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Sr. Business Analyst/product Manager Resume

Mclean, VA


Sr. Business Analyst with extensive years of experience in Business/Requirements Analysis, Requirements Documentation. Core competencies include requirement analysis and definition, requirements documentation, customer Interaction, life cycle management, budget/cost of service planning.



Sr. Business Analyst/Product Manager

  • Project Manager/Business Analyst for the Condominium Questionnaire Project (joint project with Confidential ) - providing a Long and Short questionnaire form within the Confidential / Confidential sites to assist Lenders/HOAs with condo project loans
  • Managed a team of 8 members (both Freddie and Fannie)-
  • Launched both forms on Freddie/Fannie Sites on time and on budget
  • Provided Marketing/Communication team verbiage for customer announcement via email and updates to the Confidential Web site.
  • Project Benefits: Consolidation of all required condo project information within the two questionnaire forms, resulting in processing a condo project loan quicker and more efficiently.
  • Product Manager/Business Analyst for the Loan Collateral Advisor Application (LCA) User Provisioning Project-LCA is a robust application that provides tools for a Lender to analyze appraisal(s) on a subject property as well as the property’s comps.
  • The project focused on tasks to migrate current LCA users to new roles within the application, as well as provide a seamless process for Lenders to request new user access.
  • Responsible for understanding current user provisioning workflow within current provisioning applications and updating the workflow for migration to the new provisioning application (Sailpoint)
  • Detailed Business analysis on Confidential ’s Collateral Underwriter Application (CU), as well as gap analysis of LCA vs. CU, resulting in a requirements matrix for future LCA enhancements
  • Successfully launched (on time and on budget) Collateral Representation and Warranty Relief (C R&W) Offering to all Sellers/Servicers (Broad Launch)
  • Managed a team of 20 members (from different cross-functional teams)
  • Project Benefits: Providing all seller/servicers the guaranty (if they meet all Collateral Reqs.) that they will not be required to repurchase their loan, will result in more seller/servicers choosing Confidential to purchase their loans, resulting in greater revenue for Confidential .
  • Worked with the Rules Team and LAS teams to update Collateral Representation and Warranty feedback messages for LAS Applications (LPA, LCA, LQA and Selling System) in preparation for broad launch
  • Successfully completed the Business Operational Readiness Review (BORR) document and BORR Summit, resulting in timely approvals for launch from Sr. Management
  • Provide support in a Sr. Product Manager/Business Analyst role for the Collateral/Appraisal Team
  • Defining requirements for Lender/Correspondent functionality for the Unified Collateral Data Portal (UCDP)
  • Work with vendor to review business requirements and assisting in functional requirements
  • Assist QA Team in developing test cases and resolving defects for UCDP releases within JIRA
  • Attend Operation reviews to clearly understand UCDP metrics and determine if SLAs are being met
  • Perform preliminary work on UCDP releases to prepare for release launch (i.e. ensure all defects addressed by vendor, obtain signoff from QA for UCDP environment, obtain necessary approvals from the Confidential committee to launch a new release, etc.)

Confidential,Reston, VA

Sr. Product Manager/Sr. Business Analyst

  • Provided support to PREPAID Product Managers and Customer Care, on various Virgin Mobile (VMU) and BOOST Applications (i.e. EMAIL, VMAIL, etc.) for defect analysis, resolution management and implementation of enhancements to VMU and BOOST applications
  • Collaborated closely with CARE teams to determine customer impact on product known issues and possible solutions to mitigate customer impact
  • Managed the decommission of Virgin Mobile Applications MYPIX and Studio V/Mobile
  • Worked closely with Customer Base Management, Care, Customer Experience, Sales Operations to ensure timely Text Messaging, WEB/Sales Portal Updates, updates to CARE documentation/FAQs, banner message on WAP pages, to effectively communicate the shutdown of these applications to the customer
  • Authored the copy on text messaging to the customer as well as copy on applicable WEB/WAP pages on the Virgin Mobile Web Site
  • Result of Decommission, resulted in savings of Studio V/Mobile Lounge decommission- $10,000/user/per year
  • Result of Decommission resulted in savings benefit of MYPIX decommission-$2,000,000 overall Migration cost
  • Collaborated closely with cross functional teams (i.e. WEB, CARE, Customer Experience, UXD, etc.) and messaging vendors to develop enhancements for the SPRINT CDMA Picture Mail MMS Messaging application
  • Key Projects/Enhancements to drive higher volumes of messaging included:
  • Developed enhancements to the PICTUREMAIL Web Site Store (print ordering, photo gifts, etc. (store hosted by FUJI)
  • Successfully negotiated contracts and developed requirements with several social networking services to integrate with Picturemail/MMS application for sending/sharing media: Flickr, PhotoBucket, Snapfish, EASports
  • Worked with SYNIVERSE (Messaging Vendor) as well as Microsoft and RIM to develop Picturemail Clients for Sprint’s Windows Mobile and Blackberry Devices, resulting in MMS Usage growth by 70% YOY and subscriber growth of more than 30.8% YOY
  • Led entire process of deploying Picturemail/MMS on mobile devices. Worked closely with device teams as well as messaging vendor to ensure timely delivery of the messaging application on the handsets.
  • Provided vendor and contract management for key vendors supporting MMS/PictureMail for SPRINT (ie.SYNIVERSE, OPENWAVE)
  • Co-Managed the Life Cycle Management of the application (Reported Defects, reproduced issues, tested defect fixes, managed the implementation of defect fixes with the vendor)
  • Performed product forecasting (message volumes and users) for the purposes of capacity planning, as well as managed cost of service for our messaging vendors.
  • IT support/analyst for Consumer Virtual Business Organization (Telesales, Web Sales,Web Care Channels)
  • Performed requirements analysis and produced detailed system requirements for major and promotion releases for Sprint/ Confidential Telemarketing Order Entry System (TOES), Web Care and Web Sales Applications (J2EE based custom development applications)
  • Produced detailed requirement documentation for WEB Care/WEB Sales teams for the following supporting services for the Sprint/ Confidential Care, Confidential .com, and TOES sites:
  • Credit Card Pre-Authorization/Transactions- Vendor: PaymentTech
  • Address Verification- Vendor: CODE 1/Universal Coder
  • Conducted system requirement walkthroughs with the business owner, development, testing, and reporting teams
  • Project managed feasibility, requirements analysis, and release management for multiple concurrent releases, level-of-effort estimation, design, development, implementation, and warranty phases for the TOES application. Releases contained significant scope, aggressive timelines, and were delivered consistently on-time, within budget and in accordance with the project.

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