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Sr. Business Consultant Resume



  • Over 13 years of IT experience in analyzing, designing, developing applications using technologies like Opentext Content Server, Sharepoint 2010, Java, Visual Basic, and C.
  • Over 7 years of experience in Business Analysis, Knowledge Management, Technical Development and Administration using EDMS/Content Management systems like Opentext Content Server 10 (formerly Livelink), Sharepoint 2010 in various industries like Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Insurance and Financial etc.
  • Excellent Business Analysis and Knowledge Management experience for requirements gathering, designing and developing Knowledge Management (KM) strategies.
  • Excellent experience of supporting User Community for technical issues and resolution, developing and sharing Best Practices.
  • Knowledge of Sharepoint and working knowledge of KOFAX Imaging system.
  • Excellent RDBMS experience using databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access.
  • Strong experience of SQL and PL/SQL ( Packages, Stored Procedure, Triggers, Functions, Cursors).
  • Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Analysis and Designing.
  • Strong SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) experience.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, Documentation skills and ability to master new things quickly.
  • Good knowledge of Validation Processes in FDA regulated environments


Languages Known: C,C++, Visual Basic6.0,Java1.3,PL/SQL.

RDBMS: Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server 7.0/2000, MS Access 2010.

Tools: Opentext Content Server 10 (formerly Livelink 9.x), Sharepoint 2010, DreamWeaver, MS Office.

Script: JavaScript, VBScript.

Web Servers: IIS, Apache, Tomcat 4.0.

MarkUp Language: HTML, DHTML, XML


Confidential, NJ

Sr. Business Consultant


  • Responsible for requirements gathering from the Business for various needs, develop Functional Specifications for the proposed solutions, assembling Project Charters, Project Plan Documents and managing various phases of the projects including deployment of the final solution
  • Liaison between IT and various Business Groups for UATs, Requirements Gathering, Outlining the System Designs, Proposing concepts and ideas, Securing Funding for IT cost and Project Life Cycle Management.
  • Responsible for leveraging the Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) within the National Accounts business group by applying Knowledge Management Strategies such as designing the new content structure/folder structures, document naming conventions to house the Customer documentation.
  • Responsible for the migration of the Shared Drive data/files to fit the newly designed structure within the web based EDMS platform.
  • Promoting adaptability of the EDMS system within the user community by developing Job Aids, Best Practices and providing training.
  • Responsible for technical development of the web - based portal using Sharepoint 2010 to create a knowledge base or knowledge center site housing various contents such as Tools and Resources, Process Documentation, Job Aids for the Key Systems, Training Calendars, Leadership Announcements etc.
  • Liaison between Business and IT for various application/ system development and roll-out projects.
  • Business Analyst to propose and develop Contracts Reporting Tool using EDMS Metadata feature to retrieve the Customer Contracts files quickly and efficiently by the user community.
  • Requirements gathering, functional specifications and performing development using Sharepoint 2010 Lists for Time Entry system, Customers Performance Guarantee Tracking Database etc.
  • Business analyst to develop and design Taxonomy to set-up folder structures and hierarchy of the folders/files in the EDMS for various business groups and developed job aids, best practices around various features of EDMS.
  • Responsible for supporting National Accounts end users to troubleshoot and resolve the day to day EDMS issues/ requests, User Administration and maintenance of the security/permissions of the EDMS content/files.
  • Requirements gathering, functional specifications and analysis of Business needs and developed NYAG Reporting Tool and Workflow solution to automate the Business process of reporting, reviewing and approving the NYAG disclosure notices.

Environment: Opentext Content Server 10 (formerly Livelink 9.x), Oracle 10g, Windows 2010, Enterprise Connect, Sharepoint 2010, Livelink Explorer.

Confidential - Summit, NJ.

Technical Consultant


  • Business analysis for the CaseBook generation workflow for the Document Process Control group and accordingly designed the workflow to fit their needs.
  • Requirements gathering and developed an automated program using Java/LAPI to cleanup the permissions of the folder structure.
  • Requirements gathering and designed and developed form HTML views, Livereports for the workflow.
  • Designing of custom HTML views to make easy navigation of the folder structure in Livelink.
  • Support User Community for Livelink technical issues, permissions, User and Group privileges, folder structures etc.

Environment: Livelink 9.5 sp1, Oracle 10g, Windows 2000,Livelink Explorer, Livelink Remote Cache, Livelink esign etc


Sr. Analyst Developer


  • Installing and configuring various optional modules, patches including custom modules in Dev/QA and Production Environment as well as migrating workflow, Livereports and other custom applications between DEV/QA and Production servers of Livelink.Troubleshooting Livelink Search and indexing errors.
  • Developed a major esign workflow named Non Conforming Material Request (NCMR), which is used by the manufacturing center at Confidential .
  • Designed and created several different HTML and PDF Form Views for the workflow which included the DB Lookup feature using JavaScript.
  • Developed a Document Life Cycle (DLC) workflow, which included various phases of a Document such as Draft, Authoring, Review and Approval process and wrote a custom Event script in Oscript to watermark the ObjectIds of the document attached in the workflow on the Published document.
  • Using Oscript wrote custom eventscripts for the DLC workflow to automatically unreserved the document, auto select the attached document in a workflow attribute.
  • Performing incident management by troubleshooting and resolving daily technical issues for user community.
  • Generated several Livereports for workflows, permissions and displaying documents associated with different categories along with metadata information.
  • Implemented Eloquent Media Server for the training purpose using Eloquent Presentations for manufacturing department.
  • Developed LAPI programs for creating Generations for the published documents in a different workspace and updating the middle initial for all the User accounts in Livelink.
  • Supporting all the workflow applications such as CAPA (Corrective and Preventive actions), NCMR and DLC etc.
  • Used Object Importer for migrating the Files or Documents from different systems such as HR File share, Manufacturing File Share into Livelink.
  • Evaluating new modules provided by Opentext and support in Livelink administration including day-to-day maintenance of production system.
  • Assisting in validation processes such as creating Change Controls, Addendums for new Livelink Modules, Installation Qualification documents etc.
  • Coordinating change management activities such as submitting new change requests related to applications and Livelink servers.

Environment: Livelink 9.5 Sp1 Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000, Object Importer, Classifications, Livelink Explorer, Email integration for Lotus notes, eSign, Livelink Multi-File Output, eforms etc.

Confidential, Richmond,VA

Sr. Livelink Analyst


  • Performing role of a project coordinator to communicate between team members and the managers.
  • Business analyst to gather end user requirements, develop functional specifications to translate business needs for the EDMS projects.
  • Working as a primary/support Livelink ECMS Administrator thereby performing day-to-day system maintenance including troubleshooting Search, Indexing errors.
  • Providing server support to all ECMS Dev/QA and ECMS Production instances of Livelink.
  • Migrating and configuring applications like workflows, form templates, forms, LiveReports, Webreports etc from DEV/QA environment to Production.
  • Installing and configuring, upgrading various optional modules, patches on all environments and performed upgrade of Livelink Explorer module in the clustered environment.
  • Migrated legacy data using Object Importer and generated ICF’s for the same.
  • Performing incident management by troubleshooting and resolving daily technical issues for user community.
  • Creating documentation and Standard Operating Procedures for Livelink Library.

Environment: Livelink 9.2 Sp1 Windows 2000, Oracle 9i, Records Management, eSign, Livelink Explorer Professional, Object Importer, Livelink Explorer etc.

Confidential, South San Francicso, CA

Sr.Livelink Consultant


  • Performed business analysis to gather business requirements and translate them in Technical terms to come up with a technical solution. Communication with Opentext for Problem Management.
  • Supported in the Migration from Livelink 9.1 SP1 to Livelink 9.5 SP1.
  • Performed Business Analysis by interacting with various business groups and accordingly developed BATS and Blue Sheets Workflow and developed forms and views for the workflow.
  • Designed and Developed Custom Views for the new instance of Livelink 9.5 using HTML and JavaScript.
  • Migrated records using Object Importer and generated ICF’s for the same.
  • Developed generic Livereports for the security of the data from External Partners.
  • Coordinated with Opentext for the post-upgrade issues.
  • Supported user community for workflow related queries and helped various business groups in restructuring of their workspaces and folder structure based upon the taxonomies.
  • Trouble shoot user problem/difficulties while working in Livelink system, which included day-to-day trouble, tickets resolution.
  • Provided training to some of the business groups for the new features in Livelink 9.5.

Environment: Livelink 9.5 Sp1 Windows 2000, Oracle 9i, Records Management, eSign, Livelink Explorer Professional.

Confidential, Iselin,NJ

Livelink Consultant


  • Independently performed business analysis of all the requirements by interacting with various Business groups of various departments. Developed various categories for various business groups.
  • Supported XML based program development to capture information from Easyware system to import in Livelink through Kofax.
  • Implemented integration of Kofax Imaging Systems with Livelink..
  • Performed the role of Livelink administrator thereby resolving server related issues as well as installed and configured various Livelink optional modules.
  • Developed training material for the user community.

Environment: Livelink 9.2 Sp1, Windows XP, MS SQL Server 2000, DameWare Client, Dreamweaver, Records Management, eSign, Livelink Recycle Bin.


Visual Basic Developer


  • Involved in the complete architecture and developing code for the complete project.

Environment: Windows NT, Visual Basic 6.0,Oracle 8i,VBScript.


Java Developer.


  • Individually handled Sales force Automation Marketing.
  • Involved in designing and coding the Java interface, classes, GUI, Demos designing and testing.

Environment: Windows, Java1.2, Swings, Servlets, HTML, Oracle 8i, JSP.

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