according to new Financial Regulation.
  • Modified batch and online systems doing reprising projects which increasing non-purpose loan rates to be more in line with traditional competitors and allowing rate changes in the middle of the monthly cycle for preferred and non-preferred account.
  • Designed (including Data base design for new DB2 table data), developed and implemented numerios of Stored procedures for new online Mortgage Advisory and Mortgage Admin Tool back-end- systems.
  • Developed and implemented batch process for Lending database reporting system including data merge from Margin and Mortgage database.
  • Developed and implemented of the Account Billing system on-line and batch processes. That modification offered users ability to establish relationship for all the managers with total bill account value greater than $75 million
  • Created FOA (broker) relationship on-line process to provide downstream feeds to the quarterly calculation batch process. Modified numerous batch modules to accommodate this feed

System utilized: COBOL, Confidential, SQL, DB2, VSAM, Store Procedure, JCL

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Developed and implemented online Confidential Rate Calculation function for the Group Underwriting Renewal and Group Conversion Online Systems. The function allowed users to generate proposals and renewal of group insurance
  • Performed database design, modeling of the DB2 table data, developed of entity relationship and diagrams for the new system functions
  • Performed extensive system maintenance and production support

Systems utilized: COBOL, COBOLII,JCL,VSAM,DB2

Confidential, Roseland, NJ

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Performed detailed analysis, design, development and implementation of on-line inquiry system to allow inquiries and display of patient information together with the employee’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) information.
  • Maintained and applied enhancement to the On-line portion the Check Writing Sub-system for Claim System.
  • Performed detailed analysis, design, development and implementation of on-line FACTOR2 system. The system provided marketing and servicing tool that produced illustration on policies that had already been purchased.
  • Analyzed, designed, developed, implemented and provided post implementation support for Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act system (TAMRA)

System utilized: COBOL, Confidential, DB2,VSAM

Confidential, Ramsey, NJ

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Performed analysis, design, development and implementation of Warehouse Replenishment and Automated Forecasting system to maximize and optimize international inventory of products

Systems utilized: COBOL, Confidential, DB2,VSAM,MQ

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